True Martial World Chapter 412

Chapter 412: I can prove it
Chapter 412: I can prove it

With the Thousand Hand Granny move of making it known that she wanted to kill Yi Yun, to the point of not her not giving the Great Empress relic to Lin Xintong just to force the Lin family to pass him over, the Matriarch’s Yuan Qi voice transmission made Yi Yun feel warm and fuzzy.

“Thank you, Matriarch. This junior is aware of the stakes.”

Yi Yun knew it was no longer the time for him to hide. Originally, Yi Yun did not want people to know about any of his abilities, but now, he had to stand out.

He could not use the help of Su Jie, for even if Su Jie believed him and said that the Great Empress relic was problematic, he too could not say what the problem was.

Hence, everything depended on Yi Yun himself.

Taking a deep breath, Yi Yun walked to the center of the square. He could feel Lin Xintong looking at him from nearby.

Within her gaze was worry and hope. She knew that Yi Yun seldom did things he had little confidence in. Since Yi Yun had already spoken out, he might have a way.

He stood about ten feet away from Shen Tu Nantian, since the Great Empress relic was already in the hands of Shen Tu Nantian.

Shen Tu Nantian held the Great Empress relic as he stared at Yi Yun, his eyes cold and filled with murderous intent.

“Kid, it is best for you that you do not fall into my hands in the future, or else you will live a life worse than death.”

Shen Tu Nantian’s Yuan Qi transmission rang in Yi Yun’s ear. He did not care about Yi Yun, though Yi Yun’s Desolate Heaven technique talent was good, strength was what mattered in a warrior’s world.

When it came to strength, who in the younger generation of the Lin family could compete with Shen Tu Nantian?

“Little bastard, speak. If you do not speak well, it might be your last words in this world.”

The Thousand Hand Granny looked ferociously at Yi Yun. All the Elders in the Shen Tu family clan were on Yi Yun. Their expressions were that of disdain and mockery.

Yi Yun took a deep breath and his voice rang in the entire venue.

“Since I was young, I have had a natural keen sense of energy. My eyes are special and can see through the essence of energy.”


People were surprised. Seeing through the essence of energy?

In fact, in this world, there were people with mutated bodies. Although this was rare, but when considering the populations numbered in the trillions, it was still easy to find a lot of people with mutated bodies.

For example, Lin Xintong’s natural Yin Meridians was a kind of special body.

A pure Yang body was naturally also one.

There was also no lack of people who had mutated eyes. Some people had Dark Yin eyes, which allowed them to see ghosts and spirits.

Some people had Heretic eyes, which allowed them to charm others with their gaze, making them enter an illusion and suffer mental damage.

However, they had never heard of mutated eyes that allowed one to see through the essence of energy.

There was the legendary Double eyes and Repeated eyes that were related. Double eyes was having two pupils in one eyes. And Repeated eyes was having a smaller pupil within the bigger pupil. These two types of mutated eyes could see through illusions and fabrications. They could see the nature of things, so these people tended to have high perceptivity, resulting in outstanding talent. It was a very special mutation.

Could this kid have such eyes?

People looked at each other. However, even people like Lin Xintong’s grandaunt, who strongly disliked Yi Yun, somewhat believed in his words.

As Yi Yun had previously used the simple sealing technique, the Mystic Crystal Hand, at the recent Desolate Heaven technique tea session to easily crack Song Ziyue’s Five Elemental Bone Array.

Actually this was very difficult to explain, but if Yi Yun had eyes that allowed him to see through the essence of energy, it would be very easy for him to do so.

This was because any trap that Song Ziyue had set in the desolate bones would have been seen through by Yi Yun at a glance; hence, cracking it would be very easy!

“To see through the essence of energy… this is pretty much the ability that Desolate Heaven Masters wish for…”

A Desolate Heaven Master Elder from the Lin family said with envy and surprise. Who would have thought that a youth like Yi Yun would have such an ability?

Upon hearing Yi Yun’s words, Shen Tu Nantian’s flashed in a imperceptible manner. As he looked at Yi Yun, his gaze revealed that he only wished that he could kill Yi Yun.

“Granny, this kid’s ability might be real!”

Shen Tu Nantian never expected that an unimportant character in the Lin family would go against him at every turn. And every time he appeared, he would either smack him in the face or crush his Achilles’ heel.

The kid’s strength was clearly nothing, but Shen Tu Nantian felt as if he was powerless against him.

The old face of the Thousand Hand Granny twitched a bit before she said, “So what if he has such mutated eyes? He has only detected that something is amiss, not what. This Great Empress relic was refined by using an ancient Desolate Heaven technique that several Grandelders in our Shen Tu family clan, a few Desolate Heaven technique experts from our allies, and I collectively used.”

“This Great Empress relic may have a flaw… but this flaw is something that even our allied family clans’ quasi-empyrean Desolate Heaven Masters, who jointly refined this relic, do not know! The Lin family Matriarch’s cultivation level may be formidable, but she too could not figure it out!”

“I do not believe that this kid can prove anything. I am guessing that he is just grasping at shadows and that there is nothing to be feared.”

With the Thousand Hand Granny saying this, Shen Tu Nantian felt slightly at ease. Indeed, so what if Yi Yun was suspicious. Did he have any proof?

Upon thinking of this, Shen Tu Nantian sneered and said to Yi Yun, “Are you done speaking? This is your explanation? Our Shen Tu family clan sacrificed the lives of many experts just to obtain the Great Empress’ ancient recipe, and then we gathered experts from afar and spent countless amounts of treasures, including a primordial true spirit’s life essence bone, to finally refine this Great Empress relic. However, with just a sentence, you, a teenage kid, are completely negating all we have done? Who do you think you are!?”

Shen Tu Nantian said this disdainfully and on the Shen Tu family clan’s side, those Desolate Heaven Masters who had worked hard for this Great Empress relic were even more outraged.

So what if Yi Yun had mutated eyes. Could a child at the Yuan foundation realm with mutated eyes see a flaw in a treasure like the Great Empress relic?

“I can testify that this Great Empress relic has no problems!” A white-robed elder with long eyebrows stood up. “I am the Song family’s guest elder. I have no grudge with the Lin family, so whatever I say should be considered objective. My Desolate Heaven technique may not be outstanding, but I believe my eyes are not that bad. I was involved in the entire process of the Great Empress relic refinement and not once discovered any problems with the relic!”

This long-browed elder was actually one of the people involved in refining the Great Empress relic. So by standing up to speak for the Shen Tu family clan, his words were substantial.

Few people present actually believed Yi Yun, and with the elder’s testimony, even fewer did so now.

Under this situation, what right did a junior have to speak? If it was because of Yi Yun’s words that a matter, which involved the two families’ future and had been intensely discussed by the two families, was overthrown, then it would be too much of a joke.

“This kid is deliberately being disruptive and speaking nonsense. He said he has mutated eyes that can see through to the essence of energy. Then it is something that only he can see. Then who can prove whatever he says?”

Elders from the Shen Tu family clan began to criticize. The Lin family’s Matriarch’s expression turned heavy, “Little friend Yun, do you have anything else to say?”

Yi Yun nodded, “What if I say… I have the ability to prove it?”


Upon hearing Yi Yun’s words, people were stunned. Proving it?

“I need a desolate beast to test the medicine.” Yi Yun said as he looked towards the Matriarch. The Lin family did imprison desolate beasts. These desolate beasts had been causing chaos in the Tian Yuan world and had later been caught by warriors. They were not killed and were instead used for training purposes by letting juniors fight with them to hone their battle skills.

“Hahaha!” At this moment, Shen Tu Nantian suddenly erupted in laughter, “That is your proof!? You want to feed a desolate beast the priceless Great Empress relic? Just to see if it is poisonous?”

He thought Yi Yun had some method to prove it. However, this method was extremely stupid.

“Just because of your word, our Shen Tu family clan, who have spent countless amounts of effort to refine this desolate bone relic, is to feed it to a desolate beast? That is ridiculous!”

Against Shen Tu Nantian’s mockery, Yi Yun smiled, “Of course not. I still need someone to help me. Young master Nantian, Thousand Hand Granny, in order to be fair, can I use your powers to help me?”

Yi Yun smiled gently. The corners of his lips curved up and gave a malevolent feeling.

Normally, when he expressed such a smile, someone would usually be in for some bad luck…