True Martial World Chapter 440

Chapter 440: Sky Blood Yuan Qi
Chapter 440: Sky Blood Yuan Qi

“Chu Cai has passed.”

Seeing Chu Cai in such a state, people had complex feelings. He had a bloody hole in his shoulder, and he had to use his Beast Control Sect’s mystic technique to pass it with great difficulty. Now, Chu Cai was completely covered in blood. His face was pale and his arms were trembling. It was a great difference from Chu Cai’s previous high-spirited and pointer-giving air and appearance.

Chu Cai seemed to suffer quite a setback. He sat on the opposite side of the bridge of light, completely silent.

“Chu Cai should not have suffered such grave injuries, but unfortunately, he had to attack the ancient desolate beast. He bit off more than he could chew!”

As Panther Lady spoke, she jumped onto the bridge of light. The bridge was covered with the corpses of the crows.

Against the ancient desolate beast, Panther Lady did not dare to be careless, even if her speed and sneak attacks were her forte.


The ancient desolate beast charged forward, and Panther Lady’s body suddenly disappeared!


With a forceful wind surging over, Panther Lady’s body forcefully reversed in midair, and avoided the ancient desolate beast’s attack by a hair!

When Panther Lady landed, her hair was messy. Her eyes beamed like that of a wild beast.


The ancient desolate beast attacked again as it opened its third eye.

This mysterious third eye could give the ancient desolate beast an increase in its speed and strength. Panther Lady’s pupils contracted, and turned thin like a needle, just like a cat. Her body began to emit cracking sounds. A strange tattoo began to appear on her body. Following that, fine hair began to grow on Panther Lady’s face. Her back became more bent, as her arms became even longer. She sprawled on the ground, while her black fingernails had become sharp claws.

“Beast transformation!”

Someone exclaimed. Panther Lady’s name was not trivially given. She came from the Tian Yuan world’s Totem Mystic Race.

The people from the Totem Mystic Race had a special bloodline. By using their race’s mystic technique, they could transform their body, making them similar to a beast, stimulating their body’s potential.

Now, Panther Lady was using such a method. In her beast form, her speed and reaction speed had been greatly increased!


A beam shot out from the ancient desolate beast’s third eye as it grazed past Panther Lady’s arm. Although Panther Lady had managed to dodge the beam, the energy that surrounded the beam had made her grimace in pain. A wound appeared on her arm as blood seeped out.

“To think that the ancient desolate beast can still wound Panther Lady in her beast form!”

“This is way too terrifying.”

Panther Lady’s speed was already extremely fast, but it was still not enough in front of the ancient desolate beast.

Panther Lady revealed an embarrassed and irritated expression. She wanted to pass the trial without any injuries, but now, that was too difficult to achieve!

After some abrasions, Panther Lady managed to struggle to endure through it. Even though her speed and reaction speed had been pushed to an extreme, by the time it took for a joss stick to finish burning, there were a few shallow wounds on her body.

Although compared to Chu Cai, Panther Lady was clearly less pathetic as her wounds were just abrasions, after she got out of her beast form, her face was pale. And from her continuous light panting state, Panther Lady clearly had not gotten through it easily.

This made everyone feel heavy in the heart. The first round was already so difficult!

Lin Yu’s expression no longer looked good. Originally, when he saw that this round was to deal with a desolate beast, he was overjoyed, but now, he too felt the pressure.

However, compared to the other disciples, he still had some confidence. After all, he had been focused on actual battle usually. He had fought with desolate beasts for countless numbers of times and he had a wealth of experience.

Lin Yu scanned the faces of the people beside him. He saw that including Lin Xiaodie and Lin Yuefeng, their expressions were also not relaxed.

Everyone was the same!

Lin Yu heaved a sigh of relief. However, when he saw Yi Yun’s expression, he suddenly turned dumbfounded.

At this moment, Yi Yun was absorbed in staring at the ancient desolate beast. His expression looked deep, as if he was pondering over something.

Why does this kid have such an expression?

Lin Yu found it weird. He felt that Yi Yun should have fallen into despair seeing this difficult task. Others could still survive if they failed, but he would die if he failed.

“Is this kid scared silly? Forget it. Who cares what he’s doing. Let me pass the trial first.”

With this thought in mind, Lin Yu stepped on the bridge with determination.

At this moment, everyone’s eyes fell on Lin Yu, including Lin Xiaodie, who was holding a visual disk array.

Lin Yu stood straight and looked at the visual disk array in Lin Xiaodie’s hands. He clenched his fists tightly.

Back then, when the decision was made on who was to enter the Great Empress mystic realm, he had been denied by the Matriarch publicly. He was not even given a chance to speak, so it was a great blow to his self esteem.

This time, he wanted to avenge his previous disgrace!

Lin Xiaodie’s visual disk array would record the process of him passing the trial. He wanted to show Matriarch Lin that her initial choice was wrong!

Thinking of this, he subconsciously glanced at Yi Yun. Yi Yun was the reason for his ridicule.

Yes, the Matriarch’s chosen person would soon be ruined. His dying process would also be recorded by Lin Xiaodie. So what if he was favored by the Matriarch? Without strength, he would only be courting death in the Great Empress mystic realm. When Yi Yun is being killed, he would be standing on the opposite side of the bridge!

As he thought of this, Lin Yu turned and faced the ancient desolate beast.


The desolate beast roared. Lin Yu felt his scalp go numb. Feeling the pressure from the ancient desolate beast up close was too much!

The desolate beast charged over as Lin Yu’s face flushed red. His eyes beamed as he leaped to dodge the attack!


The bridge trembled. Lin Yu was completely focused. He used the experience he had accumulated in the past and managed to barely survive under the ancient desolate beast’s attack. Every dodge of his was extremely close. Just a tiny mistake would result in immediate serious injuries.

“Oh? This Lin family kid’s strength is passable.” In the crowd, someone said. The Lin family was after all a top family clan, so it was normal for Lin Yu to have such a performance.

As people were speaking, the ancient desolate beast opened its third eye. The pressure Lin Yu felt suddenly surged!

“It’s over, he won’t be able to last through it!”

“To be able to last to this point with such a small price isn’t considered weak.”

Hearing these people’s discussions, a cold sneer appeared on Lin Yu’s lips. He had trained so hard all this while, so how could he be of this level?

Seeing the desolate beast’s beam shooting over, an abnormal redness appeared on Lin Yu’s face. This redness spread all the way down to his neck, until his entire body suffused a faint bloody glow!

“Oh? This is… Sky Blood Yuan Qi!?”

On the Lin family side, Lin Xiaodie and Lin Yuefeng were also surprised.

In the path of martial arts, there were some cultivation techniques that would result in a special Yuan Qi that matched the cultivation technique. Sky Blood Yuan Qi was one of those.

Sky Blood Yuan Qi was very difficult to master, but even if it was mastered, it still had some constraints for its use. This was because it would overdraw on one’s Qi and blood, causing harm to the body.

And as a result, the power it gave was overwhelmingly powerful!

Now, with Lin Yu’s strength and him using the Sky Blood Yuan Qi, it was likely he would be left with reticent injuries.

“This Lin Yu sure is going all out!’

Lin Yuefeng shook his head slightly. This was just the first trial, and even if he passed, he might not get any substantial benefits. He would at best get some insight and experience.

Hence, every cultivator that entered the Great Empress mystic realm had to have a balance in their hearts. They needed to know if it was worth paying the price.

As the time it took for a joss stick to finish burning approached, Lin Yu was somersaulting everywhere. His face was completely swallowed by the color of blood, however, he still gnashed his teeth and held out.


Another beam shot out from the ancient desolate beast’s third eye. Lin Yu used all his energy, but he was still unable to dodge this attack. His thigh was torn, causing blood to flow!

Lin Yu snorted as the blood vessels on his forehead and neck bulged, as if they were about to explode anytime.

He was already nearing the limits of his limits.


The ancient desolate beast did not give Lin Yu the chance to take a breather. It quickly followed up with a claw!


This claw caused light beams to distort from the ground. The strong impact sent Lin Yu flying. He heavily slammed to the bridge of light and vomited blood.

Lin Yu had not managed to complete dodge every attack of the ancient desolate beast. He felt like his body was about to fall apart.

However, just as he felt he could not endure any further, the ancient desolate beast suddenly stopped.

It used its cold eyes to stare at Lin Yu, but it did not charge forward.

It was because the time it took for a joss stick to burn was over!