True Martial World Chapter 376

Chapter 376: Taking revenge if there was any, and stabbing one in the back
Chapter 376: Taking revenge if there was any, and stabbing one in the back

If he really succeeded in making Shen Tu Nantian a cuckold, then wouldn’t all the benefits awaiting Shen Tu Nantian become his?

This thought flashed past Yi Yun’s mind. He was rather taken aback as he frowned. He spoke to himself, “When did I become so evil? Although I don’t think I have been a gentleman all this time.”

Yi Yun recalled the experiences over the past two years. Be it Lian Chengyu, Tao Yunxiao or Yang Haoran, Yi Yun had always been meddling with things in secret. Even the narcissistic and crazy Luo Huo’er had been pranked by Yi Yun when she wanted to prank him, and Luo Huo’er was still clueless over who had caused her embarrassment back then.

Taking revenge if there was any, and stabbing one in the back was Yi Yun’s modus operandi.

Against Shen Tu Nantian, Yi Yun had already suffered greatly. It was enough to be vexed by him once, if he was vexed a second time, then he might even suffer from internal injuries due to his anger.

The Shen Tu family clan had taken an ancient Desolate Heaven technique recipe out with great fanfare this time. Other than the value of the recipe, just the the materials used for the recipe would probably be invaluable.

To gain her hand for such a huge price, they would probably announce it to the world. They would then receive all sorts of marital gifts from all powers. And if, at this moment, Shen Tu Nantian was made a cuckold… wouldn’t he vomit blood from the anger?

A warrior needed a good mental state to practice martial arts. Sometimes, they would go into reclusive training for decades. During this period, the person would sit alone and his mind would be as still as water.

Sometimes, when breaking through a realm, one needed a good frame of mind to endure the harassments of mental demons.

However, if the pangs of anger remained in one’s heart, then it would be over. It would be hard to still one’s mind in reclusive training. It could easily cause the pangs of anger to flare up.

If a person was affected by one’s mental demons while breaking through, they might even lose themselves to the demons.

Mortals could die from anger. Stifling one’s anger for long periods of time could shorten one’s life. Anger would not affect a warrior’s lifespan, but it would affect one’s martial heart, slowing down one’s cultivation speed.

If Shen Tu Nantian got wind that he was made a cuckold, and the person who took away all his benefits was the ant that he looked down on and could easily kill, it would be a wonder what Shen Tu Nantian’s thoughts would be…

These thoughts flashed past Yi Yun’s mind. Although he had thought through these clearly, Yi Yun eventually shook his head. Although he really wished to anger Shen Tu Nantian greatly to create a mental demon, he did not want to make use of Lin Xintong to seek revenge on Shen Tu Nantian.

Of course, Yi Yun did not consider himself as a man of integrity, but he had his bottom line. In Yi Yun’s heart, Lin Xintong was pure like a fairy from the heavens.

She was calm and gave off the demeanor of a light breeze, but in fact, she was a very determined person. Her martial heart was not to be shaken.

That day when Yi Yun met Lin Xintong under the moon, Lin Xintong had said that everyone had their own fate. Although her meridians were cursed to be terminated, and she was not accepted by the heavens, she had not given up even a glimmer of hope. She wanted to use her short life span to fight till the very end.

How could such a determined girl have a casual temperament?

“Let nature take its course… I will do my best to destroy the marriage plans between the Shen Tu family clan and the Lin family… Also, other than healing Lin Xintong of her natural terminated meridians, there is nothing left that needs to be considered.”

Yi Yun was indebted to Lin Xintong. When Yi Yun knew of Lin Xintong’s naturally terminated meridians, he was previously determined to seek a cure for Lin Xintong’s condition.

Back then, Lin Xintong had previously said that when she made contact with Yi Yun, she could feel her terminated meridians undergo a strange change. Although it was not obvious, it definitely happened.

Back then, Yi Yun didn’t have a pure Yang body. And even if he had, he did not believe that his body would result in Lin Xintong’s terminated meridians having any reaction. That strange change could only happen due to the Purple Crystal.

The Purple Crystal was extremely mysterious. Its origin was bizarre and Yi Yun found it difficult to estimate the realm of the Purple Crystal. In these two years, the Purple Crystal had created one miracle after another. Be it mystic realms like the sword and saber tomb or even the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s mysteries they had all been successfully opened up by Yi Yun using the Purple Crystal.

And even a mighty figure like the Shepherd Boy had not discovered anything about the Purple Crystal.

For such a divine item, Yi Yun believed that the Purple Crystal’s realm far exceeded the ancient Great Empress from back then. Furthermore, Lin Xintong’s terminated meridians had reacted to the Purple Crystal, so under these circumstances, Yi Yun was confident that the Purple Crystal was able to heal Lin Xintong. This was the greatest thing he could rely on to destroy Shen Tu Nantian’s hopes.

Would joining up terminated meridians with the Purple Crystal be difficult… probably not!

When Yi Yun was thinking this through, Su Jie suddenly asked, “Where is Xintong? I want to see her!”

Although Su Jie was powerless against overturning the decisions of the family’s upper echelon, he could at least meet his own disciple and understand her actual thoughts. If possible, he could help fight for her, and obtain some tiny concessions.

Any child’s interests could be sacrificed when pitted against a family’s interest. It was even more so for the females of the Lin family.

Su Jie felt pain for Lin Xintong.

“Miss Xintong is currently in reclusive training. When Miss Xintong learned of this matter two years ago, she went into reclusive training without coming out. Some elders wanted to meet her, but they were rejected on grounds of her reclusive training…”

“Reclusive training… as expected…”

Su Jie shook his head. Previously, he had failed to contact Lin Xintong when he used a voice transmission charm. Thus, he had felt that something had happened.

Actually, now Lin Xintong’s position in the Lin family had become special. Originally, Lin Xintong was just a beloved child of the Matriarch, and she was destined not to amount to greatness. The elders would not hesitate to sacrifice Lin Xintong for the interests of the family.

However, now it was different. If Lin Xintong’s naturally terminated meridians were healed, and she became a peerless Great Empress, then her status would become prominent.

Even the Lin family’s grand elder would have to be careful with his attitude towards Lin Xintong.

Although the final say was subjected to the elders, no one dared to force Lin Xintong. This was because the Lin family wanted a Great Empress that had a sense of belonging to the Lin family. In such a future, Lin Xintong could become a pillar of support for the Lin family to allow it to prosper.

On the other hand, if Lin Xintong felt resentment towards the Lin family in the future, then she would not be of any help to the Lin family when she became a peerless Great Empress. Even helping the Lin family once twice because of past sentiments would be all what one could wish for.

This was not the outcome the Lin family wanted.

Hence, this matter had been dragged on. Now, it has been two years, and the situation was unlikely to drag on any further.

“Tell Xintong that her master is back and wants to meet her.” Su Jie told the steward. Lin Xintong could reject meeting her family’s elders, but she would definitely meet Su Jie.

“Yes, Elder Su.” The steward replied respectfully. After some thinking, he exhorted, “Elder Su, currently, almost half of the Elders have agreed to the marriage proposal. As for the other half, they are not against it, but are taking a wait-and-see attitude. Elder Su, I would hope that you would note…”

The steward halted his speech midway. It was evident what he meant. He had euphemistically informed Su Jie not to fan the flames for Lin Xintong to make her oppose the matter.

In these two years, it was not easy for the Lin family’s elders to give Lin Xintong the time to think over matters.

However, Su Jie grunted and said, “I don’t even know the veracity of the Great Empress’s recipe. And the Shen Tu family clan might not even be able to refine it! Who knows if the Shen Tu family clan is actually cheating us!?”

How could the Great Empress recipe be easily refined? Even Su Jie did not dare to say that he was capable of refining the ancient recipe.

“Oh? You said that we won’t be able to refine it?” At this moment, an old voice called out. Yi Yun looked up and saw an old woman with silver hair. She held a walking stick as she walked over slowly.

And behind this silver-haired old woman, there were a few people dressed in Desolate Heaven Master robes. They were people of all ages and genders.

The green-robed elder who had provoked Su Jie and Shen Tu Guang, who had provoked Yi Yun, were also there.

There was about 30-40 people from a rough count. These people were no doubt Desolate Heaven technique experts of the Shen Tu family clan and their disciples.

Seeing this silver-haired old woman, Su Jie’s heart jumped. He knew this old granny. She was the elder sister of the current head of the Shen Tu family clan. She was very famous in the Desolate Heaven technique circles, and people called her the Thousand Hand Granny.

She was definitely much better than the green-robed elder from before!

“Two years…” The old woman stopped and suddenly slammed her walking stick on the granite tiles on the ground, resulting in a dull thud.

“My Shen Tu family clan’s Desolate Heaven Masters have stayed in the Lin family for two years. In the past two years, we have shown our good faith, and even used the Gloriosa Superba Spirit Mountain as a dowry for Lin Xintong’s marriage. Yet, you have been delaying to accept this marriage proposal.”

“Now, even a ignorant person has come here and questioned the standard of my Shen Tu family clan’s Desolate Heaven technique. What a joke!”

When the Thousand Hand Granny said this, she glanced coldly at Su Jie.

Su Jie’s face sank. This old woman dared to point him out as an ignorant person?

Previously when he exchanged words with the green-robed elder, the other party was just being provocative, and did not make it as clear like the old woman was verbally attacking him. This was really breaking all ties.

“Darn old granny, did you not wash your mouth after going to the toilet? Or else, why is your mouth so smelly?” Su Jie was not any proper old man. If he did not respond with something worse when he was scolded, how could he endure it?


A murderous intent flashed in the Thousand Hand Granny’s eyes, “Su Jie! You are courting death!”

“Ha! Do you want to make a move?” Su Jie laughed. He was not afraid to make a big commotion. This was the turf of the Lin family. Although the Lin family had the intention of accepting the Shen Tu family clan’s conditions, that was all because of their interests. However, if he and the Shen Tu family clan turned hostile, then the Lin family would definitely not ignore it and make the Shen Tu family clan account for it.

If things came to blows, then the Thousand Hand Granny would definitely be the one to suffer.

Naturally, the Thousand Hand Granny knew this. Her wrinkled face turned gloomy like an ancient corpse that had been unearthed from a tomb. It looked horrific.

“So what if you win the battle of tongues? At such an age, you still have the temperament of a child!”

“This time, the Shen Tu family clan has invited some Desolate Heaven Masters from the Tian Yuan world and their close disciples. In two months, there will be a Desolate Heaven technique tea session at the Tian Hua peak. There, we will let you see if the Shen Tu family clan’s Desolate Heaven technique meets the mark! Elder Su, you will not lack the courage to attend it, right?”

Author’s Note: Some people asked that in the earlier chapters, wasn’t Lin Xintong marrying the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s Crown Prince, so was there a bug in the story? Actually in the beginning, Su Jie and Lin Xintong’s identities were never made clear. Only Su Jie’s age (greater than 30,000 years) was mentioned in the Tai Ah Divine City, and Yi Yun had used Su Jie’s protective charm to defeat the heavily injured primordial species.

Back then, Su Jie had an old friend in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, so his status was extraordinary. With a proud daughter of heaven with him, naturally she would be the pursuit of the top young masters of the Divine Kingdom. This was mentioned when Lin Xintong handed the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ to the main character, but was not written obviously. The person who thought that Lin Xintong “may one day be betrothed to a prince of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom and become a princess, and may one day become empress. (original words in the text)” was the Jin Long Wei’s Thousand Households Zhang Tan. Thousand Households Zhang was a minor figure so it was just his thoughts. It wasn’t that Lin Xintong would really marry into the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

There are some people who mentioned that the Shen Tu family clan would be destroyed if they failed to have the marriage. I’m fainting just from that logic. To people who use this kind of fabricated thoughts to come up with an argument, I don’t feel like explaining anything.