True Martial World Chapter 427

Chapter 427: Murderous Intent and Will
Chapter 427: Murderous Intent and Will

“Just some physical pain… ” The Elder-in-charge looked deeply at Shen Tu Nantian, “Niantian… Your spirit might have been too abundant. So with this setback, it might not be a bad thing for you.”

The Elder-in-charge could only give some consolation. Shen Tu Nantian clenched his fists tightly, with his nails nearly piercing his flesh. However, he could only say, “Nantian understands.”

He did not have any way of telling the Elder-in-charge of the experiences he had in the dungeon. If other people knew, other than letting him lose face, there were no other benefits.

Furthermore, it would show the people who were eyeing his status that his meridians were damaged. By knowing that his future achievements would be affected, their ambitions would increase as a result.

This humbling feeling made Shen Tu Nantian’s intestines form knots. He could only suffer in silence!

“Since you have seen them, where is the information of the Great Empress mystic realm!?”

Matriarch Lin said coldly. At the same time, a Lin family Elder beside her took a soul contract out.

This soul contract had even more complicated engraved runes. The quality was even higher. It was used to bind the Shen Tu family clan, so as to ensure that the Shen Tu family clan would them a jade scroll with genuine contents.

It also bound the Lin family, ensuring that Shen Tu Nantian’s and the Thousand Hand Granny’s lives weren’t in peril.

The Shen Tu family clan’s Elder-in-charge coldly snorted. He used a dagger to slit his finger, and with a flick of his finger, a drop of blood flew onto the soul contract.

“For you.”

Following that, a jade scroll flew out from the Elder-in-charge’s hands. This jade scroll flew very fast, and it was almost like a beam of white lightning. It contained the Shen Tu family clan’s Elder-in-charge’s Yuan Qi. The explosive sound it made while flying was shockingly powerful!

There was no doubt that just this jade scroll could threaten any ordinary Sage’s life!

This was a contest between the Shen Tu family clan and the Lin family’s upper echelons. Even a negotiation was extremely tense!

Matriarch Lin stretched her hand out and grabbed it. A soft white glow wrapped around her old hands as she easily clasped the jade scroll.

After confirming the contents of the jade scroll, Matriarch Lin nodded. Looking at the soul contract, the soul contract had begun burning by itself. Soon, it turned into a ball of flames. One could see the blood-colored ghost head burning as it slowly died and disappeared.

Once the contract was fulfilled, the soul contract would destroy itself. Once the ghost head was destroyed, the curse would naturally be lifted.

This proved that there were no problems with the contents of the jade scroll.

Since the negotiation was completed, Matriarch Lin said bluntly, “Send them off!”

She did not wish for the people from the Shen Tu family clan to stay in the Lin family area for a second longer.

“There will be retribution. Today, you might have gotten the upper hand, but our Shen Tu family clan will take it back in the future!”

As a Great Elder said that, he turned and walked towards their airship.

Behind him, the crowd of Shen Tu family clan family members began to depart. In the clouds, the immense pressure that flooded the venue also slowly faded.

And at the moment the pressure disappeared, Yi Yun, who was standing next to Matriarch Lin, suddenly felt a deadly chill flash through his heart.

A massive amount of killing intent had swept across him that instant!


Yi Yun’s face went pale as he held his breath.

He knew clearly that in the dark clouds far into the distance, there was a pair of cold, ruthless eyes that had glanced deeply at him.

This glance had caused his limbs to feel numb and cold!

Shen Tu Patriarch!

This was an old guy who even the Shepherd Boy, back in his heyday, coupled with a primordial Divine Lion could not completely beat. And now, he had specifically glanced at him!

Just that glance was penetrating into the heart. It was as if just before the glance, he had returned to the time when he was still a mortal. It was like he was standing naked in a snowy environment.

The biting chill that was impossible to defend against made people flustered!

“Yi Yun!”

Matriarch Lin, who was standing guard beside Yi Yun, quickly put her hand out as she supported Yi Yun’s heart from the back.

A stream of warm Yuan Qi was injected into Yi Yun’s body. With that, Yi Yun’s complexion turned better.

“Are you alright?” Matriarch Lin asked with concern.

“I’m fine… Thank you Matriarch.” Yi Yun shook his head. A glance from the Shen Tu Patriarch was enough to cause his forehead to release micro beads of sweat. Even his soul felt extremely tense, and there was a tingling pain.

So this was the power of the top figure in the Tian Yuan world…

“That old monster! To actually do that to a junior.”

Matriarch Lin looked hatefully at the dark cloud that was fading into the distance.

The final glance the Shen Tu Patriarch had given contained his will. Although he could not kill Yi Yun here, that glance was enough to send a murderous warning.

To make the Shen Tu Patriarch behave like that clearly meant that the Shen Tu Patriarch was really angry about this matter!

The Lin family and the Shen Tu family clan were large family clans in the Tian Yuan world. If both sides really fought without considering anything else, they would both end up suffering. No one wished to see such an outcome.

Under this circumstances, the Shen Tu Patriarch had to endure this.

The Shen Tu Patriarch was forced to back down. But for a person like him to back down, that was a great price in itself.

“Yi Yun, you must be careful. Because you offended the Shen Tu family clan, you must be careful when you tour the Tian Yuan world. However, if you are in the Lin family, it is absolutely safe. My Lin family will protect you well.”

Matriarch Lin said to Yi Yun.

At this moment, many of the Lin family’s Elders had left with their disciples. There were only a few people that included Lin Xintong and Yi Yun, left beside Matriarch Lin.

Yi Yun heartfeltly said, “Thank you Matriarch.”

“This is to be expected. The reason why you offended the Shen Tu family clan is largely because of my Lin family. If it was not for you, I would have suffered from being dim-sighted from my old age. I nearly fell for their schemes. For the Great Empress relic to turn the Red-eyed Wolf into bones, it has the side-effect of affecting one’s lifespan. If I were to agree to the Shen Tu family clan’s proposal, I would have harmed Xintong, and I would also have harmed the Lin family. Yi Yun, you could be said to be our Lin family’s benefactor!”

Originally, the marriage alliance was beneficial to both the Lin family and the Shen Tu family clan. However, with the relic being flawed, only the Shen Tu family clan would gain the benefits, while the Lin family would have mistakenly fell for the trap. They would have ruined their family’s heir, and their resulting future could be predicted.

“Matriarch, you make it sound too serious, this junior is not worthy of that.” Yi Yun clasped his fists and said humbly.

The Matriarch smiled. She was very satisfied with Yi Yun’s attitude of not being arrogant, despite having accomplishing something.

“Yi Yun, I heard that you have not decided on your marriage matters. If you do want to marry, you can choose any girl in the Lin family that you like… ” When the Matriarch said this, Yi Yun felt speechless. He awkwardly touched his cheek and said, “This junior is still young, so this is not an urgent matter… ”

Clearly, the Matriarch still wanted Yi Yun to have his roots in the Lin family.

Not far away, Lin Xintong’s grandaunt felt unhappy hearing this, “Matriarch, how can you… ”

She was worried about the matter regarding Yi Yun and the Desolate race. How could the Matriarch let a person whose identity was unknown, and his motives impure, take root in the Lin family? Then, wasn’t what she said in the past for nothing!?


The Matriarch’s eyebrows knitted as she gave Lin Fenggu a staring glance.

Lin Fenggu suddenly stopped speaking. Although she extremely disliked Yi Yun, she did not dare to go against the Matriarch’s wishes.

The Matriarch turned back towards Yi Yun and her expression changed into a pleasant smile, “You aren’t young anymore. Many mortals get married when they were 15 years old. For warriors, they may get married later, but it is also alright to have an early engagement.”

“On the road of martial arts, there are some cultivation techniques that allow for cultivation intercourse, which will help give fast improvements in cultivation. My Lin family also has such cultivation techniques, you can choose any of them as you wish. Of course, you can also choose who will be your companion. As long as you choose one, I will personally help you in the matchmaking process.”

There were not many people around, so the Matriarch said all that without any inhibitions. This made Lin Xintong, who was standing beside her, blush slightly. She was still pure, so hearing the Matriarch say things like this openly made her unsure on what her reaction should be.

“The Matriarch really is thinking seriously about Yi Yun’s marriage… ” Lin Xintong muttered to herself. For the Matriarch to be a matchmaker herself, no junior in the Lin family could enjoy such a treatment.

And if the Matriarch had any intention for a marriage to happen, how could it not succeed?

Besides, in the family, there would be no girl who would dislike Yi Yun…

When this thought appeared in her mind, Lin Xintong secretly glanced at Yi Yun. Now, Yi Yun had grown up into a bright young teenager. His childish looks no longer existed, and he looked more wise and he had a restrained air to him.

Furthermore, with his outstanding talent and bright future, which girl wouldn’t feel tempted?

Thinking about the celebration party a month ago, the young girls that had surrounded Yi Yun were like fluttering birds. These girls were obviously not following the instructions of the elders to approach Yi Yun, but, they wanted to get to know Yi Yun well themselves.

With this thought, the corners of Lin Xintong’s mouth suffused a faint smile. Back then, when she met Yi Yun in the Cloud Wilderness, how would she have known that he would become such an admirable youth?

“Yi Yun, think about it. If you wish, you can also go into our Lin family’s cultivation technique library and choose a cultivation technique you want.”

The people from the Family Rules Hall, who were sent out by the Matriarch, had investigated everything that happened to Yi Yun in the Chu royal residence a few months ago at the fastest speed possible.

After Matriarch Lin had heard it, she was already sure that Yi Yun was risking his life to stop Shen Tu Nantian because of his relationship with his sister.

Not only did this not decrease Matriarch Lin’s impression of Yi Yun, it in fact made Matriarch Lin think that Yi Yun was a person who set high values on relationships. Such a person was even more worthy of being trusted.

On the contrary, if he ignored his sister’s life, and assumed a stance of placing righteousness before family to appear dignified, such a person needed to be watched out for.

This was because this meant that they would do anything to reach their goals.

Yi Yun was a genius that was worthy of being trusted and nurtured. Hence, Matriarch Lin decided to hold on to Yi Yun’s heart. If she could get Yi Yun to find a girl that he liked in the Lin family, it would be even better. The girl will slowly take up a spot in Yi Yun’s heart. As such, there would be no fear in Yi Yun leaning towards the Desolate race.