True Martial World Chapter 362

Chapter 362: Trap
Chapter 362: Trap

Ten years ago, the Shen Tu family clan had fought the Shepherd Boy. Shen Tu Nantian still clearly remembered that the green-clad youth in front of him had killed several of his clansmen. There was an irreconcilable feud between them!

“You really have guts. Even though you know that there was a trap, you still dared to come alone. Today, you are going to die!”

Shen Tu Nantian’s nerves tightened. He was unable to muster up any courage against the Shepherd Boy, who was a very powerful member of the Desolate race, even though he had the Heaven Earth Empyreal Array, Elder Su and Elder Mo. He even had a hidden last resort as his trump card.

The Shepherd Boy had left an enormous psychological scar on him in the battle ten years ago.

The Shepherd Boy glanced at Shen Tu Nantian. It seemed like two bolts of lightning from his black eyes had pierced through the air. The bolts brought with them an unmatchable aura that penetrated straight to the heart!

At that moment, Shen Tu Nantian’s face paled. He felt that the Shepherd Boy’s eyes had seen through him. That glare was sufficient enough to harm him!

Shen Tu Nantian retreated a few steps in the air. At this moment, Elder Su had stood in front of Shen Tu Nantian with a bronze mirror.

As a result, the pressure on Shen Tu Nantian decreased.

“Young master Nantian, he is just an empty show of strength. The current him is different from the one ten years ago!” Elder Su looked at the Shepherd Boy with a sneer.

At this moment in the Chu royal residence, many people rushed out of their residences knowing that an expert of the Desolate race had arrived. They looked up into the sky awaiting the battle.

They were both excited and nervous.

“That is the Shepherd Boy?”

It was the first time the people from the Chu royal residence had seen the Shepherd Boy.

The warring parties were both existences that they found difficult to raise their heads up to. This battle was definitely going to be earth-shattering. To them, this was a rare experience.

“Let us keep a distance away. If we get hit by any stray attacks from the battle, our bodies will definitely turn to dust…”

The people from the Chu royal residence knew their own strengths. Even King Chu was taken a distance 5 kilometers away from the Shepherd Boy and company by the convoy of his guards.

With the vision of warriors, they could still clearly see the details of the battle in the night sky, even from a distance of 5 kilometers.

At this moment, in the center of the Heaven Earth Empyreal Array, where the royal residence’s chamber was, Yi Yun lifted his head. He looked up at the sky with the chamber’s arrays blocking him.

At that moment, someone’s perception swept across him. Even though he was surrounded by arrays, the arrays were unable to prevent this person’s perception.

He knew that someone from the Desolate race had come!

Jiang Xiaorou had after all sent an expert from the Desolate race to make a move.

He had never expected that he would be backed into a corner when the Desolate race attacked by setting off a beast horde that could wipe out the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

However, it later turned out that the Shen Tu family clan, which was like a savior, had sentenced him to death, resulting in him on relying on the Desolate race to save him.

Such shocking situation reversals were extremely ironic.

“Shepherd Boy, since you are here today, stay behind! For the battle ten years ago, you borrowed a Primitive Sacred Desolate Beast, the Divine Lion from the Nether World Desolate God. It was indeed powerful, but that Divine Lion was seriously injured by our Ancestor. It’s not bad that it still lives to this day, but without the Divine Lion, you are only left with an old Long Gui. You are like a tiger without claws, so what is there to fear?”

“He won’t have the Long Gui!” At this moment, Shen Tu Nantian interjected, “I purposely set a period of ten days, so that he has to hurry here from the Divine Wilderness. That old Long Gui may be strong, but it’s speed is extremely slow. How can a typical teleportation array send it through due to its size? Hence… that old Long Gui did not come at all!”

Shen Tu Nantian sneered. To rush from the Divine Wilderness to King Chu’s city in ten days was quite a feat, considering that there was a time lag between the Shepherd Boy receiving the news and setting off.

“That’s right, he doesn’t even have the Long Gui True Spirit.” As Elder Su spoke, a phantom image appeared behind him. It was a thousand-hand Buddha and in front of the Buddha, there was a bronze lamp that burned slowly.

This was Elder Su’s Aspect Totem!

“A thousand-hand Buddha as an Aspect Totem?”

This was the first time the people from Tai Ah Divine Kingdom had seen such an Aspect Totem. The Aspect Totem was hundreds of feet tall. When it was conjured, it pierced the sky, and was as if a Buddha the size of a mountain was standing behind Elder Su.

This scene was extremely shocking.

Before this, the Aspect Totems they saw were much smaller, even for Sages.

And at this moment, colorful Aspect Totems lit up like torches from all corners of the Chu royal residence.

Elders from the Shen Tu family clan and their guests all flew up into the night sky.

All of them were famous figures. Typically, they would seldom team up to fight against someone due to their extraordinary status.

However, today, ten Shen Tu family clan Elders, together with Elder Su and Elder Mo, a total of 12 peerless figures, surrounded the Shepherd Boy from all corners.

Against the Shepherd Boy, they had to go all out and use whatever means possible.

If they could kill the Shepherd Boy, it would be a great achievement. The Shen Tu family clan would definitely reward them with invaluable items.

The Shepherd Boy was encircled by them, and beneath his feet was the Heaven Earth Empyreal Array that the Shen Tu family clan had carefully prepared!

“Shepherd Boy, your Desolate race is essentially no different from beastmasters. Without the prehistoric sacred beasts under your command, I don’t believe you can escape!” Elder Mo, who was dressed in black, pointed his golden sword at the Shepherd Boy.

The Shepherd Boy glanced at Elder Mo and said calmly, “Your Aspect Totem has not even managed to enter your body… Your cultivation level is just so-so.” The Shepherd Boy’s voice was calm as his green clothes fluttered.

“The nerve!” After being looked down upon by the Shepherd Boy, Elder Mo’s eyes flashed coldness, “Ten years ago, you were hit by our Ancestor’s Death Heavenly Revolution. Even now, you are still injured, yet you dare to speak so recklessly. I wonder who gave you that confidence!”

The battle ten years ago had the Shepherd Boy use the Divine Lion against the Shen Tu Patriarch.

As a beastmaster, the Divine Lion he borrowed from the Nether World Desolate God was the Shepherd Boy’s greatest strength. However, that Divine Lion had been seriously injured by the Shen Tu Patriarch.

At the same time, the Shepherd Boy had been hit by the Shen Tu Patriarch’s Death Heavenly Revolution!

The Shen Tu Patriarch’s strength could only be described as unfathomable! However, he had suffered injuries from that battle and has been in reclusive healing ever since.

Elder Mo was sure that the Shepherd Boy was more injured than the Shen Tu Patriarch was ten years ago. That was the reason why he had retreated, as for that Death Heavenly Revolution, it was impossible to dissipate it once it was struck one’s body.

Now, the Shen Tu Patriarch’s strength had not even recovered 60% of his strength, so how much could the Shepherd Boy recover?

The Shepherd Boy remained silent and did not acknowledge Elder Mo.

Suddenly, he turned around a tiny bit and looked somewhere into thin air. With the bamboo flute in his hand, the Shepherd Boy lightly waved his sleeves, “Come on out! I know you are hiding in the shadows.”

The thin air remained still as no one responded.

The Shepherd Boy raised the bamboo flute to his chest silently before saying in a deep voice, “Do you want me to invite you out?”

At this moment, a shrill laugh came out from the thin air. It made the scalps of the surrounding people tingle.

“I was just accompanying the Shen Tu family clan with their foray into the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom and I had no intentions on doing anything. However, with you coming in person, how could I miss it?”

The hoarse voice made people shudder. The people from the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom were so alarmed that they did not speak a single word. The 12 legendary figures from before, especially Elder Su and Elder Mo, were extraordinarily strong. Even Shen Tu Nantian treated them with absolute respect.

However, now, there was actually a person hiding in the shadows? And it seemed that this person was the strongest amongst all of them!