True Martial World Chapter 406

Chapter 406: Great Empress Relic
Chapter 406: Great Empress Relic

Due to Shen Tu Nantian’s spiritual injuries as well as Shen Tu Hai and Shen Tu Feng also being wounded, the first day of the Desolate Heaven technique tea session, which was supposed to end at sunset, came to an early conclusion.

Shen Tu Nantian was supposed to be the star of the Desolate Heaven technique tea session. The Shen Tu family clan had intended to use the tea session to let Shen Tu Nantian build a good relationship with the upper echelons of the Lin family. At the same time, they planned for him to display his abilities, letting the old fellows of the Lin family realize his awesomeness.

However with the situation like this, all the song and dance that had been planned for the stage was devastated. The Shen Tu family clan did not feel proud about it.

The Desolate Heaven technique showdown between the older generation, which was to be the main highlight, was delayed to three days later.

After the tea session ended, the Shen Tu family clan gathered a few of their Elders to analyze what had gone wrong at the last moment in Shen Tu Nantian’s Four Images Seal.

However, even after analyzing it all day, they still could not figure anything out.

This was quite demanding for them, as besides the Thousand Hand Granny, the others had never come into contact with the Four Images Seal.

Furthermore, Shen Tu Nantian, the person directly involved, could only give a vague description of what happened.

This made the Thousand Hand Granny’s old face scrunch up.

Her greatest fear was that there was a problem with the heritage.

As it was a heritage obtained by them in a mystic realm, the Four Images Seal was definitely part of an ancient Desolate Heaven technique heritage. There was no doubt to that. However, what the Thousand Hand Granny feared was whether the Four Images Seal required the use of other Desolate Heaven techniques in combination with it.

In the martial world, there was no lack of cultivation technique manuals which required another cultivation technique as a foundation. Without the foundation, problems ranging from damaging one’s Yuan Qi to suffering a qidong deviation could occur.

As to whether there was someone who caused Shen Tu Nantian’s Four Images Seal to fail, the Thousand Hand Granny never even entertained the thought. At the tea session, there were so many experts watching. With countless numbers of eyes and spiritual energies pervading the square, who could have the ability to bypass the perceptions of all of them and secretly sabotage it?

As the Shen Tu family clan’s Elders were racking their brains trying to figure out what went wrong with the Four Images Seal, the culprit Yi Yun was at the Lin family’s Silk peak, participating in a victory party.

Actually, with Yi Yun’s personality, he would not be interested in such celebration parties. The time was better off spent cultivating.

However, Su Jie had made it clear that the Matriarch held the party because of the Desolate Heaven technique tea session. And Yi Yun was the star of the party. If the star did not participate, then the party would lose its meaning.

As Yi Yun was still new to the Lin family, it was best to keep a low profile. If Yi Yun rejected the invitation the Matriarch sent, then it would inevitably lead to widespread criticism of him not being able to appreciate favors.

The Silk peak was not one of the Lin family’s eighteen main peaks. It was a small mountain situated in the external perimeter of the main peaks. The Silk peak was about half the height of the other eighteen main peaks, but there were plenty of spiritual flowers there, and these flowers grouped together like silk, giving Silk peak its name.

Other than some miscellaneous events being held at Silk peak, not many of the family’s disciples stayed here. Whenever there were any internal family celebrations, they would be held on Silk peak.

At this moment, in the opulent Silk Palace by the slope of the Silk peak, there were hundreds of people gathered. There were a few of the Lin family Elders amongst them. The others were all juniors about the same age as Yi Yun.

And amongst the few Elders, there was Yi Yun’s cheap master, Su Jie, and the Lin family’s Matriarch.

The Matriarch held a dragon-head walking stick and had her white hair was pulled back in a bun. Her hair bun was adorned with a piece of jade and she was giving Yi Yun a loving smile.

“Little friend Yun, welcome to the Lin family. Your master Su Jie is the Lin family’s guest Elder, so you can treat the Lin family as your own home and do not need to feel restrained.”

When the surrounding juniors heard the Matriarch’s simple words, they were secretly envious of Yi Yun.

The Lin family had many disciples, and many of them were part of their direct bloodline, yet most of them had never received the chance to directly speak to the Matriarch.

And now, the Matriarch was especially warm towards Yi Yun at the Lin family’s celebration party. The treatment she gave Yi Yun by specifically saying those welcoming words made them envious.

The treatment many of these direct bloodline children received did not even match an outsider like Yi Yun.

However, there was nothing they could do. After all, Yi Yun had demonstrated monstrous talent in the Desolate Heaven technique!

“This junior thanks the Matriarch. This junior is greatly flattered by the love the Matriarch provides me.” Yi Yun humbly bowed as the Matriarch’s smile turned especially bright. She was even more satisfied with Yi Yun.

“This is a party for you young people. These old bones will not be joining.” After the Matriarch said a few more words, she took her leave. “Xintong, have fun with them.”

The Matriarch turned her head and spoke to Lin Xintong who was behind her.

Lin Xintong was still dressed in that spotless white dress of hers, but there was now a jade hair accessory on her head. This made her seem less distant, but also made her more charming.

“Alright. I will help you out.”

Lin Xintong smiled at Yi Yun before helping the Matriarch.

The party officially began and without the Lin family’s elders, the juniors became more carefree.

Many of the Lin family’s disciples would spend most of their time cultivating. Even when they had free time, they could not go wild due to the various family restrictions.

However, because of this celebration party, many of the youths could completely let their hair down.

And Yi Yun was no doubt the focus of the party.

“Senior brother Yun, my name is Lin Caiyun. I am also learning the Desolate Heaven technique and have been learning it for two years. However, I am still greatly lacking and can barely refine relics of the lowest grade.” A 14-15 year old girl of small stature and big eyes looked at Yi Yun without blinking, “Senior brother Yun, your Desolate Heaven technique is so awesome. Is there a secret to it? If you have the time, can you enlighten me?”

“Uh, I am also a beginner in the Desolate Heaven technique. There are many theories I am still learning. As for the techniques I know, it might be fewer than what you know.”

After Yi Yun ate something, he quickly realized he was especially popular amongst the girls.

Girls, one after another, would solicit Yi Yun for various reasons.

Of course, most of them did so by discussing the Desolate Heaven technique.

After the big-eyed girl left, a 18-19 year old girl with a tall and full figure replaced her.

“Hehe, Little brother Yun, your Desolate Heaven technique is indeed not bad. However a warrior should have some means of self-defense. Are you interested in learning swords? This elder sister can teach you.”

The girl’s voice was crisp and tender, and sounded like music to one’s ears.

Yi Yun was a bit helpless. Ever since he came to this alternate world two years ago, girls did not seem to take the initiative to woo him, but today, there were suddenly more than five of them.

“There is no need. I do not have the intention on learning swords from others.” Yi Yun could only reject. About the way of the sword, Yi Yun’s accomplishments were extraordinary. Of course, he had no intention to learn from others.

“Junior brother Yun.”

At this moment, a refreshing voice rang in Yi Yun’s ear. Yi Yun turned around and saw the picturesque fairy-like Lin Xintong.

After sending the Matriarch off, she had returned to the party.

The moment Lin Xintong appeared, the few girls surrounding Yi Yun immediately knew to back off.

Amongst the younger generation of the Lin family, Lin Xintong’s status was extremely special.

Lin Xintong gave a slight smile, and with a voice transmission, whispered, “This celebration party has the intention of letting the boys and girls of the younger generation mingle together. The Lin family’s Matriarch has already decided to keep you in the Lin family.”

“Oh?” Yi Yun was stunned. He understood what Lin Xintong meant. The celebration party was just an excuse, calling it a blind date would be more appropriate.

Yi Yun knew that he was a rare talent for the Lin family, having shown his talent and bright future.

And many of the young girls of the Lin family would be willing to marry Yi Yun. Yi Yun was handsome and with his extraordinary talent, it was easy for him to grab the hearts of the young girls.

Furthermore, marrying such a Desolate Heaven Master would make one’s future martial path even smoother as there would be no lack of resources. In a large family clan like the Lin family, the girls were not as reserved as the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s nobles. They would pursue what they wanted.

“The Matriarch probably wishes to see you marry one of the girls in the family. This way, the relationships will be even more stable. Maybe not long from now, there will be a matchmaker who will matchmake you. Sometimes, children of the family marry late, but they would get engaged very early.”

Lin Xintong’s expression seemed like she was both smiling and not smiling at the same time. It was hard to tell what she was thinking.

Yi Yun felt a bit speechless hearing this as he frowned. This was reasonable. In the Tian Yuan world, where the family clans gained their power from their children, marriage was indeed a very stable relation.

“Well… and there is another thing.” Suddenly, Lin Xintong changed the topic and her voice turned serious. “At this Desolate Heaven technique tea session, the Shen Tu family clan may have suffered greatly, but… the number of Lin family’s Elders who support the Shen Tu family clan has actually increased…”

“Oh?” Yi Yun frowned. This was not good news. If the Lin family really forged an alliance with the Shen Tu family clan, then ignoring what Lin Xintong’s fate would be, just his identity alone would be impossible to conceal forever.

This was the reason why Lin Xintong highlighted this to Yi Yun.

Lin Xintong’s marriage was actually a matter that was far in the future. However, the alliance between the Lin family and the Shen Tu family clan would be forged much earlier and quicker.

This was of course not something Yi Yun wished to see.

“Is it because the Shen Tu family clan demonstrated many ancient Desolate Heaven technique heritages?” Yi Yun asked. He knew that these ancient Desolate Heaven technique heritages were very tempting for the Lin family. Furthermore, with the Shen Tu family clan willing to share them with the Lin family, it would be a very favorable condition!

“That is just a minor reason…” Lin Xintong gently shook her head. “The most important reason is that the Shen Tu family clan has finally agreed to first refine a few of the peerless Great Empress’s ancient recipe’s relics for me to try… Previously, the Shen Tu family clan was unwilling to do so as every relic made from the ancient recipe required a very high cost.”

When Lin Xintong said this, Yi Yun was stunned. The Shen Tu family clan was already willing to refine the ancient Great Empress’s relic!?