True Martial World Chapter 446

Chapter 446: The Eliminated Ones
Chapter 446: The Eliminated Ones

Yi Yun was the last cultivator, so after he defeated the ancient desolate beast, the bridge of light trembled before completely disappearing. The only thing remaining was the divine beam from the heavens that landed on Yi Yun’s body.

After about thirty seconds, all the light condensed on Yi Yun’s arm, becoming Empyrean Marks. These Empyrean Marks were colorful and they were like dragon scales arranged nicely together, looking very beautiful.

All the people present were warriors with extraordinary eyesight. With a glance, they could tell how many Empyrean Marks Yi Yun received. There was a total of… 36!

“So many!”

Seeing the Empyrean Marks on Yi Yun’s arm, Lin Yu’s eyes turned red with envy. As long as Yi Yun could enter the Great Empress’ vault, all those Empyrean Marks could be exchanged for a tremendous opportunity by Yi Yun!

Why is this happening!?

In the Lin family, Yi Yun had been greatly appreciated by the Matriarch. Lin Yu believed that the Great Empress mystic realm, a place that tested one’s martial arts, would be his stage, but who knew that he would end up being inferior to Yi Yun.

He had specially used a mystic technique and barely passed the trial after enduring severe injuries. In contrast, Yi Yun had passed without a single injury, and he had obtained a large number of Empyrean Marks. This difference was staggering.

“That kid’s luck is so good for him to bet correctly!” Gongsun Hong looked at the 36 Empyrean Marks on Yi Yun’s arm as he said in a gloomy voice.

At this moment, Gongsun Hong was in a bad mood.

Beside Gongsun Hong, there was a youth who followed his lead and echoed, “Some people tend to aim for a desolate beast’s eyes or mouth, thinking that is where its weakness is. Actually, against real big ancient desolate beasts, this action is very dumb, especially when attacking the mouth. The person could be crushed into pieces because of this!”

“Who knew that the Great Empress mystic realm had such a rudimentary setting, to put the desolate beast’s weakness in its mouth. We have overestimated this mystic realm!”

Gongsun Hong did not respond to his lackey’s words, but his expression revealed that he had silently agreed to those words.

Yi Yun only chuckled slightly when he heard this, nor did he explain anything.

He had indeed used trickery to attack the ancient desolate beast’s weakness, but without the guidance of the energy vision, there was no meaning to attacking the mouth of the ancient desolate beast.

Gongsun Hong refused to admit defeat due to his arrogance, and instead, he chose to look down on the Great Empress mystic realm. With such thoughts, he was bound to suffer eventually.

Upon thinking about this, a playful smile suffused on Yi Yun’s lips. He naturally wished to see the situation of a person who had good relations with Shen Tu Nantian and who wanted his life to be down on his luck.

In this trial, Yi Yun had already obtained 36 Empyrean Marks and one ancient relic.

Injecting his mental energy into his interspatial ring, he saw the mysterious crystal floating in his interspatial ring. Yi Yun was raring to find a spot where he could examine the usage of the ancient relic without anyone seeing it.

At this moment, the Great Empress mystic realm made an announcement. Everyone who had passed the first trial could carry on to the next level.

And those who were eliminated would be sent out of the Great Empress mystic realm collectively in 15 minutes.

After hearing this, many of the young elites who had failed felt depressed. They had hoped to broaden their horizons by entering the Great Empress mystic realm, but reality was cruel. These people did not even pass the first round, so it was a huge setback for them.

Of course, there were people who also looked forward to the end of the trial. For example, the fat youth who attempted the trial first. He had his arm torn off by the ancient desolate beast, and now, the broken arm was turning blue from a lack of blood flow.

The fat youth’s face was also pale as his lips quivered. He had endured two hours of torture, and he was nearing his limits.

Now, he only wished to rush out as soon as possible, returning to his Xu family and be treated by his Xu family elders because there might still be a chance for him to save his arm.

Or else, his martial path would come to an end. Geniuses who lost an arm would be more inferior to second-class warriors.

At this moment, outside the Great Empress mystic realm, in the huge God Burial Abyss, there was sea water being swallowed continuously.

In the turbulent seawater, there were people from various family clans and sects waiting here.

Only a fraction of the people from the various large factions who came entered the mystic realm to search for treasures, and the rest were left outside to receive their people.

Juniors who had failed would be eliminated by the Great Empress mystic realm, so without the elders receiving them, these juniors would be sucked into the God Burial Abyss, and smashed into pieces.

Many of the Elders from the various factions were feeling uneasy. According to the Shen Tu family clan’s jade scroll, most of the people who failed the trials would be severely injured, but there were also deaths.

The youths from these various factions, who had entered the Great Empress mystic realm, were all painstakingly selected elites. Death of any one of them would be quite a big loss to these large factions.

“According to the jade scroll, the first trial’s elimination will happen after 3 hours. It’s still early…”

An elder from the Shen Tu family clan said, but at this moment, the entrance to the Great Empress mystic realm began trembling. It was as if the surface of an area of water had been hit by a falling rock.

“Oh? Has the first trial already ended? So soon?”

People were alarmed and surprised. However, they were not careless. Many of the Elders focused and prepared to receive the juniors from their factions.

On the Lin family’s side, Matriarch Lin had her full attention on the entrance.

She did not enter the Great Empress mystic realm, and she knew that the Shen Tu family clan had made the news public, luring more than ten factions to enter the Great Empress mystic realm. The Lin family knew deeply that even if they entered the Great Empress mystic realm, there were very low chances of getting anything good, so only Elder Huowen took four or five Elders into the Great Empress mystic realm. As for the remaining Elders of the Lin family, including Matriarch Lin and Elder Tianzhu, they stayed outside the mystic realm.

With such a strong lineup, they could also greatly protect their Lin family’s juniors.

As the entrance’s trembling grew more intense, a youth was ejected out of it finally.

It was a young girl. When she was ejected out, her hair was disheveled, and she looked quite pathetic.

As her hair and blood was covering her looks, it was hard to tell who she was. However, many of the Elders present were fully focused, so with a scan, they could tell the girl’s identity.

A woman dressed in red from her faction flashed forward immediately, saving her from the intense turbulent water flow.

A warm energy surged over, isolating the suction power of the God Burial Abyss. At the same time, the woman dressed in red took an elixir out to feed the girl, so as to let her recuperate.

Although someone from her side had been eliminated, the woman dressed in red was not too upset as the girl was not seriously injured. She would be fine after some treatment.