True Martial World Chapter 377

Chapter 377: Desolate Heaven technique tea session
Chapter 377: Desolate Heaven technique tea session

“Desolate Heaven technique tea session?” Su Jie sneered, “How can I lack the courage to attend?”

A Desolate Heaven technique tea session was actually just a gathering of a bunch of old guys, where they would discuss the Desolate Heaven technique while they ate and drank. Also, they would also brag about their achievements in the Desolate Heaven technique.

While bragging, it was also common for them to show off some of their techniques.

Typically, there was no real need for a competition, as they only needed to display some of their best techniques to gain the praise of others.

Su Jie knew the old men of the Tian Yuan world well. Once they were complimented, they would immediately say false niceties like “wrongfully praised”, “exaggeration”, or “this old man only has an empty name”.

In fact, these people were ridiculously vain. They would immediately rage the moment anyone belittled them. They would roll up their sleeves and fight it out with you.

Hence, hearing all these extremely arrogant and self-important people saying all sorts of words filled with false modesty, one’s goose bumps would pop up so much that they would fall off.

However, the theme of the Desolate Heaven technique tea session that the Thousand Hand Granny mentioned was not about complimenting each other or boasting.

Those who participated in the Desolate Heaven technique tea session would be part of their own camp. Before the tea session, both sides would be easily agitated, and during the actual tea session, they would show off all sorts of skills.

Previously, it was mostly disciples who flaunted their skills in these kinds of tea sessions. After all, the old fellows treasured their reputations greatly. If right after they flaunted a technique, someone even better appeared, embarrassing them, then it would be awkward.

And it was fine if the disciples lost.

However, for this Desolate Heaven technique tea session, it was clearly not a competition amongst disciples. Those old fellows would probably gear up to flaunt their skills.

After all, the Shen Tu family clan was taking this opportunity to let the Elders, who were unwilling to agree to the alliance, see their strength in the Desolate Heaven technique.

“Don’t be full of yourself, or it might turn ugly when it comes to it!” The Thousand Hand Granny snorted before she flicked her sleeves and left.

The other people from the Shen Tu family clan were all confident. The older generation looked at Su Jie, while the younger generation looked at Yi Yun.

They believed that this kid beside Su Jie was definitely his disciple.

At the Desolate Heaven technique tea session, those older masters would definitely be the stars of the show, but their disciples would also be dazzling. The younger generation represented the future. A genius, who had extraordinary talent in the Desolate Heaven technique, was an invaluable fortune to a large family clan.

After the Thousand Hand Granny and company left, Su Jie brought Yi Yun to his residence. Just before they entered, Su Jie suddenly turned his head and said, “I say, kid. Don’t stay in the Lin family. I’m foreseeing bad signs. You might lose your life if you carry on staying here. This old man will stay in the Lin family for a while to take a look. If Xintong agrees to it, and the sons of a bitches from the Shen Tu family clan can really heal Xintong, then once Xintong is healed, I will also leave the Lin family.”

Su Jie was originally not from the Lin family, and he was a guest with a different family name. He was free to come and go, and he was not under the jurisdiction of the Lin family.

If Lin Xintong agreed to the marriage, and her terminated meridians were healed, then that would be a great thing for Lin Xintong.

As for Shen Tu Nantian, as long as Lin Xintong’s strength was strong, she could be completely independent.

Also, Lin Xintong was not some weak woman. Even if she married into the wrong household, it would not be anything horrible. In the future, when Lin Xintong becomes a peerless Great Empress, it would be very easy for her to take control of her own destiny.

Hence, Su Jie felt that he should also leave. If his disciple had a bright future, he would definitely be happy, as long as it was her choice.

“Kid, us meeting is also a form of fate. I have some old friends in the Tian Yuan world. I’ll write a letter for you. If you take it with you to them, they will probably take you in.”

Su Jie sat down on a chair and took out a pen and paper.

Yi Yun looked at the old man. Su Jie’s hair was already white, and his body was slightly hunching.

Looking at the back of Su Jie writing a letter, Yi Yun suddenly felt touched. If it was not for this old man, he would probably have died inside the Fallen Star Gate. And now, Su Jie was sending him away, and giving him a letter. If Yi Yun did not have the Purple Crystal as his hope, then he would definitely have left. And this letter would be of timely help.

This old man had been most kind to him.

“Senior Su Jie.” Yi Yun said softly, “This junior wants to ask if you have any advanced means of disguising one’s appearance such as a tool or skill, which can prevent people with very high cultivation levels to not be able to see my original looks…”

Yi Yun’s question stunned Su Jie. He stopped writing and said, “You are afraid of being recognized? Although it’s good to be careful… it shouldn’t matter. The Tian Yuan world is too big. Shen Tu Nantian also doesn’t know that you have come to the Tian Yuan world, so the probability of him finding you is tiny. You can at most change your name.”

“I don’t want to leave.” Yi Yun shook his head. “I want to take a look at the Desolate Heaven technique tea session in two months time.”

“Oh? Not leaving?” Su Jie was shocked. “Staying in the Lin family is dangerous. Although the Lin family and Shen Tu family clan have yet to make an alliance, who knows what will happen in the future?”

“Besides, why do you want to take a look at the Desolate Heaven technique tea session for? Today, although I was tough with my words against that old hag, I actually do not have much confidence.”

Su Jie sighed as he shook his head. “In terms of the Desolate Heaven technique, the Lin family is indeed inferior to the Shen Tu family clan. Furthermore, this time, the Shen Tu family clan has invited many Desolate Heaven technique masters from the Tian Yuan world to hold the ground. In two months, the Shen Tu family clan will probably steal the show at the Desolate Heaven technique tea session.”

“For such an important occasion, Shen Tu Nantian would definitely be present. Do you want to see your enemy riding on the crest of success?”

Su Jie looked at Yi Yun in a puzzled fashion. Was Yi Yun a masochist? If it was him, he would have ran as far as he could, for everything was clean as long as the eyes did not see it.

Yi Yun said, “It’s because I also want to participate in the Desolate Heaven technique tea session, which is why I’m thinking of disguising myself. Also… Senior Su Jie, can you teach me the Desolate Heaven technique in these two months?”


Su Jie was shocked and looked incredulously at Yi Yun.

“You want to learn the Desolate Heaven technique? To participate in the tea session in two months? Don’t tell me you want to pit your Desolate Heaven technique against the Shen Tu family clan’s younger generation!?”

Su Jie was completely speechless. This was only because the person who said it was Yi Yun, if it was anyone else, he would have thought that the person was an idiot.

However, even if it was Yi Yun, Su Jie still found him abnormal. The Desolate Heaven technique was not something that could be learned overnight. Yi Yun had not practiced martial arts for a long time, so how could a Desolate Heaven technique that was learned at the last minute be qualified to participate in the tea session? Wouldn’t that just end up with him being ridiculed by the Shen Tu family clan?

Yi Yun said, “This junior has previously come into contact with the Desolate Heaven technique while in the Tai Ah Divine City. You can say that I’m at the introductory stage.”

“How long was the contact?” Su Jie looked at Yi Yun in a speechless manner. Yi Yun had not practiced martial arts for more than two years. Even if he had began learning the Desolate Heaven technique ever since they had separated, what could he do now? He would still be brutally defeated by others.

“A few months… Previously, I had learned with Grandmaster Yuehua for some time.” Yi Yun knew that Su Jie would definitely think lowly of his standards if he only said that he had learnt the Desolate Heaven technique for a few months. Hence, he had to tout Grandmaster Yuehua’s name, to give Su Jie some confidence.

However, Su Jie still looked at Yi Yun as if he was looking at a mad man, “Kid, don’t tell me you have suffered too many setbacks, resulting in depression, so now, you are just amusing yourself by using this old man?”

“Since you have come into contact with the Desolate Heaven technique, you should know that there are three big steps of the Desolate Heaven technique. The first step, extraction of the Power of Desolates. The second step, controlling the Power of Desolates seal. The third step, forming the relic.”

“For this, just the extraction of the Power of Desolates needs several years of hard work to barely pass. If you are not thorough with extracting the Power of Desolates, then it would be a waste of materials. The desolate bone relic would also not be refined properly.”

“Following that, controlling the Power of Desolates seal. That is even more complex as there are thousands of hand seal techniques. Different elemental Power of Desolates require different hand seal techniques. If you are not careful, you can easily dissipate the Power of Desolates that you extracted through painstaking means, resulting in an explosion.”

“I have more than 3000 hand seal techniques alone! Learning every one of them requires a lot of practice. One also needs to have good perception and one can only slowly grasp them through the accumulation of time.”

“As for the third step, forming the relic. It is easier than the first two steps. However, it is just slightly easier. There are also thousands of techniques used to form the relic. Without being able to grasp more than a hundred techniques, you can’t even call yourself a Desolate Heaven Master without blushing.”

Yi Yun was naturally aware of the things Su Jie said. He had gone through systematic lessons for the Desolate Heaven technique.

To Yi Yun, extracting the Power of Desolates was extremely easy. With the Purple Crystal, Yi Yun was much better than Su Jie in this aspect.

The problem lied in the hand seal techniques.

The Purple Crystal could allow Yi Yun to control energy as he wished, however, it could not increase Yi Yun’s perception.

Learning the seals required time!

Although Yi Yun’s perception was great, he could not learn many hand seal techniques in two months time. This was also the greatest difficulty for Yi Yun to quickly master the Desolate Heaven technique.