True Martial World Chapter 367

Chapter 367: Killing All Together
Chapter 367: Killing All Together

After killing Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng, Yi Yun gathered their corpses together and shot a pure Yang flame at the bodies. The two corpses crumbled into ashes immediately, completely disappearing.

The high temperature from the pure Yang flames could even vaporize ash. One could say that the corpses literally disappeared into thin air.

Yi Yun destroyed everything that was Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng. It really was wiping all evidence by destroying the corpses.

This was the first time Yi Yun had killed someone in this and his previous life!

Maybe, he was slowly growing accustomed to this world where martial arts was placed above all. Maybe, it was because he had gone through slaughtering desolate beasts in the Divine Wilderness, resulting in him slowly getting used to it. Or maybe it was because of his hatred for Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng. At this moment, Yi Yun did not feel any remorse for killing them.

On the contrary, he felt like he had released the discomfort he had suppressed and accumulated over the past few days!

These ten days was first marked by the pain of him nearly losing Jiang Xiaorou, and how he nearly lost his life. This came from the despair of being brutally beaten and nearly slaughtered.

One could not rid themselves of their natural intentions. After suppressing all the feelings of being oppressed and tortured, a brutal streak had begun growing in him. The experience from the past few days could be considered a turning point in Yi Yun’s life.

In such desperate situations, a person could change a lot.

Yi Yun looked up towards the sky. His gaze and perception had no way of seeing through the chamber’s ceiling. He also did not know what was happening outside. He was waiting… waiting for the judgement of Fate.

He swore that this was the last time he was leaving it up to Fate, where he would allow others to decide his survival.

From today onwards, his fate would be controlled by him!

If it was said that only mighty figures in this world had the ability to control their own fate, then he would become a might figure. If the Great Emperor realm was insufficient, then he would exceed a Great Emperor!

At this moment in the night sky, the Illusionary Bone sword was being brandished. The sharp sword Qi split the starlight apart, and what was remaining was the bright color of blood that smeared the air. A Shen Tu family clan Elder had been split in half by the sword Qi!

The Elder screamed before his body was ground to bits by the sword Qi!

Another Shen Tu family clan Elder had died.

Up till now, five Elders from the Shen Tu family clan had died!

Those Elders, whose cultivation level was not at the realm of the Emperor realm, had no way of defending themselves from the Shepherd Boy. Once the Shepherd Boy grabbed an opportunity, the outcome would be death in one strike!

The thought of retreating arose in those normal Elder’s minds. Although they were part of the Shen Tu family clan, and had worked hard for it, they were not at the stage where they would not mind giving their lives up.

To them, living was much more important than anything else.


Realising that the Shepherd Boy was approaching, the legendary figures hurriedly retreated. The Ten Thousand Empyreal King frowned, “What are you afraid of!? He was hit by the Ancestor’s Death Heavenly Revolution a decade ago. It is impossible that he has recovered by now. I don’t believe he can last all the way to the end!”

The Ten Thousand Empyreal King put his hand out, and behind him, the large floating bell flew towards his hand.


The bell rang. In the Chu Prefecture City, even though the citizens had been evacuated, those who heard it from tens of kilometers away felt their ears buzz and their hearts heavy. Those who were lower in cultivation level spat blood out from the tremors.


The large bell rang again. As the sound waves approached, those mortals who were nearer to it could not withstand the surge of the sound wave. With a scream, they turned into a bloody mist as a result of the sound wave.


Some people let out shocking cries. After two consecutive sound waves were sent surging, now there was so much blood that it nearly formed a river!

King Chu was on a mountain peak far into the distance. When he saw this scene, he let out a long sigh.

There was an indescribable feeling in his heart. Ever since he heard the Shepherd Boy call out the Ten Thousand Empyreal King’s title, he had guessed that the exchange of blows between Great Emperor realm rivals would definitely harm the Chu Prefecture City, thus he evacuated the residents early on.

However, there were too many people in the Chu Prefecture City, so there was no way to complete an evacuation in time. This resulted in many innocent commoners dying!

And what was tragic about this was that they did not die under the hands of the Desolate race expert, the Shepherd Boy, rather they were killed by the Ten Thousand Empyreal King who was human.

Be it the Desolate race or mighty figures from the Human race, they treated commoners like ants.

The large black bell floated in front of the Ten Thousand Empyreal King. There were ghostly runes engraved on the large bell, making it look sinister and savage.

“My Ten Thousand Ghost Bell was strengthened using the souls of ten thousand human lords. However, it still lacks a Emperor realm person to be its main soul. A thousand years ago, you killed my only son. Today, I will use your soul as my Ten Thousand Bell’s main soul, so as to commemorate my only son’s spirit!”

“Oh? That is really tragic. Your body is impotent, and you do not have any descendants. What other meaning is there to life?” The Shepherd Boy sneered in a mocking fashion.

The Empyreal King’s had a long life, and he would usually have several wives and concubines, resulting in countless numbers of descendants. However, the Ten Thousand Empyreal King had cultivated an ancient evil cultivation technique, and had gone astray. He also cultivated the Ghost Dao Death Spirit skills, so he had already lost his potency.

It was very difficult for a deathly body to create life-giving essence; hence, when his only son was killed, this created an irreconcilable feud!

“Courting death!” The Shepherd Boy had touched a sore spot, resulting in the Ten Thousand Empyreal King’s eyes turning blood red. “Dong!”

He rang the Ten Thousand Ghost Bell and sent terrifying sound waves out. The tremors had split the earth open below them. Due to the resonance from the sound wave, the ground became like the surface of water. Ripples in the ground appeared like water ripples.

Muddy waves spread out in a circular manner. It caused the Chu royal residence, which was mostly destroyed, to collapse completely!

Countless numbers of pavilions, rockeries and flowing water bodies turned into ruins. The ground caved in, causing even the foundations of the towers to completely churn upwards.

This was just the fallout. In fact, the highly condensed sound waves from the Ten Thousand Ghost Bell had been directed at the Shepherd Boy.

A soul attack was embedded in the sound waves!

Against the Ten Thousand Ghost Bell’s sound waves, the Shepherd Boy gently flipped his hand, and a short bamboo flute appeared in his hand. He carried this bamboo flute everywhere. Even when he led the beast horde, he would use this bamboo flute to transmit his intentions.

A sweet and melodious tune came out of the flute. It clashed with the extensive Bell sound waves!


The sound wave explosion shook the surroundings. The strongest attacks hidden in the sound waves were their own Sword of the Soul!

Soul attacks were the most dangerous. If a backlash happened, there would be extremely serious consequences.

The two people’s souls crossed. Illusions flooded their minds as they reached a stalemate.

In the sky, the Ten Thousand Empyreal King’s soul formed into a burning blood-colored skull, which looked like a evil demon entering the world. It was infinitely oppressive.

And behind the Shepherd Boy, it was a scene of the vast wilderness. In the vast wilderness, there were divine dragons and phoenixes flying about. They may not be real divine beasts, but even if they weren’t, they were Primitive Sacred Desolate Beasts whose bloodline was extremely close!

The phantom images of the two Great Emperors appeared at the same time. This battle had reached its hottest point!

“The Shepherd Boy and the Ten Thousand Empyreal King are fighting with their souls. Now they are in a deadlock, it is the best opportunity to kill him!”

About ten kilometers away, Shen Tu Nantian shouted!

However, the few Shen Tu family clan Elders were hesitant. Previously, their companions had died horribly!

“Move! If you kill the Shepherd Boy and use his blood to refine a divine elixir, I will give one to each of you! If you retreat without fighting, there will be punishments once the Ancestor gets wind of this!”

Shen Tu Nantian even used the Shen Tu Patriarch as a threat.

Under this threat, and with the temptation of the Shepherd Boy’s blood elixir, a total of 7 people consisting of the remaining 5 Elders, along with Elder Su and Elder Mo, charged at the Shepherd Boy.

They all used their best moves, in a bid to kill the Shepherd Boy in one strike!

At this moment, the Shepherd Boy and the Ten Thousand Empyreal King were in a deadlock, so he was the perfect target!

The divine beams formed into one, like a rainbow cloud that covered the sky, and situating in the middle of the cloud was the Shepherd Boy!

At this moment, everyone held their breaths. Was the battle ending?


All the attacks exploded in the night sky at the same time. The air was like a picture scroll that was torn apart by the terrifying impact!

Blinding lights from the energy made everyone shut their eyes. And the powerful energy formed a force field that formed an isolation barrier, which prevented others from using their perception to probe what was going on within it. They did not know what the outcome of the battle in sky was.

The seven legendary figures had teamed up to attack him, and at that moment, the Shepherd Boy was resisting the Ten Thousand Ghost Bell’s ringing. Under this situation, there was no one who could withstand it!

“Is the battle over?”

“The Shepherd Boy is dead!?”

The light slowly dissipated as people focused their eyes upwards. They realized that the empty air had disappeared. What was in front of their eyes was like a immortal paradise in the sky.

It was a vast blue sea that sparkled.

And above the sea, there was an island!

A sea that floated in the sky, and a small island within the sea.

That island was covered with spiritual fountains, and was Spring-like, forming an idyllic scene. There were peach trees that had grown healthily on this land for thousands of years.

At this moment, the peach blossoms went into full bloom. As the petals fell, it formed a rain of flowers. And as light dispersed through this rain, a green cow could be seen walking amongst the flowers…

Green cow, peach blossoms, paradise island!

The green-dressed Shepherd Boy was standing in this paradise. His green clothes were stained with blood while he held his bamboo flute!

The Shepherd Boy was injured!

The silver blood slowly flowed down the Shepherd Boy’s fingers before it began dripping…

The pink peach blossoms, the silver blood suddenly formed a beautiful picture.

Author’s Note: Some people have asked why Shen Tu Nantian didn’t take Yi Yun’s interspatial ring away. This question is actually like asking, when you catch a child, and then cripple him, should you steal his lollipop? To Shen Tu Nantian, the main character’s interspatial ring is of no value. To take it away under the eyes of everyone, except to the lowly citizens of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, (in Shen Tu Nantian’s point of view) it would be a loss of his reputation. There was no meaning to it. When Yi Yun becomes strong in the future, he would easily kill hundreds or thousands of small fries, I doubt everyone would ask if he should collect all those interspatial rings, right?

Other things such as the Shepherd Boy is able to destroy the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom himself, so why did he bring the beast horde, and other similar questions…The story has already been set that the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom is tens of millions of miles in radius, and has a trillion people. To those who say why he can’t destroy them alone and other similar questions, I don’t feel like explaining it any further.

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