True Martial World Chapter 394

Chapter 394: Yi Yun Cracks the Array
Chapter 394: Yi Yun Cracks the Array

“Guess how long it will take for Senior sister Ziyan to crack that small group array?”

Someone amongst the Lin family’s disciples asked with excitement.

This was what it meant to be captivating. Previously, when those direct disciples had gone up and did battle using the crude method of colliding runic seals, that was completely without technique. Compared to Lin Ziyan and Song Ziyue’s competition in the Desolate Heaven technique, it was like the difference between savage wrestling and beautiful dancing.

“About seven to eight minutes!”

To win against Song Ziyue, at least 4 small group arrays had to be cracked. Song Ziyue’s array was extremely abstruse and complicated, so breaking a small group array in about 7-8 minutes was already considered very fast.

For this duel, it was a competition between top geniuses. Although the Lin family disciples adored Lin Ziyan, they had to admit that Song Ziyue had the ability to be arrogant. It would also not be easy for Lin Ziyan to win against Song Ziyue.

“About seven to eight minutes… Then Senior sister Ziyan will need about thirty minutes to win against Song Ziyue. Besides… Senior sister Ziyan might not stop after only breaking four small group arrays. She might even break six, seven, or even all twelve small group arrays!”

Some of the younger Lin family disciples had infinite hopes in Lin Ziyan.

“Difficult!” An older Lin family disciple shook his head. “Guarding an array is easy while breaking an array is difficult. Junior sister Ziyan needs to be stronger than Song Ziyue by at least 30-50% to have any hope of doing so.”

Before the older disciple finished speaking, he suddenly heard a light “Peng” sound.

He was stunned as he looked towards the sound. The source of the sound was Yun Yantian.

For cracking this array, Yi Yun stood opposite to Lin Ziyan with Song Ziyue in the middle. However when Lin Ziyan displayed her Guanyin Flower Picking Hand, other than people like the woman in palatial attire who had animosity against Yi Yun and Su Jie, no one else had paid attention to him.

In fact, Yi Yun’s Mystic Crystal Hand had long since been obscured by the Guanyin Flower Picking Hand’s light beams. It was impossible to tell what was happening.

And only with the exploding sound did people look towards Yi Yun. And the scene in front of them dumbfounded everyone.

In front of Yi Yun, the fire elemental desolate bone had already fractured. It had turned from its original dark red color and into a grayish white. Clearly, it looked as if its Power of Desolates had been drained.

Only when a desolate bone has had all of its Power of Desolates extracted will it become like this.

Following the desolate bone, that powered the array’s core, losing its energy, the entire small group array lost its energy, as if it was about to collapse at anytime.

What… What is happening…?

Many people’s brains did not react in time. They could not understand what the scene in front of them meant. Maybe they had actually thought of it, they just could not believe it.

And at this moment, Yi Yun nonchalantly grabbed a fiery red light from within the fractured desolate bone. It was the phantom image of a small lizard. It was the desolate beast essence Qi that was originally sealed within the desolate bone!

“Lava Fire Lizard! He grabbed a Lava Fire Lizard!”

Many people stared with their eyes wide. Even with a desolate bone placed there, many of the Desolate Heaven Masters would not be able to identify what desolate beast the bone came from. However, now, with Yi Yun grabbing the essence Qi, they could easily recognize it.

This Lava Fire Lizard was a formidable desolate beast. It was tyrannous and its body contained a terrifying fire-elemental energy. If it released the energy, it would be a nightmare.

And at this moment, this Lava Fire Lizard’s essence Qi, which was filled with resentment and tyranny, had been nonchalantly grabbed by Yi Yun, as if he was capturing any ordinary house lizard.

At this time, Yi Yun nonchalantly formed a few runic seals on the Lava Fire Lizard’s essence Qi. He then took out a box from his interspatial ring and stuffed the Lava Fire Lizard in as if he was storing food. He then closed the lid.


When Yi Yun closed the lid, the small group array in front of Yi Yun completely exploded. The remaining desolate beast bones scattered as it completely fell apart.

Yi Yun had already cracked a small group array!

Wh… What?

Seeing this scene, people were stunned and had their mouths agape. Even if they could not believe it, they finally realized what the scene in front of them meant. Yun Yantian had cracked one of the small array groups of the Five Elemental Bone Array!

Everyone present, be it the Lin family’s disciples or the Shen Tu family clan’s disciples, had their expressions frozen. Their bodies were stiff as if they were zombies with talismans pasted on them.

The entire tea session’s venue was silent. It was as if they had seen a ghost.

Originally, people estimated that Lin Ziyan would use about 7-8 minutes to crack a small group array, but in about 30 seconds time, when Lin Ziyan’s Guanyin Flower Picking Hand had made about a third of its progress, Yun Yantian had already cracked the first small group array on his side!

What was going on? People were still slow to react. This feeling was like a martial arts grandmaster and a second-grade figure in the trade challenging a top expert at the same time.

When the battle began, that martial arts grandmaster fought with the top expert beautifully by using all of their secret techniques. It made the scene appear fabulous, making jaws drop. However, victory was undetermined.

However, when it was the second grade figure going up on stage, he used a very ordinary kungfu technique against the top expert. Without a word, a nonchalant kick then caused the top expert to fall to the ground.

This must be a joke, right?

People truly found it unacceptable. Especially those in the seats of honor, Lin Xintong’s grandaunt was completely dumbstruck. Her mouth was agape and her eyes staring straight ahead. She looked like a hen would do when it had its neck grabbed.

At this moment, she felt all of her blood surge to her face. Her old face had turned red like a cooked crab.

Yun Yantian, that country bumpkin who did not understand any rules, had actually broken one of Song Ziyue’s group arrays before Ziyan?

She turned her head with difficulty to look at Su Jie. It was as if her joints had turned to rust and could not be moved.

She saw Su Jie with a completely dumbfounded expression too.

Su Jie was the person who knew Yi Yun the best amongst all of them. Others might think that Yi Yun had been learning the Desolate Heaven technique for a very long period of time, but Su Jie was very sure that Yi Yun had only been learning the Desolate Heaven technique for a very short period of time.

Two years ago, Yi Yun was still a mortal in every way. In these two years, he had gone from Mortal Blood to the Yuan foundation in his martial arts. He had also cultivated all sorts of heritages. Under such a situation, how could he have time to learn the Desolate Heaven technique?

How did he accomplish this in such a short period of time? It was too great an exaggeration.

Although he found it unbelievable deep down, but noticing the woman in palatial attire project her gaze on him, Su Jie’s old face began to give a lewd and teasing smile. Who cares why Yi Yun’s Desolate Heaven technique was so awesome, as long as he could let this disgusting old hag eat dirt, it alone would be a joyous feat.

“How is it? Is your face swollen? Keke, if I were you, I would quickly jump into the lake. If not, your old face will become as red as a monkey’s bottom. If that happens, how are you to face others?”

Su Jie mimicked the tone the woman in palatial attire had used before and spoke in a queer manner. Now there was only one word in his mind, marvelous!