True Martial World Chapter 369

Chapter 369: Finally Leaving Tai Ah
Chapter 369: Finally Leaving Tai Ah

The divine lights of the laws began to slowly fade in the vast sky. The arm of the galaxy once again began to shimmer in the sky, and now, the entire Chu Prefecture City was in complete ruins. With the Chu royal residence as the core, it seemed to have been attacked by a terrible storm. All the nearby buildings had completely collapsed, while the Chu royal residence had been reduced to dust, not even leaving behind any wreckage.

The Shepherd Boy stood under the bright moon, holding the Illusionary Bone sword in one hand and the bamboo flute in the other.

A breeze blew, fluttering his green clothes. His elegance and talent seemed peerless.

His pair of eyes stared at the Shen Tu family clan Elders. That deep stare seemed to resemble the endless starry sky above his head.

“He’s injured, and should be very seriously injured at that. He should be on the verge of his limits!”

“Ignoring the Death Heavenly Revolution left in his body, even the wound on his chest has been infected by toxins. He is bleeding black blood!”

The Shepherd Boy’s condition was clear to everyone, but even then, no one dared to go forward.

The Shepherd Boy had previously killed 6 of the Shen Tu family clan Elders, and then the Ten Thousand Empyreal King. This was too great a shock for them. Furthermore, every time they thought they could kill him, they were killed by him instead!

Hence, even if they knew that he had damaged his life force, none of the Shen Tu family clan Elders dared to make a move.

Even Elder Su and Elder Mo did not go forth. The pressure was too great.

Maybe if they all piled on, maybe then they would be able to prevent the heavily injured Shepherd Boy from leaving. However, there was no doubt that they would only be left with a few people in the end. They might even all die together with the Shepherd Boy.

No one was willing to make such a sacrifice.

At this moment, people saw that a black mist was emerging from the 10 claw wounds on the Shepherd Boy’s chest.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

After the black mist left the wounds, it burned in the air, quickly being reduced to ash.

When people saw this, their hearts tightened, “He is using the Power of Desolates to force the toxins out of his body!”

“This is not good, we cannot let him force the poison out. If he completely recovers, we will be even less of a match for him. We might even all die here today!”

The Shepherd Boy was unexpectedly healing himself in the air, completely ignoring them. This made many of the Shen Tu Elders aggrieved. It was as if they did not exist.

They knew that if they did not attack the Shepherd Boy now, they would lose their greatest advantage in battle.

However, no one dared to make a move against him. Everyone knew that the first few who went forward would definitely end up dead.

While they looked on, the black mist being emitted out of the Shepherd Boy increased, with a “Chi Chi Chi” sound, a pure white flame started to burn on the Shepherd Boy’s chest.

If this went on, they would not stand a chance if they only remained motionless!


The Illusionary Bone sword flashed a cold beam. Under the moonlight, the white bone sword the Shepherd Boy held looked like an elephant’s white tusk.

“What do we do?”

A Shen Tu family clan Elder asked Elder Su and Elder Mo.

Elder Su and Elder Mo’s expressions were ugly as they felt irrevocably committed.

“What else can we do? We cannot really wait for him to recover and let him kill all of us? Let’s protect the young master and leave.”

Hearing Elder Mo’s words, the Shen Tu family clan’s other Elders felt aggrieved. Although they, in name, were leaving to protect Shen Tu Nantian, they were in fact, escaping.

They had the numbers advantage, and had even set up the Heaven Earth Empyreal Array. Even with the addition of the Ten Thousand Empyreal King, they had still been sent scurrying away by the Shepherd Boy. This had turned into a huge joke.

However, now, if they did not take the opportunity to escape while the Shepherd Boy was still recovering from the poisoning, they had no other methods.

“Evacuate the Chu Prefecture City!”

When Elder Su said this, the Elders looked at each other and reluctantly accepted reality. They kept their guard up and retreated in the air bit by bit, to the point of them being several miles away. Only then did they take Shen Tu Nantian along with them to rapidly evacuate.

From the beginning to the end, the Shepherd Boy looked on indifferently. He did not attack again.

He was indeed on the verge of his limits. It was not because of the toxins from the Ten Thousand Empyreal King, but because of the Death Heavenly Revolution left within his body by the Shen Tu Patriarch a decade ago!

Just now, he had used the blood of the Desolate race to kill the Ten Thousand Empyreal King, but that had caused the Death Heavenly Revolution in his body to begin moving. He was almost on the verge of being unable to repress it.

Under this situation, if he had forcefully killed the Shen Tu family clan Elders, he would have to pay a terrible price. Not only would he have to enter a recovery phase again, but he would also have to hurt his life force.

If he really hurt his life force, then it would be very difficult to recover, even if he nursed himself back to health for decades.

“The Shen Tu family clan has retreated!”

The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s warriors looked as the Shen Tu family clan retreated to a distance of tens of miles away from the Chu Prefecture City before they turned and fled. Soon, they disappeared into the night…

This scene made many of their hearts go cold.

The Shepherd Boy had sent the Shen Tu family clan running single-handedly. From the contents of their past conversations, the Shepherd Boy’s strength did not decrease but actually increased, although he was hit by the Death Heavenly Revolution in the huge battle a decade ago!

As such, the Shen Tu family clan had severely underestimated the Shepherd Boy’s strength.

The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom warriors were extremely nervous. They were afraid that the Shepherd Boy would suddenly attack them. If he was angered, the Chu Prefecture City would be pulled in. Once the huge slaughter began, only a few amongst them would live on.

It was a very easy matter for a Great Emperor to destroy a city.

However at this moment, the Shepherd Boy’s focus was not on the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s warriors. After he forced out the last toxins in his body, he held the Illusionary Bone sword and hovered above the Heaven Earth Empyreal Array’s core.

The Illusionary bone sent out 3 flashing beams, and these three waterfall-like sword beams streaked across the ground.

Chi La!

It was as if white lightning had struck. The Heaven Earth Empyreal Array’s barrier violently trembled and completely burst open the next moment.

Following that, the Shepherd Boy sent out another slash. The Chu royal residence’s chamber had been split open by his attack!

In the chamber, Yi Yun heard a rumbling of energy explosions. He looked up and saw a sword beam split open the chamber’s dome. A ray of moonlight spilled down from the huge crack and into the dome, lighting up his face.

Ever since he was locked in the dark chamber, where day and night could not be distinguished, he had not seen the long-absent sight of moonlight.

And now, bathing in the moonlight, Yi Yun felt as if he had reincarnated.

He seemed to have died once in the past day ten days.

And today, he was reborn. He would make every effort to explore the highest realms of martial arts. He wanted to control his own fate, and control the fates of the people around him.

Under the moon, the Shepherd Boy’s green clothes were stained with blood. He looked like a pristine piece of jade.

With the Illusionary Bone sword in hand, he looked at Yi Yun without any emotions. There was no emotions in his voice as he said, “Follow me.”

After saying that, the Shepherd Boy spoke no more. He turned around and left, not giving Yi Yun another glance.

Yi Yun felt an invisible force wrap around his body as his body began to fly.

Under the moon, the Shepherd Boy kept his sword in hand as he flew towards the starry sky. His black hair fluttered in the wind, giving him an extreme charm.

And behind him, Yi Yun was following closely behind.

The Shepherd Boy did not speak a word, Yi Yun too remained silent. He never expected that such a day would happen. He had been imprisoned by a large human faction, yet it was the Desolate race’s Shepherd Boy who saved him.

Thinking back to the first encounter, of him meeting the Shepherd Boy in the Divine Wilderness, the Shepherd Boy was then riding a green cow, crossing the Blackwater Swamp. That scene seemed like a dream…

Back then, Yi Yun had never expected the Shepherd Boy to have such an identity.

The two of them flew silently, with one before the other. They slowly disappeared into the horizon, hidden by the bright light of the moon.

Only when the two of them completely disappeared did the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s warriors exhale.

The backs of many of them were drenched with cold sweat.

The Shepherd Boy had given them too great a pressure.

“Maybe we were too tiny, so the Shepherd Boy did not even bother killing us.”

An old man smiled bitterly. The Shepherd Boy had passed by the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom and saved Yi Yun, those who were watching by the sides were probably nothing more than a bunch of ants to the Shepherd Boy. When a person encountered a group of ants while walking, except for naughty children, probably no one would purposely walk over to step the ants to death.

“He has saved Yi Yun, but Yi Yun has already become a cripple.” A human lord sighed. Many people from the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom felt pity for Yi Yun. Many of them felt sorry that Yi Yun had been crippled.

“That might not be so! The Shepherd Boy’s powers are godly. He might have a way to recover Yi Yun’s cultivation!” Another human lord said.

However, many of them shook their heads when they heard it. “With the frost toxins in his body, and his meridians destroyed, who knows what sorts of treasures are needed to join back his meridians. Furthermore, ignoring the fact that the Desolate race might not use such treasures on Yi Yun, Yi Yun might also not be able to handle such medicine.”

“Even if we took 10,000 steps back and all those conditions were fulfilled, and it great amounts of time will be lost to join back Yi Yun’s meridians. And the meridians that are joined back might not be as good as they originally were. There might be some hidden injuries left behind. If that happened, then Yi Yun might only become a peak-human lord. Becoming a Sage would be difficult, let alone becoming a Great Emperor.”

In the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s history, there was no lack of geniuses who were peerless. However, due to sudden severe injuries, they bodies and talents were no longer the same after they recovered. Their cultivation was slowly caught up to by their peers, and finally their potential was exhausted, in the end they just vanished in the crowd.

There were too many examples of this. People suspected that Yi Yun would end up the same.

Just thinking about it made them sigh.

A proud son of heaven had fallen just like that. Although he was still alive, he had lost the halo around him.

The higher one fell from, the greater the tragedy.

One had to live on a grayed life in hatred and despair after suddenly losing everything overnight. For one, who was originally used to being cheered on by others and being admired by all around him, to carry on living in a weak state with all one’s powers gone, with no chances of revenge, death would probably be more than blissful.

“Everything is predestined. When the Shen Tu family clan came, we thought we had seen hope. However, who knew that such an outcome would occur. With them now retreated, who knows if they will return…” King Chu looked at the Chu Prefecture City’s wreckage with a heavy heart.

Although they were extremely disappointed with the Shen Tu family clan and were very unhappy, the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom warriors still were still afraid that the Shen Tu family clan would just leave.

If the Shepherd Boy went back, he could likely make a return. He could then set off another beast horde and destroy the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

As for the Shen Tu family clan, although they were overbearing and cruel, they were at least on the side of humans.

To expect a bunch of tigers, leopards, wolves and other beasts of prey to help them, was a tragedy brought forth from their weakness…