True Martial World Chapter 408

Chapter 408: One Year Deadline
Chapter 408: One Year Deadline

Three days later, the Desolate Heaven technique tea session resumed. This time, it was the stage of the older generation like Su Jie.

Shen Tu Nantian was absent. Ignoring the damage to his soul, even if he had completely recovered, he still wouldn’t have the face to appear at the tea session again.

For a proud person like him to embarrass himself as he did, at such an important occasion, was a really heavy blow that few could understand.

At the tea session for the older generation, Yi Yun only watched, from the beginning to end. While watching it, he opened his energy vision and paid attention to the sealing techniques the Elders of the Lin family and Shen Tu family clan used, and studied the essence of their Desolate Heaven techniques. During this process, Yi Yun did not attempt to sabotage by using the Purple Crystal.

After all, this was the older generation of Desolate Heaven Masters. Their control of energy was not like Shen Tu Nantian’s, who was at his limits. It was only because Shen Tu Nantian was at his limits that it was so easy for Yi Yun to use the Purple Crystal.

Against the older Desolate Heaven Masters, Yi Yun may be able to cause trouble with the Purple Crystal, but it was much more difficult. Also, forcefully reversing the energy flow trajectories would increase the risk of being discovered.

Furthermore, if this thing happened time and again, it would make people suspicious.

Finally, even if his sabotaging succeeded, it would be meaningless as the Shen Tu family clan had already made a concession by letting Lin Xintong trial the desolate bone relic they refined. Then, regardless of the tea session’s outcome, the Lin family would first see the results Lin Xintong had after eating the desolate bone relic before they made a decision.

Compared to the younger generation, the Desolate Heaven technique skills displayed by the older generation were even more exaggerated. They could be described as being spectacular.

And overall, the Shen Tu family clan held the advantage.

Even though Su Jie and company used all the skills they had, they could not compete with the large number of people that the Shen Tu family clan had. At the end, the Shen Tu family clan sent a Grand Elder to display his Desolate Heaven technique. He was extremely thin, and seemed like a walking zombie, but his Desolate Heaven technique completely surpassed Su Jie. No one in the entire tea session could compete with him.

The Desolate Heaven technique tea session for the older generation lasted for three days.

In the end, the Shen Tu family clan managed to win back a bit of face.

After the Desolate Heaven technique tea session ended, the Shen Tu family clan entourage did not leave the Lin family, instead they stayed in the Lin family’s Tian Hua peak.

In a blink an eye, half a month passed.

Today was extremely important for both the Lin family and the Shen Tu family clan. This was because this was the day when Lin Xintong got to trial the medicine.

If it succeeded, then the Lin family would very likely gain a peerless Great Empress. Then, the achievements Lin Xintong would have in the future would be on par with the ancient Great Empress.

And the Shen Tu family clan would form an alliance with the Lin family as they wished, while Shen Tu Nantian would get his wish of becoming Lin Xintong’s partner and obtain great benefits.

However if it were to fail…

“My Shen Tu family clan have made several preparations for this matter. It is also the only copy of the peerless Great Empress’s recipe found in the ancient mystic realm, so how can it fail?”

The Lin family used a square that was dedicated for large-scale sacrificial activities. People from the Lin family clan and the Shen Tu family clan gathered here and took their seats. Shen Tu Nantian sat on a front-row bench and was calmly and confidently answering the doubts a Lin family elder had.

Previously, at the Desolate Heaven technique tea session, Shen Tu Nantian had suffered a spiritual backlash and had nursed his health over the period of time, he used various medicines without considering their costs, resulting in him finally being able to leave the bed.

In fact, the Shen Tu family clan had waited for half a month mainly to allow Shen Tu Nantian to regain the ability to get off the bed. After all, Shen Tu Nantian was the star of the show today. If he did not attend it, it would be outrageous.

However, Shen Tu Nantian’s soul had not completely recovered. If he were to fight, or use the Desolate Heaven technique, he would completely collapse.

At least under the situation of not needing to use his mental energies, he would be barely able to maintain his handsome and imposing appearance.

Furthermore, today was the day when the Shen Tu family clan took out the Great Empress relic to prove its effects. He could then use the opportunity to force the Lin family to decide on a marriage date for Lin Xintong. He did not want to drag it out any further with the Lin family by pushing and pulling.

He believed that with Lin Xintong’s life at stake, and having already thought about the different reasons, the upper echelons of the Lin family, including the Matriarch, would have no choice but to agree to this matter.

And if he were to obtain Lin Xintong’s primordial Yin, and have cultivational intercourse frequently, he would be able to look forward to becoming a Great Emperor.

Just thinking of this made Shen Tu Nantian feel even more high-spirited.

The other people of the Shen Tu family clan were feeling the same. The Lin family realized that all the people from the Shen Tu family clan came with a tinge of obvious pride. It looked like they were extremely confident in the desolate bone relic refined by using the Great Empress’ ancient recipe.

Although these people did not like the way the Shen Tu family clan behaved, it was after all, a thought. The Lin family all ended up becoming anticipant and started to feel confident about the desolate bone relic.

And for today’s main character, Lin Xintong, her expression was calm as she quietly sat there as if she was a fairy that was meditating. As the person who should feel the greatest emotions, she was the most indifferent.

At this moment, Yi Yun appeared together with Su Jie. When Lin Xintong saw Yi Yun, she revealed a faint smile and nodded at Yi Yun.

Yi Yun saw it and smiled back.

Seeing this scene, Shen Tu Nantian’s expression sank. The triumphant smile he had on his face turned stiff.

Yi Yun also sensed Shen Tu Nantian’s gaze. He turned his head and stared coldly at Shen Tu Nantian through his mask.

Shen Tu Nantian quietly and tightly gripped the fan in his hands as his eyes flashed coldly.

Yi Yun’s gaze made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

Just seeing Yi Yun appear immediately reminded Shen Tu Nantian of how he fumbled at the Desolate Heaven technique tea session half a month ago!

It was the greatest stain Shen Tu Nantian had ever suffered in his thirty years of living.

If this was not the Lin family grounds, he would have smacked Yi Yun to death with one hit.

However, although he could not do anything to Yi Yun now, he would become Lin Xintong’s partner after Lin Xintong took the medicine. He would then become half the master of the Lin family. Then, wouldn’t a small fry like Yi Yun be easily disposed of by him?

Shen Tu Nantian squinted his eyes at Yi Yun before turning his head to the Lin family’s Matriarch, saying, “Matriarch, the auspicious hour to take the medicine is nearing. Let us invite out the desolate bone relic.”

He smiled as he spoke and gently flapped his fan. Although he sounded calm, anyone could hear the hint of pride and confidence in Shen Tu Nantian’s voice.

Were they this sure that the desolate bone relic would definitely be effective on Lin Xintong?

“Alright.” The Lin family’s Matriarch nodded.

With the Lin family’s Matriarch words, a few Elders of the Shen Tu family clan immediately stood up.

Shen Tu Nantian also stood up and walked with them to the middle of the square.

Immediately, everyone from the Lin family stretched out their necks to focus on them.

What would the desolate bone relic refined from the Great Empress’ ancient recipe look like?

Feeling everyone’s gaze landing on him, Shen Tu Nantian smiled as he reached out his hand to swipe his interspatial ring.

A stone box with complex patterns and a powerful presence appeared in midair.

“To prevent the desolate bone relic’s medicinal strength from depleting, our Shen Tu family clan have especially used Everlasting Purple Gold and a top refiner master to manufacture this medicine box. Just this box alone is extremely valuable and can be compared to a city. However, if it was to be compared to the desolate bone relic inside, then it would be like a piece of dirt compared to a pearl.” Shen Tu Nantian smiled as he said loudly.

The city he mentioned was naturally a warrior city in the Tian Yuan world. Many of the cities in the Tian Yuan world had millions of years of history.

Many of the surrounding people from the Lin family had heard of Everlasting Purple Gold. Many juniors could not help but exclaim.

“Just the box storing the medicine is already so expensive. This relic sure is worth the wait! Indeed, if they do not have any confidence, the Shen Tu family clan would not have brought the desolate bone relic here.”

“This time, our Lin family will produce a peerless Great Empress. This would be a great matter for both of our families.”

As Yi Yun had made an outstanding performance at the Desolate Heaven technique tea session, his standing amongst the Lin family juniors was now extraordinary. At this event, he had the right to sit on a chair, while the juniors, who were discussing, were standing behind their masters.

Hearing their discussions, Yi Yun took a deep breath as he waited silently for the result. It was indeed a very important matter if Lin Xintong managed to join up her terminated meridians.

Even the Matriarch stared unblinkingly at the medicine box Shen Tu Nantian had taken out.

The other members of the upper echelons of the Lin family also began to whisper and discuss.

The grandaunt’s voice was particularly striking, “I already said Nantian would not disappoint us. Look at how sincere the Shen Tu family clan is. This relic will definitely give us a pleasant surprise! As long as the terminated meridians are joined up, then there is no need to delay Xintong’s marriage!”

As she said this, she looked towards Lin Xintong. However, she was disappointed as Lin Xintong’s expression still remained as calm as before. Those not in the know would have thought that this matter had nothing to do with her.

“Grandaunt is right. This marriage cannot be delayed any longer. Furthermore… the Great Empress relics used to heal Xintong totals to twelve relics. After taking the first one, then another has to be taken every month.”

“As such, the relics would be finished within a year.”

Shen Tu Nantian said this slowly as his gaze landed on Lin Xintong and the Matriarch for a while. His smile seemed to imply that he had everything in control.

Lin Xintong frowned and her watery eyes looked towards Shen Tu Nantian!

Within a year!

This meant that the Lin family clan had to make their decision on the marriage within a year!

The Shen Tu family clan would definitely not allow the marriage to be dragged on any further after handing the twelve relics to the Lin family.

This meant that the Lin family had to make the decision on the matter of marriage in the coming months!

Lin Xintong did not know if what Shen Tu Nantian said about taking the twelve relics continuously every month was true. Maybe it was a lie fabricated by Shen Tu Nantian to force the Lin family, but this was no longer important. The Shen Tu family clan just needed a ‘legitimate’ reason to force the Lin family into making a decision!

The Lin family’s Matriarch sighed. Whatever Lin Xintong thought of, she had naturally thought of. This had destroyed her intentions of delaying the marriage date…