True Martial World Chapter 403

Chapter 403: Four Images Seal
Chapter 403: Four Images Seal

“Shen Tu Nantian is finally going to show his hand!”

Seeing Shen Tu Nantian take the desolate beast’s blood out, people were looking forward to it. Previously, Shen Tu Hai and Shen Tu Feng had displayed their extraordinary Desolate Heaven technique. It was all thanks to the discoveries the Shen Tu family clan had made in the mystic realm.

Although Shen Tu Feng had been affected by Yi Yun, nearly causing his runic seal to explodes, a flaw could not obscure the splendidness of jade. Generally, the Lin family was envious of the Shen Tu family clan’s strength in the Desolate Heaven technique.

Now with it being Shen Tu Nantian’s turn, it was the highlight of this round.

Actually, Shen Tu Nantian was not considered to be a normal junior. He was past 30 years of age, and in many aspects, he exceeded Shen Tu Feng, Shen Tu Hai and Yi Yun.

Whatever Shen Tu Hai and Shen Tu Feng could learn, Shen Tu Nantian had definitely learned it, and he would have mastered it even better.

The disk array’s light grew brighter. Beneath Shen Tu Nantian’s feet, there was a total of four primordial species’ blood containers. All the lids of the containers had already been opened. Under the influence of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, red light swirled around them as the blood boiled.

Shen Tu Nantian spread his arms out and his body slowly lifted off from the ground as he started to hover in midair.

When warriors exceeded the Yuan foundation realm, they could fly. Hence, hovering was nothing for Shen Tu Nantian.

Shen Tu Nantian had begun forming seals with his hands. His hand motions were very slow. His slender jade-like fingers seemed to possess an inexplicable charm, it drew the surrounding audience to his finger skills in a subconscious manner.

“What ancient Desolate Heaven technique method is this now?”

People were trying to guess. As many of the ancient Desolate Heaven technique heritage had been lost for so long, even figures like Su Jie and the Lin family’s Matriarch found it difficult to match what technique Shen Tu Nantian was using according to what was written in the books.

At this moment, behind Shen Tu Nantian, colorful lights started to emerge.

As these lights gathered together, they formed a phenomenon.

People could see lush, green grass grow on the disk array by Shen Tu Nantian’s feet. The grass was dotted with wildflowers. It looked extremely beautiful.

“It’s a phenomenon image!”

The Lin family’s Elders shouted. Warriors could use their own Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to condense phenomenon images. For example, Yi Yun also could use his Radiant Sun Qi to condense an image of the Tang Valley.

However, phenomenon images were just illusions and they did not look very realistic. In contrast, Shen Tu Nantian’s phenomenon image seemed to be a grassland that appeared before everyone present. People could faintly smell the fragrance from the grass and flowers.

As the colorful lights grew in intensity, a spirit tree grew from the grassland. A spring then appeared in front of the spirit tree.

As the spring water flowed, a human figure appeared by the spring.

This figure was dressed in a green gown and a headband wrapped was around his head. He held a folding fan and he looked like a learned scholar who had accomplished much at a young age.

The scholar strolled under the tree as he gently flapped his fan. He seemed to be reciting poetry and drawing art in the beautiful scene. The scene seemed magical and dream-like.

“This is Shen Tu Nantian’s Aspect Totem!” A Lin family’s Elder said.

“Oh? Aspect Totem?”

Humanoid Aspect Totems were very rarely seen. Back in the Tai Ah Divine City, during the alliance tournament between the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom and the Yun Long Divine Kingdom, Feng Lin had also shown her Aspect Totem. It was a sword-bearing maiden with two wings on her back.

Compared to Feng Lin’s Aspect Totem, Shen Tu Nantian’s Aspect Totem was even more realistic. Furthermore, the picturesque scene was so realistic that mortals would completely believe that a scholar was standing under the spirit tree.

“Shen Tu Nantian’s Aspect Totem is known as the Transcendent Immortal Paradise.” While people were surprised at Shen Tu Nantian’s Aspect Totem, the Shen Tu family clan’s Thousand Hand Granny introduced it with glee, “Nantian’s Aspect Totem is comprised of an immortal paradise. As for the figure in the immortal paradise, it is Nantian’s incarnation. If one day, this figure transforms into a Immortal King, Nantian’s strength will reach an extreme limit.”

The Thousand Hand Granny was very proud of having a grandson like Shen Tu Nantian.

Very few people had Aspect Totems that had phenomenon images accompanying them. Furthermore, this kind of Aspect Totems could also evolve. It could be said to be a supreme quality Aspect Totem.

“I see. Dear nephew Nantian is surely a dragon amongst people.” Lin Xintong’s grandaunt spoke at the appropriate moment. She liked Shen Tu Nantian the more she looked at him. “In the Transcendent Immortal Paradise, the gentleman embodiment really suits dear nephew Nantian’s temperament. His Aspect Totem is just like him. The words “jade-like gentleman” really are the perfect portrayal of him.”

The woman in palatial gown praised him and she greatly pleased the Thousand Hand Granny. Her wrinkle-filled old face made her look like a walnut as a smile contorted her face.

“Jade-like gentleman? That sure is a phrase that insults a gentleman.” Su Jie curled his mouth. He could not be bothered to say anything else. If Shen Tu Nantian was a gentleman, then he was a Saint.

As Su Jie was silently cursing, a light flashed in his eyes. He could see thick blood beams being emitted from the four containers of primordial species’ blood around Shen Tu Nantian.

In the blood beam, the souls of the desolate beasts emerged.

Beast mark!

When warriors condensed their Aspect Totem, they had to condense a beast mark from the desolate beast’s corpse they had killed with their own hands.

Only then could an Aspect Totem slowly form.

And now, with Shen Tu Nantian displaying the Desolate Heaven technique, he had ended up condensing beast marks. Furthermore, these were beast marks condensed from blood left behind by primordial species.

These four primordial species were not killed by Shen Tu Nantian. This meant that the beast marks Shen Tu Nantian had condensed were slightly different to the beast marks needed for Aspect Totems.

This was actually a very ancient sealing technique, so profound that Su Jie did not understand it.

“Four Images Seal…”

At this moment, the Lin family’s Matriarch said slowly.

The Four Images were related to North, South, East and West. Each Image corresponded to a divine beast, the Azure dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird and the Black Turtle.

Of course, Shen Tu Nantian was unable to form seals using the blood from divine beasts. The desolate beast marks surrounding Shen Tu Nantian were as such: the East being the Azure Python, the West being the Fierce Divine Tiger, the South being the Firebird, and the North being the Mystic Turtle.

These four desolate beasts also matched the divine beasts of the Four Images. The Lin family’s Matriarch had only seen records of such a sealing technique in books.

“The Matriarch is well-read!” The Thousand Hand Granny said with a smile. “Since the Matriarch knows the Four Images Seal, you should also know the power of this sealing technique.”

The Four Images Seal was also the last thing the Shen Tu family clan had found in the mystic realm.

This sealing technique needed to extract beast marks from the desolate beast’s blood. It was used in conjunction with the desolate bones and it was suited for Shen Tu Nantian to practice.

Now with the Four Images Seal showcased, it was also the last killer technique to win the showdown for the younger generation.

The Thousand Hand Granny believed that by showcasing these three ancient Desolate Heaven techniques consecutively, it was enough to shock and tempt the Lin family.

“I’ve heard that Miss Xintong is very accomplished in the Desolate Heaven technique. Why don’t you show it to us?” The Thousand Hand Granny suddenly turned towards Lin Xintong. She was not fond of Lin Xintong.

Just as how the Lin family was wary of Shen Tu Nantian, the Thousand Hand Granny felt a natural mistrust and prejudice towards Lin Xintong.

Due to the benefits gained from their getting together, she had to accept Shen Tu Nantian and Lin Xintong’s marriage.

However, she still wanted to take Lin Xintong down a notch before she was married into the Shen Tu family clan.

She knew that Lin Xintong was still young. In addition to the limitations of her naturally terminated meridians, her accomplishments in the Desolate Heaven technique was naturally inferior to Shen Tu Nantian. Besides, Lin Xintong did not know any ancient Desolate Heaven techniques. With Shen Tu Nantian showing off such an eye-catching Four Images Seal, Lin Xintong would definitely be put to shame no matter what method she used.

Lin Xintong frowned and did not respond. She knew what the Thousand Hand Granny was thinking. She had to admit that Shen Tu Nantian’s ability in the Desolate Heaven technique was unmatched amongst the younger generation.

“Ignore the old witch.” Su Jie swore in his Yuan Qi transmission as it rang in Lin Xintong’s ears. “Unfortunately, this rascal Yi Yun was not born a few years earlier. If that was the case, we don’t have to see such an arrogant Shen Tu Nantian!”

Su Jie thought with hate. At this moment, Shen Tu Nantian’s Four Images Seal had reached its final critical moment.

The Four Images Seal was extremely difficult to use. Compared to the Four Images Seal, the previous Five Elemental Bone Array and Black Handed Demon were like fireflies in front of the moon. They were not worth mentioning.

Even with Shen Tu Nantian’s ability, it was not easy for him to use the Four Images Seal to such a stage.

As his Aspect Totem burned, the colorful lights became brighter.

Shen Tu Nantian had managed to splice the four desolate beast marks together with great difficulty. He was about to finish the final fusion.

At this moment, a flash appeared in Yi Yun’s eyes. He had been standing in a corner and was ignored by everyone. The corner of his lips curved upwards, but no one could see it because of the mask.

In Yi Yun’s soul, his mental energies were being circulated. From Yi Yun’s heart, gorgeous purple beams circulated in the Purple Crystal. However, no one could detect the purple beams.

The Four Images Seal Shen Tu Nantian was using was in essence, energy. Furthermore, what had been just extracted from the primordial species’ blood was pure energy without an owner.

Energy without an owner was basically food for the Purple Crystal. This was what Yi Yun wished for.