True Martial World Chapter 424

Chapter 424: Planting the evil energy
Chapter 424: Planting the evil energy

With the mask removed, Shen Tu Nantian saw a very familiar but hated face.

“Yi Yun! It’s really you!”

Shen Tu Nantian clenched his fists. His nails pierced his palms till they bled.

“You… clearly swallowed the Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill. Why… Why isn’t your cultivation crippled!?”

Shen Tu Nantian could not believe that although Yi Yun had been saved a few months ago, Yi Yun should have been a cripple in Shen Tu Nantian’s opinion. Living like that would have been worse than death.

However, he never expected that a trivial figure like Yi Yun, that he could crush to death anytime, was now standing in front of him, with the control of his destiny.

Back then, whatever he did to him had been exactly returned!

It was as if an ant he had nonchalantly stepped to death a few months ago had now stepped on him a few months later!

An ant stamping a human to death.

This was completely… an inconceivable matter!

Back then, in the Chu royal residence, when Shen Tu Nantian was disposing of Yi Yun, he never dreamed that there could be such a shocking reversal.

“Impossible, impossible, how can this be possible… !?”

Shen Tu Nantian repeated this again and again as if he was possessed.

Yi Yun squeezed his wrist gently and said lightly, “Senior Shepherd Boy has a unique healing method. Furthermore, with me using my mutated eyes, I guided Senior Shepherd Boy so he could heal my meridians. Although there were some twists and turns during the process, it left no lingering side-effects. As for you, that might not necessarily be the case… ”

Yi Yun easily pushed the matter of him being healed on the Shepherd Boy. The Shepherd Boy had extraordinary means. For him to be able to come in and out of the battle formation that the Shen Tu family clan Elders had set up even after he was suffering from the Death Heavenly Revolution, it was not surprising that he could heal Yi Yun. Besides, Yi Yun’s energy vision was something very mysterious to others. He could say it as he wished.

After knowing Yi Yun’s true identity, Shen Tu Nantian was fully setback.

His mouth turned agape as his face paled. He fell into a lifeless state.

Previously, with the series of severe injuries, and after the series of provocation and torture, Shen Tu Nantian already was in an extremely provoked state.

And now, with the final life-threatening blow hitting him, it made Shen Tu Nantian unable to accept reality.

He could not accept the reversal in destiny. It was a simple matter for an emperor to sentence a beggar to be beheaded. There was nothing much to think about, but who knew that a few months later, the beggar had managed to revolt, imprisoning the emperor and wantonly torturing him. What would the emperor think?

It was not enough to describe it as a mental breakdown!

“This Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill isn’t finished yet.”

Yi Yun ignored Shen Tu Nantian as he looked at the Thousand Hand Granny.

The Thousand Hand Granny was alarmed. The white hair on her head began to stand up, “Little bastard, you… ”

Before the Thousand Hand Granny finished her words, Yi Yun had flicked his fingers, sending the Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill with his mental energy straight into the Thousand Hand Granny’s mouth.


The Thousand Hand Granny screamed as she lay prostrate on the ground. She desperately tried to vomit, but the Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill had already flew into her stomach.

The terrifying frost Qi slowly began to seep into the Thousand Hand Granny’s blood vessels.

The moment the medicinal essence entered her body, the Thousand Hand Granny began to tremble. Her dried lips turned white, while a thin layer of ice formed on her eyebrows and face.

The Thousand Hand Granny ate even more of the Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill than Shen Tu Nantian. However, the Thousand Hand Granny’s foundation was much better than his. Yi Yun kept his energy vision open all the time as he oversaw the Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill’s medicinal essence being circulated in the Thousand Hand Granny’s body.

Soon, he realized that the medicinal essence was just right. It took some of her lifespan, but it did not completely cripple her cultivation.

However, with the frost Qi entering her vessels, a residual effect had been left behind, causing her strength to be greatly damaged.

“You… you… will die a horrible death!”

The Thousand Hand Granny gasped. Every breath of hers released icy particles.

However, this cursing was no different to a mosquito bite for Yi Yun.

Only a bitch would begin to use nasty words to condemn the other party when she could not beat someone in a fight.

Seeing the medicinal essence begin to erode the Thousand Hand Granny’s cultivated Yuan Qi, Yi Yun touched his interspatial ring and took out a pile of nearly weathered beast bones.

There was still one final matter.

Yi Yun held the Red-eyed Wolf’s bones, which contained that black evil energy, in his hands.

With a thought, the dark energy was extracted by the Purple Crystal. While the Thousand Hand Granny and Shen Tu Nantian were busy struggling, Yi Yun controlled the black energy and caused it to fly straight into Shen Tu Nantian’s heart like a ghost from the back.


The black gas seemed to be like a ghost as it silently pierced straight through Shen Tu Nantian’s flesh.

That second, Shen Tu Nantian’s body felt a sudden tremble, but then, there was not much change.

Yi Yun did not want Shen Tu Nantian or the Thousand Hand Granny to see the black gas entering Shen Tu Nantian’s body. If they knew that he could control the black energy as he wished, it would be too outrageous.

After finishing everything, Yi Yun let out a long sigh of relief. He felt extremely good!

Although he was good at enduring and hiding his intentions, it did not mean he liked it. He liked to end grudges quickly, living a carefree life.

Yi Yun never thought of himself as a gentleman. If he had a grudge, he would definitely seek revenge. He would not pretend to be magnanimous, even though he clearly hated the other person.

As for the saying “for a nobleman to take revenge, ten years is not too long”, Yi Yun felt it was quite a tragic thing. If revenge could be accomplished in a short period of time, who would endure for ten years?

Yi Yun walked out of the dungeon with his mind at ease. At the dungeon’s entrance, he saw a girl, Lin Xintong.

Lin Xintong was as usual, wearing her spotless white dress. She clearly looked out of place in the dark dungeon entrance. She looked like a fairy who had strayed into Hell.

Seeing Yi Yun’s look, Lin Xintong’s lips curved slightly, “You went to see Shen Tu Nantian?”


Yi Yun nodded. Matriarch Lin originally intended to spare Shen Tu Nantian in exchange for information about the Great Empress mystic realm. However, with Yi Yun’s sinister idea, he first tortured Shen Tu Nantian before they let him go. Lin Xintong was also aware of this.

Lin Xintong noticed that Yi Yun had already taken off his mask, it was apparent that Shen Tu Nantian now knew Yi Yun’s true identity. She did not know what thoughts Shen Tu Nantian had as a result.

Upon thinking of this, Lin Xintong revealed a rare playful smile as she said, “Whoever offends you would surely have bad luck befall them. They would definitely not have a good ending.”

“Uh… ” Yi Yun awkwardly frowned. Although he had done things which he was not ashamed of, having Lin Xintong realize it still made him feel like he had been caught doing something bad, “Am I that evil… ?”

Lin Xintong chuckled, “Of course not! There is no need to show mercy against an enemy. Whatever you did was right. Actually, with a friend like you, I feel at ease. You can do many things that I’m unable to do, and some of them might be things that I would not have thought of. My strength is clearly higher than yours, but yet, I feel like I am being protected by you.”

As Lin Xintong said, she gave a knowing laugh.

This was an uncanny feeling. She had an unfortunate life growing up by being left out. Although the Matriarch was good to her, the Matriarch was in a high position. She was the decider of the internal matters of the Lin family, so there was a sense of distance felt by Lin Xintong.

The Matriarch had too many grandchildren, and Lin Xintong was just one of them. This made Lin Xintong behave very carefully, even in front of the Matriarch.

Only when Su Jie appeared did Lin Xintong first feel that she could rely on someone. However… Su Jie was after all an elder. It was normal for her to be protected by him.

And now, this sense of protection had appeared from a youth that was in the same generation as her. This was her first time, which made it feel very wonderful.

When the Lin family first came into contact with Yi Yun, Lin Xintong was actually very surprised. Back then, she had never expected that she would be protected by Yi Yun, allowing her to get out of the crisis and her tragic fate.

It was like a dream.

“This time, you have completely offended Shen Tu Nantian. He can’t wait to drink your blood and eat your flesh. You need to be careful in the future.”

Lin Xintong turned serious as she warned Yi Yun.

Yi Yun knew this of course as he said, “I know, but there is no other way. Just from me disrupting their medicine trial, it is enough for them to want to kill me. Even if I don’t do anything in the future, it would be useless.”

“However, this time, Shen Tu Nantian sure has suffered a great deal. For him to carry on being a leader amongst the younger generation would be no easy task…”

Shen Tu Nantian’s tragic state was a long story.

His soul was damaged, his body was damaged and the frost poison had entered his body. From the poison and the anger forming a mental demon in him, he had vomited blood out in anger.

All of these added up would definitely affect Shen Tu Nantian no matter how determined he was.

“Let’s go. Follow me to Jade Bamboo peak. You might as well live in Jade Bamboo peak for the coming days. The Matriarch wants to chat with you. Besides… people from the Shen Tu family clan will soon arrive. They should be planning on bringing information about the Great Empress mystic realm.”

Lin Xintong’s words made Yi Yun think.

For the information regarding the Great Empress mystic realm, the Shen Tu family clan sure was fast.

This also showed how important Shen Tu Nantian was to the Shen Tu family clan. This was good news.

Could they really discover a good solution to heal Lin Xintong in the… Great Empress mystic realm?