True Martial World Chapter 368

Chapter 368: The Blood of the Desolate Race
Chapter 368: The Blood of the Desolate Race

The Shepherd Boy’s silver blood flowed down, landing on the paradise’s soil beneath his feet before being absorbed by the paradise’s ground. It did not drop onto normal ground.

Seeing this divine paradise soil, the hearts of the Shen Tu family clan Elders tightened.


This single island immortal paradise was the Shepherd Boy’s domain.

Many warriors had their own domains, so it was not uncommon. However, the Shepherd Boy’s domain was clearly extraordinary. He had used this domain to withstand the combined attack of the seven experts and the Ten Thousand Empyreal King!

“He is injured and bleeding… The blood of the Desolate race is much more precious than our human blood. Once they bleed, it means that they are seriously injured!”

The blood of the Desolate race could be refined into elixirs, which illustrated how precious their blood was.

The Ten Thousand Empyreal King looked at the blood flowing out of the Shepherd Boy’s mouth and grinned, “If I’m not wrong, our combined attack has made the Death Heavenly Revolution stir up in his body. And my Ten Thousand Ghost Bell should have hurt his soul!”

The Ten Thousand Empyreal King was very confident about the effects of his Ten Thousand Bell attack. He refused to believe that even the Shepherd Boy could remain unharmed after being attacked while in a deadlock with him.

“It’s the end, let us all attack!”

“Break his domain apart, and we can kill him. Then we shall have his Desolate blood and refine elixirs from it, so we can share them!”

A few Shen Tu family clan Elders looked each other in the eye as they made their minds up.

The Desolate race’s blood elixirs were extremely precious. Even if it could not let them have a break through, it could catalyze their bodies’ potential, thus extending their lifespan.

The 7 Elders attacked together, and used all sorts of laws. The divine powers rushed into the sky like a rainbow tidal wave surging towards the Shepherd Boy’s domain.


All the attacks landed on the paradise island domain.

The domain shook violently. On the paradise island, the petals of the peach blossoms fell like bloody rain. The Shepherd Boy was standing below a ten thousand-year-old peach tree, looking indifferent.

When the powerful forces tore the paradise island apart, a shocking crack appeared on the ground.

People believed that they were on the brink of splitting the domain apart; however, at this moment, the Shepherd Boy suddenly held his Illusionary Bone sword and wiped his palm over it, staining it with his silver blood.

“Chi Chi!’

The silver blood burned and it transformed into a spotless white flame.

This flame had been used by the Shepherd Boy previously. However, this time, he had used his blood as fuel, so the power of the flame could no longer be compared to last time!


Behind the Shepherd Boy, a earth-shattering roar that sounded like a Primitive Sacred Desolate Beast spread out. This power was imbued into the Shepherd Boy’s body. He slashed with his sword, causing the Order of Heaven and Earth to collapse. The combined efforts of the Elders released a Yuan Qi divine force, but it could not block the Shepherd Boy’s attack at all.

The divine beam collapsed as all the attacks disappeared. As for the Shepherd Boy’s flaming sword, it pierced forward without any resistance!


A Shen Tu family clan Elder screamed. He was split apart from the hip down!

The white flame swallowed him, burning the Elder’s blood and his mind into ash!


When the other Elders saw this scene, they were terror-stricken. They had thought that the Shepherd Boy was a spent force, so they had combined forces to attack him again. Now, with a look, his strength had become even more terrifying after being injured!

Against the Shepherd Boy, they felt a fear in their hearts. This Desolate race Great Emperor was simply unfathomable!

The Shepherd Boy sent a stab at the Ten Thousand Empyreal King with his Illusionary Bone sword.

The Ten Thousand Empyreal King was alarmed, “You actually don’t mind spending your Desolate blood to fight me!? Is this just to save a human? Is it even worth it!?”

The Shepherd Boy remained quiet. White flames surged from the sword, burning the emptiness. These flames seemed to spontaneously form runic lines.

This was the array runic lines formed when one’s fire laws reached an extreme. It represented the origins of the Heaven and Earth Great Dao!

“The Successor has promised me something. So in return, I definitely have to uphold my promise!” The Shepherd Boy said calmly.

The Shepherd Boy had used all his strength with this attack. The white beam was like jade as it lit up the entire night sky. It stretched all the way to the horizon and it seemed infinite. Even the arm of the galaxy in the sky disappeared as it was overpowered by the divine light.

The white flames burned, forming a wispy sound as in resounded in the heavens. It was as if the ancient river of time had been reversed.

Against this tsunami-like attack, the Ten Thousand Empyreal King’s face displayed a ferocious expression. He knew that he had to go all out, otherwise, the Shepherd Boy would kill him!


A beast-like roar came from within his body. His rotting, dried up skin swelled up. In an instance, a deathly aura exploded as ten thousand ghosts wailed. From within the Ten Thousand Empyreal King’s body, a red skeleton rushed forward. As the skeleton howled, it charged at the Shepherd Boy.

At the same time, the Ten Thousand Empyreal King threw the Ten Thousand Ghost Bell at the Shepherd Boy.

As the bell gave a deafening sound, it was like a mountain of Hell flying towards the Shepherd Boy!

The Ten Thousand Empyreal King’s Aspect Totem, which had his soul attack embedded in it, left his body, and at the same time, all of his Yuan Qi was injected into the large bell. The two combined into one and this was the strongest attack the Ten Thousand Empyreal King could use!

He believed that no matter how sharp the Shepherd Boy’s sword was, the Shepherd Boy had no way of breaking through this killer attack.

Seeing the Ten Thousand Ghost Bell and the bloody skeleton attacking him, a cold expression flashed on the Shepherd Boy’s face. He attacked with his palm, and at the same time, injected the Power of Desolates into his palm, rupturing his blood vessels, which caused some of his blood to splatter!

The Shepherd Boy’s palm had turned into a bloody palm!


With a tumultuous explosion, the palm made a direct impact on the large bell.

The weight could not be estimated. The Ghost Bell, that had ten thousand Lord-realm souls in it, quaked. A depression immediately appeared on the thick and heavy bell, it was a clear and visible palm print!

The Shepherd Boy’s silver blood was left behind on the Ten Thousand Ghost Bell as well. The metal that was used to construct the Ten Thousand Ghost Bell actually melted turning into molten metal under the burning blood.

The Shepherd Boy’s blood had burned a hole through the Ten Thousand Ghost Bell!

There were unfathomable powers in the Desolate race Great Emperor’s blood.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

The flames burned as the souls began to howl in pain. These were the tortured souls that were sealed in the Ten Thousand Ghost Bell. They were burned by the white flames, turning into ash instantaneously!

Although the process was painful, it was a form of release for them.

As the wails increased, an unknown number of souls had been burned to ash in the blink of an eye.

“You burnt the souls in my Ten Thousand Ghost Bell!?”

The Ten Thousand Empyreal King’s eyes turned red. However at this moment, his energy had been emptied out and he was powerless to stop it.

The Shepherd Boy roared and pushed the Ten Thousand Ghost Bell away from him with one hand. He raised his Illusionary Bone sword and carried on slashing.


The bloody skeleton roared as it bit at the Shepherd Boy.

This bloody skeleton was the Ten Thousand Empyreal King’s Aspect Totem. It could swallow a person’s soul. If it was allowed free reign in a crowd, the people who were devoured by it would lose their souls, turning into walking zombies.

However, against this bloody skeleton, the Shepherd Boy did not dodge it. He charged forward together with his sword.

His entire person had transformed into a sword beam. At this moment, it was as if he himself had turned into a peerless divine sword.

That terrifying sword intent had protected the Shepherd Boy’s soul. With his flesh as the sword, and his soul also as a sword, his sword Dao didn’t meet any resistance as it surpassed everything under the sky!


The Shepherd Boy let out a long cry. His blood burned on the Illusionary Bone sword as the surrounding flames condensed into runic lines of the Great Dao origins. At this moment, all of them reversed and injected themselves into the sword.


The sword pierced all the way through the blood-colored skeleton, till it reached the Ten Thousand Empyreal King!

The bone sword’s blade shone with white light that resembled jade and it was no more than 3 feet away than the Ten Thousand Empyreal King.

“You burst through my blood skeleton head on!?”

The Ten Thousand Empyreal King’s expression twisted. Seeing that he had no way to avoid it, he put his dried up claws out to grab the Shepherd Boy’s neck.

He wanted to force the Shepherd Boy to retract his attack and defend by the threat of exchanging injuries.

However, when the Shepherd Boy stabbed with his sword, he had no intentions to dodge again. Once his sword was unsheathed, it had to taste blood!

The Illusionary Bone sword pierced straight ahead. He did not defend!


The sword stabbed into the Ten Thousand Empyreal King’s left chest, piercing through his heart!

The white blood flame seeped into the Ten Thousand Empyreal King’s body, and began to spread out like an explosion. From his heart, it spread to all the neighboring blood vessels. It burned all his blood into ash.

However, at the same time, the Ten Thousand Empyreal King let out a strange cry as his ghastly claws had pierced the Shepherd Boy’s chest.

Ten bloody holes were left on the Shepherd Boy’s body and black gas surged around like plumes of black smoke being released. The Ten Thousand Empyreal King’s claws were poisonous!

However, the claws had not managed to grab the Shepherd Boy’s heart. The Desolate blood flame on the Shepherd Boy’s sword burned the Ten Thousand Empyreal King’s Yuan Qi away, destroying all possibility of survival! It also prevented him from breaking through the Shepherd Boy’s protective Power of Desolates.


The sword swept ahead and the Ten Thousand Empyreal King was split into two by the Shepherd Boy!

After the Ten Thousand Empyreal King’s corpse was split apart, it lost its Yuan Qi protection. Hence, it no longer had the ability to withstand the Shepherd Boy’s Desolate blood flame. It was reduced to ashes in the air.

A ghastly Emperor had been annihilated in such a manner!

Seeing the ashes spreading down and slowly disappearing in the sky, the Shen Tu family clan Elders were fear stricken.

It was too terrifying!

This was the blood of a Desolate race’s Great Emperor, just the power of the blood was so terrifying. This was also why many members of the Human race were desperate for the blood of the Desolate race.

However, the blood of the Desolate race was not only used to refine elixirs, it could also be used to kill someone!

The Shepherd Boy’s face was pale. There were ten bloody holes on his chest and silver blood flowed out from the holes, and at this time, his silver blood was slightly contaminated.

The poison that the Ten Thousand Empyreal King used was not common. It had been condensed and refined from toxin laws. Even if it was the blood of a Desolate race’s Great Emperor, the poison would still corrode it.

“The Shepherd Boy has killed a human Great Emperor!”

On the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s side, King Chu and company were frightened and distraught.

This was such a terrifying matter. For the Chu Prefecture City today, it was destined to be a day that was going to be remembered. A Great Emperor had actually died in their Chu Prefecture City!

A human Great Emperor was a legend to the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

It was rare to meet one, but now, one of them had died!

Furthermore, they had witnessed the death of this Great Emperor with their own eyes!

Looking back at the Shepherd Boy, his green clothes were stained with blood and he looked pale. He was also poisoned, and seemed to be at his limit, like a candle flickering in the wind!

Could he still fight?

Such a question flashed in King Chu’s mind. Although it was a opposing force, the Shepherd Boy’s peerless grandeur had completely impressed King Chu.

It was all because of his peerless talent!