True Martial World Chapter 405

Chapter 405: The Blows Shen Tu Nantian Suffered
Chapter 405: The Blows Shen Tu Nantian Suffered

“Tian’er, are you alright, Tian’er!”

Seeing Shen Tu Nantian in such a state, the Thousand Hand Granny was extremely worried. Having one’s soul damaged was not a trifle matter. The Four Images beast marks was especially fraught with dangers as it was an ancient Desolate Heaven technique. In the records, there were no lack of ancient Desolate Heaven Masters who tried various dangerous bone refining experiments, resulting in them suffering spiritual backlashes, becoming mentally slow or crazy.

People called this a qigong deviation.

Shen Tu Nantian’s Four Images Seal was used to showcase his strengths and was forcefully displayed. Such a bone refinement process that was infinitely pushing his limits would be even more dangerous once a spiritual backlash was dealt.

Although the Shen Tu family clan had all sorts of top-grade soul nurturing drugs, there was a possibility of not curing the root of the problem, leaving repurcussions.

Shen Tu Nantian could no longer speak. The backlash suffered from the beast marks of primordial species were too great. His face was ashen and his lips purple. The only things on his mind were the various moments before the final explosion. He still could not figure out what problem led to the energy suddenly going beyond control.

The Thousand Hand Granny took out a green pill bottle from her interspatial ring. She poured all the crystal-clear pills out and stuffed them into Shen Tu Nantian’s mouth.

These pills were the Thousand Hand Granny’s own top-grade pills. As the Thousand Hand Granny was one of the top ranking Desolate Heaven Masters in the Shen Tu family clan, the value of her pills were obvious.

However at this moment, she could not care less about being stingy. Curing Shen Tu Nantian’s injuries was what mattered most.

Once the entire bottle’s pills entered his stomach, Shen Tu Nantian’s condition seemed to improve by a bit.

“Granny, I…” Shen Tu Nantian found it difficult to breathe as he felt discomfort in his heart.

He was an extremely proud person. He had specially prepared for this Desolate Heaven technique tea session. He wanted to awe and shine before the Lin family, the Shen Tu family clan and all the important figures of the visiting family clans that had relations with the two families.

He had elevated himself greatly and did lots of groundwork and preparations, just to let people think the Shen Tu family clan’s Desolate Heaven technique heritage was unfathomable, with his own abilities being absolutely stunning.

But now, while he was proving himself, trying to realize that impression into reality, everything was for naught. He had thrown all his face in front of all the important figures amongst the large family clans.

And amongst the audience, it included his fiancée, Lin Xintong.

The magnitude of the setback Shen Tu Nantian suffered was obvious!

Now, while Shen Tu Nantian was enduring his injuries, there was not only the injury to his body and soul, there was also the blow to his confidence and self-esteem!

“Tian’er, what happened?” The Thousand Hand Granny was also unsure of what had happened. As a bystander, she naturally did not know as much about the energy changes of the Four Images beast marks at the final moment compared to Shen Tu Nantian himself.

However, Shen Tu Nantian shook his head. He too was not sure what had happened.

The Four Images Seal which he had chosen was a sealing technique he was very confident in. He had succeeded with it several times, but he never expected that at the final critical moment, something went wrong, and yet he still did not know where the problem lied.

After all, it was an ancient Desolate Heaven technique that was a heritage that was neither systematic or complete. Shen Tu Nantian’s understanding of the Desolate Heaven technique wasn’t that great, so an occasional accident that he did not know the reason to was quite normal.

“Alright, don’t speak! Just recuperate!”

The Thousand Hand Granny frowned. She was determined to figure out where the problem lied. If this happened another few more times, the Shen Tu family clan would definitely not be able to afford it.

Seeing Shen Tu Nantian being brought down the square with the Thousand Hand Granny’s support, the Lin family’s Elders shook their heads in their minds.

An Elder said secretly, “This Shen Tu Nantian is after all young and impetuous. He chose a bone refining technique that he could not handle, ruining an otherwise clever plan.”

“He should have the sense to choose a sealing technique that is lesser in difficulty. Then, this would not have happened.”

Seeing Shen Tu Nantian in such a state, the Lin family’s Elders naturally did not pity him. Of course, on the surface, they would not gloat over his misfortune.

For this Desolate Heaven technique tea session, the Lin family was clearly inferior to the Shen Tu family clan as the Lin family’s Desolate Heaven technique heritage was lacking. Furthermore, the Shen Tu family clan had obtained a lot in the mystic realm. So for the outcome to end in such a manner despite the huge difference between the two family’s abilities, the Lin family was very pleased.

“Yantian, you should be fine, right!?”

When Yi Yun came down the square, Su Jie laughed. He had already noticed that Yi Yun was completely fine having hid behind the large furnace.

Su Jie did not know what had went wrong with Shen Tu Nantian, but seeing him be blown to such a lifeless state, Su Jie felt joy deep down. I’ll see how arrogant you can be!

With Su Jie’s words, many people looked towards Yi Yun.

At this Desolate Heaven technique tea session, Yi Yun was originally a small fry. However, once the competition began, no one could ignore him.

Previously, he had defeated Song Ziyue. Next, he had accepted Shen Tu Nantian’s challenge, and perfectly completed his task during the ancient bone refinement process.

He had produced brilliant results for the two Desolate Heaven technique showdowns.

And in the end, when the four beast marks exploded under Shen Tu Nantian’s control, Yi Yun was the only person who managed to dodge in time.

In contrast, Shen Tu Feng and Shen Tu Hai were all much slower to react.

Actually, there were already many indications that the situation was not right. For example, veins had bulged on Shen Tu Nantian’s neck and forehead to the point of them nearly exploding. And Shen Tu Nantian’s profuse sweating and bursting temples all illustrated this point.

Previously, the Lin family Elders had already noticed something amiss. However, when it was mentioned, the Shen Tu family clan’s Elders remained confident and blindly believed in Shen Tu Nantian.

And at this moment, it all boiled down to one’s personal judgment of how the Four Images Seal, which no one knew well, was performing.

Not everyone could instantaneously make a quick and precise judgment call from all these tiny clues.

However, Yi Yun had managed to do it!

Compared to Shen Tu Hai and Shen Tu Feng, who had stood there in a daze, Yi Yun’s judgment and sensitivity was clearly on a different level.

This person was most suited to explore mystic realms. Dangers awaited in mystic realms in unsuspected ways. A small discrepancy might not seem much, but it could devour the lives of a dozen people in a blink of an eye.

Only those people who were on constant alert could go farther and live longer.

“Elder Su, you took in a good disciple.”

Sun, the middle-aged man patted Su Jie on the shoulder and looked at Yi Yun with envy.

To have such a disciple taking over their mantle was the dream many Desolate Heaven Masters had.

“Haha, it’s alright, it’s alright!”

Su Jie boasted without turning red. Yi Yun rolled his eyes hearing this. This old fellow had really treated him as a disciple he had discovered. Yi Yun still remembered that Su Jie had taken him in as an in-name disciple because he wanted to eat roasted meat every day.

“Yi Yun, you worked hard.”

At this moment, Yi Yun heard a gentle voice transmission. Yi Yun turned his head and saw the white-dressed Lin Xintong smiling at him.

She slightly curved her lips which looked like a silent crescent. Her bright eyes seemed like a pool of spring water.

Yi Yun always found Lin Xintong as a quiet girl. Whether it was her speaking or smiling, they were always so composed and light.

“I never would have expected that you had grown to this extent in the two years we have not met. Your level of the Desolate Heaven technique has surprised me.”

Thinking back to the scene of meeting Yi Yun in the Cloud Wilderness, no one would have expected the plain youth to mature in such a way today.

If he was given another ten years, he would be able to take charge of his own endeavors and shine.