True Martial World Chapter 417

Chapter 417: Shen Tu Nantian, the boy who gives treasures
Chapter 417: Shen Tu Nantian, the boy who gives treasures


Shen Tu Nantian hurriedly helped up the Thousand Hand Granny. The sudden turn of events had completely exceeded his control. Seeing Matriarch Lin full of killing intent, Shen Tu Nantian could not help but feel a deep sense of fear.

He really began to suspect that Matriarch Lin would annihilate the Shen Tu family clan including him!

The Thousand Hand Granny struggled to get up as a bitter smile appeared on her old face. Ten thousand years ago, she had once sparred with Matriarch Lin. Back then, she was no match for Matriarch Lin, and today, the gap between them was even greater. Furthermore with a few of the Lin family’s Elders attacking together, her meridians had already gotten injured.

As for the other Elders of the Shen Tu family clan, none of them dared to help the Thousand Hand Granny. At this moment, they were all dumbstruck, they never knew that the Great Empress relic possessed such a major flaw.

There was no more possibility for excuses with the matter reaching such a situation.

If the Red-eyed Wolf’s body had exploded to its death, they could even say that it was because it was too weak to withstand the powerful energy within the Great Empress relic. However, for it to age and die, reducing it to dried bones, there was no way to explain it. Only evil energies could lead to such consequences.

The Shen Tu family clan’s Elders were all worried about being implicated.

This was the home turf of the Lin family. It was not hard for Matriarch Lin to kill them all!

The outcome would only be the complete breakdown of decorum between the Lin family and the Shen Tu family clan. It would be all-out war.

Many of the Shen Tu family clan Elders were trying to think of a way to separate themselves from the situation and clarify their stand, but at this moment, Shen Tu Nantian was the first to speak, “Matriarch Lin! This junior did not know the Great Empress relic had such a flaw. I did not know this would have happened. This has nothing to do with this junior.”

Upon hearing Shen Tu Nantian’s words, Lin Xintong frowned. This person was shameless to the core!

Matriarch Lin walked towards Shen Tu Nantian as she held her dragon-headed cane.

Shen Tu Nantian held his breath. Just as he was about to add on, Matriarch Lin suddenly shot out her arm and her wrinkled palm came striking down like lightning.


With a clear slapping sound, Matriarch Lin had slapped Shen Tu Nantian right on the face!

This slap completely contorted Shen Tu Nantian’s face. More than ten teeth flew out as Shen Tu Nantian spun in the air at least ten times like a top before slamming heavily to the ground.

“Ah…ah, ah…”

Shen Tu Nantian clutched his face as he trembled. His extremely handsome looks and great demeanor could no longer be seen as his face was now mangled with blood.

Matriarch Lin’s strike had repercussed the injury to his soul. As Shen Tu Nantian had gone through the ordeal with Yi Yun, and was like a flickering candle, this major blow made Shen Tu Nantian feel like a heavy hammer was constantly striking his head. His brain was in a buzz as he felt excruciating pain!

Shen Tu Nantian looked up. Blood was pouring out from his nostrils and ears. The killing intent Matriarch Lin expressed nearly made him think he was going to die.

This woman, who had been in charge of the Lin family’s internal affairs for ten thousand years, may look amiable, but once she was angered, she was extremely frightening!


Matriarch Lin’s dragon-headed cane slammed heavily to the ground, producing a loud thud. The bricks made of Heavenly Formation Mud underneath her feet turned to dust with her strike!

“Don’t think I’m a three-year-old child. You are a wolf with savage ambitions. Your intentions on Xintong were never pure. Old me was dim-sighted from old age, and was nearly fooled by you. If not for Little friend Yun, I would have made a terrible mistake. After I die, I would have no face to meet the Lin family’s ancestors!”

Matriarch Lin had taken on a high position for a long period of time, so with her rage, the pressure and killing intent she forced on Shen Tu Nantian was something his injured soul really could not handle!

“Hand over the Great Empress ancient recipe! Say the secrets and location of that mystic realm!”

Under Matriarch Lin’s oppressive aura, Shen Tu Nantian found it hard to breathe. At this moment, the Thousand Hand Granny gave a wry smile and said, “So what if we say it. It’s just a soul contract. Death awaits if I don’t say, but even if I say it, would you let us off?”

The Thousand Hand Granny was on the brink of despair. She had nothing to say if she had lost to Matriarch Lin, but today, she had lost to a teenage kid!

She could not accept it!

The Thousand Hand Granny looked towards Yi Yun with extreme hate!

Everything that happened today was because of that little bastard. The great benefits that awaited the Shen Tu family clan had now led to a disaster!

“You may not want to say it, but someone else will say it. Not everyone is like you who wishes to die.”

As Matriarch Lin spoke, she looked towards Shen Tu Nantian. She had not killed Shen Tu Nantian with her strike because she wanted to know the location of the Great Empress mystic realm.

Shen Tu Nantian’s mouth twitched as all sorts of thoughts flashed past his mind. He was in the worst of situations.

Even if he revealed the whereabouts of the mystic realm, the chances of him getting out alive were slim. The only way was for him to sign another soul contract with Matriarch Lin, with the condition of him being able to leave the Lin family if he revealed the location of the mystic realm.

Shen Tu Nantian had always led a smooth life. When had he ever encountered a scenario that was a threat to his life? This trip to the Lin family would have been the greatest opportunity in his life. A beauty, a top-grade cultivation technique and it would all be his; but in the end, it had become his nightmare!

As Shen Tu Nantian was facing the threat of death, and enduring the physical and spiritual pain, Yi Yun looked up towards the sky.

In the sky, there were Heaven Earth Yuan Qi gathered from all corners of the world, forming a enormous cloud.

This cloud was more than 5 kilometers wide. Its perimeter was golden in color, while the center was filled with all sorts of colors. It was extremely beautiful!

From the cloud, Yi Yun could feel the extremely pure Yang Qi. Yi Yun knew that this Yuan Qi cloud was formed after the Great Empress relic exploded.

The Great Empress relic was made from a pure Yang elemental primordial true spirit’s life essence bone. With all sorts of invaluable materials, a pure Yang divine item was refined.

The ancient Desolate Heaven Master who had written the Great Empress relic’s recipe had theorized that injecting the unadulterated form of pure Yang Qi into the Great Empress’ body would complement Yin with Yang and make her meridians open up.

However, refining a relic that contained such strong and unadulterated pure Yang Qi was extremely difficult. When pure Yang reached an extreme, it would explode.

As such, the ancient Desolate Heaven Master had added an extreme Yin and evil energy to balance the relic’s energy structure. Now with the Yin and evil energy having been extracted by Yi Yun, the pure Yang energy exploded. However, it had not disappeared. It had gathered in the sky above, forming a huge rainbow-colored Yuan Qi cloud.

In a few more hours, the Yuan Qi cloud would dissipate, but before that, this place would be a treasured ground that could be used to cultivate pure Yang cultivation techniques.

However, even the most powerful pure Yang elemental warrior could only take in a limited amount of pure Yang energy in a few hours. It was at best a drop in the bucket.

However, Yi Yun was different. With the Purple Crystal, Yi Yun could absorb all the pure Yang energy into the Purple Crystal and store them without anyone noticing!

The Yuan Qi cloud was like a great treasure for Yi Yun!

Upon thinking of this, Yi Yun felt extremely excited.

The Purple Crystal could absorb energy without leaving any traces. In a few hours time, people would only think that the pure Yang Yuan Qi had dissipated by itself. No one would know that it had been swallowed by the Purple Crystal.

With this thought, Yi Yun immediately proceeded in carrying out his plan. He controlled the Purple Crystal and began pulling the pure Yang Qi in the sky towards him.

The pure Yang Qi was extremely clean and pure. Yi Yun had never come into contact with energy of such a grade.

Furthermore, this energy was not as chaotic as he imagined. The ancient Desolate Heaven Master who had invented the ancient recipe had used some method to transform the pure Yang energy into a gentle state which made it easy to absorb.

After all, in ancient times, that peerless Great Empress, who had healed her own naturally terminated meridians, was still young. Her cultivation level was naturally limited, so how could she endure chaotic pure Yang energies?

“Whew Whew Whew Whew!”

In Yi Yun’s vision, he could see countless numbers of light dots surging towards him. Other than Yi Yun himself, no one could see the light dots.

Yi Yun felt like his body had transformed into a sponge, those light dots being the sweetest springwater that he greedily absorbed them.

There were more and more light dots as they became denser. In Yi Yun’s energy vision, his body had become like a Sun, exuding colorful beams!

Yi Yun suddenly felt extremely refreshed. The warm energy cleansed Yi Yun’s body from head to toe. The energy entered deep into his bone marrow, meridians and organs.

Yi Yun felt an indescribable comfort. This feeling made Yi Yun feel like his entire body had turned sublime.

He could clearly feel that every cell in his body was breathing the pure Yang energy as they grew and evolved while bathing in the pure Yang energy.

His cells became more and more energetic as if they had a life of its own. The ordering of the cells became even more perfect, following certain laws of nature.

The change to his cells made Yi Yun feel that his body had gone through a subtle change.

Could it be…

Yi Yun suddenly realized the possibility that his pure Yang body had undergone another evolution!

When Yi Yun first obtained the pure Yang spirit, his body became a pure Yang body of the earliest grade. Now, it had evolved to a higher level. Although it was not a perfect pure Yang body, he was getting closer to it!

Upon thinking of this, Yi Yun’s mood turned exceedingly serene.

Shen Tu Nantian was practically a boy who gave out treasures!

He sure was too much to cheat Shen Tu Nantian so terribly when he had come to give him treasures…

Yi Yun stroked his chin as a smile suffused on his lips. Clearly, he did not feel one bit guilty about this.

Shen Tu Nantian’s face was currently covered in blood. Of course, he did not know what Yi Yun was thinking. Neither did he know that Yi Yun was currently wolfing down on the Great Empress relic’s energy that his Shen Tu family clan had paid a terrible price to refine.

Furthermore, the evil energy had been discarded by Yi Yun. What he was absorbing was the essence of the essence. There was no side effects at all.

If he knew this, Shen Tu Nantian would probably have died from exploded lungs.

Authors’ note: Some readers might ask why can the Thousand Hand Granny attack Yi Yun with the soul contract’s bondage? Is it a bug?

Actually, I had thought about this question while I was writing. The soul contract was set to punish after the contract was violated. It would not give any advance protection as that would be too intelligent. Furthermore, the Thousand Hand Granny’s attack on Yi Yun was not a violation of the contract. The contents of the contract was that if Yi Yun found the flaw in the relic, the Thousand Hand Granny would have to tell the secrets of the Great Empress mystic realm.