True Martial World Chapter 365

Chapter 365: Settling Scores
Chapter 365: Settling Scores

In the sky, the Shepherd Boy and the Ten Thousand Empyreal King had finally begun fighting. The sealing laws of the Heaven Earth Empyreal Array were not effective. At the same time, the Shen Tu family clan’s elders joined in the battle against the Shepherd Boy.

With the Ten Thousand Empyreal King as their leader, Elder Su and Elder Mo, together with the other legendary experts formed a large array to aid him.

When the Ten Thousand Empyreal King used his Ghost Dao laws, a ghastly wail resounded in the sky over a radius of 50 kilometers.

A sea of blood emerged, covering the full moon with a bloody shadow.

Against the Ten Thousand Empyreal King who was going all out, the Shepherd Boy brandished the beast bone sword. Nine runes on the sword lit up one after the other.

“Now is the time!”

A few miles away from the battle scene, Shen Tu Nantian noticed that the Ten Thousand Empyreal King and the Shepherd Boy were about to start their intense battle. He suddenly grabbed Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng and at the same time, the Heaven Earth Empyreal Array’s array disk flew up into the air and spun above Shen Tu Nantian’s head.

The array began shimmering. Shen Tu Nantian threw both Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng into the array.

At this moment, Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng’s hearts went tight, “Young master Nantian, hold on! The Shepherd Boy hasn’t made his move yet, now is not the time!”

Before Yang Yuefeng could finish his sentence, he had been thrown into the array’s light. In front of Shen Tu Nantian, how could Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng have the ability to resist ?


The two brothers let out a scream and felt space distort. They were being warped into the array.

Behind them, Shen Tu Nantian sneered, “Good luck to the two of you. If you can alert the Shepherd Boy and force him to kill the two of you, then it will be a worthy death.”

Although the Heaven Earth Empyreal Array’s core had a protective barrier and the Shepherd Boy was busy fighting the Ten Thousand Empyreal King, it was still a question of what the Shepherd Boy would recklessly do as a result of his rage when Yi Yun was really killed.

Besides, Shen Tu Nantian himself had a feud with the Shepherd Boy, so he definitely would not take the risk.

However, if it was Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng, then it did not matter. If they could anger the Shepherd Boy and distract him into killing them, then there might be a chance for the Ten Thousand Empyreal King to sneak up on him. It would be putting them to good use.

Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng only felt space distort and the next moment, they were already in the Chu royal residence’s underground chambers.


High in the sky, the Shepherd Boy noticed something. He swept his perception over the Heaven Earth Empyreal Array’s core. He clearly knew that people had just entered the core a moment ago.

The Shepherd Boy’s perception pierced through the barrier and clung onto Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng’s bodies.

Seeing the two of them, the Shepherd Boy turned silent. He did not make any moves, but at this moment, the Ten Thousand Empyreal King in front of him had let out a strange squeal. A palm strike came towards him. That palm formed a black ghastly claw in the sky, as it came flying towards the Shepherd Boy’s face.

The Shepherd Boy flew backwards and slashed with his sword. A white flame burned on the white bone sword.

This flame was immaculate and pure. There was not a single trace of any other color, as if it was the Order of Heaven and Earth burning.


When the ghastly claw struck the sword beam, a divine beam shot into the sky, and the sounds of wailing ghosts rang. The light of the tumultuous energy poured onto the Chu royal residence from above.

The palaces were built from all kinds of hard and precious stones; however, under the explosive force of the light from the energy, they were destroyed like they were sand castles.

People watched helplessly as the Chu royal residence’s main hall was struck by a white beam before it disintegrated. It did not collapse, nor did it crumble, but it turned into dust after being struck by the white light. Later, the dust dissipated away; it was a complete annihilation!


At this moment, King Chu’s face was pale. He did not have the time to be concerned about the array-laden palace that he had spent a lot of resources building. Now, lives were at stake. Two Great Emperor realm experts were exchanging blows, so who knows what would happen?

“Send the command. Evacuate all the commoners of Chu Prefecture City. Evacuate everyone in the royal residence too!”

The Ten Thousand Empyreal King was definitely not someone who was kindhearted. As the Shepherd Boy said, he had cultivated an ancient evil cultivation technique, so it was impossible to wish that he was a kindhearted person.

As for the other person, the Shepherd Boy, he may look handsome, but he was after all a member of the Desolate race. He would not show any mercy when he killed humans, just like how humans slaughtered desolate beasts mercilessly!


The Shepherd Boy and the Ten Thousand Empyreal King exchanged blows once again. The ground in the center of the Chu royal residence had completely collapsed. A huge ghastly claw mark was left imprinted on the ground. Countless palaces collapsed as the earth quaked…

“What happened!?”

In the core of the Heaven Earth Empyreal Array, Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng slammed heavily into the chamber walls. When the ghastly claw struck, it had directly hit the barrier of the Heaven Earth Empyreal Array’s core!

Although the barrier did not explode, the terrifying vibrations had sent Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng, who were within it, flying. They nearly spat out blood from colliding with the wall!

“What the heck is going on? Is the Shepherd Boy attacking the array?”

Once they entered the array, all sound was cut off completely. Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng were completely unaware of what was going on outside.

At this moment, a Yuan Qi transmission from Shen Tu Nantian entered their ears, “Do not panic! The Shepherd Boy has completely ignored you. He is currently battling the Ten Thousand Empyreal King. You will feel some vibrations due to the fallout from their fighting.”

Shen Tu Nantian did not know what was going on in the array, but he guessed that the aftermath of the Ten Thousand Empyreal King’s ghastly claw would definitely make Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng suffer. Hence, he used his Yuan Qi transmission to inform them.

What? The fallout was that powerful?

Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng looked at each other and they were secretly alarmed. However, as long as the Shepherd Boy ignored them, then everything would be fine.

“Let’s first get rid of Yi Yun!”

“Yes, since we are in here, killing Yi Yun is of utmost importance. I have long hoped to place that kid under my feet and stomp on him until he becomes a muddy mess!”

The two sneered. Just thinking of them facing Yi Yun whose cultivation level had been wasted made them excited.

They dashed to the chamber where Yi Yun was imprisoned in one breath.


The chamber’s door was kicked open violently by Yang Dingkun.

“Hahaha! Yi Yun, you must not have imagined that this day would come!?”

In the chamber, Yi Yun’s body was chained up. He was huddled up in the corner of the walls. His face and hair were veiled with a layer of frost. His clothes were mostly torn and stained with blood. Those stains were from the blood that he had bled when Shen Tu Nantian wounded him. Now, the blood had dried up, turning black.

Yi Yun’s current state looked no different to a beggar.

“Yi Yun, to think you have already turned into such a state after not seeing you for a few days. If I did not know that you were the only person locked up in here, I would really not be able to recognize you. Is this really the proud son of Heaven from the Tai Ah Divine City of yesteryear? Keke, life sure is unpredictable.”

Yang Dingkun felt very happy seeing Yi Yun in such a state. He suddenly felt that it was worth it to risk his life to enter the chamber.

To be able to ravage a genius who had previously been praised by the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord and idolized by countless numbers of Tai Ah Divine City cultivators was indescribable!

“Yi Yun, you must not be too smug as a person. The higher you stand, the harder you fall. You fell from Heaven into Hell. I really feel sad for you. However, don’t worry, we are here to end your suffering. For a person like you to become a cripple, living itself is a suffering, isn’t it?”

Yang Yuefeng also mocked.

Yi Yun looked up and his gaze pierced through his messy hair and landed on Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng.

“It is you two…”

A cold beam flashed in Yi Yun’s eyes.

When Jiang Xiaorou’s identity was revealed, Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng had diligently offered to prepare an alchemy lab for Shen Tu Nantian. They had also sent a voice transmission to Yi Yun saying how great it would be if they were given some elixirs.

Yi Yun had a strong murderous intent towards the two of them!

“Keke, your gaze looks fearsome, but what can you do? In a while, it will be me brutally killing you. Your gaze is not bad. I will dig your eyes out and soak them in herbal liquid to store them properly. After that, you can keep staring at me. It would definitely be very interesting.”

Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng laughed without restraint as they walked towards Yi Yun.

Yang Yuefeng flipped his hand and retrieved a dagger from his interspatial ring. The dagger reflected a cold beam. He brandished the dagger tip in front of Yi Yun’s eyes as he simulated the act of digging Yi Yun’s eyes out.

On the other hand, Yang Dingkun stopped in front of Yi Yun and raised his foot. He was preparing to step on Yi Yun’s face.

“So what if you are a proud son of Heaven?! Stepping on you now is no different from stepping on a dog!”

To step on Yi Yun’s face gave a great sense of achievement.

However, just as Yang Dingkun raised his foot to step downwards, Yi Yun who was in the corner, suddenly sprang up like a leopard.


The chains on Yi Yun’s body tightened!


Yuan Qi surged out from Yi Yun’s body as it burned!

The sudden turn of events greatly alarmed Yang Dingkun. He had no time to react before Yi Yun grabbed his neck. Yi Yun pressed Yang Dingkun’s entire body on the ground.


Yang Dingkun screamed. At this moment, Yi Yun had already used a hand to hold Yang Dingkun’s calf down, and he took a brick out from his interspatial ring with his other hand.

The black metallic brick was suffused with a cold beam. This was the brick that Yi Yun used when he traversed the Divine Wilderness. Yi Yun’s eyes looked ferocious as he aimed the brick towards Yang Dingkun’s ankle before slamming it down with full force.

How could using the Sonic Deathblade to chop off a foot be more joyous than smashing it into a pulp with a metallic brick?


An explosive sound rang as Yang Dingkun squealed like a pig being slaughtered. Yi Yun’s brick had slammed onto Yang Dingkun’s foot. The chamber’s floor was made of specially constructed metal and it was extremely hard. The metallic brick along with Yi Yun’s brutal force, together with the hard metallic ground caused Yang Dingkun’s entire foot to become meat pulp!

The foot’s bones were crushed into dust and the flesh into bits.

Yang Dingkun screamed crazily as if his throat was filled with glass. His face was white as he sweated profusely.

He had never expected that the Yi Yun, who was half-dead, would suddenly become so terrifying!