True Martial World Chapter 444

Chapter 444: One Arrow to Seal One’s Throat
Chapter 444: One Arrow to Seal One’s Throat

After Yi Yun drew his bow, the ancient desolate beast seemed to feel Yi Yun’s provocation. WIth a roar, it charged at Yi Yun!

Yi Yun’s pupils constricted as he leaped up. He somersaulted mid-air as if he was a tree leaf that was being moved up by the wind.


The ancient desolate beast swept past Yi Yun, while Yi Yun continuously flipped. His body had rubbed past the ancient desolate beast’s back, avoiding its attack! Even the bone spurs on its back was swept past Yi Yun’s face by a hair!

Yi Yun had dodged the ancient desolate beast’s first attacking pounce!

Oh? He dodged it?

People were stunned. They never expected the kid to be this agile. They had thought that even if Yi Yun managed to dodge, it would be in a very sorry plight. They did not expect him to dodge the direct attack, and even dodge the energy fluctuations as well.

“This is just the beginning. Soon, the ancient desolate beast will open its third eye. When that happens, the kid will die.”

The Shen Tu youth said for he was unwilling to accept the situation.

At this moment, Lin Fengyue said to Yi Yun, “The desolate beast’s back is its blind spot. Try to hide there!”

Lin Fengyue actually had good intentions. He was not jealous of Yi Yun. As one of the few people of the younger generation just second to Lin Xintong, Lin Fengyue had his own pride. He was greatly appreciated by his family, and his position was even higher than Yi Yun’s.

For a martial family, top martial geniuses would definitely have much higher statuses than Desolate Heaven technique geniuses. Martial arts were a family’s fundamental that supported everything, while the Desolate Heaven technique was just a service for martial arts.

Under these circumstances, Lin Fengyue and Lin Xiaodie actually did not wish to see Yi Yun die terribly.

However, Lin Yu was different. Hearing Lin Fengyue’s words, Lin Yu sneered and mocked in his heart, “What’s the f**king point of warning him!? He just managed to dodge the first attack. It’s still early.”

Yi Yun gave a friendly smile at Lin Fengyue’s goodwilled advice. Lin Yu frowned when he saw Yi Yun smile even amidst the storm-like attacks.

This kid…


The ancient desolate beast pounced once again. Yi Yun somersaulted in the air and managed to dodge it again!

It was like Yi Yun’s body was a leaf. The wind force from the ancient desolate beast’s attack had blown Yi Yun up.

The ancient desolate beast’s speed became faster, and the wind force also became stronger. Yi Yun was also blown up even faster, and vice-versa, he would also become slower.

Yi Yun’s movements looked very light and simple. He did not dodge one bit more or one bit less. It made people unsure if he was calculating his movements properly or if he just had good luck every time in his risky dodges.


Gongsun Hong’s eyebrows slowly moved up as he looked astonishingly at Yi Yun. His eyes lit up unnaturally. Dodging once or twice did not explain anything, but to do it repeatedly proved that Yi Yun’s movement technique was ingenuous.

The elites present were not worthy of Gongsun Hong’s attention, and Yi Yun was naturally the same. However, Gongsun Hong never expected Yi Yun to have some skill. This ability was almost similar to Lin Yu’s. It was pretty impressive for a Desolate Heaven Master apprentice, who put in a lot of effort into the Desolate Heaven technique, to be at Lin Yu’s level.

At this moment, the ancient desolate beast roared as it opened its third eye.

“It’s opening its eye!”

The Shen Tu youth sneered. Quite a number of them could withstand the ancient desolate beast’s attacks before it opened its eye. However, once it opened its eye, all of them would nearly be defeated instantly. It was on a completely different level.

At the moment the ancient desolate beast opened its third eye, Yi Yun raised his Tai Cang Bow. He was waiting for this particular moment.

When the ancient desolate beast opened its third eye, it was also in its most powerful form, but it was also when it revealed its weakness.

Without it opening its third eye, Yi Yun could do nothing to it. He could only dodge like Gongsun Hong and company, but now, Yi Yun could test his idea. What lied behind danger was opportunity!

Grasping the Tai Cang Bow tightly, Yi Yun opened his energy vision. The cold metallic touch in his hand seemed to have a blood connection with Yi Yun. This was a good bow built by a Tai Ah Divine Kingdom master. The bow’s body was made of Tai Cang metal essence. Once Yuan Qi was injected into it, its hardness and toughness would increase greatly. The more Yuan Qi injected, the harder the Tai Cang Bow became, making it harder to pull, but also increasing its strength!

The Tai Cang Bow may be nothing when placed in the Tian Yuan world, but once the bow was infused with Yuan Qi, it could be as strong as its user. It could withstand all of Yi Yun’s energy, amplifying Yi Yun’s power to its extreme!

The ancient desolate beast charged at Yi Yun as it opened its big mouth. Yi Yun did not dodge as he stared straight at the ancient desolate beast. He pulled the Tai Cang Bow open and shot a cold arrow!

Back when Yi Yun first chose a weapon, he had a strange affinity with bows. Back in the Tai Ah Divine City, an insignificant figure like Yi Yun had used the bow to obtain a primordial herb!

“What is he doing!?”

Seeing Yi Yun suddenly not move, as if he was going to clash with the ancient desolate beast, everyone was shocked!

Yi Yun’s movement technique was much better than they had imagined. Although people like the Shen Tu youth and Lin Yu had biased tendencies, believing Yi Yun would be eliminated once the ancient desolate beast opened its third eye, those who were objective believed that if Yi Yun were to use all his strength, he could pass the trial despite heavy injuries. But they never expected that Yi Yun would suddenly have such death-seeking behavior!

“Is he courting death?”

“He’s mad!”

In a split second, people did not have time to exclaim. The ancient desolate beast’s fangs had already come crashing down on Yi Yun’s head, but at the moment the ancient desolate beast was about to close its jaws, Yi Yun released his bowstring, shooting the arrow!


A clear twang of the bowstring echoed, and like a dragon’s roar, resounding in one’s ear.

The Wind Chasing Arrows formed a divine beam, shooting straight into the ancient desolate beast’s mouth!

Yi Yun’s arrow was guided using his energy vision. It may look like it was being simply shot into the ancient desolate beast’s mouth, but its angle and speed was extremely well calculated. No ordinary person could emulate it.

Yi Yun’s target was a crystal at the back of the ancient desolate beast’s head.

It was the ancient desolate beast’s core, and it was the thing manipulating the beast’s energy source.

It was the true form of the ancient desolate beast’s third eye!

The third eye in the middle of its eyebrows was actually just a projection of the crystal. If Yi Yun had shot the third eye, it would be useless, because the crystal’s energy was all concentrated in its third eye.

Only by shooting its true form could it be killed in one hit!

Seeing the arrow about to hit it, the ancient desolate beast was shocked!

Its reaction was extremely fast. It closed its mouth and bit on Yi Yun’s arrow!

There was no way Yi Yun would let it have its wishes. There was only one chance, because this opportunity would never arise again!

“Radiant Sun Qi, explode!”

A phantom image of the Tang Valley appeared behind Yi Yun. At the moment he shot the Wind Chasing Arrow, he had injected Radiant Sun Qi into the arrow, and it exploded at this moment.

The Wind Chasing Arrows emitted a divine beam, and it accelerated like a meteor. Just before the ancient desolate beast closed its mouth, it had already entered its mouth.

The arrowhead pierced into its flesh, sealing its throat with one arrow!


The whole four foot long arrow sank in. Even the arrow’s fletching could not be seen. The ancient desolate beast’s body suddenly paused. It stopped one foot away from Yi Yun.

Yi Yun held the Tai Cang Bow and exchanged glances with the ancient desolate beast in close proximity. Yi Yun could clearly feel the terrifying aura that the ancient desolate beast emitted from this distance. Its ferocious fangs and cold eyes gave Yi Yun an extremely oppressive feeling.

“He shot the arrow into its mouth?” Gongsun Hong was stunned for a while, but then shook his head, “It’s useless with it entering its mouth. The oral flesh may be weak, but against the ancient desolate beast, it will also not be its weakness. Its tongue is covered in metallic needle-like hangnail, it’s impossible to shoot through it…”

Gongsun Hong was sure that a terrifying desolate beast at this level could not be taken down with usual weak spots like its eyes, oral cavity or belly.

However, just before he finished speaking, the ancient desolate beast suddenly trembled violently. Its body that was composed of energy began changing. This lasted for a few seconds, and hearing a “Peng” explosion, the ancient desolate beast exploded into a rain of light before disappearing…

Gongsun Hong, who was always calm even if he saw a mountain collapse in front of him, was dumbfounded with his mouth agape when he saw this scene. His face completely changed!


The rain of light, which was still wantonly dispersing as if a divine miracle had come down from the sky, seemed to be mocking Gongsun Hong’s blind confidence and ignorance. Gongsun Hong opened his mouth slightly, unable to close it for a long while…