True Martial World Chapter 374

Chapter 374: Unforeseen Situation
Chapter 374: Unforeseen Situation

In the southern regions of the Tian Yuan world, there was a mountain range named the Jade Spirit Mountains.

The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was thick here, giving birth to all sorts of treasures. Large family clans in the Tian Yuan world would always vie for this land.

However, though many families fought over the Jade Spirit Mountains for generations, a foreign family clan suddenly appeared, defeating all the other family clans, before they began thriving in the Jade Spirit Mountains. This family was the Lin family!

The Jade Spirit Mountains had a total of 324 mountain peaks. The Lin family’s main branch occupied 18 mountain peaks, while its other branches scattered among the remaining 306 mountain peaks.

As for the exterior perimeter of the Jade Spirit Mountain, there was a vast plain. The exterior branch of the Lin family stayed in this plain, where they grew spirit grains and vegetables, reared spirit beasts and did business.

If any of the main branch’s children lacked talent, the subsequent generation would end up in the side branches.

If the children of the side branches were inept, they would end up in the exterior branches of the Lin family the next generation, becoming the grass roots of the Lin family.

A thriving and self-sufficient large family clan would need a large number of grass roots to provide them with the basic necessities of life.

When Yi Yun flew towards the Jade Spirit Mountain, he was extremely shocked seeing the Lin family.

The first thing he saw was the exterior perimeter of the Lin family area. There were numerous houses and palaces neatly erected on the plains. All of these buildings were made out of bluestone, which would remain steadfast for 100,000 years.

Buildings along with bricks and tiles stretched out endlessly into the horizon.

There were shops, a bustling city square, large areas of farmland and a wide open pasture…

Yi Yun previously found it hard to believe that a family clan’s size could reach such a scale.

“Right in front of us is the Jade Spirit Mountains. I’ll take you there, and in the future, you will be my in-name disciple. When you see me, you need to call me master.”

Su Jie chuckled while Yi Yun rolled his eyes. To call this old man master was such a joke. Does he even look like someone with the airs of a master?

They flew past stretches of mountains where fabulous palaces covered in mist stood on each mountain peak.

After seeing so much, Yi Yun felt numbed until he saw the 18 main peaks of the Jade Spirit Mountain.

The 18 main peaks were incredible tall and majestic. The clouds that covered the sky only covered the foot of the mountains.

When the airship began flying higher and higher, it broke through the white clouds, and what Yi Yun saw gave him an inexplicable shock. A 10 kilometer long head was floating in the clouds silently. When the airship Yi Yun was on flew past it, the huge head’s large eyes that were the size of a lake stared at the airship.

The amber pupils of the pair of eyes were like towering trees. Above its head, there was a hill-like horn. Its body was covered in silver-white scales and each scale was about the size of a house.

In front of this gigantic head, Su Jie’s airship looked like a minuscule bird.

Yi Yun was so shocked that his mouth turned agape. He looked at the back of the head and saw that behind the gigantic head, there was a huge silver-white body that resembled a python. It stretched out several hundred miles and it was extremely thick like a mighty river.

The huge python’s body was coiled around the main mountain peak. The 100,000 foot mountain was wrapped by it from the foot to the summit.

“Haha, it’s big, right? That is the Lin family’s guardian spirit beast, the Dragon Transforming Silver Python. Spirit beasts are different to desolate beasts. A desolate beast’s strength comes from the Power of Desolates, while a spirit beast’s strength comes from Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. Just this guardian spirit beast takes up one of the 18 main peaks!”

Legend said that a Silver Python could transform into a dragon. First, horns were grown, then four claws. Following that, a heaven calamity would befall the Silver Python, and once it survived it, it could fly into the sky and become a real dragon!

Now this Silver Python had a single horn growing on its head, and it was on the path to transforming into a dragon!

Of course, it was still far from becoming a real dragon. However, it was still shocking!

The heritage of the Lin family was really terrifying.

The only huge beast at the same rank that Yi Yun had previously seen was the Shepherd Boy’s Long Gui.

That Long Gui was not as long as the large Silver Python, but the Long Gui was most likely heavier than the Silver Python.

“These ancient family clans are indeed extraordinary. No wonder when the Shepherd Boy’s army attacked, he did not manage to destroy the Shen Tu family clan…”

Yi Yun spoke to himself as Su Jie eavesdropped. He laughed, “After that battle, the Shen Tu family clan’s standing has been greatly reduced. Originally, the Shen Tu family clan was pretty overbearing, but now with their Ancestor injured, they are seeking alliances with other family clans. For example, they wish to form an alliance with the Lin family.”

“Oh? Form an alliance with the Lin family?”

Yi Yun frowned. This was something he did not wish to see happen.

“Haha, don’t be alarmed. It is just wishful thinking on their part. Tens of thousands of years ago, the Lin family did form an alliance with the Shen Tu family clan, but as they had various conflicts due to different interests, you can say that they are hostile.”

“After the beast horde 10 years ago, the Shen Tu family clan began to mollify the conflict with the Lin family in an attempt to build an alliance. If you were the family head, would you agree?”

Su Jie’s rhetorical question made Yi Yun shake his head. Obviously, no one would agree to it.

When you were strong, you fought hard to vie for resources and suppress the Lin family. But now with the Ancestor injured, and your standing weakened, you want to mollify conflicts, and protect the interests at hand, how could there be such a good thing in this world?

If the Lin family was hostile to the Shen Tu family clan, it would be fine. Yi Yun would be much safer.

However, if the two sides formed an alliance, Yi Yun would have to consider going somewhere else.

“We are here!”

As Su Jie said, the airship landed on one of the 18 main peaks of the Jade Spirit Mountain.

There was a huge square built on the summit, and it was about a hundred acres in size. Bronze furnaces stood on the square. In the bronze furnaces, flames burned, emitting a fragrant smell, top grade sandalwood was being burnt in them.

“This main peak is specially for the Lin family’s Desolate Heaven Masters to use. My house is at the foot of the mountain. Originally, Xintong also stayed on this mountain peak, however, I have no idea why that girl was summoned back by the family in such a hurry or for what…”

Su Jie rubbed his chin and was finding it strange. On the way, when he was nearing the Lin family, he had used a voice transmission charm to inform Lin Xintong of his return. However, there was no response.

Such situations were limited to Lin Xintong being away or she was in reclusive training.

Lin Xintong’s standing in the Lin family was quite special. Although she was the most talented girl in over the past thousand years in the Lin family, due to her Yin Meridians, she was destined to not live beyond 500 years. Also, the higher her cultivation realm was, the harder the bottleneck would be.

There was nothing they could really do about it. As Lin Xintong was too perfect, and the Heavens were jealous, she was destined to have something taken away from her by the Heavens.

“Elder Su, you came back?”

When Su Jie walked out of the square, a person came welcoming him. When Su Jie flew into the Jade Spirit Mountains, the Lin family was informed.

Yi Yun looked at the person who was a middle-aged man. He was dressed like a steward, and he was probably an administrator of this main peak.

Yi Yun eyed the steward while the steward looked at Yi Yun, curious of Yi Yun’s identity.

“This is an in-name disciple I took in.” Old man Su said it casually. When the steward heard this, he no longer paid attention to Yi Yun. Typically, a in-name disciple was not much different from a companion medicine boy.

“Is my room still there?” Su Jie asked.

“Elder Su sure likes to joke. Your room is definitely there and has been regularly cleaned.” The steward hurriedly responded in a very respectful manner. “However, the courtyards beside Elder Su’s residence have being occupied by some people…”

Just as the steward said this, a few people came walking over.

There was an old man dressed in green Desolate Heaven Master robes. Behind him were several young people who were most likely his disciples.

When the green-robed elder appeared, Yi Yun immediately held his breath.

This was because, he saw a very familiar logo on the elder’s Desolate Heaven Master robe, the Shen Tu family clan’s coat of arms!

Previously, when Yi Yun flew past the Shen Tu family clan’s airship, Yi Yun had seen this coat of arms. Later on, when Shen Tu Nantian wanted to kill him and Jiang Xiaorou, this coat of arms was unforgettable for Yi Yun!

How could it be someone from the Shen Tu family clan?

Yi Yun’s mind began churning as his expression turned ugly. Was it possible that the Shen Tu family clan had formed an alliance with the Lin family?

If that was the case, this was extremely bad news for him!

And if that was true, then he had to leave the Lin family immediately. He had to go as far as possible before the Shen Tu family clan discovered him!

Yi Yun hid behind Su Jie’s back and lowered his head slightly, hoping the other party would not notice him. He never expected such an unforeseen situation would happen. If not, he would have gotten Su Jie to help disguise him!

However, it was not easy to deceive such people with disguise techniques. If it was not well done, then it be giving himself away by such an conspicuous act, resulting in more suspicion!

“This Shen Tu family clan old man can’t know me. He probably doesn’t know the feud between me and Shen Tu Nantian in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. As long as I don’t attract attention to myself, I should be fine…”

Many thoughts flashed past Yi Yun’s mind. As he calmed his mind, his expression returned to normal.

“This is…” Su Jie also frowned. He had never expected to meet someone from the Shen Tu family clan. Also, from the steward’s attitude, he was extremely friendly to these people. Was an alliance really formed? What was the Lin family’s family head thinking, why did he form an alliance with the Shen Tu family clan now!?

Similarly, Su Jie did not have a good impression of the Shen Tu family clan. When you were strong, you plundered everything, but when your family clan’s Ancestor was injured, you want to form an alliance, how could there be such a good thing in this world?

“Elder Su, let me do the introductions. This is Elder Shen Tu, who is a guest of the Lin family. The Shen Tu family clan’s have extraordinary accomplishments in the Desolate Heaven technique. And Elder Shen Tu is an even greater expert at the Desolate Heaven technique!”

After that, the steward turned around and introduced Su Jie to the green-robed elder, “This is Elder Su, who is also a top Desolate Heaven Master. With the two of you staying together, you can learn a lot from each other in the future.”

The steward clearly did not take notice of Su Jie’s attitude as he introduced him eagerly.

Su Jie did not like the Shen Tu family clan, as for Elder Shen Tu, he too did not have a good impression of the Lin family’s Desolate Heaven Masters.

People in the same line were enemies. When two top Desolate Heaven Masters gathered together, neither would accept the other, and there was always a need to compete.

The Shen Tu family clan’s Desolate Heaven technique level was always better than the Lin family’s.

This made the Desolate Heaven Master in the Shen Tu family have a superiority complex. However, under such a situation, Su Jie’s reputation in the Tian Yuan world was bigger the green-robed elder, which made him unwilling to accept it.

Besides, they came to the Lin family under the orders of the family head. Other than showing they meant well, the Shen Tu family head had also said that they were to demonstrate the heritage of the Shen Tu family clan’s Desolate Heaven technique to convince the Lin family of their greatness.

This would aid them greatly in what they wanted to do.

For this, the Shen Tu family clan had prepared a lot and failure was not an option.

So be it for personal or official matters, the green-robed elder wanted to vie with Su Jie.

The green-robed elder glanced at Su Jie and said, “You are Su Jie? I’ve heard of you. People have given you the nickname, ‘Sacred Hands Su’! I have always wanted to meet you!”

The green-robed elder came straight to the point and the first words he said to Su Jie indicated his intentions to challenge him.

“It’s just some praises by martial arts practitioners. You can’t treat it seriously.” Su Jie casually replied, but the green-robed elder clearly was unsatisfied with Su Jie’s attitude as he said, “Praises? Then, is it right to say that Elder Su thinks he does not live up to the name?”

Su Jie chuckled, “Why? Are you planning on stealing that nickname from me? Speaking of this, who are you? I have never heard of you before…”

Su Jie was not someone to be messed with either. Su Jie was not afraid even though this green-robed elder was so testy in their first encounter.

“Heh!” the green robed elder sneered. He did not respond to Su Jie’s words and instead tilted his head to look at Su Jie’s back, before saying lightly, “Is that your disciple behind you?”

The green-robed elder’s gaze landed on Yi Yun as he sized him up.

Yi Yun tensed up and began swearing in his mind. How did he gain the attention of the old man when he was lacking so much in presence!?

Not only did the elder notice him, even the young men, who looked like disciples, behind the elder had all looked at Yi Yun. Their gazes were filled with provocation as if they wanted to compete with him.

Master against master, disciple against disciple.

Yi Yun really felt speechless. He had decided, “If the Lin family has formed an alliance with the Shen Tu family clan, then I’ll immediately leave the Lin family. As for the provocation from these people, I can’t even be bothered with them. If I did, then I’ll definitely lose my life.”

“Interesting, we will meet again very soon. We shall see who has the real qualities!”

After the green-robed elder said this, he brought his disciples to walk past Su Jie. As those young people walked, their gazes were still pinned onto Yi Yun. From their looks, they were clearly hoping to fight it out with Yi Yun, and then brutally beat him up.

“Kid, my name is Shen Tu Guang, remember it well!”

As they walked, a youth about the same age as Yi Yun left his name.

Yi Yun could not be bothered with such a trivial person. His only current thought was the possibility of the Lin family and the Shen Tu family having formed an alliance.

Only after those people left did Su Jie ask the steward beside him in a sullen manner, “Why are the people from the Shen Tu family clan here? Has the Lin family formed an alliance with the Shen Tu family clan?”

When Su Jie asked this, Yi Yun also held his breath. This was very important for himself.

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