True Martial World Chapter 419

Chapter 419: Thank you
Chapter 419: Thank you

“Put everyone from the Shen Tu family clan into custody!” Matriarch Lin ordered. Not only Shen Tu Nantian, none of the other Shen Tu family clan Elders were allowed to leave either.

The people from the Shen Tu family clan looked at each other, unsure of what fate lied ahead of them.

Shen Tu Nantian was horrified at this moment. He had only heard the “Dismembering the Heart” punishment Yi Yun mentioned, as for the rest of Yi Yun’s words, they were all said to the Matriarch in a Yuan Qi transmission. He did not know what the Matriarch would do to him.

“Matriarch, can you please restrain their cultivation level?” Yi Yun said out loud. Matriarch Lin nodded as she stood in front of Shen Tu Nantian and the Thousand Hand Granny. Both of their faces were covered in blood, their situation was terrible.

Hearing that his cultivation level would be restrained, Shen Tu Nantian looked hatefully at Yi Yun as his mouth curled. At this moment, he wished that he could tear off Yi Yun’s flesh bit by bit.

The eyes of Matriarch Lin flashed a cold beam as she tapped Shen Tu Nantian’s and the Thousand Hand Granny’s bodies as quick as lightning.


With a loud explosion, Shen Tu Nantian’s body trembled as he was sent rolling on the ground a few times. Matriarch Lin had restrained Shen Tu Nantian by sealing his meridians.

Shen Tu Nantian was now suffering from his injured soul as well as the suppressed cultivation level. He was no different from an ordinary person now.

Actually, Matriarch Lin greatly desired to smash Shen Tu Nantian’s Dantian, directly crippling him.

However, as the Lin family was hoping to use Shen Tu Nantian to exchange for the method to enter the Great Empress mystic realm, the Matriarch could not torture Shen Tu Nantian too terribly. At least, it should not be visible when negotiations with the Shen Tu family clan was held. If the Shen Tu family clan knew that Shen Tu Nantian had already become a cripple, they would give him up immediately, and go to war with the Lin family.

“Little friend Yun, I will give you full autonomy in handling this matter. I believe you have your discretion.”

Matriarch Lin was very assured when it came to Yi Yun.

This astonished many from the upper echelons of the Shen Tu family clan. All of them were usually a famous name in the Tian Yuan world. They could easily cause a commotion upon visiting a small family clan, with the family clan’s head personally welcoming them. Now however, their fate was to be decided by a junior.

It was such a great ridicule.

Two administrators of the Lin family were assigned to listen to Yi Yun’s orders.

Yi Yun did not stand on ceremony and simply said, “For the Shen Tu family clan guests, find a clean and decent guest house for them to stay in. As for these two…”

Yi Yun looked towards Shen Tu Nantian and the Thousand Hand Granny, “Find a dungeon and simply lock them up.”


The two Lin family administrators were shocked upon hearing this. This kid sure did things seriously. Both Shen Tu Nantian and the Thousand Hand Granny were members of the upper echelon of the Shen Tu family clan, but this kid was actually planning on imprisoning them in a dungeon!

“Little bastard, you better not fall into my hands. I will let you live a living death!”

The Thousand Hand Granny cursed. Yi Yun waved to the administrator, “Hey brother, stuff her mouth.”


The two Lin family administrators were speechless and turned to look at Matriarch Lin.

Matriarch Lin nonchalantly said, “Just follow the instructions.”

After all, the Lin family had already lost all decorum with the Shen Tu family clan, so there was not much left to be considered. The two family clans were originally enemies. Now, with the Lin family knowing that the Shen Tu family clan had been scheming against the Lin family, how could they not sound out after being stabbed by a knife?

In the warrior world, one could only survive well by being more ruthless. Only then would one not be humiliated.

If everyone were to just endure and put up an attitude of not minding incursions from others just because they were a super family clan, then this sort of large family clan would eventually be eaten up by others. It was not enough to just verbally condemn.

Seeing the bloodied Shen Tu Nantian and the Thousand Hand Granny being carried away like dead dogs, many of the Elders from the large family clans, who had good relations with the Shen Tu family clan, broke out in cold sweat.

Amongst them, the Song family’s long-browed elder, who had strongly supported the Shen Tu family clan, was feeling most nervous.

He had said, in a matter-of-fact manner, that the Great Empress relic did not have any problems. To prove that, he had used the Mystic Crystal Hand to aid Yi Yun, along with Shen Tu Nantian and the Thousand Hand Granny.

However, now, amongst the three who aided Yi Yun, he was the only one left standing there. Shen Tu Nantian and the Thousand Hand Granny had already been dragged off to the dungeons.

The long-browed elder wiped the sweat off his forehead and said, “I was dim-sighted from old age. Although I did participate in the refinement of the Great Empress relic, I only saw a tiny portion of the recipe. I really did not see problems with the relic.”

The Song family, which the long-browed elder belonged to, was much weaker compared to the Lin family. Furthermore, with him at fault, the Lin family could easily count the Song family as accomplices. That would be no simple joke.

Yi Yun had guessed that the long-browed elder really did not know much. This included a large majority of the Shen Tu family clan’s Elders as they too did not know anything about this matter.

After all, it was better when less people knew something to ensure the secrecy of the matter.

“For Elder Song to explain it away with the reason of being dim-sighted from old age, this junior really has nothing to say against that.”

“However, Elder Song, you should know that just now, when this junior was risking his life to stand out and question the Shen Tu family clan, I was looked down upon and suspected by others. Elder Song, you stood up for the Shen Tu family clan and was so sure of yourself, pushing me into an extremely unfavorable situation. If I did not gain the opportunity to prove myself, or failed to perform well due to experiencing too much pressure, resulting in me failing to extract the evil energy, then me dying would not have been a big deal, but the Shen Tu family clan’s scheme would have succeeded. Many years later, when Miss Lin then died as a result, it is not unlikely that the Lin family would have been swallowed by the Shen Tu family clan! That would then have been irreversible.”

Yi Yun was not a magnanimous person. Yi Yun still held the long-browed elder accountable for his actions, even if he was not aware of the truth.

Although Yi Yun would not put the long-browed elder through a terrible situation, rattling him up was not a bad idea either.

The long-browed elder bitterly cried in his heart. This little rascal was the kind of person who did not let one off easily. He could remain so calm even in front of all the mighty figures of the Shen Tu family clan, so how could he fail to perform well due to experiencing too much pressure?

This was clearly Yi Yun trying to con him!

Of course, he could not say this out loud. He was smart and knew the underlying meaning in Yi Yun’s words.

He said, “I was foolish and nearly made a grave mistake. Little friend Yun is right. Just my apology is not sincere enough. I will give a satisfactory answer to the Lin family. Also, I will make reparations to Little friend Yun.”

The long-browed elder did not mind compensating Yi Yun using material goods because this youth was just too terrifying!

He was still so young, yet his Desolate Heaven technique talent had reached such an extraordinary level. Furthermore, he had just now single-handedly destroyed the Shen Tu family clan’s machinations.

So many mighty figures had fallen into his hands. Shen Tu Nantian and the Thousand Hand Granny even nearly died from his schemes.

If he was this brilliant at such a young age, he would become even more so when he grew up.

The Song family may have allied with the Shen Tu family clan, but that was just due to their mutual interests. Although they usually followed the Shen Tu family clan’s lead, it would be a joke if they were to help the Shen Tu family clan bear the brunt force of an attack.

Long-browed believed that Yi Yun would accomplish much in the future, so he was happy to get the chance to befriend Yi Yun.

Hearing the long-browed elder’s words, Yi Yun was satisfied. He would be a fool if he did not collect benefits. It was also absolutely legitimate for him to obtain those benefits.

“Little friend Yun, this matter was settled all thanks to you. The Lin family has stood in the Tian Yuan world for so many years. Our family’s rules are also very clear with its rewards and punishments. You must be tired after extracting the evil energy. Go take a rest. Come see me in the Jade Bamboo peak early tomorrow morning.”

Matriarch Lin gave Yi Yun an affable smile. She suddenly thought of something and spoke to Lin Xintong who was beside her, “Xintong, you should come too.”

“Yes.” Lin Xintong nodded slightly. Before she left, she glanced deeply at Yi Yun. A strange light flickered in her eyes.

Although she had said that she believed in Yi Yun, Lin Xintong still felt deeply touched when Yi Yun actually managed to complete what seemed like an impossible task.

She had seen Yi Yun remain extremely calm, despite the dwindling amount of sand left in the hourglass. When he extracted the evil energy, without feeling any need to rush, and sent it into the desolate beast’s body, proving the toxicity of the evil energy, a strange and wondrous feeling surged in Lin Xintong’s heart.

This was mainly because she had seen this youth walk out from the vast wilderness. She had witnessed his incredible growth process, so this wondrous feeling was even stronger.

“Thank you.”

Lin Xintong lips gently moved as the soft and sweet words entered Yi Yun’s ears.

Yi Yun felt his ears itch with the young girl’s whispering words.

He slightly smiled and said, “Thank you too, for believing in me by betting your dignity and innocence.”

Lin Xintong said, “My dignity and innocence cannot compare to you betting your life.”

“Well, of course it cannot be compared for me. However, for Miss Lin, it is completely different.”

Yi Yun knew that a speckless girl like Lin Xintong would never have given up her own dignity just to carry on living.

Lin Xintong gave him a gentle smile and did not speak any further. She accompanied the Matriarch and left silently. Her beautiful figure disappeared into the green sea of bamboo…