True Martial World Chapter 392

Chapter 392: Yi Yun Makes His Move
Chapter 392: Yi Yun Makes His Move

Yi Yun’s appearance was to sudden. Before the youths in the Evening Breeze Pavilion were able to react, Yi Yun had already disappeared. Lin Yuan only felt a gentle breeze blow past him.

The next second, Yi Yun, who was dressed in green, had already landed in the lake center’s square. This scene alarmed many. What was he doing?

There was a conventional order of appearance for people in the Desolate Heaven technique tea session.

The tea session would begin with the juniors who were comparatively lacking. People like Shen Tu Jun and Lin Yue were such people, it could be seen from their status. When they went on stage, they would declare themselves as “direct disciples”.

Direct disciples were one grade lower than personal disciples. Later on, people like Song Ziyue would appear, it would then be personal disciples or closed-door disciples.

After the juniors finished competing, then the showdown between the older generation, like Su Jie, would begin.

Yi Yun’s status was barely enough to qualify him for the first few matches right at the beginning. However, he did not participate in the group match. Yet, now he had suddenly jumped into the lake center’s square, which was an entirely unexpected turn of events.

“That rash fellow, what is he trying to do?”

Seeing Yi Yun suddenly appear, Lin Yuan and company were dumbfounded. Did Yi Yun want to challenge Song Ziyue’s Five Elemental Bone Array?

At this moment, even the best personal disciples from the Lin family had to carefully weigh their options before going on stage. For example, no one from the Evening Breeze Pavilion dared to step forward. Hence, Yi Yun appearance onstage was extremely unexpected.

In the seats of honor, Su Jie was also in a daze. He had originally said that he would not let Yi Yun do anything. So now that Yi Yun suddenly jumped forward, he was completely caught off guard.

“Teacher. Yi Yun, he…” Lin Xintong knew very clearly that Yi Yun knew nothing back in the Desolate Human Valley two years ago. At that time, he had expressed an interest in learning the Desolate Heaven technique, but Lin Xintong had advised him against it. She did not want him to have any fantasies regarding the Desolate Heaven technique. Yi Yun however insisted, and because of that, she had reluctantly left Su Jie’s notebook with him.

“I do not know. He probably knows himself well.” Su Jie bitterly smiled, but on the inside, Su Jie did not have much confidence in Yi Yun.

Yi Yun was however not the only one from the Lin family who had flown onto the lake center’s square. There was another young girl there as well, dressed in purple. Her hair was tied into a ponytail which hung down to her waist.

When Yi Yun stood up, this girl had also stood up at the same moment. As a result, both of them had jumped onto the central stage simultaneously.

“It is Lin Ziyan, Senior sister Lin!” Someone below the stage said. Unlike Yi Yun, Lin Ziyan was one of the best amongst the Lin family’s younger generation. Her ability was on a completely different level from Lin Yuan’s.

Lin Ziyan had been accompanying her master in training expeditions for the past few years. She had only returned to the Lin family in recent months. There was no doubt of her strength, or her Desolate Heaven technique ability.

“You are…”

The purple-dressed girl did not know Yi Yun. Her life goals were centered on martial arts and to make her Desolate Heaven technique proficient. She was not concerned with small matters that happened within the Lin family’s younger generation circles. Thus, she had never heard of Yi Yun. Two months ago, the matter of Yi Yun learning the Mystic Crystal Hand and completing more than 50 runic seals was a trivial matter. It had only spread amongst the Lin family disciples who had gathered around Yi Yun, and they all treated it as a joke of a newbie pretending to show off. It had never reached Lin Ziyan’s ears.

“I am Yun Yantian.” Yi Yun answered simply.

“Yun Yantian?” The purple-dressed girl’s smoky eyebrows furrowed while she thought. Clearly, she had never heard this name before. Typically, the disciples whom she had never heard of were clearly those of low abilities. Now with the Lin family competing against the Shen Tu family clan on the Desolate Heaven technique, it was a matter regarding the Lin family’s reputation. If a Lin family’s disciple with extremely poor ability went on stage, they would no doubt be made into a laughing stock by the other family clans.

“How old are you? Who is your master?”

To confirm Yi Yun’s ability, the purple-dressed girl asked.

“I am fifteen, Su Jie’s in-name disciple.”

Hearing Yi Yun’s words, the purple-dressed girl was dumbfounded. This person was only 15 years old and was just Su Jie’s in-name disciple? What the heck?

“Hahaha! This is really interesting. An in-name disciple is actually challenging me?” Song Ziyue roared with laughter, “Your courage is deserving of praise. I am okay with it. Since both of you came up together, then break the array together! I don’t mind!”

Song Ziyue had heard that Lin Ziyan had some ability, so he would not be too careless with her. However, where did this Yun Yantian come from? It was as if he had come just to play the clown.

To let Lin Ziyan and this rash fellow break the array together, he actually had the additional intention of humiliating Lin Ziyan. A proud daughter of heaven and a rash fellow joining forces. Wasn’t this mockery? After all, Song Ziyue had decided that it would be pretty impressive if this Yun Yantian did not end up making things worse by being up on stage.

Whatever Song Ziyue thought of, Lin Ziyan had also thought of. She did not want to do it together with Yun Yantian. It would end up with the bad label of going two against one, yet it would not really have the effect of two against one.

“Junior brother Yun, why not go down first? After I break this array, you can come on up later regardless if I succeed or fail.”

Lin Ziyan felt that she had said this very politely and had not questioned Yi Yun’s abilities directly. She had given Yi Yun sufficient face.

However, Lin Ziyan never expected that, even though her intentions were so obvious, Yi Yun still paid no heed to her words. He minded himself and walked to the side of Song Ziyue’s array and began analyzing the array technique.

The Five Elemental Bone Array was formed of a total of 12 smaller group arrays. Each small group array had a bone in it that held the array together at its core. This bone was not difficult to find. Yi Yun had chosen one of those.

It was the desolate bone of a general-ranked desolate beast and looked like a spinal bone.

This bone emitted hot air and was clearly a fire-elemental desolate bone.

The fire element was similar to pure Yang. The fire element in the five elements was just normal fire, while the pure Yang was the solar fire of the stars.

Yi Yun, who practiced the pure Yang laws, had considerable knowledge in the fire elemental laws.

With his spiritual energy interfacing with the Purple Crystal, and using the Purple Crystal’s powers, he sealed the Power of Desolates in the desolate bone.

The Purple Crystal was pretty much the supreme law when it came to controlling energy. With the Purple Crystal, regardless of what type of energy it was, it would be impossible for it to explode outwards.

At this moment, the desolate beast’s essence Qi within the desolate bone was completely suppressed by the Purple Crystal. It was powerless at resisting it.

Actually, with Yi Yun’s ability, he could have just used the Purple Crystal’s powers to violently extract the Power of Desolates and the essence Qi within the desolate bones at the same time. He could then use brute strength to forcefully refine them, regardless of array techniques or traps.

However, with so many people watching, if he had done all that with just his will power, it would be too shocking and there was no way for him to explain it.

Hence, Yi Yun decided to use the methods in the Desolate Heaven technique to make it seem like he was using the Desolate Heaven technique to break the trap and extract the Power of Desolates from the desolate bones.

Yi Yun opened up his energy vision and through it, the entire desolate bone turned transparent. Whatever Song Ziyue had done was clearly seen in Yi Yun’s vision.

He could clearly see that there was a lizard-shaped desolate beast essence Qi locked within the core of the desolate bone.

And surrounding the essence Qi were runic seals. These runic seals were clearly set up by Song Ziyue. As long as Yi Yun injected his mental energy into it, the runic seals would detonate the desolate bone, causing the desolate beast essence Qi to explode outwards. It was like a clever igniting mechanism. What Yi Yun had to do now was to dismantle or seal off Song Ziyue’s set up.

As long as he sent out a runic seal and broke Song Ziyue’s igniting array, then Yi Yun would be able to dismantle the trap.

And with the Purple Crystal in hand, Yi Yun could perfectly control every runic seal he made. He could even destroy Song Ziyue’s runic seal setup directly. It was extremely easy for him to do so.

Understanding this, Yi Yun began to form seals. Array patterns began appearing in Yi Yun’s hands, but compared to the runic seal showdown from before, which were dazzling like fireworks, the runic seals Yi Yun sent out looked much more plain.

Seeing Yi Yun form runic seals, the surrounding people were dumbfounded. Seeing Yi Yun’s motions and the runic seals he formed, wasn’t he using the Mystic Crystal Hand?

Mystic Crystal Hand… Back when Yi Yun first reached the Lin family, in his first display and only display of his Desolate Heaven technique publicly, he had used the Mystic Crystal Hand.

Back then, people believed that Yi Yun had been in contact with the Desolate Heaven technique for a long period of time. Since he had learned the Desolate Heaven technique for so long, then it was impossible for him to have the Mystic Crystal Hand as his only sealing technique.

Back then, Yi Yun had said that he was a beginner, so using the Mystic Crystal Hand, which was a very common and simple technique, was considered normal. After all, this would make him ‘appear’ as a beginner.

However, now, at this Desolate Heaven technique tea session, in front of so many people, with the Lin family’s reputation on the line, even if he could not break apart Song Ziyue’s array he should not have used a one-size fits all technique like the Mystic Crystal Hand which lacked any technical skill.

The Desolate Heaven technique tea session stressed the need to captivate. The best was not needed, the hardest was. Using the Mystic Crystal Hand? Isn’t this just going to make everyone laugh their heads off?

Seeing the scene happening before them, the Lin family’s disciples felt their faces burn. They felt that Yi Yun was too thick-skinned. If it was them in Yi Yun’s stead, standing in the square, they have long since wished to burrow into the ground to hide away.

As for the Shen Tu family clan’s disciples, there were some who could not help but laugh. Song Ziyue gave an unashamed laugh, “Hahaha! When the Lin family organized this Desolate Heaven technique tea session, were they too worried about the atmosphere being too tense? Did they specially prepare an entertainment program? To let everyone laugh and ease the tense atmosphere?”

Song Ziyue mocked ruthlessly. This voice became even more piercing to the ear when it landed in the ears of the Lin family’s disciples.

Many of the Lin family’s Elders looked towards Su Jie.

Su Jie was now sweating furiously in his heart. He had specifically exhorted Yi Yun not to do anything rash at the Desolate Heaven technique tea session. Su Jie knew that Yi Yun had a feud with Shen Tu Nantian, but he should not have been this rash, even with a feud!

Su Jie also knew that Yi Yun was very talented in learning the Desolate Heaven technique, and his talent could even rival Lin Xintong’s. However, he had only learned it for such a short period of time. Besides, Song Ziyue was no ordinary person. Even when Lin Xintong had been learning the Desolate Heaven technique for one to two years, it was still impossible for her to break the Five Elemental Bone Array.

Under these circumstances, Su Jie was even considering to go with the flow and admit to what Song Ziyue said, to say that Yi Yun was there to enliven the atmosphere…

“Ziyan, quickly make a move. Break as much of the Five Elemental Bone Array as you can. You need to regain some of the Lin family’s face. If that kid carries on messing about, there will be no way to redeem the situation!”