True Martial World Chapter 395

Chapter 395: Breaking one after another
Chapter 395: Breaking one after another

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The woman in palatial attire felt as if her lungs were about to explode after she was put down by Su Jie, however she had no way of retorting. She did not understand how Yi Yun was able to crack Song Ziyue’s array.

“Dear nephew Nantian, what is going on? Were you not very confident in Song Ziyue just now? However, just now a random punk managed to crack the array!”

Originally, the woman wished to see a junior from the Lin family beat a junior from the Shen Tu family clan, but how could she not feel indignant about letting a fellow like Yi Yun, who came from some nook and cranny, put Lin Ziyan to shame?

Shen Tu Nantian frowned as he too was baffled, “Grandaunt, do not worry. I believe that there should be some other reason. Let me ask Ziyue and confirm my suspicions.”

As Shen Tu Nantian spoke, he transmitted his voice to Song Ziyue.

At this moment, Song Ziyue was standing in the center of the square, frozen like a wooden stave. The moment Yi Yun cracked his array, he felt as if his heart had been severely scratched.

“Ziyue, what is going on?”

Shen Tu Nantian’s voice rang in Song Ziyue’s ear.

Song Ziyue seemed to wake up from a dream and took a deep breath. He gave a deep stare in Yi Yun’s direction and a vein bulged on his forehead, “This kid broke my array…”

“Is that not obvious!? I am asking you how he cracked it!” Shen Tu Nantian said in a discontented manner, “With such an obvious matter, do I need you to repeat that to me?”

Song Ziyue’s expression sank as he thought for a moment before he spoke, “Logically, it is impossible for him to have used the Mystic Crystal Hand to dismantle the trap I designed in the desolate bone. However, although my array is complex, it is not without flaws. If you have heaven-defying luck, it is possible for you to crack it randomly.”

Even the best lock could be opened by a bumbling locksmith. With a piece of wire, sometimes luck might allow someone to open the lock. Although it was highly improbable, it was not impossible.

Song Ziyue was convinced that the Mystic Crystal Hand’s runic seals that Yi Yun used had resonated with his own runic seals, resulting in such an effect.

Shen Tu Nantian took a deep breath, “I was originally suspecting that this was the case. Are you sure?”

“I am sure!” Song Ziyue nodded as gazed at Yi Yun, his gaze now containing a trace of hatred, “There will not be a second time. The Five Elemental Bone Array definitely cannot be cracked by the Mystic Crystal Hand.”

Song Ziyue gnashed his teeth as he said that. He was very confident in his own array.

And at this moment, Yi Yun had already walked over to a second small group array.

In the middle of the small group array was an Earth-elemental bone. Earth-elemental energy was an energy type that Yi Yun had been in little contact with, but it did not prevent Yi Yun from cracking the array.

With the Purple Crystal’s energy vision, all the traps were fully exposed in front of Yi Yun, with nowhere to hide. Furthermore, Yi Yun’s control of energy was precise to the point that it far exceeded Su Jie’s.

“Earth elemental bone array…”

Yi Yun focused on the piece of bone. In his energy vision, he could see that the trap within the desolate bone was very different from the trap before.

The twelve small group arrays were all different in Song Ziyue’s Five Elemental Bone Array. This increased the difficulty of cracking the array. A Desolate Heaven Master apprentice, whose ability was lacking, might crack one group array with great difficulty and expend a lot of mental energy. However, when he then tried to crack a second group array, he would have to start all over again. As such, trying to break more than four small group arrays was naturally not an easy feat.

“You still want to crack it?” Song Ziyue stared coldly at Yi Yun, “I want to see how long your good luck can last.”

Detecting Song Ziyue’s gaze, which was filled with killing intent, Yi Yun raised his head and gave Song Ziyue a light glance. He was wearing a mask so it was expressionless. Only the two blood-line marks at where his eyes were looked indifferent.

Yi Yun ignored Song Ziyue and lowered his head as he carried on cracking the array without worries.

“Grandaunt, it was an accident just now.” Shen Tu Nantian turned towards the woman in palatial attire and smiled. “I wonder if Grandaunt has heard of the Heaven’s stem and Earth’s branches lock. The Heaven’s stem is made up of 10 stems and the Earth branches is made up of 10 branches. Together with the Bagua, the five elements, there are tens of thousands of combinations. Only one of them is correct, only by pressing all of them correctly can one open the lock to the Heaven’s stem and Earth branches.

“A person, who does not know anything, might use a random combination of the Heaven’s stem and Earth branches and actually get it right. As such, the lock to the Heaven’s stem and Earth branches can be opened.”

As Shen Tu Nantian spoke, he opened his fan and gently fanned himself with a look of confidence.

His confidence was not unjustified and was not because he was blindly convinced because of Song Ziyue’s words. Shen Tu Nantian had made his own judgement and strongly believed that a one-size fits all technique, like the Mystic Crystal Hand, could not crack the Five Elemental Bone Array in the hands of a fifteen-year-old youth.

This point was sufficient to support Shen Tu Nantian’s opinion.

In the seats of honor, there was no lack of Desolate Heaven Masters in the upper echelons of the Lin family. They also acknowledged Shen Tu Nantian’s point. What he described really did exist.

“There might not be such a coincidence under the Heavens.” Su Jie said coldly. He did not have that much confidence in Yi Yun, but seeing Yi Yun’s accomplishments being put down by Shen Tu Nantian so quickly naturally did not make him feel good as Yi Yun’s in-name master.

“Haha, Elder Su, this junior is just expressing his opinion. It is a fact that Song Ziyue’s Five Elemental Bone Array is not something the Mystic Crystal Hand can crack. Maybe in the hands of a Desolate Heaven Master, that is possible. In the hands of a junior however, it is as hard as ascending the Heavens.”

“Under this situation, this junior is just suggesting the most likely reason and it is the most reasonable explanation… What say you, Junior sister Xintong?”

Shen Tu Nantian turned towards Lin Xintong. Lin Xintong had almost not spoken at all since she arrived. Shen Tu Nantian wanted to get to know Lin Xintong, so at random times, he would pull Lin Xintong into the topic of discussion.

“What you think may be reasonable might not be reasonable.” Lin Xintong said coldly. As it was a gathering of the upper echelons of both the Lin family and the Shen Tu family clan, Lin Xintong could not be impolite. She had to answer Shen Tu Nantian whenever he talked to her, if not she would be criticized.

However, Lin Xintong’s mind was not on Shen Tu Nantian when she spoke. She was still looking towards the center of the square and her gaze was locked onto Yi Yun’s hands. She saw Yi Yun’s every move very clearly.

As if in a trance, she seemed to return back to that night from two years ago. The words Yi Yun had said when he first saw Lin Xintong’s hand seals in the Desolate Human Valley…

Thinking of the scenes of that night, Lin Xintong felt mixed emotions. She found it hard to believe in what Yi Yun had said, which was both stubborn and seemingly absurd in nature, yet it had been realized by him with his own hands today.

The technique he used, and all the runic seals the Mystic Crystal Hand formed, were extremely normal. It seemed to resemble the ordinary linen clothes which Yi Yun wore two years ago, and at the same time seemed to be as simple as Yi Yun himself.

He had really become a Desolate Heaven Master at an unbelievable speed!

Who could believe that a small tribe youth, whom she had met in the Cloud Wilderness, who had set goals that would be laughable to normal people, such as pursuing martial arts and ambitioning to become a Desolate Heaven Master, would… actually succeed!

It was as if Lin Xintong had witnessed a miracle that happened to Yi Yun with her own eyes.

This miracle had a special significance for Lin Xintong herself.

This was because Lin Xintong had naturally terminated meridians. If she could succeed in joining up her terminated meridians, then it in itself would be a miracle!

Completing something that was nearly impossible would be just like Yi Yun, achieving aspirations that ordinary people thought impossible.

Lin Xintong of course remembered the scene where she had revealed her determination to join up her terminated meridians when she was young, she had been ridiculed by her aunts and cousins.

The ridicule and sarcasm had once made a young Lin Xintong feel distressed and embarrassed. Now however, it no longer did… She walked her own path and pursued her own dreams. Why should she care about what others felt?

Humans always needed to have dreams, if they did not, what difference would there be between humans and livestock?

Lin Xintong seemed to see herself in Yi Yun. The same effort, persistence and the equally distant and elusive dreams.

If Yi Yun could do it, how could she not?

Lin Xintong silently clenched her fists. Her slender jade-like fingers turned white from her clenching.

“I will walk out a path that belongs to me. I wish that you too can walk on a path that belongs to you…”

Lin Xintong said to herself silently. At this moment, Shen Tu Nantian was frowning slightly. He was sensitive and naturally noticed that when he spoke to her, Lin Xintong’s attention was always on Yun Yantian and that she only gave him a perfunctory response.

When had Shen Tu Nantian, who was a very proud person, not be the center of attention ever since he was young? There were countless numbers of girls willing to be the ones throwing themselves at him, only in front of Lin Xintong did he have to lower his status and be frustrated by her again and again.

For example, now, Lin Xintong would rather focus on a small fry instead of taking notice of what he was saying. This made Shen Tu Nantian feel hatred for Yun Yantian.

He took a deep breath and swallowed his anger. He still hung a breeze-like smile on his face, “Junior sister Xintong, actually there is nothing interesting for this match. It was one in a ten thousand chance coincidence that will not happen a second time.”

“At this Desolate Heaven technique tea session, my Shen Tu family clan has made some special preparations that will definitely astound Junior sister Xintong. When that happens, it will not be too late for Junior sister Xintong to focus on it. As for this match, actually there is not much to see, it is all…”

Before Shen Tu Nantian could finish his words, he suddenly heard a “Peng” explosion behind him. This explosive sound seemed familiar to Shen Tu Nantian.

At this moment, he was still speaking to Lin Xintong, so he was unaware of what was happening in the square, but he realized that the upper echelon elders of the Lin family and the Shen Tu family clan’s elders in his field of vision were all having astonished expressions, as if they had seen a ghost.

Especially the Shen Tu family clan’s elders, not only were they shocked, they also had very ugly expressions!

Lin Xintong as well, she too had a similarly shocked expression. However, in her shocked, beautiful eyes, a hint of being pleasantly surprised could be seen very clearly.

Shen Tu Nantian felt a hum ring in his head, as if he had been hit heavily by a hammer. He was completely stunned.

He turned his neck with difficulty. Inch by inch, he turned towards the center of the square…

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