True Martial World Chapter 443

Chapter 443: Yi Yun Makes His Move
Chapter 443: Yi Yun Makes His Move

There were still 30 minutes left… Yi Yun looked behind him at the cultivators that had not began the trial. Including him, there were three people left. 30 minutes was more than enough time.

At this moment, many of the cultivators that had managed to cross the bridge finished their meditation. Their eyes were all gathering onto the last few people.

Momentarily, these people’s faces turned bitter. They did not wish to give up, but neither did they have the courage to face the ancient desolate beast.

The few of them looked each other in the eye, hesitant to go forward. It was easy to give up, but they felt that giving up without a fight would result in a black mark in their lives. It would affect their martial hearts.

With no room left for retreat, a person cowardly went onto the bridge of light, attempting the trial.

However, the disparity in strength could not be made up. Against the ancient desolate beast, this youth only lasted for about a minute before being sent flying by the ancient desolate beast in one strike!

He did not have the ability to avoid the direct attack and be unaffected by the energy fluctuation like the other geniuses. So, he got a dealt a heavy blow, causing his ribs and sternum to shatter. He flew off the bridge like a broken blood bag.

“Haha! So terrible!”

Seeing this cultivator’s state, the youth from the Shen Tu family clan started mocking. There was no sympathy in the world of warriors. When these youths grew up, they could one day be their enemies, so they did not mind impacting the confidence of these people, letting them never recover from a setback.

“Ze Ze! There are two people left. To drag it out to now, their courage is smaller than a needle head. That Yi Yun has not gone up yet. He is the shame of the Lin family!”

The Shen Tu youth looked at Yi Yun as his eyes glanced on Lin Yu, Lin Fengyue and company. His expression was one of disdain.

“He is not part of our Lin family, don’t include the Lin family into this!” Lin Yu said angrily not far away from the Shen Tu youth. He could not tolerate any insults to his family, “That kid was originally a bumpkin coming from the wilderness of the Backwater East, whatever you want to do to him has nothing to do with the Lin family.”

Lin Yu was in a very bad mood. Yi Yun’s timidness had made him get ridiculed as well.

What was the point in delaying? In less than 30 minutes, this bridge of light and the ancient desolate beast would disappear. Then, there was no way for Yi Yun to go through the trial.

There would be enough time to kill Yi Yun in between the time of the bridge disappearing and the opening of the second trial entrance.

Many of them were silently waiting for this moment. The Shen Tu youth was watching Yi Yun with a cold sneer.

Shen Tu Nantian had given this task to him, so he naturally needed to do it beautifully. Besides, it was not a difficult task at all.

Shen Tu Nantian had specially instructed that Yi Yun had to be killed in the most cruel manner!

A visual disk array was not a bad choice. By recording the process of Yi Yun dying, Shen Tu Nantian could indulge in his tragic death. He was likely to become very happy with that gesture.

Shen Tu Nantian might have stumbled previously, but he was after all the most likely successor of the Shen Tu family clan. He had a bright and limitless future. This Shen Tu family clan youth was already thinking of a way to build friendly relations with Shen Tu Nantian, hoping to be put in an important position in the future by Shen Tu Nantian.

And killing Yi Yun was that opportunity.

Thinking of this, he took out a visual disk array from his interspatial ring. He also took out a worm that the Shen Tu family clan reared, as a cruel smile appeared on his face.

At this moment, other than Yi Yun, the last person had already gone up. He did not have much confidence to begin with, hoping to let Yi Yun go up first, but seeing Yi Yun being leisurely at ease, he knew he could not last longer than Yi Yun, so in the end he had to summon his courage and go up.

In the end, there was no miracle. The youth failed miserably.

His whole body was covered in blood as his eyes flashed with the unwillingness to accept his fate, but thankfully, he did not lose to his fear.

On the other side of the bridge, many people were giving off mocking smiles. Many of them were saying tasteless and sarcastic remarks, as if they were watching a monkey show.

That youth’s face was filled with humiliation, but he did not say a word. He swallowed an elixir and began to meditate.

Seeing the youth in this state, Yi Yun let out a light sigh. The Tian Yuan world was indeed cruel. In the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, people were after all from the same country, so even if they were jealousy or animosity, people would at least slightly disguise it. However, there was no such thing in the Tian Yuan world, there was just full blown hostility and murderous intent.

However, if the youth could handle the humiliation from this experience, then his future accomplishments would no longer be the same.

Yi Yun shook his head slightly and looked back at the ancient desolate beast, confirming its weakness. He was not in a hurry. As for the mockery from the cultivators across the bridge, he turned a deaf ear to it.

Yi Yun wanted a hundred percent guarantee!

The Great Empress mystic realm’s test was extraordinary. Even with the Purple Crystal, Yi Yun had to confirm it again and again so as to ensure that there was no mistakes.

There was about 10 minutes left before the bridge of light disappeared. The Great Empress mystic realm’s voice gave another indifferent notice,

“The time remaining is the time it takes for two joss sticks to burn!”

Hearing this notice, people began to ready themselves.

“Yi Yun, give it a try. It is better than not having any hope at all!” The person who spoke was Lin Fengyue. Yi Yun gave Lin Fengyue a surprised look, before saying faintly, “Thank you.”

After saying that, Yi Yun walked towards the bridge.

“He’s finally coming up. Hahaha!”

The Shen Tu youth laughed maniacally, waiting to see Yi Yun end up in a pathetic state, “I say kid, you can’t be thinking of committing suicide on the bridge, right? That would be quite wise!”

The Shen Tu youth naturally did not want Yi Yun to die like that. He only deliberately provoked Yi Yun. At the same moment, he placed the visual disk array down and aimed it towards the bridge, preparing to record the scenes of Yi Yun being abused.

Yi Yun did not even look at the Shen Tu youth as he stood ten meters away from the ancient desolate beast, quietly looking at the terrifying existence.

In his energy vision, the bridge of light became colorful, and the desolate beast on the bridge became an existence made up of colorful light dots.

Yi Yun tilted his body slightly as he wiped the interspatial ring with his fingers, creating a surprising scene for everyone. Yi Yun actually… drew out a bow!

With the bow and arrows, as well as the cold arrowheads, he held the bow straight at the ancient desolate beast!


Everyone became shocked. They originally thought that it would be pretty impressive if Yi Yun had the courage to stand in front of the ancient desolate beast. Once the battle began, Yi Yun would end up running around in a pathetic state before he would be sent flying by the desolate beast after tens of seconds.

They never expected for Yi Yun to draw out a bow. What was he doing? Could he be wanting to attack the ancient desolate beast?

Previously when Gongsun Hong faced the ancient desolate beast, he had drawn his sword, but that was to use his ‘Sweeping Figure Sword Steps’. However, for a bow, they had never heard of any movement techniques that were used in conjunction with a bow.

“Fool!” Lin Yu shook his head. A fool who only knew how to go into reclusive training and with no actual combat experience even lacked the basic knowledge of himself.

Yi Yun actually wanted to shoot at the desolate beast that even Gongsun Hong did not dare to attack. It was unknown if his mind was unclear and if he was just abandoning himself to despair in this dire environment.