True Martial World Chapter 433

Chapter 433: Heading towards God Burial Abyss
Chapter 433: Heading towards God Burial Abyss

Yi Yun’s silent response made Lin Yu felt like he was punching into thin air.

For people at Yi Yun’s age, it was the time when they were the most aggressive. They would not allow others to look down upon them. Lin Yu had originally expected that saying those words would cause Yi Yun to become agitated and begin quarreling with him with his neck red with anger. When that happened, he could then provoke Yi Yun into entering the desolate beast cage, and fight with a Mystic Lin Tiger.

With Yi Yun’s strength, him facing a Mystic Lin Tiger would definitely put him into a pathetic state. Even if the administrators of the Lin family helped him, Yi Yun would still be injured, or at least embarrass himself greatly.

However, Lin Yu was at a loss with Yi Yun’s low-key forbearance.

Lin Yu’s lackeys had grown up together with Lin Yu, so they understood Lin Yu’s mind very well. They wanted to step forward to provoke Yi Yun.

However, Lin Yu shook his head, “Forget it. Provoking him would be obvious on our part. This kid Yi Yun might not even agree. Even if he agrees, the Matriarch would hold us accountable if he gets injured.”

Lin Yu did not want to complicate things, and at this moment, he felt something as he turned to look far into the distance.

People had the same feeling as they all looked into the distance.

They only saw a group of people flying towards Cloud Protruding peak silently in the snow-filled sky.

Yi Yun squinted. Amongst the people, he saw Lin Xintong, Su Jie and Matriarch Lin.

What made Yi Yun slightly surprised was that the Matriarch, who was always the head of the Lin family, was currently following respectfully behind two elders.

These two elders, both had white hair and beards with slightly yellowish faces; one of them was dressed in gray, while the other was dressed in white. Their face even had spots from age. They did not seem to portray the feeling of immortals, and could even be said to be a bit ugly.

The two elders looked very similar, as if they were a pair of twins.

When Yi Yun saw these two old people, they were still very far away and their speed seemed very slow, but in just a few seconds, they had already landed lightly, without even stirring the dust on the ground around them.

Immediately, the noisy Cloud Protruding peak quietened down. Everyone were looking at the two elders in a daze. It was as if the snowflakes fluttering in the sky had stagnated.

With the two elders in front of him, Yi Yun felt his heart thump heavily. He subconsciously held his breath. Yi Yun felt like he could not look at the two elders’ eyes, as if their eyes were light beacons that could see through him.

Although Yi Yun knew that the Purple Crystal’s level far exceeded this world’s standard and they would not be able to detect it, the pressure emitted by these two elders made him unable to be at ease.

The two elders glanced at Yi Yun at the same time. One nodded slightly, while the other remained expressionless.

Not far from the two elders was a simple-dressed Lin Xintong.

Having not seen her in five months which had only felt like a blink of an eye, Yi Yun felt Lin Xintong’s temperament had a subtle change when he saw her again. She seemed to resemble a fairy of Heaven even more. With the Purple Crystal in his body, Yi Yun could feel that Lin Xintong’s energy was like a calm lake, without the slightest wave.

For her to have such a powerful energy yet it being so calm meant that Lin Xintong’s power had reached an unimaginable level.

“All Lin family disciples present, let me introduce. These two are the two of the Lin family’s three Grand Elders, Elder Huowen and Elder Tianzhu. I believe everyone must have heard of them since a long time ago, but few people have actually seen them.”

After the Matriarch finished speaking, she retreated to stand behind the two Grand Elders.

Although the people present had some prior suspicions, they still drew a breath of cold air when they heard the Matriarch’s affirmative response. They found it unbelievable.

The three Grand Elders of the Lin family were legends to the juniors present. They were almost never seen. Even some of the ordinary Elders in the family would seldom have the opportunity to meet them.

These two elders were the real pillars of support of the Lin family. For the Lin family to survive in the Tian Yuan world and becoming one of the top family clans and protect its treasured ground, the Jade Spirit Mountains, was all due to the support of these few elders.

However, the situation of the Lin family was not at its best. The two Grand Elders present were very old and they did not have much lifespan left.

The remaining third Grand Elder was the most powerful one and was younger. However, it also required the Lin family to produce another Grand Elder within the next 10-20,000 years so as to carry on supporting the Lin family’s estate. This was not an easy task.

And Lin Xintong was no doubt the candidate the upper echelons of the Lin family paid the most attention to. Once Lin Xintong’s naturally terminated meridians was joined up, then she would become a future peerless Great Empress. Then it could ensure the prosperity of the Lin family for a million years.

With such great advantages ahead, it was worth it for the Lin family to take the risk.

“All of you must already know the meaning behind the Great Empress mystic realm, so I shall not say any further. For this trip to the mystic realm, Tianzhu and I will accompany you, but the real main characters would be all of you!”

“As it is an inheritance ground, the greatest benefits of the Great Empress mystic realm would be definitely left to juniors like you. If you can obtain the recognition of the Great Empress mystic realm and obtain the heritage left behind by the Great Empress, or be able to find a method to join up Xintong’s naturally terminated meridians, then you would be the person who contributed the most to the Lin family. As long as your future achievement is passable, you will be allowed to helm half of the Lin family’s estate!”

Elder Huowen’s words were a surprise. It caused all the geniuses present to stare with widened eyes.

Helm half of the Lin family’s estate!?

They had originally guessed that the Lin family would reward greatly for this Great Empress mystic realm trip as it was very important. However, they had imagined that it would be cultivation techniques, elixirs or relics.

They had never expected that Elder Huowen would promise the future ownership of the Lin family.

As for why it was half of the estate, it was obvious. The remaining half was reserved for Lin Xintong.

If Lin Xintong could really join up her naturally terminated meridians, then it would be reasonable for her to become the person helming the Lin family. However, for them to share power of the Lin family with Lin Xintong, with their status being second only to a peerless Great Empress, this made many of the Lin family disciples present excited.

“The Lin family has really invested a lot this time.”

Behind Grand Elder Huowen, Su Jie was secretly surprised. He was quite impressed with Elder Huowen’s drive. Only with great rewards would there be brave heroes.

However, Elder Huowen’s rewards were reasonable.

This was because if someone was able to obtain the Great Empress’ heritage, then he would have the sufficient capacity to control half of the Lin family. And if that someone could find a way to heal Lin Xintong, then his credit was even greater.

“Let’s move out!”

Elder Huowen did not speak any further nonsense. Throwing his hand gently, a beam flew out. It was a mini-airship.

This small airship began to rapidly grow in size once it was thrown into the air. Soon, it was about a thousand feet long.

Following that, Elder Huowen flicked his long sleeves and a strong force surged over. The juniors present were transported into the airship by this force.

Yi Yun felt the space around him transform, and the next moment, he was already inside the airship’s hull.

This made Yi Yun astonished. Elder Huowen’s method clearly contained spatial laws within it, or he would have appeared on the deck and not inside the airship’s hull.

The airship shot up into the sky and with a blink of an eye, left Cloud Protruding peak as they flew towards the God Burial Abyss.

Along the way, the airship broke through the fog at an extremely fast speed. However, Yi Yun felt it was very stable while on board it.

The two Grand Elders were no longer seen. At the beginning, Elder Tianzhu had nodded at Yi Yun slightly, which was the thanks to Yi Yun for seeing through the Shen Tu family clan’s nefarious plot. Later on, they no longer paid any attention to Yi Yun. Most of their efforts were placed on Lin Xintong.

For this expedition to the Great Empress mystic realm, the most important person amongst the juniors was of course, Lin Xintong. The person most likely to obtain the Great Empress’ heritage was also Lin Xintong.

The younger generation of the Lin family did not know that in the past five months, the three Lin family Grand Elders had came forward to give Lin Xintong pointers. Together with the Matriarch, they would each teach Lin Xintong something they were good at from time to time.

All the experts in the Lin family were revolving around Lin Xintong. All sorts of precious medicines were generously given to Lin Xintong for her usage.

The Lin family’s nurturing of Lin Xintong could be said to have stopped at nothing. No junior in the long history of the Lin family had received such treatment.

And Lin Xintong did not disappoint the upper echelons of the Lin family. In the short period of five months, her strength had once again made a leap forward. Her nomological insight had also improved. In the entire Lin family’s history, no one had her strength at this age.

If it was not for the curse of the natural Yin meridians clouding the hearts of the all the Elders, then Lin Xintong’s current achievements were enough for her to be nurtured as the Lin family’s future successor.

Now, taking advantage of the time the airship was flying, the two Grand Elders meditated beside Lin Xintong, secretly manipulating the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi around her, letting Lin Xintong reach her optimal state in the three aspects of Essence, Qi and Spirit.

For this expedition to the Great Empress mystic realm, the upper echelons of the Lin family had a great deal of confidence in Lin Xintong.

They knew that the reason why the Shen Tu family clan failed in the Great Empress mystic realm was because of Shen Tu Nantian. He, as the number one genius amongst the younger generation of the Shen Tu family clan, had not been able to gain the recognition of the Great Empress mystic realm!”

If Lin Xintong were to gain the recognition of the Great Empress mystic realm, then the Lin family would truly be able to open up the Great Empress mystic realm.

With Lin Xintong having natural Yin meridians with a perfect pure Yin body, her martial talent was impeccable. If Lin Xintong could not gain the recognition of the Great Empress mystic realm, then the upper echelons of the Lin family could not think of anyone who had this ability.

“Matriarch, don’t worry. Xintong will be fine.”

Beside the Matriarch, an elder said. The Matriarch nodded. The eyes that she used to look at Lin Xintong was full of love and hope…

At this moment, Lin Xintong’s eyes were tightly shut. Her eyelashes were gently quivering. She looked like an ethereal fairy while in her meditative state. But underneath her calm as still water energy, there was a hidden thriving fighting spirit burning. It was her declaration of war at fate!

She had always wanted to take control of her destiny. And this time, the Heavens had placed an opportunity in front of her…