True Martial World Chapter 420

Chapter 420: How the Tides Change
Chapter 420: How the Tides Change

After Matriarch Lin left with Lin Xintong, Yi Yun remained on the mountain peak as he absorbed the pure Yang Qi in the rainbow-colored Yuan Qi cloud.

Some of the Lin family Elders also cultivated pure Yang laws. They too coveted the Yuan Qi cloud, however, they could only cultivate under this cloud for about three hours, which would not benefit them much.

These people simply gave up.

“Little friend Yun, you practice a pure Yang cultivation technique too?” A Lin family Elder noticed that Yi Yun seemed to be cultivating under the Yuan Qi cloud, so he came over and asked.

After the medicine trial session, Yi Yun’s status in the Lin family had sharply risen. Hence, the Elders in the Lin family were much more polite with Yi Yun.


Yi Yun nodded and the Lin family Elder smiled, “We Desolate Heaven Masters actually do not really need to hone our combat skills. Pure Yang laws are too profound. Practicing the Desolate Heaven technique already takes up a large portion of our time. If a law is to be cultivated, choosing something simpler like the five-elemental laws would do. For example, the fire-elemental laws are pretty good. In terms of fighting, the fire-elemental laws are similar to the pure Yang laws. Although it is weaker in strength,the fire-elemental laws are much easier to learn. With this comparison, the fire-elemental laws are much better.”

As he had a good impression of Yi Yun, this Lin family Elder began to give him some pointers. In his opinion, youths inevitably were over-ambitious. They would be too naive regarding martial paths, and they would recklessly choose profound and difficult to learn laws like Yin-Yang or Space-Time, eventually causing them to go through many detours.

“Thank you for the senior’s advice.” Yi Yun said modestly, before carrying on absorbing the pure Yang Qi.

Seeing Yi Yun’s actions, the Lin family elder turned speechless. Clearly, the youth in front of him was not listening.

By choosing pure Yang laws, this kid probably wanted to accomplish a lot in the martial path too. He was too greedy.

For example, even Shen Tu Nantian and Lin Xintong who were proud children of heaven would not attempt to master both aspects to an extreme. Although they had pretty good accomplishments in the Desolate Heaven technique, the two of them were more focused on their martial path.

They would give up learning most of the complicated sealing technique in the Desolate Heaven technique while cultivating profound martial laws.

The old man shook his head and left.

And at this moment, Yi Yun had already absorbed about a third of the rainbow Yuan Qi cloud’s pure Yang Qi.

This absorption rate was about the same speed as the dissipation rate of the Yuan Qi cloud itself.

Yi Yun did this just to be careful. He specifically used the Purple Crystal to absorb the pure Yang Qi that was about to disperse away. By doing so, even if a Great Emperor were to stare at the Yuan Qi cloud, he would not be able to know that the Purple Crystal had magically absorbed it.

At this moment, Yi Yun’s body was already full of energy. No matter how gentle the pure Yang Qi in the Great Empress relic was, Yi Yun’s body had its limits.

The remaining pure Yang Qi was stored inside the Purple Crystal.

As the pure Yang Qi was highly compressed, it had now liquefied into golden droplets. It looked like melted gold and it was extremely pure.

Seeing the golden droplets, Yi Yun was extremely delighted. With them, his cultivation level could rapidly increase in a short period of time.

Yi Yun had already been stuck at the early stages of the Yuan foundation realm for quite some time.

Other than the golden droplets, the Purple Crystal contained two other energies.

The first was the pure Yang spirit, which was what Yi Yun had obtained in Fallen Star Gate.

The second was the extremely cold Yin energy. Back when Yi Yun was thrown into a cell by Shen Tu Nantian, Shen Tu Nantian force fed Yi Yun a Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill.

This Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill contained an extremely cold Yin energy. If not for the Purple Crystal absorbing and compressing its energy, Yi Yun’s cultivation would have been destroyed.

Thinking about this, a playful smile suffused on Yi Yun’s lips. It was time to visit Young master Nantian. How Shen Tu Nantian treated him back then, it was time to return it to him in the same way!

After absorbing all the pure Yang Qi, Yi Yun was not in a rush to leave. He glanced at the pile of bones left behind by the Red-eyed Wolf and put them away.

With the Purple Crystal’s energy vision, Yi Yun knew that the black evil energy was still hidden amongst the bones.

After carefully examining the black gas, Yi Yun realized that not only did it not have any signs of deterioration after swallowing the Red-eyed Wolf’s vitality and flesh, it had actually grown stronger.

Of course, as the Red-eyed Wolf was too weak, the evil energy did not become that much stronger. However, this discovery alarmed Yi Yun.

What was this evil energy? It seemed like it could grow!

It sounded too fantastic and it was extremely creepy!

Could it be that this evil energy could grow indefinitely?

Upon thinking of this, Yi Yun shook his head and rejected the idea. It was unlikely as the Shen Tu family clan probably used primordial true spirit-grade treasures as materials to refine the Great Empress relic.

They would not have been able to find materials more precious that that.

Under these circumstances, the evil energy that resulted from the Great Empress relic would not have been able to grow indefinitely.


If it was used against Shen Tu Nantian, it would be enough.

The corners of Yi Yun’s lips suffused a smile as he headed towards the dungeon.

The Lin family’s dungeon was itself a strong fortress.

The dungeon was constructed from a special metal. The engraved runic arrays made it indestructible!

People who were thrown into the dungeon would have their cultivation level restricted. Even a figure like the Ten Thousand Empyreal King would not be able to do anything once he was thrown into the dungeon.

The Lin family’s dungeon had previously imprisoned a demonic person who had stirred up a lot of trouble in the Tian Yuan world. He was imprisoned until his death.

The dungeon was located in the Death Hell peak, one of the Lin family’s 18 main peaks. From the peak of the mountain, there was a passageway that was thousands of meters long. The dungeon was located at the other end of the passageway, deep inside the mountain.

“Open the door!”

Yi Yun easily entered the dungeon with the warrant Matriarch Lin gave him. Shen Tu Nantian and the Thousand Hand Granny were imprisoned inside a large cell.

Shen Tu Nantian’s hands and legs were bound with chains.

This scene was too familiar with Yi Yun.

How the tide changes, Yi Yun had been chained in a cell a few months ago by Shen Tu Nantian. Now, the situation had reversed.

The world was indeed unpredictable.

Beside Shen Tu Nantian, the Thousand Hand Granny was suspended in the air with chains. Her hair was disheveled and she looked like a ferocious ghost. When she saw Yi Yun appear, she immediately struggled towards Yi Yun.


The chains tightened, and no matter how much the Thousand Hand Granny struggled, she was unable to grab Yi Yun. Her gaze looked liked she wanted to tear Yi Yun’s flesh off with her mouth, bit by bit.

“Little bastard! Remember this day, for I will make sure you lead a living death!”

The Thousand Hand Granny hated Yi Yun so much. Everything that had happened today was all thanks to Yi Yun.

Seeing that hateful and wrinkled old face, Yi Yun shook his head, “It seems that you have not accepted the reality of having your powers sealed. Now, you can no longer threaten me…”

As Yi Yun spoke, he suddenly lifted his hand and mercilessly slapped down.


With a clear slapping sound, the Thousand Hand Granny heavily slammed into the wall. Her face was covered with dry black blood that seemed to be smeared with mud. However, this was not a result of Yi Yun’s blow. It was a consequence of the combined attack of Matriarch Lin’s and a few Lin family Elders’ attack.

“Little bastard? Tsk!” Yi Yun took a towel out of his interspatial ring and wiped the black blood stains off his hand before throwing the towel on the ground. “How many times have you cursed me? Probably ten or twenty times? My temperament sure is good to endure it up to now, you old witch…”

As Yi Yun said, he sent another merciless punch at the Thousand Hand Granny’s right eye!

Yi Yun felt pleased with the feeling of fist meeting flesh.

The Thousand Hand Granny gritted her teeth while staring at Yi Yun. She was greatly maddened, but she could not do anything to Yi Yun. She had never been in such a cowardly state in her entire life, to be brutally beaten up by an ant-like person!

“Yun!” Shen Tu Nantian stared at Yi Yun, “Do not forget that in a few days, I will walk out of here. The elders in my family will trade the information about the Great Empress mystic realm in exchange for me!”

“I will remember how you treat me today. One must be sparing in his ways, I advise you to give yourself a lifeline!”

Shen Tu Nantian was smart. He knew that if he were to revile Yi Yun, he would only be subjected to physical pain.

As a wise man does not fight when the odds are against him, he used the fact that he would eventually leave the Lin family as a threat to warn Yi Yun not to mess around.

Yi Yun stroked his chin and nodded, “That’s reasonable! However, according to what you say, I should cherish whatever time I have now. I should abuse you to get back my capital…”

As Yi Yun spoke, he sent a big slap at Shen Tu Nantian.


Yi Yun’s palm fully came into contact with Shen Tu Nantian’s face, and accompanying the slapping sound, Shen Tu Nantian snorted before being sent flying by Yi Yun.

He was riddled with injuries, so he was already on his last breath. With his cultivation level suppressed, Yi Yun’s slap made Shen Tu Nantian feel like a thousand drums were being banged beside his ear. He began retching while sprawled on the ground.

The damage to his soul was too life-threatening. Just using a bit of his mental energy or receiving any external physical attacks would cause a repercussion to his injuries, giving him a terrible headache.

“You…You…” Shen Tu Nantian’s eyes turned red as he deadly stared at Yi Yun, “I have no grudge with you, why are you treating me this way?”

Shen Tu Nantian no longer dared to say any unyielding words.

The Thousand Hand Granny had been slapped when she reviled Yi Yun.

His outcome was the same when he threatened Yi Yun.

In that case, he could only take a soft stance.

“No grudge?” A mocking smile appeared on Yi Yun’s lips.

Yi Yun’s words made Shen Tu Nantian think.

There was a grudge?

Upon careful thought, why was this kid wearing a mask to hide his looks? Besides, it sounded like his voice was not his original voice. He was clearly trying to hide his identity.

An uneasy sense of foreboding rose in Shen Tu Nantian’s mind. He stared at Yi Yun’s eyes. Yi Yun’s mask could not cover his eyes, but it was very difficult to recognize a person just from his eyes.

Shen Tu Nantian only felt that Yi Yun’s eyes looked familiar. As to where he had seen them before, he was unable to remember.