True Martial World Chapter 380

Chapter 380: A small sample of one’s Skill
Chapter 380: A small sample of one’s Skill

For the technique Su Jie employed at a speed of ten times slower than normal, Yi Yun saw it clearly by using the Purple Crystal’s vision. Furthermore, Yi Yun had always had a good memory, so he managed to memorize about 70-80% of Su Jie’s Small Thousand Seal and Mystic Crystal Hand.

However, memorizing Su Jie’s techniques was one matter. To completely imitate it was another. Having something memorized did not mean one could emulate it.

Hence, in response to Su Jie’s question, Yi Yun conservatively replied, “I have got some idea from the technique Senior used. As for emulating it, I can probably do around 30-40%.”

“30-40%? Kid, you sure are confident.” Su Jie’s voice did not sound serious and had a mocking tone in it. Although the Mystic Crystal Hand and Small Thousand Seal were considered low-grade techniques, they were not that easy to learn.

Typically, rookies could only gain a fuzzy understanding of the superficial moves after seeing it once. To follow and be able to slightly emulate them would be pretty good.

With a certain level of skills, an apprentice in the Desolate Heaven technique with 2-3 years of foundation beneath him could be considered a genius if he could emulate more than 20% of it after seeing it once.

Of course, this so-called 20% emulation refers to being able to do 20% of the Small Thousand Seal and Mystic Crystal Hand’s sealing motions.

As for doing them right, doing them well and doing them in a masterful manner, there was naturally a gap between the three accomplishments.

It was not easy for a rookie to do it right.

Yi Yun looked at Su Jie’s smile that was asking to be beaten. He felt pretty speechless. With this old man as a master, he really felt drunk. The masters of others would have the mannerism of a master in their every move. They would be stern and serious while teaching their disciples or be patient and understanding. After all, they all wished for their disciples to succeed.

However, this old man, he was never serious and seemed to be laughing like a clown all the time. After teaching and asking his disciple, he would even give off the feeling of watching a joke.

Yi Yun could not be bothered to say anything else as he took out a Desolate Heaven technique disk array from his interspatial ring. Just as he was preparing to practice with a high-grade desolate bone, Su Jie took out a normal desolate bone and threw it at Yi Yun.

“Use this?” Yi Yun frowned.

“Of course, you think it is not enough? You must lay a good foundation when practicing the Desolate Heaven technique. First learn to walk before you learn to run. You have not been learning the Desolate Heaven technique for that long. First use a normal desolate bone as practice for a year or two. Refine more than 10,000 desolate bone relics before you start talking about anything else.”

“Do not look down on the low quality Power of Desolates that is in a normal desolate bone. Its laws are the still the same. And a normal desolate bone’s energy is much easier to control. It will allow you to approach the creation of a perfect law route.

The Desolate Heaven technique focused on one’s foundation. Hence when Desolate Heaven Masters practiced, they would begin with the simplest desolate bone. This included Su Jie. When he first practiced the Desolate Heaven technique, he too went through the honest route of refining more than 10,000 normal desolate bone relics.

Yi Yun did not argue with Su Jie. Su Jie naturally had his own thoughts, being his master. It was like the story he had heard before in his previous life, Leonardo da Vinci drawing an egg. Legend has it that when Leonardo da Vinci was learning how to draw, his master made him draw chicken eggs repeatedly. This was probably similar to his current situation.

Yi Yun picked up the normal desolate bone and with the Purple Crystal, he could clearly feel every energy flow within the desolate bone.

And to the side, the middle-aged man that was surnamed Sun and his disciple were also watching Yi Yun.

The middle-aged man surnamed Sun looked at Yi Yun and admired Yi Yun’s focused expression. He slowly nodded and said, “Elder Su, your disciple is not distracted and his breathing is composed. He is a good seed. How long has he been learning the Desolate Heaven technique?”

Su Jie said, “He has only been learning it for a few months. I have just recently taken him in as a disciple. Previously, he learnt the Desolate Heaven technique from someone else. If he was taught by me from the beginning, his standards would definitely be much better than they are now.

Su Jie said confidently. Although he had just cursed the old fellows who were joining the Desolate Heaven technique tea session as hypocritical and vain people, who wanted to show off all day, Su Jie had in fact forgotten that he too was one of them.

“Haha, Elder Su is right. With Elder Su’s teachings, the standard would be even higher! Elder Su has the ability to turn the foul and rotten into the rare and ethereal.” The middle-aged man surnamed Sun echoed while he laughed.

Su Jie accepted the middle-aged man’s praise silently. He nonchalantly took a cup of tea. As he drank the tea, he watched Yi Yun perform his Desolate Heaven technique.

Yi Yun took a deep breath and, with the desolate bone in hand, sank his spiritual energies into the Purple Crystal. A familiar feeling then surged to his mind.

Instantly, in the Purple Crystal’s vision, Yi Yun could see every strand and ounce of energy within the desolate bone that rested in his hand.

As long as he willed it, all of the energy within it would be pulled out like harvesting silk.

Yi Yun began to form seals with his hands. For Yi Yun, using the seals were meaningless in the extraction of energy. It was just a form of concealment for him.

The seals Yi Yun used were the one Grandmaster Yuehua had taught him in the past. It was a method rookies used.

“Heaven Moon Seal. His technique is stable and not in a rush. It is pretty well done.” The man surnamed Sun evaluated.

Su Jie slightly moved the tea cup from his mouth. He never expected that the kid would have some skill. If he had only learnt the Desolate Heaven technique for a few months, then this standard meant that he had pretty good talent.

At this moment, Su Jie and the middle-aged man could not see the purple light beams that were being emitted from the desolate bone in Yi Yun’s hand. Numerous light dots flew out from the desolate bone and spiraled around Yi Yun like pixie elves.

The phenomenon of the Purple Crystal sucking out the energy could only be seen by Yi Yun. It was as if a mysterious law had cut off the ability for others to realize this.

Su Jie and the middle-aged man could only sense that the energy in the desolate bone was being extracted by Yi Yun at a constant pace. The entire process was done very smoothly.

One could not tell Yi Yun’s greatness with a low-grade desolate bone, but even so, the perfect energy flows’ trajectories surprised the middle-aged man, “Elder Su, how many months did you say that this disciple of yours has been learning the Desolate Heaven technique?”

“Uh…” Su Jie began to pull his beard out of habit. He never expected for Yi Yun to do it in such a profound manner. Could this kid be deceiving me?

He found it hard to believe that Yi Yun was able to accomplish this just by learning the Desolate Heaven technique for two months. If that was the case, then his talent was almost approaching Lin Xintong’s.

Lin Xintong was a genius. Having lived to such old age, it was not easy for him to find such a treasured disciple. He had even planned on letting her inherit his mantle.

Although the talent of some Desolate Heaven technique geniuses approached Lin Xintong, that was still quite normal. However, Yi Yun was a kid he had casually met in the Cloud Wilderness. Back then, he did not seem very special. Under these circumstances, when Su Jie then realized that Yi Yun’s Desolate Heaven technique talent was actually comparable to Lin Xintong’s, how could he not be shocked?

“The kid said that he learnt the technique for a few months himself. I also do not know if it is true or not. Now he still seems fine, and is about half my standard back when I was first beginning to learn the Desolate Heaven technique.”

Su Jie grunted as he spoke. The middle-aged man smiled without a word.

At this moment, after Yi Yun extracted the Power of Desolates from the desolate bone, he began to use the Mystic Crystal Hand. In his mind, he was recalling the motions Su Jie used. The flow of every strand of energy was clearly recalled by him.

“Mystic Crystal Hand… First seal…” Yi Yun began moving his ten fingers as he began forming the seals.

The first seal was sent out by him.

Just mimicking the action was very easy. As warriors have an eidetic memory, they could mimic it very closely after just seeing it once. The difficult part however lied in guiding the Power of Desolates to condense into the seal one wanted.

However, guiding the Power of Desolates was also not a hard thing for Yi Yun to do, as he had the Purple Crystal.

Hence, under Yi Yun’s guidance, the Power of Desolates condensed into the first runic seal. It was like a tiny, purple butterfly, fluttering in the air.

Following that, second seal…

Yi Yun imitated what he had seen, and another runic seal was sent out by him. It danced in the air. All of this was done in an effortless and relaxed manner.

When the first runic seal was sent out, Su Jie did not have much of a reaction. However, when he saw that the second runic seal was equally perfect, he was slightly dazed.

Following that, the third and fourth runic seals came forth one after another as they flew in the air.

Slowly, Su Jie’s mouth turned agape. This kid, is he serious?

Yi Yun not only succeeded in forming the seals, the energy forms were also very well done. He did not seem in a hurry, or in a confused state, throughout the sealing process. Everything was done in an orderly fashion.

This made Su Jie find it hard to believe that such runic seals came from a Desolate Heaven technique rookie.