True Martial World Chapter 445

Chapter 445: Ancient relic
Chapter 445: Ancient relic

After successfully killing the ancient desolate beast, Yi Yun heaved a sigh of relief. When all the developments happened as he expected, allowing him to kill the ancient desolate beast as he planned, this sense of accomplishment was quite strong.

At this moment, after the ancient desolate beast disappeared, it transformed into energy light droplets that resembled rain. It rained down on Yi Yun, covering him within. It made him look like a god that had descended down onto the mortal plane.

The young elites nearby were completely dumbfounded, regardless of them having managed to pass the bridge or not.

Just a while ago, many of them were envisioning Yi Yun’s failure, and how they would kill him, in exchange for the Shen Tu family clan’s rewards.

But now, reality had given them one tight slap!

A number of them had barely managed to last on the bridge, receiving serious injuries, but even so, they were very happy about their results. As for the remaining people who did not pass the trial, they had either been swept away by the ancient desolate beast, or given up before stepping on the bridge.

Looking at Yi Yun again, the “unlucky person” who they were thinking of killing, had actually…managed to shoot the ancient desolate beast to death with one arrow shot after he arrived on the bridge!

This was a heaven and earth difference. It was too ridiculous!

Was this kid even human?

People swallowed mouthfuls of saliva as they felt fear. They were happy that they were protected by the Great Empress mystic realm’s laws, for it might not be them killing Yi Yun, but Yi Yun killing them!

The people who had the greatest reaction would be Lin Yu and the youth from the Shen Tu family clan.

Lin Yu was battered out of his senses. His face was pale, as if his parents had just died.

Previously, he had compared himself with Yi Yun in all sorts of aspects. With Yi Yun being appreciated by Matriarch Lin, and him showcasing his unparalleled talent in the Desolate Heaven technique, martial arts and actual combat had become the only thing that Lin Yu felt he was superior to Yi Yun in. After all, in the Tian Yuan world, strength was of utmost importance. The status of the best Desolate Heaven Master in the Tian Yuan world was incomparable to the strongest person.

But now, Lin Yu’s only sense of superiority had completely shattered. He was inferior to Yi Yun in the Desolate Heaven technique, his backer was inferior to Yi Yun, and now, even his strength was inferior to Yi Yun!

One can imagine the setback Lin Yu felt to be completely overshadowed by a bumpkin from the Backwater East when he was a child of a large family clan!

As Lin Yu was on the verge of collapse, Yi Yun disappeared from his view.

Yi Yun had used his movement technique to shoot out like an arrow in a particular direction. In the blink of an eye, he had flown a hundred meters away.

Oh? What is he doing?

People were stunned. As they were still immersed in the shock of Yi Yun killing the ancient desolate beast, they had not reacted in time.

“Retrieving his arrow?”

A youth was stunned. He watched puzzledly as Yi Yun picked up the arrow a hundred meters away. It was the Wind Chasing Arrow that Yi Yun had shot out previously.

Picking up an arrow he shot? Was he that poor?

Yi Yun’s Wind Chasing Arrows were of course top grade items in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, but in the eyes of the Tian Yuan world, it was definitely not considered a good arrow.

Yi Yun was not poor at all now, especially after robbing Shen Tu Nantian and the Thousand Hand Granny. Amongst the younger generation in their teens, he could be said to be a tycoon.

Yi Yun of course did not care for one Wind Chasing Arrow. He had purposely flown so far away to pick up the Wind Chasing Arrow was not because of the arrow, but…the ancient desolate beast’s crystal!

Just now when Yi Yun killed the ancient desolate beast, there was utter chaos. People were still shocked by the death of the ancient desolate beast, so they did not notice a crystal had flown out from its body. Even if they noticed it, they did not have Yi Yun’s energy vision, so they would not have been able to tell what was unusual about the crystal.

Now, Yi Yun was using the excuse of picking his arrow to keep the crystal into his interspatial ring without anyone knowing. As he had used his body as concealment, no one noticed it throughout this whole time.

At the split second Yi Yun stored the crystal, he saw clearly that it was a crystal the size of a thumbnail. It looked like a desolate bone relic refined using a special mystic technique.

In the world of warriors, desolate bone relics were the most efficient source of energy. It could be used to power large arrays, and drive airships, etc.

There was no doubt that the ancient Great Empress had left behind a large amount of desolate bone relics in the mystic realm when she set it up.

To prevent the energy inside the desolate bone relic from slowly disappearing over time, there was definitely a large array in the mystic realm used to gather Heaven Earth Yuan Qi so as to nourish the desolate bone relic.

And the whirlpool of the God Burial Abyss had sucked in limitless amounts of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, so under the nourishment of such Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, the desolate bone relics in the mystic realm had become even purer and of higher quality!

Under such circumstances, Yi Yun definitely would not miss out on such a desolate bone relic.

“He is after all a person from the Backwater East, he can’t change his miserly nature. He can’t even bear to part with a low quality arrow.”

The youth from the Shen Tu family clan gritted his teeth as he spoke. Although Yi Yun had shot the desolate beast to death in one shot, something even Gongsun Hong could not do, caused him to feel great fear, he would still take every opportunity to tarnish Yi Yun’s reputation. This was also understandable.

About a hundred meters away, Yi Yun seemed to notice something. He chuckled and gave the Shen Tu youth a deep glance.

And this glance made the Shen Tu youth’s face turn pale white. He subconsciously took a step back.

After he killed the ancient desolate beast, the pressure Yi Yun gave to others was too great.

“This kid!” The Shen Tu youth swallowed several mouthfuls of saliva as his voice trembled.

“There must be a mistake somewhere!” He thought viciously. He could not believe that Yi Yun was both a Desolate Heaven technique genius and a martial arts genius at the same time.

And at this moment, a divine beam fell from the sky!

This beam was colorful, and similar to the beam that shot on Gongsun Hong from before. However, its color was more vivid and its intensity was many times stronger!

“That is the…Empyrean Mark!”

People exclaimed as they felt envy and jealousy.

Yi Yun had easily passed the first trial. He had completed it more perfectly than Gongsun Hong, so how could he not receive an Empyrean Mark?

The divine beam condensed on Yi Yun’s arm, forming a tattoo.

The tattoo looked like beautiful scales closely spaced together.


As they looked at Yi Yun’s arm, their eyes went into a daze.

Was this really an Empyrean Mark? There was too many!

Gongsun Hong only had one Empyrean Mark imprinted on him.

But on Yi Yun’s arm, it was a whole segment of Empyrean Marks!

This made many of the young elites present hold their breaths. In just that few seconds, there were already more than twenty Empyrean Marks, and it did not seem to have an end. The difference was too great!

Yi Yun’s trial was naturally better than Gongsun Hong’s, but it was not to the point of such a huge gap.

“There’s almost 30!”

People’s lips twitched as they saw the beautiful Empyrean tattoo on Yi Yun’s arm. They wished they could have it for themselves, unfortunately, the Empyrean Mark was only usable by the person himself. Even if others cut off Yi Yun’s arm, it was also useless.

Amongst the people, Gongsun Hong’s expression was sullen as he looked at Yi Yun’s arm.

He had only one Empyrean Mark. It was originally a mark of pride for him, but now compared to Yi Yun, this single Empyrean Mark had become a mockery and humiliation for him!

Gongsun Hong had always been the center of attention, but now in the Great Empress mystic realm, he had completely been put down by Yi Yun.

He had proposed the viewpoint that the ancient desolate beast was undefeatable, and he had followed this rule, and had passed the trial in a seemingly perfect manner.

However, his perfection had not lasted very long before it was mercilessly crushed by Yi Yun.

Now, with the huge number difference in Empyrean Marks, it was already clear that he had barely passed the trial. And the only person to have perfectly passed the trial was Yi Yun alone!

This setback made the proud Gongsun Hong, who had been accustomed to impressing others, very uncomfortable.

“I didn’t expect that the ancient desolate beast’s weakness was in its mouth. This kid’s luck is too good to shoot at the ancient desolate beast’s weakness with one arrow, killing it in one blow.”

“If I knew where its weakness was, then I could have killed the ancient desolate beast. It would be very easy. Just one sword Qi would suffice!”

Gongsun Hong was unwilling to accept the fact that he had been trampled on by Yi Yun as he said with a deep voice.

He would rather die than believe that Yi Yun’s attacking power exceeded his. And in fact, the arrow that Yi Yun shot didn’t even look special.

Then that could only show that Yi Yun’s luck was good. He had managed to kill the ancient desolate beast due to luckily hitting its weakness.