True Martial World Chapter 428

Chapter 428: Pulling off its Veil
Chapter 428: Pulling off its Veil

Under the companionship of Yi Yun and Lin Xintong, Matriarch Lin headed to the Jade Bamboo peak.

When they stepped into the airship, the Matriarch suddenly stopped and handed the Great Empress mystic realm’s jade scroll to Lin Xintong.

“Xintong, take a look…”

This sentence made many people pause in their thoughts as they too stopped in their footsteps.

Everyone looked towards Lin Xintong.

Great Empress mystic realm!

The trade between the Lin family and the Shen Tu family clan was not only limited to the Great Empress mystic realm’s location. It also included the experience the Shen Tu family clan gained within the Great Empress mystic realm. It gave a general outline of what the Great Empress mystic realm had as well as the potential opportunities and risks.

Only the Matriarch had seen the jade scroll. As for what it was inside and whether it had something that could cure Lin Xintong of her naturally terminated meridians, was still a mystery.

If even after they had worked so hard and given it so much thought, the Great Empress mystic realm proved to be of no value to Lin Xintong, then it would be meaningless.

Lin Xintong took the jade scroll as she gently touched the corners of the jade scroll’s smooth edges.

Her expression remained calm. Only her long eyelashes trembled slightly as she read.

What was written in the jade scroll?

Could it provide an opportunity to change her own destiny?

With her perception sinking into the jade scroll, Lin Xintong read the contents within. She remained silent for a long while as everyone around waited as they observed Lin Xintong’s expression.

Old man Su Jie’s hands were clasped together. He was clearly very nervous and looking forward to it.

There was no doubt that whatever easily obtained or valuable within the Great Empress mystic realm had already been taken away by the Shen Tu family clan.

What remained would only be extremely dangerous things that might not even be obtainable. This was as Shen Tu Nantian had said, the Shen Tu family clan had only explored a tiny portion of the Great Empress mystic realm. There were even more opportunities that the Shen Tu family clan could only lament at after seeing its inaccessibility.

After Lin Xintong finished reading it, she did not say anything. She returned the jade scroll to the Matriarch. Neither excitement nor frustration could be seen from her face.

“Let me see!”

Su Jie could not bear it further. Although Su Jie was an outsider, the Matriarch absolutely trusted him, so she naturally did not mind letting him see the contents of the jade scroll.

After Su Jie finished reading, his expression turned odd. Yi Yun, who was watching by the side, was also curious. What was in the jade scroll?

The Matriarch could tell what was on Yi Yun’s mind. She handed the jade scroll to Yi Yun, “You take a look too.”


Yi Yun was slightly stunned. He never expected that the Matriarch would specially give a junior like him to read the jade scroll first hand.

Beside Yi Yun, Lin Fenggu was angered. She had not even seen it as an elder, yet Yi Yun got it before her. Could her position in the Matriarch’s heart be less than this kid Yi Yun?

“To be able to obtain this jade scroll was all thanks to you. Although there is hope, this hope…is quite slim.”

The Matriarch shook her head gently. After Yi Yun received the jade scroll, he sank his perception into it.

As such, this mystical land that had been left behind a long time ago finally pulled off its veil in front of Yi Yun…

The first thing Yi Yun saw was the location of the Great Empress mystic realm as that was the most critical information.

Upon seeing it, Yi Yun gasped. The Great Empress mystic realm was located near to the God Burial Abyss!

When Yi Yun first arrived at the Tian Yuan world, he had heard from Su Jie that the surroundings of the Tian Yuan world was blocked off by the Untraversable Sea. This Untraversable Sea was infinitely vast, and its Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was sparse. It was dead silent and no one had managed to cross it.

And below the Tian Yuan world, deep in the Untraversable Sea, there was a huge black whirlpool named the God Burial Abyss.

This God Burial Abyss had an incomparable terrifying suction force. Once someone was sucked into it, they would fall deep into the endless abyss, with no way of returning. It was said even immortal gods could not return.

Hence, it was called the God Burial Abyss.

This was the most terrifying place in the Tian Yuan world. Even a mighty figure like the Shen Tu Patriarch did not dare to enter.

Now, only peerless figures would consider entering the God Burial Abyss when the end of their lifespans was getting close. Some wanted to see with their own eyes what was inside God Burial Abyss.

Others held out for the one in a trillion chance for an opportunity within God Burial Abyss that could extend what was their tiny amount of lifespan left.

The Great Empress mystic realm was not inside the God Burial Abyss. Because if that was the case, then no one could enter it.

It was located near to the humongous whirlpool in the God Burial Abyss. There was still quite a distance, but even so, the mystic realm’s main body was still affected by the God Burial Abyss’s terrifying suction force. This shocked Yi Yun.

One had to know that the spatial dimension around the God Burial Abyss was extremely unstable. For such a large mystic realm to exist under the terrifying suction force and the spatial warping for such a long time, what sort of power was needed to make this a reality?

There was no doubt that the Great Empress mystic realm was indeed left behind by the ancient peerless Great Empress herself.

It was not necessarily the Great Empress’s grave, but a heritage ground left behind by the Great Empress.

In the history of martial arts, peerless Great Empyrean-ranked figures like the ancient Great Empress was extremely few in number. Historical records did not specifically indicate how long their lifespans were. There was just a vague estimation.

They might have existed in this world for hundreds of thousands of years, and might have died or broken through into the void, leaving the world of Tian Yuan.

In history, there had never been two peerless Great Emperors that existed in the same era.

Hence, a peerless Great Emperor was destined to solitude and loneliness.

In the eyes of these peerless figures, the geniuses of their era were not considered geniuses. Hence, many peerless Great Emperors would never be able to have a true disciple which could inherit their mantle.

It was not that they did not wish to take in disciples, it was because they could not find one.

The elites in the same era could not catch their eye.

As the saying goes about ‘rather going without than be contented with anything less than satisfactory.’ If they had really taken in a personal disciple who was unable to continue their brilliance and was unable to push the inheritance they created to its peak, then they would rather not take in a disciple.


A warrior always tended to want the laws and heritage they created in their lives to carry on. The lifespan of people were limited. Mortals wished to have children so as to continue their bloodline after they died. It was the same with warriors. If their heritage could continue, then it was like them living on.

If they could not find a suitable successor in their living years, then these peerless Great Emperors would establish lands with their heritage.

Inside these lands, there were all sorts of opportunities. Those who were destined could obtain the complete heritage they left behind!

Many mighty figures even began forecasting the future, and used the final years of their life to search for the possible time and location of their future heir’s appearance in the rivers of fate.

And they would use this information to leave behind a heritage mystic realm.

The value of the peerless Great Empress’s heritage was self-evident. Furthermore, there might even be treasures left behind by the Great Empress. Once the heritage and treasures appeared, it was sufficient cause for the large families of the Tian Yuan world to go mad.

However…the Shen Tu family clan had handed over the location of the Great Empress mystic realm to the Lin family.

The reason behind this was because the Shen Tu family clan could not enter the core of the mystic realm no matter what methods they had used. They naturally had no fate with the heritage and the treasures.

As for the exterior perimeter’s opportunities, the Shen Tu family clan had already taken whatever they could take. Hence, the jade scroll in Yi Yun’s hands may be valuable, but the premise was that the Lin family had to be able to take the items out from the Great Empress mystic realm.

This was too difficult.

Since the Great Empress mystic realm was a land of inheritance, then it naturally was the stage for young people.

As a land of inheritance, the main reason for its existence was to pick a successor. The ancient Great Empress would not choose an old man as her successor.

According to the records in the jade scroll, there would be many channels to choose from upon entering the Great Empress mystic realm. These channel would screen one’s bone age. The difference in bone age would result in different channels.

The Great Empress mystic realm also had treasures which was left behind by the ancient Great Empress as gifts for the world. These treasures did not have any age restrictions. People like Su Jie could also compete for them. These were all channels that had no bone age restriction.

As for the remaining core channels, there would be bone age restrictions.

There was no doubt the treasures that was up for grabs were trivial. The really precious treasure was the Great Empress inheritance that only juniors could obtain!

To leave behind the best things for one’s selected heir was human nature.

“Have you finished reading it? That’s about it…”

Everyone present had taken a look at the contents of the jade scroll before it finally returned to Matriarch Lin’s hands.

At this moment, Matriarch Lin’s expression did not look relaxed, “The bunch of us old people can also enter this Great Empress mystic realm, but we would not have any fate with the core land of inheritance. That is to say, this exploration of the Great Empress mystic realm will depend on our family’s juniors.”

“Actually, the number of people entering the mystic realm is not limited. However, the jade scroll given to us by the Shen Tu family clan has said that the entrance to the Great Empress mystic realm is near to the God Burial Abyss! There, the suction strength is extremely terrifying. An ordinary junior has no hopes of nearing it, or their bodies would be torn to pieces!”

When the Matriarch said this, her expression turned odd. This did not make sense. Since the ancient Great Empress had established this land of inheritance, then the main goal was to select a heir.

A heir that could really catch her eye would not be too old. The person wouldn’t have a very high cultivation level, but would have extremely high talent.

However with the mystic realm’s entrance being so dangerous, how could young people with lacking cultivation levels enter with their own strength?

This made the Matriarch suspect that when the ancient Great Empress established the inheritance mystic realm, the God Burial Abyss was not in such a state. There might have been some changes later on that resulted in the current situation.

Or maybe, with the drifting of spatial dimensions, the entrance of the Great Empress mystic realm had slowly moved to the entrance of the God Burial Abyss over a long period of time.

This also caused the Great Empress mystic realm that was supposed to be presented to everyone in the world to become extremely secretive and difficult to discover.

There was no meaning in trying to figure out the reason. What was important was that due to the location of the Great Empress mystic realm being near the God Burial Abyss, there was a limited number of people allowed to enter.

This was because the juniors of the Lin family could not use their own strength to approach the God Burial Abyss.

They needed a mighty figure of the Lin family to bring them in.

To bring a weak live person that close to the God Burial Abyss without harm was easier said than done. The Lin family did not have many people with such abilities.

“Tonight, we will discuss in detail the candidates who will enter the Great Empress mystic realm!”