True Martial World Chapter 442

Chapter 442: Empyrean Mark
Chapter 442: Empyrean Mark

“No injuries!”

Seeing Gongsun Hong pass the trial unscathed, many of the elites present looked at each other.

With this “Sweeping Figure Sword Steps” displayed, not only was it gorgeous, its power was also shocking.

“The ‘Sweeping Figure Sword Steps’ is a move that is both offensive and defensive. It has speed and is also very aggressive.”

People knew Gongsun Hong was very talented, and wanted to know how he would pass the trial. They had however never expected for Gongsun Hong to use such a method. He had used a trick, and with his exceptional abilities, he easily passed the trial.

“If Gongsun Hong had used ‘Sweeping Figure Sword Steps’ to attack the ancient desolate beast, he would not be taking any risk. Yet, even so, he did not do so…”

“Sweeping Figure Sword Steps” was only sword Qi, so nothing happened with it shattering. If the other people were Gongsun Hong, they could not help but attempt attacking the ancient desolate beast and see its effects, but Gongsun Hong did not even try. Clearly, he had made the judgment that the attacks of ‘Sweeping Figure Sword Steps’ were too inadequate to be used on the ancient desolate beast.

While people were talking, a sudden light beam fell from the sky, shooting straight at Gongsun Hong!


Gongsun Hong was surprised, but he did not dodge. He allowed the beam of light to hit his body because he made the judgment that the light beam had no murderous intent.


The light beam hit Gongsun Hong on the arm, and formed a purple mark. It looked like a small tattoo.

“Could that be an… Empyrean Mark!? He received an Empyrean Mark just like this?”

When Panther Lady saw this small purple mark, she became dumbfounded.

When she said this, she immediately caused a commotion amongst the crowd. Many elites ignored their injuries and stopped their meditation. They looked towards Gongsun Hong’s arm.

In the Shen Tu family clan’s jade scroll, there was a description of the Empyrean Mark. After the Great Empress mystic realm opened, if the younger generation excelled in any of the trials, they would obtain an Empyrean Mark.

Every Empyrean Mark was precious. These runes could open the Great Empress’ vault once enough were accumulated. One could then exchange the runes for treasures inside the Great Empress vault.

The ancient Great Empress was not stingy when it came to nurturing geniuses.

Those who were not up to mark to be her successor, but had considerable talent would be given appropriate help and rewards.

And every item left by the ancient Great Empress in the Great Empress mystic realm were impressive. If one could manage to exchange for any single item…

Just thinking of this made the others extremely envious.

Even Gongsun Hong, who was always calm, could not help but smile. He had his ambitions. It was to the point that he did not want his future to be restricted in the Li Fire Sect.

However, just one Empyrean Mark was not enough. According to the records in the Shen Tu family clan’s jade scroll, the items in the Great Empress vault were extremely difficult to get.

There were juniors in the Shen Tu family clan who managed to obtain Empyrean Marks, but they did not manage to see the real Great Empress vault. They could only see the inventory list of the Great Empress vault. And the number of Empyrean Marks needed to exchange for the treasures greatly set them back. The amount of Empyrean Marks they gathered were just enough to exchange for items that the Great Empress found insignificant.

Regardless, it was still a good sign. To obtain one Empyrean Mark at the first trial meant that in the future trials, they would be be able to get more Empyrean Marks. If they could really open the Great Empress vault, then that opportunity would be unimaginable!

“This Gongsun Hong… Hai…”

The youths who had passed the bridge of light could not help but shake their heads. They were geniuses too, but the difference was just too great. The scene of Gongsun Hong obtaining a Empyrean Mark made the joy of them passing diminish greatly.

However, they had nothing else to say with Gongsun Hong’s strength. Compared to the situation of them passing the trial, Gongsun Hong was indeed on a level higher than them.

As all of them were focused on the Empyrean Mark on Gongsun Hong’s arm, not far away, Yi Yun’s eyes were still looking straight ahead. He had been staring at the bridge’s ancient desolate beast and its third eye…

Back when Yi Yun went into reclusive training for half a year, he had used the pure Yang Qi in the Great Empress relic and the Purple Crystal to transform his body. He had made his pure Yang body come closer to perfection.

With a pure Yang body he would also be a top genius, even here in the Tian Yuan world. Back in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, a predecessor with a pure Yang body had managed to master the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique” in twenty days, and eventually became a Sage. This time period had also become an eternal record in the Tai Ah Divine City.

And that was just an ordinary pure Yang body. If it was a perfect pure Yang body, then it would be even more amazing.

Even in the Tian Yuan world, it would be a startling occurrence. It was a body condition that could influence the situation of the various large factions in the Tian Yuan world!

When he was in the Cloud Wilderness, Yi Yun’s martial arts talent could be said to be extremely terrible.

After he went to the Tai Ah Divine City, and his expedition into Fallen Star Gate, Yi Yun’s martial arts talent greatly improved.

And now, Yi Yun had come to the Tian Yuan world. With the Purple Crystal’s energy subtly transforming his body, his body was slowly approaching that of a perfect pure Yang body. Even without the Purple Crystal, he could still truly be called a martial arts genius!

In the Great Empress mystic realm, Yi Yun did not find it difficult to use his own strengths to pass this entry trial.

However, this was not enough to satisfy Yi Yun. The ancient Great Empress could leave her name for eons meant that her cultivation realm had exceeded the imagination of this world. To impress the ancient Great Empress, just passing or passing beautifully was far from enough!

Gongsun Hong was considered to have passed beautifully, but so what?

It was just one Empyrean Mark. Yi Yun had seen the description of the Shen Tu family clan’s jade scroll. To really exchange the treasures in the Great Empress vault, one Empyrean Mark was nothing at all.

From Yi Yun’s point of view, a young genius who won first place in his Li Fire Sect’s tournament, would not be the only one of his kind in the current Tian Yuan world. A couple of them could be pointed out from all the various large factions. Placed in the ancient Great Empress’s era, they were easily found in handfuls.

If the ancient Great Empress wanted such a person as her successor, she just needed to indicate her will back in her era. Countless numbers of people would come breaking down the doors. And amongst those people, there were definitely people who were more outstanding than Gongsun Hong!

However, it was all useless.

Hence, Yi Yun was sure that Gongsun Hong’s performance was not to the Great Empress’ satisfaction.

Perfectly dodging was not impressive to the Great Empress, and if that was so, it meant that there was a more perfect way of clearing the trial, such as… killing the desolate beast!

When this thought came to mind, Yi Yun was also taken aback himself.

It was because things were clear. The massive ancient desolate beast on the bridge was not something Yi Yun could deal with. Even if all of the people present joined forces it would still not be enough. Even when Lin Xintong was sixteen years old, even if she doubled her strength, she would still be no match for the ancient desolate beast.

However, according to analysis of the various aspects, there was only one way to clear the trial that would satisfy the ancient Great Empress. If not, the Great Empress mystic realm set up by her would lose its meaning.

It was impossible to directly kill a desolate beast that far exceeded the strength levels of 16-17 year old youths. Hence, using this logic, the ancient desolate beast in front of him definitely had a weakness.

This first entry trial might not be testing one’s movement technique, nor was it a test of one’s actual combat skills, but testing the observational powers of every cultivator that stepped onto the bridge.

Search for the ancient desolate beast’s weakness!

Yi Yun’s perceptivity might be pretty good, and his eyes sharp, but he did not believe his ability in this area outshined the geniuses from the ancient era, nor would it make the Great Empress satisfied.

Hence… Yi Yun had to use his killer weapon…

When the ancient Great Empress set up the Great Empress mystic realm, be it arrays or arrangement, they could not avoid their… energy!

In his energy vision, the bridge and the ancient desolate beast gave a completely different scene.

This method might seem a bit shameless, but… Yi Yun liked it a lot.

“Cough… Why am I having such thoughts?”

Yi Yun touched his nose, “Senior Great Empress, sorry. I also did not want to cheat, but… the Purple Crystal is also considered a part of me and is a constituent of my talent. If I were to receive your heritage, I believe… it will not be shamed in my hands.”

Yi Yun believed that the process and methods of doing a task was not important, as long as he did not violate his own bottom line. The result was what was fundamental.

And at this moment, the indifferent voice of the Great Empress mystic realm sounded out. There was still 30 minutes left before the ancient desolate beast would disappear!