True Martial World Chapter 426

Chapter 426: Negotiation
Chapter 426: Negotiation

The atmosphere surrounding the arrival of the Shen Tu family clan was completely different from the previous one.

For a large family clan of the Tian Yuan World to have its successor captured and nearly given an extreme punishment like “dismembering the heart”, it was a heavy smack in the Shen Tu family clan’s face. What made it even more tragic was that they had no choice but to come.

For this matter, the Shen Tu family clan was originally in the wrong. The Lin family had even purposely publicized this matter. With their nefarious schemes exposed, the Shen Tu family clan had lost face. Now, many Shen Tu family clan Elders, the Thousand Hand Granny, as well as, the most important genius in the family, Shen Tu Nantian were in the hands of the Lin family.

With so many Tian Yuan family clans as witnesses, the Shen Tu family clan could only suffer in silence.

These people had to bring Shen Tu Nantian back, or people in the Shen Tu family clan would find the act too heartless. They would also be criticized as being too ruthless and cold-blooded by the Tian Yuan world families.

As for the revenge on the Lin family, that was a matter for the future.

In the martial ground of the Lin family, people from the Lin family and the Shen Tu family clan were facing one another. Their gazes clashed, as if they were forming sparks.

This martial ground was ordinarily filled with killing intent, and since the Lin family had lost all decorum with the Shen Tu family clan, Matriarch Lin had not prepared a guest hall for the Shen Tu family clan’s arrival. She had arranged for the meeting to be held at a martial ground.

The martial ground was about a thousand feet long. In the middle, there were tables and chairs placed without much attention given to them. There sat Elders from the two family clans.

And surrounding the martial ground were young disciples and children of the Lin family and Shen Tu family clan. These young geniuses also stared at each other fiercely.

To be chosen to appear to help the family’s forceful stance in this negotiation, it was an honor for these juniors. So although they were high-spirited, these juniors gave envious and complex looks towards the sides of Matriarch Lin.

There stood two people. One of them was the Lin family’s proud daughter of Heaven, Lin Xintong. The other was Yi Yun.

They already knew that Yi Yun was Yun Yantian and that he had previously changed his identity for some reason.

They stood around the martial ground, while Yi Yun was standing by Matriarch Lin’s side. He was standing side by side with Lin Xintong, so this difference in status with them was evident.

Lin Fenggu sat not far away. She looked at Yi Yun with an ashen expression. Her confinement had just ended, and the moment she came out for the negotiation, she saw Yi Yun standing beside the Matriarch.

She felt extremely depressed. Matriarch Lin clearly knew that Yi Yun had ties with the Desolate race, yet she treated Yi Yun with such favor.

The venue’s atmosphere was heavy. It could be said that they were ready to jump at each other’s throats any moment.

Especially with the martial ground as the background, people began to suspect that both sides might come to blows at any time.

Yi Yun could feel that in this negotiation, other than the Elders who were responsible for the negotiation, he had subtly become the focus of attention.

There was no concealing of the truth. The Shen Tu family clan already knew Yun Yantian was Yi Yun. This was the kid who had completely destroyed the Shen Tu family clan’s plans, causing them to lose all face.

The Elders from the Shen Tu family clan could suppress their hostility, but many juniors gave murderous looks at Yi Yun without a second thought.

“That’s him!”

A thin youth stared at Yi Yun like a venomous snake with the martial ground separating them.

His skin was sallow, and he looked sickly. However, his drooping eyes were extremely sharp. His entire person was like a sinister condor.

“If an enemy, who had impaired Shen Tu Nantian, fell into my hands, then it would greatly enhance my prestige within the family. Unfortunately, he is too young, and focuses on the Desolate Heaven technique. His combat powers aren’t worthy of mention. Defeating him is nothing to be proud of.”

The thin youth lightly used his thumb to rub his nose.

This person was named Shen Tu Ya. He was a strong competitor to Shen Tu Nantian in the Shen Tu family clan!

Although Shen Tu Nantian was pretty much designated to be the family’s heir, unexpected events could always happen. Ya, who was younger than Shen Tu Nantian had a frightening reputation.

He was completely different from the usually mild-mannered Shen Tu Nantian. Shen Tu Ya was bloodthirsty. He began taking on family missions at the age of twelve. His first mission was to wipe out a small bandit sect. No one out of the hundreds of people from the sect was spared.

Later on, Ya embarked on the extreme path of murder. Those he killed could hardly keep their corpses intact.

“Ya, don’t be negligent!”

Hearing Ya’s words, an Elder leading the Shen Tu family clan said softly.

Shen Tu Ya stared at Yi Yun as he licked the corners of his mouth, “I know. The matter ordered by the Patriarch will definitely be done well by me!”

At this moment, Yi Yun, who was standing beside the Matriarch, could clearly feel that a pair of eyes that resembled a serpent’s was staring at him.

Yi Yun tilted his head slightly and saw Shen Tu Ya.

Shen Tu Ya’s eyes squinted slightly as he grinned.

“This guy…” Yi Yun frowned slightly. He sure received the attention of the Shen Tu family clan.

Ignoring the hate Yi Yun had gathered for himself, just him putting down Shen Tu Nantian had caused many Shen Tu family clan disciples to be greatly interested in putting down Yi Yun.

It was particularly even more so for those people who coveted Shen Tu Nantian’s spot.

At this moment, there was a sudden overwhelming pressure that befell the venue!

No one knew where this pressure came from. They only felt their bodies turn heavily suddenly, as if a mountain was pressing down on them.

This is…

People were alarmed. Many weaker juniors nearly fell to the ground.

People looked up into the sky and saw a dark cloud slowly gathering. This overwhelming pressure seemed to come from the dark cloud.

Shen Tu Patriarch!

Matriarch Lin took in a deep breath. She knew that the Shen Tu Patriarch was here! Indeed, for such an important negotiation, how could he not come here to hold the ground?

If he did not come, once the Lin family had any intention to kill, they could wipe out everyone who had come to negotiate. Then, the Shen Tu family clan would be severely weakened.

As the dark cloud’s overwhelming pressure was transmitted, a few strong Yuan Qi beams surged up from a few Lin family main peaks to meet this overwhelming pressure!

The two auras clashed in the sky. Immediately, a strong wind sent the clothes of everyone fluttering and their hair flying.

These were the Lin family’s Grand Elders!

This meeting may be a negotiation in name, but it was actually a contest between the top figures of the Shen Tu family clan and the Lin family!

The juniors present felt their hearts stir as they saw the effects of the wind and the clouds gathering together. With the Lin family’s Grand Elders helping them withstand the pressure, they immediately felt much better.

At this moment, Matriarch Lin said, “Where’s the information for the Great Empress mystic realm?”

“Where’s the people?” The Shen Tu family clan’s Elder-in-charge retaliated with a question.

“Bring them.” A Lin family Elder clapped.

Soon, a few Lin family guards brought the Elders from the Shen Tu family clan over. In front of them were two people, Shen Tu Nantian and the Thousand Hand Granny.

They were in chains, their hair was unkempt and messy. Their faces were stained with blood. They looked no different from prisoners on death row.

Upon seeing the Thousand Hand Granny’s and Shen Tu Nantian’s appearances, the faces of people from the Shen Tu family clan twitched.

The Elder-in-charge’s eyebrows jumped, as his expression turned cold, “What is the meaning of this?”

The Thousand Hand Granny and Shen Tu Nantian were in a very terrible state. It was equivalent to smacking their Shen Tu family clan’s face!

“To imprison them, we naturally needed to restrain their cultivation. Locking them up was just to make them suffer a tiny bit. If that were not the case, others will think that my Lin family is a place that you can come and go as you please.” Matriarch Lin said coldly.

Whatever Yi Yun had done was tacitly permitted by Matriarch Lin. She was after all, unwilling to release Shen Tu Nantian in the first place.

At this moment, not even the Shen Tu family clan, even people from the Lin family felt their hearts jump. This Yi Yun sure was cruel!

In the Elder gallery, Su Jie’s mouth could not help but twitch. He choked back his laughter as he felt extremely good seeing Shen Tu Nantian and that old hag in such a state.

This cheap disciple of his sure was good at letting people suffer…

Well done! He had never liked the Thousand Hand Granny due to a myriad of reasons!

“Suffer a tiny bit?” The Shen Tu family clan’s Elder-in-charge’s face turned dark. He took a step to stand before the Thousand Hand Granny and Shen Tu Nantian. As fast as lightning, he grabbed their wrists.

“Oh?” The Elder carefully probed. The Thousand Hand Granny and Shen Tu Nantian were both injured. Their meridians were damaged!

These injuries were not light, but if they used good medicine, these were not irreparable injuries.

However, this was clearly not just “suffering a tiny bit” as Matriarch Lin described.

“Did they do anything to you?” The Elder asked.

Shen Tu Nantian and the Thousand Hand Granny looked each other in the eye. Both of them hated Yi Yun to the bone.

Shen Tu Nantian gritted his teeth, “A man who loses position and influence may be subjected to much indignity. That Yi Yun is a despicable person; however, he did not dare do anything to us. We only suffered some physical pain and there is no damage to our core.”

As Shen Tu Nantian said this, he felt his anger rising. He had been forced to eat the Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill, yet he could only say that he had suffered some physical pain. It was such a humiliation!

This feud was truly irreconcilable!