True Martial World Chapter 409

Chapter 409: Small Black Snake
Chapter 409: Small Black Snake

“A year…”

The Matriarch’s expression sank slightly as she looked at Lin Xintong. At this moment, she too was in a dilemma. She finally knew why the Shen Tu family clan was willing to make a concession and let Lin Xintong trial the Great Empress relic.

According to what the Shen Tu family clan said, this Great Empress relic was extremely expensive. It was not easy to refine every single relic. The Shen Tu family clan would definitely not allow Lin Xintong to trial a relic and give the Lin family years to decide. It was impossible for them to to re-refine another similar relic to heal Lin Xintong’s terminated meridians when the decision as made.

Now, by letting Lin Xintong eat the first relic, she needed to consume a desolate bone relic every month for the next eleven months. This meant that the Lin family had to decide on the Shen Tu family clan’s marriage proposal.

For Lin Xintong’s grandaunt, and the elders in the Lin family who supported the Shen Tu family clan, they did not have any objections. The grandaunt smiled happily and said, “Dear nephew Nantian, please don’t keep us guessing. Quickly, take the Great Empress relic out and let it be an eye-opener for us!”

With her saying this, the sixth granduncle and other Lin family Elders echoed, eager to see the relic.

“Alright, I will open the box. This desolate bone relic was a result of the collective efforts of our Shen Tu family clan’s top Desolate Heaven Masters and some reclusive experts. They used large amounts of treasured materials to successfully refine this.”

“After the Great Empress relic was successfully refined, it was immediately sealed in the relic box. On this relic box, there are seven seals. Six of them have already been removed, and the final critical seal can only be removed using my mental energy. This is to prevent its medicinal properties from losing its efficiency.”

As Shen Tu Nantian spoke, be it his tone or attitude, he exuded a tinge of pride. It was as if he had swept away all the unpleasant things said of him bumbling at the Desolate Heaven technique tea session a few days ago.

When Shen Tu Nantian took the Great Empress relic out, he was really elated. With the relic in hand, even the upper echelons of the Lin family had to be differential towards him, let alone the Lin family’s younger generation.

“One of the seven seals can only be removed using Shen Tu Nantian’s mental energy. The Shen Tu family clan sure wants to highlight the important status of Shen Tu Nantian.”

The Matriarch pondered. She knew why the Shen Tu family clan had made such an arrangement. The desolate bone relic refinement process had nothing to do with Shen Tu Nantian, yet, the Shen Tu family clan had specially prepared a seal that needed Shen Tu Nantian’s mental energy for it to be released. This was to forcefully add a halo on Shen Tu Nantian, and it was also telling the Lin family that Shen Tu Nantian would be the master of the Shen Tu family clan in the future, and his status in the Shen Tu family clan was extraordinary.

“Alright, I am going to release the seal. Please anticipate it.”

Shen Tu Nantian smiled and he began forming a few hand seals as he injected his mental energy into the Everlasting Purple Gold relic box.

The mental energy needed to verify the mental energy seal was negligible, but as Shen Tu Nantian was seriously injured, just releasing the seal made his expression change slightly, as his lips turned slightly pale.

Shen Tu Nantian took a deep breath and he suppressed the pain in his soul. He pretended to easily open the relic box. At this moment, everybody could see the throbbing green vein on his forehead. He was clearly in great pain.

However, at this moment, no one cared about laughing at Shen Tu Nantian as all the focus was on the Great Empress relic in the box!

In the Everlasting Purple Gold medicine box, it was layered with white Heavenly Silk satin. Above the satin, there was a crystal-like relic.

This relic was not spherical in shape, but it was ring-like. In the hole in the middle of the relic, there was a small, red snake’s phantom image swimming around slowly.

Shen Tu Nantian took the Great Empress relic out with both hands. This relic was like a little Sun, as it emitted extremely pure Yang Qi!

And the relic itself seemed to have a life of its own. A glance could tell the extraordinary value it had!

“It is indeed a treasure!”

The eyes of the Lin family’s Elders lit up. They could tell the value of the relic at a glance and they could not stop discussing about it.

“That red snake phantom is a condensation of a pure Yang spirit . This Great Empress relic is also a pure Yang item. Indeed, Xintong’s naturally terminated meridians is because of having an overly pure Yin body. Only an extreme Yang item can help join Xintong’s terminated meridians up!”

“If I’m not wrong, the material of this relic has the life essence bone of a primordial true spirit desolate beast. Also, it is a primordial true spirit desolate beast that expirates pure Yang Qi!”

Primordial true spirit grade desolate beasts were extremely scarce and they could only be found deep in the Divine Wilderness, so it was hard to capture one. And pure Yang elemental primordial true spirit desolate beasts were even rarer.

The value of the bones of such desolate beasts was unimaginable.

“No wonder the Shen Tu family clan is so confident. With the Great Empress relic at this grade, there is a 80-90% chance of joining Xintong’s terminated meridians up!”

Several of the older-generation Desolate Heaven Masters from the Lin family turned excited upon seeing the desolate bone relic.

This feeling was like a sword master seeing a top-grade sword.

Just seeing a relic of such a grade was a great joy for them.

Furthermore, there were still eleven other relics of this grade!

After appraising the Great Empress relic, everyone’s eyes gathered on Lin Xintong.

They were waiting to see if the Great Empress relic would be effective for Lin Xintong. This was something that the Lin family Elders were greatly looking forward to.

“Haha, this Elder has a good eye!” Shen Tu Nantian suffused a proud smile, “This Great Empress relic is indeed refined from a pure Yang elemental primordial true spirit’s life essence bone. As for what primordial true spirit it is, it is not convenient for me to disclose it. Our Shen Tu family clan managed to refine twelve relics exactly using the primordial true spirit’s life essence bone. These relics have an invisible link to them. They were refined as a set.”

People could not tell if what Shen Tu Nantian said was true. They knew that by emphasizing this once again, it meant that once the bone relic was eaten, the Lin family had to make a decision. They could not let the Shen Tu family clan waste an entire primordial true spirit’s life essence bone just for a trial.

Lin Xintong remained silent. She knew that Shen Tu Nantian was forcing their hand. This made her not want to trial the relic, because once she ate it, they would owe the Shen Tu family clan, resulting in a complicated situation.


The Matriarch could tell what was on Lin Xintong’s mind. At this moment, even the Matriarch, who always adored Lin Xintong, would not stand on her side.

Large family clans needed to consider niceties. The Lin family had already agreed to letting Lin Xintong trial the Great Empress relic, and now, the Shen Tu family clan had already shown their sincerity, so if the Lin family were to change their tune, they would be criticized by others.

Besides, the critical point was that this Great Empress relic had also stirred the Matriarch’s heart. She was increasingly convinced that the Shen Tu family clan had the ability to heal Lin Xintong’s naturally terminated meridians.

Without any confidence, would the Shen Tu family clan have invited various important figures from the large family clans to witness this occasion?

“I never expected… the Shen Tu family clan could produce such a relic…”

Not far from Lin Xintong, Su Jie was also sighing as he quietly shook his head. Even Su Jie, who did not like the Shen Tu family clan, had nothing to say about the Great Empress relic.

If Su Jie spoke truthfully, he too wished that Lin Xintong would try it. After all, the chances of him using his abilities to join Lin Xintong’s naturally terminated meridians was extremely small. He too did not want to see Lin Xintong die at a young age, wasting her extraordinary talent.

“Xintong, consider it carefully. A strung arrow must be shot. If you do not trial the Great Empress relic, then the Lin family will not be able to salvage the situation.”

The Shen Tu family clan had invited so many family clans as witness to force the Lin family, and the Lin family’s Elders were happy to see such a situation.

Lin Xintong was silent. Immediately, the gathering turned silent as everyone’s eyes were still on Lin Xintong.

Lin Xintong’s attitude and decision was of utmost importance!

With the atmosphere turning heavy, people knew that there was immense stress for Lin Xintong at this moment.

A young girl, even with extraordinary courage, might not be able to handle the stress!

At this moment, no one noticed that on a chair in a corner, a masked Yi Yun was staring at the relic. His eyes were shining.

The Great Empress relic… seems to…

When Shen Tu Nantian opened the relic box, Yi Yun had opened his energy vision.

The Purple Crystal’s energy vision could see through all illusions and seeing the essence of all things. Even in the sword and saber tomb, Yi Yun could use the Purple Crystal’s energy vision to see the energy marks left behind by its owner despite the tens of millions of years that had passed.

This was an ability that even Great Emperor-ranked Desolate Heaven Masters lacked.

However, when Yi Yun was using his energy vision to examine the Great Empress relic, he found something odd.

In the relic, there was a tiny amount of black gas.

This black gas was hidden underneath the red snake. It was like an even thinner and smaller black venomous snake was slowly swimming around.

However, once the energy vision was disengaged, the black snake could not be seen. It was like a ghost that made his heart jump!

For some unknown reason, Yi Yun felt an extremely sense of foreboding seeing this black snake. This was a feeling Yi Yun never had before!

There might be a problem with this relic!

Upon realizing this possibility, Yi Yun’s expression turned heavy.

And at this moment, the atmosphere in the square was still heavy. Lin Xintong remained silent while everyone looked at her. The scene had turned cold!

“Young master Shen Tu, let old me look at the relic first.”

At this moment, the Lin family’s Matriarch suddenly spoke.

Actually, she had spoken to ease the situation as it was too awkward. Also, she could examine the relic to see if there was a problem.