True Martial World Chapter 396

Chapter 396: Nearly Devastated
Chapter 396: Nearly Devastated

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Shen Tu Nantian nearly forced himself to let his gaze fall on Yun Yantian’s body. He held his breath as his mind went blank. His eyes even protruded slightly.

At this moment, he had seen with his own eyes that a portion of Song Ziyue’s Five Elemental Bone Array had been torn apart in front of Yun Yantian. Yet another core bone had exploded into grayish-white desolate bones powder!

This meant that the Power of Desolates within the desolate bone had been extracted cleanly by Yun Yantian!

Shen Tu Nantian looked on as Yun Yantian nonchalantly grabbed a small, yellow turtle from the pile of bone residue.

This small turtle had short limbs and struggled desperately. However, its body was covered with runic seals, so it could not move despite its struggle.

Although the small turtle looked quite cute, it was a vicious desolate beast, named Earth Spirit Turtle. Usually, half of its body would be buried underground and its upper body would be covered in earth. It would even have grass growing on it. It would stay motionless for months, up to half a year, in a state of semi-hibernation. If it felt that a prey that it considered palatable approach it, it would suddenly rise up and swallow the prey!

This Earth Spirit Turtle was one of the essence Qi’s that Song Ziyue had sealed within the Five Elemental Bone Array. With Yi Yun’s nonchalant grab, and with the runic seals suppressing it, he easily threw it into a jade box. The entire process seemed very easy and casual, as if he had just caught a tortoise in a pond.

Yet another small group array had been broken apart by Yi Yun!

How… how was this possible!?

Shen Tu Nantian felt all of his blood rush to his face, turning his entire face red. He no longer looked like the suave and jade-like gentleman anymore.

He had just said, in front of every Lin family elder, that he was sure that Yun Yantian was just lucky, but before he could even finished speaking, he had been given a loud smack on the face!

“Cracked… it has been cracked again. There is no other way. This junior surnamed Yun really can crack the array. It was no coincidence.”

A Lin family elder said in both a surprised and excited manner.

If the first time was said to be a coincidence, they could believe it as it was the most reasonable explanation. However, if the second time was also explained away with a coincidence, then that was clearly impossible!

It was really incredible. They were also sure that it would be impossible for a junior’s Mystic Crystal Hand to crack the Five Elemental Bone Array, but the truth was placed right in front of their eyes.

The field of the Desolate Heaven technique was extremely deep and profound. Even these elders did not dare to say that they understood the Desolate Heaven technique greatly. There were always phenomena that they could not understand, and other domains that they had never encountered before.

The more they learned, the more they realized that they knew less!

“This kid, hahaha. Well done!”

At this moment, Su Jie was also elated as he felt extremely happy!

“Elder Su, you took in a good apprentice.” The elders of the Lin family, other than Lin Xintong’s grandaunt and her sixth grand uncle, as well as a small minority, did not have a good impression of the Shen Tu family clan even though they had agreed to the marriage proposal from the Shen Tu family clan. After all, the Shen Tu family clan and the Lin family had been at odds over the past few years.

Under these circumstances, they also felt good upon seeing a junior from the Lin family smack the Shen Tu family clan in the face.

Truthfully, seeing Shen Tu Nantian sit amongst the Lin family’s upper echelons as if he was half the owner of the Lin family, they felt extremely uncomfortable. They were only worried that Shen Tu Nantian would one day become an in-law of the Lin family, that is why they could not offend him, so instead they had patiently appeared polite on the surface.

“This, *cough*…” Su Jie stroke his beard as he blushed. He opened his mouth and although he wanted to take credit for this, and had always been thick-skinned, there was no way for him to really take credit for Yi Yun’s current achievements.

“Actually… I only took in this disciple midway for a couple of months. As for really teaching him, I only taught him the Mystic Crystal Hand two months ago. And I only taught him for a day. To have such results… truthfully, this does not have much to do with me.”

Everyone knew that Su Jie had taken in Yun Yantian as an in-name disciple. An in-name disciple meant that he would not receive the core teachings of his master.

Clearly, Su Jie had not imparted Yun Yantian with any true ability. It could even be said that Su Jie had never intended to really take in Yun Yantian in as a disciple from the beginning.

Under these circumstances, Su Jie naturally could not lie with his eyes wide open.

He had regretted taking in Yi Yun only as an in-name disciple. Was this not going to make people say behind his back, that he failed to see even though he had eyes!?

“Haha, Elder Su sure is modest. Regardless, our young friend Yun is a talent that Elder Su discovered. Even if he is not from the Lin family, if he can mature in our Lin family, it would be joyous news!”

At this moment, an old but amiable voice sounded. The person who spoke was the Lin family’s Matriarch!

In the Lin family, the Matriarch had the final say in internal affairs. Other than those grand elders who dedicated themselves to cultivating and cared nothing for the worldly affairs, whatever the Matriarch said was not questioned in the Lin family.

Su Jie knew that with the Matriarch saying those words, it had the hidden meaning of wishing to recruit Yi Yun.

In the Lin family, there were plenty of disciples that did not share the same surname. They were recruited into the Lin family due to their talent, and they enjoyed the same treatment as direct descendants.

A few years later, they might even marry the children of the Lin family, eventually becoming a real member of the Lin family.

In the world of warriors, marriage was a relationship that made people feel reassured. Especially in a marriage where both parties could work together and cultivated through intercourse, then their relationship would grow even stronger.

“This… I will ask my disciple for his intentions. However, I do believe that he has no reason to oppose it.”

Su Jie was overjoyed. The Matriarch appreciating Yi Yun would be an excellent turn of events.

Then again, if the Matriarch did not try to recruit Yi Yun, with his extraordinary Desolate Heaven technique talent, that would have been abnormal.

With Yi Yun first reaching the Tian Yuan world, and having Shen Tu Nantian as an enemy, he would indeed required the protection of the Lin family. By providing him with the necessary environment and resources needed for him to mature, this would be a matter that benefited both sides.

“Xintong, do you know this little friend Yun?”

The Matriarch suddenly turned and spoke to Lin Xintong. She naturally remembered that when Yi Yun “contradicted” Lin Xintong’s grandaunt in the Jade Bamboo peak, Lin Xintong has said “a mere acquaintance should not sow discord between two close people”, preventing her grandaunt from salvaging the situation.

Clearly, not only did Lin Xintong know this little friend Yun, their relationship was also not shallow!

This was naturally a good thing. After all, the Matriarch had the intention of nurturing Lin Xintong into becoming a pillar of support for the Lin family. The more elites who she had good relationships with, the better it would be for her future. It was even more so knowing a top genius in the Desolate Heaven technique.

After all, Lin Xintong’s naturally terminated meridians still had not been healed, and even if they were healed, who could guarantee that there would be no remaining symptoms?

Knowing a Desolate Heaven Master who had a future ahead of him was necessary!

“Yes, Yun Yantian is Xintong’s old friend.”

Lin Xintong said frankly. And beside Lin Xintong, Shen Tu Nantian’s expression turned even uglier upon hearing this.

Traces of blood-red color covered his face as they engulfed it.

Old friend?

This was actually a phrase that did not mean much, but in Shen Tu Nantian’s ears, it sounded extremely harsh.

He did not know why he found the two words, “old friend” to be such a problem!

Especially just now, he had clearly seen the joy in Lin Xintong’s eyes when Yun Yantian cracked the array for the second time.

If it was any ordinary girl who felt happy about an old friend’s success, then Shen Tu Nantian could barely accept it.

However, Lin Xintong was a girl who was like a breeze and had little emotion.

Why would she be happy for that kid’s success? This was not normal!

A person would only be happy for another person’s success when they had a close or special relationship. If not, as humans were naturally selfish, they may congratulate on the surface upon knowing of a friend’s success, but deep down they may say, what does this have to do with me?

There was even the situation when one would feel jealous upon seeing someone else’s success when one was down and out, thinking of things like why can a friend have this but not me?

This was the way of thinking of ordinary people.

Would Lin Xintong rejoice upon seeing the other Lin family disciples, who even had blood relationships with Lin Xintong, do remarkably well on stage?

Taking a step back, if it was Shen Tu Nantian himself, would Lin Xintong have any reaction if he was able to show off his remarkable skill?

At that moment of being queried, maybe even an insincere praise would be something very rare!

Thinking of this, how could Shen Tu Nantian feel pleasant?

He was originally not a magnanimous person. Besides, under these circumstances, which man could be magnanimous!?

At this moment, Shen Tu Nantian was on the verge of anger. If not for the occasion, he would nearly have made a move to kill Yun Yantian!

“Junior sister Xintong…” Shen Tu Nantian’s voice turned increasingly deeper. Just as he got Lin Xintong’s attention and was about to say something…


The third explosion!

Shen Tu Nantian’s heart sank as he jerked his head towards the center of the square.

His eyes looked ferocious like a wild beast’s red eyes.

He could clearly see that the third group array in front of Yun Yantian had crumbled. The desolate bone that held the group array in place had turned into grayish-white bone residue.

Like clockwork, Yi Yun stretched out his hand and grabbed the third desolate beast essence Qi from the bone residue.

At this moment, Song Ziyue, who was standing before Yi Yun, was completely dumbstruck. After Yi Yun broke his array for the second time, he had already felt a heavy blow.

Now, with the array being broken for the third time, his confidence was devastated. Seeing Yun Yantian put the third desolate beast essence Qi into the jade box, Song Ziyue seemed to lose his soul. He looked like a fool, where could one still find the temperament of a young proud son of heaven?

He was really afraid. Now, whatever that happened on stage made him feel like he had entered a nightmare.

“The third one!”

Shen Tu Nantian clenched his fists as his temples throbbed. The veins on his hands bulged. It only took about 30 seconds in between cracking the second and third group array!

Yi Yun, who was onstage, took an average of about 30 seconds to crack a small group array. This was not cracking an array, it was clearly just pushing down sand castles built by children!

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