True Martial World Chapter 373

Chapter 373: Tian Yuan World
Chapter 373: Tian Yuan World

After taking Yi Yun in as a in-name disciple, Su Jie did not immediately rush to the Tian Yuan world, instead he searched around the Cloud Wilderness. He wanted to find the people who had previously entered the mystic realm with him. However, those people had disappeared.

This made Su Jie sigh. Amongst those people there was Marquis Wenyun, Li Wenyun, who was an old friend of his.

He and Li Wenyun had travelled the Tian Yuan world together and explored numerous mystic realms, until Li Wenyun was conferred the title of Marquis in the Tian Yuan world. As for Su Jie, he had been made a guest Desolate Heaven Master in the many large factions in the Tian Yuan world. The both of them were quite successful.

And because Marquis Wenyun was injured, and due to his old age, he had returned to the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom for his retirement. As a result, they had not met each other for several hundred years until the Purple Clouds’ Birth two years ago. Marquis Wenyun had then invited Su Jie to explore the mystic realm, but who would have guessed that this mystic realm was a forbidden land.

Su Jie guessed that it was a land with ancient seals. As for what was sealed within it, he had no idea.

After Su Jie entered the mystic realm, he was quickly separated from his old friend. Later on, he ended up being trapped in the purple seal, and only just managed to escape.

As for whether his friends were alive or not, Su Jie had no way of knowing.

“Let us go!”

Su Jie sighed. When one’s cultivation level reaches such a realm as his, having lived for tens of thousands of years, it makes life and death no longer be that big of a deal.

Yi Yun remained silent. At this moment, he did not know what to say.

Su Jie took out an airship from his interspatial ring. After he activated the array, the airship shot up into the sky.

They then flew towards Tian Yuan, and even though there were several long distance teleportation arrays on the way, it would still take them several months.

On the way, Su Jie stopped every now and then. When he did, he got to learn many things.

Last night, there were many placed in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, the Yun Long Divine Kingdom and the surrounding small countries where purple beams had shot up into the sky.

And amongst those beams, the Divine Wilderness’s purple beam was the most terrifying. It looked like a path to the sky and illuminated the world around it. It was especially stunning.

After the purple beam, the Purple Clouds’ Birth appeared in the Divine Wilderness. The area it covered was much wider than the Purple Clouds’ Birth that occurred in the Cloud Wilderness back then.

As such, Su Jie also came to understand that the mystic realm he had entered back then had something to do with the phenomenon he saw the previous night.

Not only the Cloud Wilderness had a mystic realm, there were mystic realms in several other places as well. And these mystic realms were all connected to one another.

The Desolate race had done something unknown in the Tai Ah Divine City to set off this phenomenon. Even several mystic realms, millions of miles away, had been activated, responding from afar.

And it too was the cause of the purple beam that shot up to the sky from the mystic realm that had trapped Su Jie. As the purple seal disappeared, he was freed.

As for the Shepherd Boy, he had saved Yi Yun in the Chu Prefecture City and then left him in the Cloud Wilderness. After that he rushed to the Tai Ah Divine City to prepare matters regarding the phenomenon.

By activating this phenomenon, Su Jie was released and met Yi Yun, who was also in the Cloud Wilderness and had been lured there by the purple beam.

All of these incidents seemed both likely, and unlikely, to be mere coincidences.

The airship traveled at a fast speed while Yi Yun stood quietly beside the airship’s window. The airship traversed past vast lands of wilderness and forests, until it arrived over a sea.

Yi Yun had naturally seen the sea in his previous life. However, the sea Yi Yun had seen was completely different from the sea he saw in this world.

The sea in his previous life frequently had storms. Even if there was no wind, there would always be undying waves.

However, this sea was completely different. It was too calm. There was not even the tiniest wave, the calmness of this sea made it seem eerie.

And the seawater was light red in color. It was the color of blood mixed with water, which was quite shocking.

“This sea is called the ‘Untraversable Sea'” Su Jie said behind Yi Yun. “The reason why it is called the ‘Untraversable Sea’ is because no one has ever crossed it. Although we are currently flying above it, what we are seeing is just a small section in the middle of a straits between the Divine Wilderness and the Tian Yuan world.”

“Going North, it will really be an Untraversable Sea. This sea is boundless without end. It is also dead still and has very little marine life in it. There are some mutated desolate beasts lurking deep in the Untraversable Sea. The rank of these desolate beasts are hard to estimate. Even if it was me who entered the depths of the Untraversable Sea, I would still find it very dangerous.”

“Previously, there has been a Great Emperor from the Human race who tried to fly across the Untraversable Sea to figure it out. However, as he flew for 7 to 8 years, the further he went, the thinner Heaven Earth Yuan Qi became. Without Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, even a Great Emperor will slowly weaken. Eventually, he had no choice but to turn back midway…”

As Su Jie spoke about the legends of the Untraversable Sea, he added, “South of the Untraversable Sea, there is a land bridge that connects to the Divine Wilderness. As for countries like the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom and the Yun Long Divine Kingdom, they are situated on this land bridge…”

When Su Jie said this, Yi Yun was alarmed. It was now clear why the Shepherd Boy wanted to destroy the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom to connect the Divine Wilderness and the Tian Yuan world.

It was hard to imagine how big the Divine Wilderness was. The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, which was millions of miles in radius, was just a part of the land bridge that connected the Divine Wilderness with the Tian Yuan world.

En route, Su Jie told Yi Yun about several rumors regarding this world. As for the introduction of the Tian Yuan world, it shocked Yi Yun greatly.

The reason for the Tian Yuan world being called a “world”, and not the Tian Yuan continent, was because the Tian Yuan world was very different from the area where the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was situated.

Although the Tian Yuan world and the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom were situated in the same world, and were even connected by a large land bridge, the natural laws governing the Tian Yuan world and the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom were in fact very different.

The Tian Yuan world had its own independent system. In the Tian Yuan world, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was much thicker, but also much more violent. The Yuan Qi was not easy to control there.

In the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, a warrior who could slash a sword Qi hundred feet out, could only do so for 50 feet in the Tian Yuan world. It was the same with perception. Even a warrior who had opened Heaven’s Eye would find that their perception of their surroundings would be much smaller in scope compared to when in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

“Why is there such strange laws?” Yi Yun found it hard to believe. How could there be such a huge different in the same world?

“I do not know.” Su Jie shook his head. “Actually, the Tian Yuan world did not exist from the beginning, it was formed later on. The spatial-temporal aspects of the Tian Yuan world are also much stronger than other places. The violent Yuan Qi also gives birth to much more valuable treasures.”

“Over there, it is like a higher ranked world. Warriors who cultivate in the Tian Yuan world will bear the pressure from the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi over a long period of time. There are better resources and much better heritages. Hence, the Tian Yuan world is the core of Human warriors. There are many experts over there, experts which other lands cannot compare to.”

“Like a land area like the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, once a family clan grows strong enough, they can establish a country and make themselves a royal household and rule their lands. However, that cannot happen in the Tian Yuan world.”

“The Tian Yuan world has no countries as there are too many strong family clans. For example, a powerful family clan like the Shen Tu family clan are only able to occupy a small region.”

“The competition between the large factions is intense. Hence, in the Tian Yuan world, we end up with a situation where we have multiple family clans. Many of the family clans would compete against one another for their own interests, but they can also form alliances through marriage.”

“By splitting it in this way, where some live and some die, a new family clan will be born while an old family clan will perish. Some super family clans would be able to continue on amongst these battles. Their heritages are extremely profound, however, even such a family clan is not able to establish a country. Once you establish a country and try to make yourself emperor in the Tian Yuan world, then you will most likely be attacked by the other families.”

With Su Jie’s explanation, Yi Yun finally felt enlightened. So this was why… That was the reason why when the Tian Yuan world was mentioned, it would be the Shen Tu family clan or the Lin family, etc. The name of a family clan naturally sounds weaker than the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

However, in terms of strength, these family clans far exceeded the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

“Kid!” Su Jie patted Yi Yun on the shoulder and said, “The Lin family is actually situated very close to the Shen Tu family clan. These two families have been fighting against each other over the recent years. However, they had previously formed an alliance due to common interests. If you were to go to the Lin family, it will definitely be fun.”

Su Jie said this half-jokingly but Yi Yun became speechless when he heard this. Before he had even begun his travels through the Tian Yuan world, he was already fated to experience challenges and hardships, but of course this was also an opportunity!

“Look, the sea is beginning to become less calm. We are slowly approaching the Tian Yuan world.”

Yi Yun looked down from the airship’s window and saw that there were ripples in the red seawater that looked like sea waves.

“Below the Tian Yuan world, there is a large, black whirlpool named the God Burial Abyss! This name isn’t without reason. If a god really went there, he would not be able to return.”

“The God Burial Abyss is situated in the deep depths of the Untraversable Sea. The whirlpool is extremely terrifying and it is pitch black deep down. It seems like it is a spatial-temporal door to another world. It continuously engulfs seawater, but it is unknown where the seawater goes.”

“The whirlpool has a very terrifying suction strength. If a Great Emperor goes too close to it, he will also be sucked in. And once you fall into that seemingly endless abyss, there is no way of returning!”

“That is how the God Burial Abyss got its name!”

“As for what is in the God Burial Abyss, that is still unknown. We have no idea if those who have entered the God Burial Abyss are alive or dead.”

“Some people believe that the God Burial Abyss is not some land of the dead, but a passage of no return. By passing through it, one would enter another alternate world. Hence, there have been some Great Emperors, who were nearing the end of their lives, who would enter the God Burial Abyss to probe it. They also wanted to see if it was some form of opportunity that could extend their lives.”

When Su Jie said this, Yi Yun became greatly alarmed.

Untraversable Sea… God Burial Abyss…

Yi Yun’s original impression was that a Great Emperor was an existence that was beyond one’s reach, but from what Su Jie just said, there were even mystic realms that Great Emperors were helpless against in this world.

This was the power of the Creator, or the natural laws, that made people have to respect it!

As the airship proceeded, the Untraversable Sea became increasingly rough. This was clearly caused by the God Burial Abyss. It was clear how frightening the huge whirlpool was to create such tidal waves.

And at this moment, through the sea fog, Yi Yun saw a towering cliff in the distance.

This cliff was 100,000 feet tall and was like a divine wall that stood in the middle of the sky and the sea.

“That is the Tian Yuan world! The Tian Yuan world is just above the God Burial Abyss. A portion of the land you see is floating above the sea surface. No one knows what sort of power is supporting the Tian Yuan world and preventing it from sinking…”

Author’s Note: There were quite a lot of settings and foreshadowing. Such a setting without a plot in the chapter is very difficult to write.