True Martial World Chapter 423

Chapter 423: So it was you
Chapter 423: So it was you

Shen Tu Nantian had never felt so helpless before. In the past, he was the beholder of the fate of others. He enjoyed the feeling of having absolute power in deciding a person’s life and death.

No matter how the person in his hands pleaded, he would do as he pleased.

However, now his life was in the hands of another. No matter how he begged or took on a soft stance, the other party could decide on his fate as he wished. This feeling was pushing Shen Tu Nantian to the brink of collapse!

“No… No!”

Shen Tu Nantian said with difficulty. He was arrogant by nature, and was greatly hallowed while he grew up. He had never felt this humiliation before.

However, now he had to give in. With his present injuries, swallowing the Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill would definitely cripple his cultivation. There was no doubt about it!

Yi Yun looked deadpan. As he grabbed the thin air, just the mental energy of him being a Desolate Heaven Master could allow him to control the Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill telekinetically.

“Stop, quickly stop!”

The Thousand Hand Granny was greatly worried. She did not want to see her most talented grandchild be crippled by Yi Yun.

“This pill will cripple Tian’er’s cultivation. If Tian’er were to be crippled, he will lose his value. The Shen Tu family clan will definitely not give you the information of the Great Empress mystic realm if that were to happen. And I will rather die than tell you! If you do this, you will not be able to achieve anything!”

The Thousand Hand Granny hurriedly said.

According to Matriarch Lin’s intentions, she would not kill or cripple Shen Tu Nantian. They still needed him to exchange for the information about the Great Empress mystic realm.

Shen Tu Nantian and the Thousand Hand Granny knew this, hence they believed Yi Yun could at most just cause suffering of the flesh, and would not do anything else to them. However, now, with more and more medicinal essence entering Shen Tu Nantian’s body, the Thousand Hand Granny became terrified!

As Yi Yun controlled the pill, the corner of his lips curled, “Do not worry. How can I really cripple him? I am still counting on Young master Nantian to exchange for that Great Empress mystic realm!”

With Yi Yun saying this, the Thousand Hand Granny heaved a sigh of relief. At least this little bastard had not lost his rationality.

However, seeing Yi Yun not letting go, the Thousand Hand Granny angrily said, “Then quickly stop. If this carries on any further, Tian’er will really be crippled of his cultivation! When that happens, if that little witch girl’s terminated meridians cannot be joined up, the Lin family will hold you responsible! Do you really think that with your contributions, they will allow you to misbehave? That little witch girl is the person that the Lin family cares about the most. If you spoil the Lin family’s plans, no one can save you!”

“Right, what you say makes sense.” Yi Yun said slowly. However, while he spoke, the medicinal essence of the Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill carried on slowly entering Shen Tu Nantian’s body. Shen Tu Nantian’s face was white. He could no longer say a single word. His body was beginning to tremble slightly from top to bottom!

Bit by bit, the frost Qi surged inside Shen Tu Nantian’s body. His eyebrows were beginning to form icicles.

Yi Yun carried on, “To let the Shen Tu family clan believe that Shen Tu Nantian still is of value, I have already decided to at most cripple a tiny bit of his cultivation. In the meantime, I will leave some internal injuries in his meridians. Then, it should be no problem.”

When Yi Yun said this, the Thousand Hand Granny’s heart skipped a beat!

As for Shen Tu Nantian who heard this, he felt like he had crashed down from a pinnacle. For a peerless genius like Shen Tu Nantian, if an internal injury was left in his meridians when he was still young, then no matter how much of a genius he was, he would no longer be the top genius of his era. In that case, his status in the family clan would greatly be reduced!

“Little bastard, you are crazy!” The Thousand Hand Granny quivered with rage, “Do you think that by crippling a portion of Tian’er’s talent, the upper echelons of the family will redeem him with the information about the Great Empress mystic realm!?”

The Shen Tu family clan would greatly value a peerless genius who could be the heir.

However, if Shen Tu Nantian could be replaced, then his value to the Shen Tu family clan would be greatly reduced. The Shen Tu Patriarch would not hand over something as important as the Great Empress mystic realm just because of his personal preference.

“Of course, I will not go too far. I will just leave a tiny internal injury that will affect a tiny bit of his talent. It would not be easy to tell. Besides, would not the both of you help me conceal this fact?”

When Yi Yun said this, the words that entered the ears of the Thousand Hand Granny and Shen Tu Nantian were like the diabolical laughter of a demon.

Getting them to help Yi Yun conceal it!?

Yi Yun had stabbed them with a knife, yet did not allow for them to tell anyone of it. To think he could think of this!

However, in the present situation…

They really had to help Yi Yun conceal the fact!

This was because they were afraid that the Shen Tu family clan would give up on them.

Be it Shen Tu Nantian or the Thousand Hand Granny, they did not wish to die. They wanted to escape the Lin family. They may sound unyielding, but they were afraid that the Shen Tu family clan would chose the information of the Great Empress mystic realm over their lives.

In this situation, the Thousand Hand Granny and Shen Tu Nantian naturally could not let the family know that they had already been internally injured.

Furthermore, taking a step back, since the Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill was not completely swallowed, with just a tiny portion taken in, then the hidden injuries would not be too severe. They could still use a certain amount of resources to completely heal it.

Of course, it would still affect Shen Tu Nantian’s cultivation speed. It would severely impact his future achievements.

Just thinking of this made Shen Tu Nantian’s heart bleed. He had suffered terribly under this kid, yet he had to help him conceal the fact!

This was like having one’s teeth being knocked out, but still having to swallow it!

The endless pain and hatred consumed Shen Tu Nantian. He knew that the medicinal essence of the Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill he had taken in up to now had already caused irreversible damage to his Dantian!

And at this moment, Yi Yun suddenly let go. The Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill was no longer controlled by Yi Yun’s mental energy. Shen Tu Nantian felt his jaw loosen. He immediately rolled on the ground and spat out the pill.


Shen Tu Nantian grabbed at his neck as he retched while sprawled on the ground. He was trying to vomit out the medicinal essence that had entered his body.

However, once the Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill’s medicinal essence entered the body, the frost Qi would enter deep into the meridians and Dantian, so how could he vomit it out?

After retching for a long while, Shen Tu Nantian was still unable to get anything out. He sprawled on the ground like a dead dog.

“You…” Shen Tu Nantian suddenly looked up. His eyes exuded boundless hatred as he looked at Yi Yun!

He had never hated a person this much!

Even the hatred for the Shepherd Boy was just 1% of the hate he felt for this youth.

When he thought about the Shepherd Boy, Shen Tu Nantian’s heart suddenly sank!


A few months ago, Shen Tu Nantian had set a trap to deal with the Shepherd Boy. In the end, the Shepherd Boy ended up killing the Ten Thousand Empyreal King. This caused people within the Shen Tu family clan to oppose Shen Tu Nantian as they criticized him. As a result, Shen Tu Nantian bore a lot of pressure. However, the Shen Tu Patriarch had come forward to suppress the matter.

Shen Tu Nantian naturally hated the Shepherd Boy to the bone!

And all of this was due to another youth. It was because of him protecting that little witch girl time and again. He had distracted Shen Tu Nantian, giving the Desolate race spy an opportunity. If not, Shen Tu Nantian would not have needed to lay a trap to deal with the Shepherd Boy.

Now, Shen Tu Nantian recalled the process in which he dealt the youth…

He had first thrown him into the dungeon and set a ten-day period. He then spread the news that he would use the “Dismembering the Heart” punishment ten days later to lure the desolate race to come save him!

In the dungeon, the youth had been locked in chains and was force-fed a Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill. Shen Tu Nantian wanted to cripple the youth’s cultivation, so as to prevent him from becoming a future threat even if he was saved.

The Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill was able to do this perfectly. It was not something that anyone should be able to tell and was thus the perfect choice.

Thinking carefully about all this, his current experience was very similar!

It was as if… it was identical!

The incredible coincidence of history had been reproduced on himself. Could it be…

Shen Tu Nantian suddenly looked at Yi Yun with blood-thirsty eyes. It was full of killing intent.

The two eyes in front of him slowly overlapped with the hatred-filled eyes of the youth from a few months ago…

They were both fifteen years old, and… this youth recognized the Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill. Right, with his humble origins, how was he able to recognize the Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill? How could he be so sure at distinguishing it from the Frost Soul Chill Silkworm Pill?

It was because… he had eaten it before!

He remembered all the hate he had in the past. Now, with his schemes, he had perfectly reconstructed them, step by step, to make Shen Tu Nantian realize it!

Back then, what Shen Tu Nantian did to the youth had been completely reproduced!

“It’s you, you are that little bastard! Ah Ah Ah Ah!” Shen Tu Nantian seemed to go crazy as he howled crazily. He charged at Yi Yun as he lost his mind.

However, what met him was a punch from Yi Yun.


Yi Yun’s punch hit Shen Tu Nantian in the face. His face was like an opened dye house. His face was completely blue and black, while his nose was bleeding profusely.

Shen Tu Nantian slammed to the ground once again as he fell on his back. He began to laugh bitterly.

“It’s you, that little bastard! It’s you! If I knew this earlier, I would have strangled you. No! If I knew this would happen, I would not have used you to lure out the Desolate Race. I would have dismembered your heart on the spot! I would not have let you die. I would treat you again and again for a thousand times, for 10,000 years. I would make you wish you could die! Ah Ah Ah! I hate you! Hate!”

Shen Tu Nantian was like a madman as he scratched crazily at the ground. His knuckles turned white as the flesh of his fingers tore.


Without any warning, Shen Tu Nantian spat out a mouthful of blood. His body began to tremble violently. He was nearly on the brink of insanity!

He was already full of serious injuries. With Yi Yun force feeding him a small portion of the Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill, the frost Qi had already entered his body. With anger then burning his heart, the combination had caused him to vomit blood.

This was really vomiting blood from anger!

When mortals encountered something that made them enraged, they could die from anger.

Typically, a warrior would reach such a stage. They would end up with mental demons. It would become an obsession due to the anger, influencing their cultivation!

Now, Yi Yun had become Shen Tu Nantian’s mental demon. As long as Yi Yun did not die, that anger would scar Shen Tu Nantian for life!

“Yi Yun, I Shen Tu Nantian swear that I will make you suffer a living death!”

Yi Yun looked at Shen Tu Nantian. Shen Tu Nantian had finally recognized him. He did not find it surprising, nor did he mind it. This was because the hatred Yun Yantian had brought forth had far exceeded that which he brought forth as Yi Yun.

As such, it was no longer a big deal for Shen Tu Nantian to recognize him.

With a hand pressing on his chin, Yi Yun slowly lifted off the mask…