True Martial World Chapter 355

Chapter 355: Blood
Chapter 355: Blood

“Right, a blood test would be sufficient!” People began saying.

Yi Yun’s heart nearly jumped out of his chest. After coming into this world, he had no memories from the original body.

Yi Yun had never seen Jiang Xiaorou bleed since he came here, so he did not know the color of Jiang Xiaorou’s blood.

“Yi Yun, I never expected that you would encounter such a thing. I really pity you, Keke…” A voice filled with schadenfreude rang. Yi Yun looked up and saw that the person who said it was Yang Dingkun.

The two brothers, Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng had appeared in the crowd. As the younger generation of the Chu royal residence, they were the masters here.

For the past few days, as everyone had temporarily taken up residence in the Chu royal residence, the status of the two of them clearly increased amongst the Tai Ah Divine City’s elites.

Of course, they were still far below Yi Yun. In the Tai Ah Divine City, people respected the mighty ones more. Yi Yun’s stature was obtained through his hard work, which was different from the two Yang brothers.

So even though they had returned to the Chu royal residence, Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng would usually hide if they saw Yi Yun. Today, seeing that Yi Yun’s sister was likely a member of the Desolate race, they were pleasantly surprised. They had never expected this to happen to Yi Yun.

If this matter turned out true, then it would be interesting.

Just from Jiang Xiaorou’s identity, they could kick Yi Yun while he was down.

Yi Yun’s gaze turned cold. These two fellows and that one-armed Yang Haoran were like snakes hiding behind him. They were ready to bite him at anytime.

Unfortunately, Yi Yun could not do anything to them in such an environment.

At this moment, the crowd made way as an invisible aura approached.

Yi Yun stood up. He saw that amongst the group of people, Shen Tu Nantian had slowly walked over.

Shen Tu Nantian was still in his green clothes. He gave people the feeling of a gently breeze. He had a mild temperament of pale clouds and a light breeze and he did not seem sharp at all.

However… against Shen Tu Nantian, Yi Yun did not know why he felt a pressure.

“You found a Desolate race spy here?” Shen Tu Nantian asked as he looked at Jiang Xiaorou, “Is it you?”

Shen Tu Nantian smiled. Jiang Xiaorou held her breath in front of the green-dressed man. She hid behind Yi Yun as she did not know why she felt extreme fear in front of Shen Tu Nantian.

Yi Yun frowned. Shen Tu Nantian had arrived too quickly.

If it wasn’t for Shen Tu Nantian, Yi Yun felt that he could use his status to protect her without a problem, even though Jiang Xiaorou’s identity was still not clear. After all, Jiang Xiaorou was a real mortal girl. It would be the same even if a Sage used the Heaven’s Eye to investigate her.

A mortal girl should not be faced with such difficulties.

However, Shen Tu Nantian was different. Yi Yun did not know him, and he had a great feud with the Desolate race.

“Yes, it’s her! We used the Desolate Mirror Stone to test her and it turned so red that it nearly turned purple. There’s definitely something wrong with her. But someone is trying to shield her.”

That guard was obviously referring to Yi Yun.

Shen Tu Nantian lightly smiled and looked at Yi Yun, “This girl seems to have some abnormal relationship with you?”

“She’s my elder sister!” Yi Yun said seriously. He had said this several times today.

“Blood sister?” Shen Tu Nantian retorted.

Yi Yun hesitated for a while before shaking his head, “No!”

“Then she was adopted by your parents?”

Hearing Shen Tu Nantian’s questioning, Yi Yun’s heart sank. Although he was completely reluctant, he eventually nodded his head, “Yes!”

“Where was she adopted?” Shen Tu Nantian asked again.

Yi Yun’s heart was growing colder, “The Cloud Wilderness!”

Jiang Xiaorou’s origins was extremely disadvantageous to proving her identity. However, Yi Yun could not lie about them as there were many people who knew about his family background.

“Cloud Wilderness is a barren place with lots of desolate beasts! There are Desolate race deeply hidden in the Cloud Wilderness! You adopted a girl of unknown origin in the Cloud Wilderness, then it is possible that she is from the Desolate race!”

As Shen Tu Nantian said this, Yang Dingkun and company were gloating as it now seemed more and more likely!

Yi Yun clenched his fists. He knew that with his present strength, he was absolutely no match for Shen Tu Nantian. If Shen Tu Nantian wanted to do anything to Jiang Xiaorou, Yi Yun did not know what he could do.

Making a move against Shen Tu Nantian was like hitting a rock with eggs. Doing that would likely anger Shen Tu Nantian and result in the opposite effect!

Seeing Yi Yun’s reaction, Shen Tu Nantian gently laughed, “Looks like you really care for your sister. Take it easy. Even if she really was a Desolate race, as long as she does not know anything about the Shepherd Boy and she is just a Desolate race commoner that was accidentally adopted by you, then I might let her off this once because of you. However, I will put some restrictions on her!”

When Shen Tu Nantian said this, Yi Yun felt relived. He never expected Shen Tu Nantian to back down.

Was it because of his reputation?

Yi Yun found it a bit incredulous. He may be considered someone in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, but in the eyes of Shen Tu Nantian, he was probably nothing.

“Someone, check her blood.” Shen Tu Nantian wiped his smile and gave the order.

A sharp knife was presented and a Chu royal residence guard grabbed it.

“Hold on, I’ll do it myself!” Yi Yun stopped the guard who was itching to do so. How could Yi Yun be assured letting someone slice Jiang Xiaorou’s body? Besides, this person had qualms with him, and Yang Dingkun might even transmit some instructions to cause trouble.

“Let him do it.” Shen Tu Nantian said. He gave a deep glance at Jiang Xiaorou and no one knew what he was thinking.

Yi Yun did not grab the knife, but he simply grabbed Jiang Xiaorou’s hand. “Sis Xiaorou, I’m going to do it. It won’t hurt.”

“Alright!” Jiang Xiaorou nodded.

Yi Yun extended his index finger and gently stroke Jiang Xiaorou’s palm. The knife he made out of Yuan Qi was extremely sharp.

With almost no pain, a tiny gash opened in Jiang Xiaorou’s palm.

Blood slowly dripped from the wound.

At that moment, Yi Yun held his breath! He was very afraid to see the lethal silver.

Everyone else focused their attention on Jiang Xiaorou’s palm.

“Pa Da!”

A drop of blood dripped out onto the green stone pavement. It broke up and reflected the light of the setting Sun. It was like a red colored gem.

“Red colored blood!” Yi Yun let out a long sigh of relief. He had never found the color of blood to be so bright and beautiful!

Jiang Xiaorou, was after all, his sister, not a member of the Desolate race!

Although her identity seemed problematic, Yi Yun could not care less. No matter what Jiang Xiaorou’s background was, he only knew that they had spent the toughest days in the Cloud Wilderness. That kind of blood thicker than water feeling could not be compared to anyone else’s.

Although Yi Yun now had many relations with all sorts of people and was an elite of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, back in the Cloud Wilderness, he was just a mortal. In fact, it should be said he was a burden.

However, Jiang Xiaorou did not abandon him and they depended on each other.

“It’s actually red, what the heck… ?!” The two Chu royal residence guards could not believe it. They had managed to arduously find a Desolate race spy, but it resulted in them being wrong.

“F**k, this kid sure has good look for him to escape unscathed. However, it’s strange. Since the girl’s blood is red in color, why does she cause the Desolate Mirror Stone to shine red?”

Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng were feeling unhappy. They thought they had found Yi Yun’s weakness. Although they could not use that to shake Yi Yun’s position, they could at least cause his sister to die, making him grieve. That was something they were very happy to see.

However, now all had come to naught.

“So there shouldn’t be a problem, right…” A person asked Shen Tu Nantian.

“As I said, how can Yi Yun’s sister be from the Desolate race?” Tai Ah Divine City cultivators who revered Yi Yun began supporting Yi Yun.

Shen Tu Nantian gently stroked his chin as he looked at Jiang Xiaorou silently. No one knew what he was thinking.

“Young master Nantian, can we go?” Yi Yun placed Jiang Xiaorou behind him as he asked Shen Tu Nantian. He was still alert. As long as he did not leave their vision, he felt like he had beams stabbing his back, it was impossible for him to feel at ease.

However, Shen Tu Nantian did not respond. He seemed to recall something and was lost in thought.

Suddenly, he began slowly walking towards Jiang Xiaorou. Jiang Xiaorou’s heart contracted as she subconsciously retreated a few steps.

However, Shen Tu Nantian did not force himself and stood not far from where Jiang Xiaorou previously stood. He had a smile on his face as he squatted down. He was looking attentively at the drop of blood on the ground.

It was the blood Jiang Xiaorou bled.

After a few seconds, Shen Tu Nantian stretched out his finger and touched the drop of blood.

Suddenly, a strange smile appeared on the corners of his mouth. He raised his head and looked at Jiang Xiaorou. He faintly said, “Your surname is Jiang, right?”

Jiang Xiaorou’s heart sank. Against Shen Tu Nantian’s smile, her face turned pale in a flash, “You…”

Beside Jiang Xiaorou, Yi Yun was on high alert. In the previous conversion, no one had mentioned the name “Jiang Xiaorou”, but Shen Tu Nantian had managed to guess Jiang Xiaorou’s surname!

Shen Tu Nantian stood up and his smile became even more bright. It was so bright that it looked sinister. “I think I know who you are… I never expected that I would find you here!”