True Martial World Chapter 401

Chapter 401: Saber Sword Shura
Chapter 401: Saber Sword Shura

People felt speechless. Back when Yi Yun first displayed his Desolate Heaven technique in the Lin family, he had used the Mystic Crystal Hand.

Later on, Yi Yun disappeared for two months for reclusive training. After coming out of reclusion, his first challenge in the Desolate Heaven technique tea session was to go against Song Ziyue’s specially designed Five Elemental Bone Array. And he had used the Mystic Crystal Hand once again to crack the array.

Now, it was the third time. He got to exchange moves with Shen Tu Nantian. In the domain of the ancient Desolate Heaven technique, just a tiny mistake would cause a spiritual backlash, so his life on the line. If this were any disciple of the Lin family, they would never dare to accept this challenge, but… after Yi Yun had accepted the challenge, he still used the Mystic Crystal Hand!

At this point of time, you shouldn’t be hiding any skills you have!

Many of the juniors of the Lin family who were about the same age as Yi Yun, were worried.

“Hahaha, Junior brother Yun, you sure are confident.”

Shen Tu Nantian really found it amusing. This Yun Yantian was still using the Mystic Crystal Hand at this point in time. Was he trying to forcefully pretend to show how powerful he was?

Did he think that the Desolate Heaven technique was like cooking, where one trick could be used to feed the world?

However, Shen Tu Nantian did want to see Yi Yun use such a technique that would be the death of him.

On the other hand, many members of the upper echelons of the Lin family were breaking out in sweat for Yi Yun.

“Elder Su, what is the matter with your disciple? At this time, shouldn’t he use his best skills?”

Even though Yi Yun did not know Dark Desolate Heaven Master techniques like Black Handed Demon, he should have been able to use some more powerful sealing techniques to withstand the spiritual backlash.

“This… ” Su Jie sweated. He reluctantly said, “Everyone might have misunderstood. It is not that this disciple of mine does not want to use any other techniques, but at this point, it seems… that he only knows the Mystic Crystal Hand. He also knows Small Thousand Seal, but that is to form the bone relic… ”

When Su Jie said this, the members of the upper echelons of the Lin family looked at each other. He only knows the Mystic Crystal Hand!?

They had heard of incidences in ancient times where there were some Desolate Heaven Masters who wandered the world, specially researching on a few sealing techniques, and pushing these few sealing techniques to perfection.

However, even those Desolate Heaven Masters would not have chosen a sealing technique like the Mystic Crystal Hand that had no future.

And at this moment, Shen Tu Feng, who was opposite Yi Yun, had conjured his Aspect Totem while refining the “Chou” labeled desolate bone.

It was another sealing technique that required the conjuring of an Aspect Totem. This technique greatly consumed the performer’s mental energy and Yuan Qi, but of course, it was very powerful.

Shen Tu Feng’s sealing technique was also very special. He stretched his palm in one hand like a saber, while his other hand used his fingers like a sword. When he formed the seals, not only was there gorgeous light emitting from it, but there was even the roar of saber beams and sword Qi!

People could faintly see the saber beams and sword shadows appear in midair. This wasn’t anything like refining a bone using the Desolate Heaven technique, it was a brutal fight!


On the Lin family’s side, the eyes of many Elders flashed seeing this scene.

Could this be …

The Lin family’s Matriarch took a deep breath, “If I am not mistaken, what Shen Tu Feng is using is an ancient sealing technique known as the Saber Sword Shura!”

“Saber Sword Shura… Indeed! This sealing technique’s heritage is already incomplete as it got passed down today. A long time ago, in the great battle between orthodox Desolate Heaven Masters and Dark Desolate Heaven Masters, the Saber Sword Shura was buried along with the destruction of several sects!

Ignoring anything else, just the name of it could make one feel the power of this sealing technique.

Saber Sword Shura was both orthodox and heretic. It was very powerful. Some people claimed that the Saber Sword Shura technique could not only refine bones, but it could also be used in battle to kill.

Using the Saber Sword Shura sealing technique was a battle in itself.

As such, Shen Tu Feng, who had entered a combative state, could withstand the “Chou” labeled desolate bone’s spiritual backlash easily.

However, the Saber Sword Shura was extremely difficult to cultivate. After all, many Desolate Heaven Masters were not proficient in combat, so it was very difficult to learn the Saber Sword Shura.

Besides, the main heritage of this sealing technique had been lost. As such, even though the Saber Sword Shura’s technique was extremely powerful, very few Desolate Heaven Masters could use this technique nowadays as the high level heritage was lost and also because it was difficult to learn.

However, now people could see Shen Tu Feng use the Saber Sword Shura and it did not seem to be as simple as the incomplete heritage.

“The Shen Tu family clan not only found the Heaven Desolate Ancient Sect’s Desolate Heaven technique heritage in the mystic realm, they also found the long lost Saber Sword Shura…”

The upper echelons of the Lin family were envious and depressed. Such a great opportunity had been gained by the Shen Tu family clan. If they had found it, the Lin family’s Desolate Heaven technique heritage would raise by at least an entire level. And they could even join Lin Xintong’s naturally terminated meridians up themselves. If so, then things would not be so troublesome.

“The Shen Tu family clan really came well-prepared. For the Saber Sword Shura to appear in the hands of a junior, it must be an extremely tiny portion. If the Shen Tu family clan really has the complete heritage of the Saber Sword Shura, then they would definitely be showcasing the rest later! Now is just the appetizer.”

People understood that for a top level Desolate Heaven technique like the Saber Sword Shura, juniors like Shen Tu Hai and Shen Tu Feng had just learned a tiny bit of it.

As Shen Tu Nantian had said, they had prepared all sorts of things to shock the Lin family in this Desolate Heaven technique tea session. They would prove that they had the ability to heal Lin Xintong’s naturally terminated meridians!

Although Yi Yun’s appearance had upset the Shen Tu family clan’s plans slightly, Yi Yun, as an uncertain factor, was nothing compared to the ancient heritage the Shen Tu family clan had obtained in the mystic realm.

After all, Yi Yun was too young.

And at this moment, Shen Tu Nantian smiled at the Lin family’s Elders’ odd expressions from the center of the square. There was a tinge of teasing in his smile.

He had wanted this effect.

He would let the Lin family understand the heritage and capital the Shen Tu family clan had. He would make the Lin family covet the heritage the Shen Tu family clan had obtained. Compounded with Lin Xintong’s naturally terminated meridians, they had no choice but to cooperate with the Shen Tu family clan.

Shen Tu Nantian was the one who wanted this to happen the most. As by being together with Lin Xintong, and having cultivation intercourse with a pure Yin bodied girl who would become a peerless Great Empress, it would give him great benefits.

Shen Tu Nantian had already planned how he would make his plans happen beginning with the Desolate Heaven technique tea session.

By showcasing the ancient heritage of the Heaven Desolate Ancient Sect, he would broaden the horizons of the Lin family. This was the beginning of his plans. However, due to the unexpected bug that was Yi Yun, his plans had been pushed forward.

However, it did not influence him being able to showcase the Heaven Desolate Ancient Sect’s heritage. Trampling on Yi Yun was just a matter of convenience for Shen Tu Nantian.

He, Shen Tu Nantian, would definitely become the person to control the Tian Yuan world in the future!

Thinking of these, Shen Tu Nantian was extremely pleased. He looked at Shen Tu Feng. Shen Tu Feng had not disappointed him. His Saber Sword Shura technique may have only reached half of the first level, but it was enough to handle and extract the “Chou” labeled desolate bone.

Now, Shen Tu Feng had already completed extracting half of the “Chou” labeled desolate bone’s energy in a prescribed order. Also, he had used the saber and sword at the same time, nipping the spiritual backlash in the interior of the desolate bone. Such a method was even superior than what Shen Tu Hai had previously showcased!

Shen Tu Nantian had already planned how he would present things that would make the Lin family red-eyed. And if they wanted this, they had to pay the price.

“Seniors of the Lin family, you must have noticed that what Shen Tu Feng is showcasing is the long lost Saber Sword Shura!”

“Of course, Shen Tu Feng is limited in his abilities. He can only show a tiny portion of it. To tell the truth, my Shen Tu family clan has already obtained a nearly complete Saber Sword Shura heritage. Now, the Elders in my family are researching it. However, as the Saber Sword Shura’s heritage is too arcane, the research is still in its initial stages.”

Shen Tu Nantian purposely threw out the bait as many of the Lin family Elders felt the temptation in their hearts.

They were naturally interested in this ancient heritage. Even Su Jie was not immune to it.

And beside Shen Tu Nantian, Lin Xintong frowned slightly. Shen Tu Nantian was too cunning. She could feel that Shen Tu Nantian was slowly gaining control of the situation. Through this Desolate Heaven technique tea session, it was certain that more and more Lin family Elders would lean towards Shen Tu Nantian.

“The Saber Sword Shura is extremely heavy in its killing aura. This demonstration of the Heaven Desolate Ancient Sect’s Desolate Heaven technique requires many of these sealing techniques in various aspects. Without them, using existing Desolate Heaven technique heritages would just appear lacking!”

At this moment, the Desolate Heaven technique demonstration still did not need Shen Tu Nantian’s involvement, so he could casually introduce these ancient Desolate Heaven technique methods.

“This time, my Shen Tu family clan has not only obtained the Saber Sword Shura in the mystic realm. Including the joining up of Miss Lin’s terminated meridians, it is inseparable from the ancient Desolate Heaven technique methods. Some of the methods are indeed stunning… ”

Just as Shen Tu Nantian was fervently narrating, he suddenly heard a “Peng” explosion.

This explosive sound appeared very suddenly, but it made Shen Tu Nantian feel a sense of familiarity.

As he felt a jump in his heart, the sound stopped.

He inexplicably had an uneasy premonition, what happened…

He slowly turned his head and looked towards the explosive sound.

When he saw the situation, Shen Tu Nantian seemed to petrify. His mind went blank.

He saw that behind him, where Yi Yun was standing, the “Yin” labeled desolate bone in Yi Yun’s hands had completely cracked apart. Its was grayish-white in color.

There was a blob of pure energy in Yi Yun’s hands. It was… the Power of Desolates from the “Yin” labeled desolate bone!

Yi Yun had already extracted the Power of Desolates from the “Yin” labeled desolate bone!


Shen Tu Nantian stared widely as his mouth was slightly agape. It was like he had Alzheimer’s as he could not believe the sight in front of his eyes.

What had happened? What happened to the spiritual backlash inside the “Yin” labeled desolate bone? Why didn’t Yi Yun get affected by the spiritual backlash surge?