True Martial World Chapter 447

Chapter 447: The Death of a Youth
Chapter 447: The Death of a Youth

After the girl, one cultivator after another were ejected out of the Great Empress mystic realm.

Matriarch Lin and Elder Tianzhu looked at each other as they focused intensely.

They were most concerned about Yi Yun’s safety.

“Fengxian, as Yi Yun comes from the Backwater East, he is not suited to the Tian Yuan world. He is very likely to be eliminated in the first trial. When he gets ejected, you should catch him, while I will be responsible for being vigilant of the surroundings, so as to prevent the Shen Tu family clan from attacking us without any regard!”

The “Fengxian” Elder Tianzhu was referring to was Matriarch Lin.

The name, Lin Fengxian, had not been used for a very long period of time. Those who had the qualification to call that name in the Lin family were the three Grand Elders only.

Matriarch Lin nodded. Amongst all the other big factions present, the Shen Tu family clan was the only one that left a Grand Elder outside to receive their people. The other factions had sent in their most powerful Elders into the Great Empress mystic realm so they could obtain more opportunities.

With Elder Tianzhu pinning the Shen Tu family clan down, there would not be any problems. If they really began fighting, it would definitely be a life-and-death struggle. Matriarch Lin did not believe that the Shen Tu family clan would pay such a heavy price just for a junior like Yi Yun.

The entrance of the Great Empress mystic realm flashed with streams of light as one cultivator after another were ejected. Up till now, there was not a single disciple from the Shen Tu family clan who had appeared.

This situation made many of the elders of the Shen Tu family clan very pleased.

“Ze Ze Ze, the situation is not bad. I believe Tian’er will scale new heights with this entry into the mystic realm. With the previous experience, he can go even further and obtain more opportunities!”

A sinister voice sounded out, it was the Thousand Hand Granny.

The Thousand Hand Granny had not entered the Great Empress mystic realm either. She looked at Matriarch Lin from far away and she sneered with a face full of mockery when she saw Matriarch Lin’s concentrated expression.

At this moment, the entrance to the Great Empress mystic realm flashed and a person wearing the Lin family’s clan clothing was ejected.

The person’s body was covered in blood and his body was mangled. Matriarch Lin’s pupils constricted and she appeared beside the Lin family disciple almost at the same moment, protecting him.

It was a man in his twenties. His clothes were tattered and his hair disheveled. His chest and abdomen had been penetrated and blood was flowing everywhere.

Matriarch Lin clasped the man’s wrist and her expression immediately changed.


Momentarily, Matriarch Lin went into a daze. A fresh life, one of the most outstanding people in the Lin family’s young generation, had died just like that.

“Lin Ping is dead?”

Elder Tianzhu’s voice sank and his expression turned ugly. As a Grand Elder, he was in training most of the time and he seldom dealt with the matters of the Lin family, but he had a rough understanding of the situation of the most outstanding juniors.

Lin Ping’s talent was not only inferior to Lin Xintong. He was even inferior to Lin Fengyue and Lin Xiaodie as well.

However, he had always worked hard. His training was almost to the point of self-mutilating. He had used hard work to barely force himself into being one of the best amongst the Lin family juniors. But even so, he was the last person who obtained a place for the Great Empress mystic realm trial.

It was unexpected that he had died in the short timespan of entering the Great Empress mystic realm.

“Saber wounds!”

Matriarch Lin said as her voice turned cold.

Lin Ping’s body was covered with wounds. Some of them were left behind by desolate beast claws, but the fatal ones were those left on his abdomen. They were all saber wounds!


Upon hearing Matriarch Lin’s words, Elder Tianzhu’s anger rose. He thought that Lin Ping was too weak, resulting in him dying in the Great Empress mystic realm. He could still accept that, but upon hearing that there were saber wounds, he began to suspect that Lin Ping had been killed by the other family clans!

Elder Tianzhu slowly turned around to look at the Shen Tu family clan. His eyes were filled with killing intent!

The people from the Shen Tu family clan only sneered.

The Thousand Hand Granny sneered, and said eccentrically, “Why? Just because of a fatal saber wound, you are suspecting us? Who knows if that Lin Ping’s strength was so lacking that he could not withstand the difficulty in the Great Empress mystic realm, so he was killed by sword and saber puppets!”

“Furthermore, even if he was killed by someone with a saber, how can you be sure that it was done by my Shen Tu family clan?”

The Thousand Hand Granny gave a reckless laugh, as she took pleasure in their misfortune.

However, it was unlikely for Lin Ping, who had claw and saber wounds, to face desolate beasts and sword and saber puppets in the same trial. Besides, none of the other youths from the other family clans that were eliminated were in a similar situation.

Elder Tianzhu did not say a word as he silently looked at the Thousand Hand Granny.

The Thousand Hand Granny’s heart sank. She would still fear being stared at by a Grand Elder of the Lin family. Furthermore, Elder Tianzhu’s intent in his eyes made her feel the pressure.

And at this moment, a black-robed Elder stepped in front of the Thousand Hand Granny, enduring the pressure emitted by Elder Tianzhu.

This black-robed elder was the Shen Tu family clan’s Grand Elder. He was tall and his body frame was very broad, but he was very thin. He looked like a skeleton dressed in a long robe.

With the black-robed elder present, the Thousand Hand Granny immediately felt the pressure decrease.

The Thousand Hand Granny again recovered her fearless position as she sent a provocative and mocking gaze at Elder Tianzhu and Matriarch Lin. It was clear what her gaze meant, “Even if he was killed by us, what can you do? If you have the ability, come fight us!”

“That bitch!” Matriarch Lin was extremely angry. With her personality, it was rare for her to use such words to curse.

Elder Tianzhu’s face sank as he ignored the Thousand Hand Granny, he looked at the broad-framed Shen Tu Elder, “Shen Tu Jue, it looks like your Shen Tu family clan has decided to declare war on our Lin family?”

Seeing how Elder Tianzhu’s words were to the point of drawing swords, Shen Tu Jue only lightly responded, “You don’t have to threaten me. From the relic trial, what your Lin family did to my Shen Tu family clan’s Elders is sufficient for us to go to war. However, we aren’t fighting yet because both you and I are worried that others will take advantage of the situation.”

“But… in the mystic realm, life and death is determined by the heavens. Elder Tianzhu, you can’t be so naive to think that your Lin family disciples and my Shen Tu family clan disciples will be helping one another to pass the trials together in the mystic realm?”

Shen Tu Jue’s voice had a bizarre penetrative power. It did not contain any Yuan Qi in it, but it caused one’s eardrums to resonate, causing slight pain in the ears.

Elder Tianzhu’s eyes squinted slightly and shouted out a “Fine!” Anyone could hear the killing intent in his voice.

“You are right, there is life and death in the mystic realm. Then I shall see, who will have the last laugh amongst my Lin family and your Shen Tu family clan’s disciples!”

“Haha!” Shen Tu Jue roared with laugher, “I do not know where you get the confidence from. Do you think your Lin family disciples, who are not familiar with the Great Empress mystic realm, will be able to stand out with more than ten other factions in there? Are you basing it on a single Lin Xintong? Her talent may be good, but she is still young, so how can she compare with Tian’er?”

Shen Tu Nantian was Shen Tu Jue’s direct descendant, and he was the one he appreciated the most. He did not believe that the young Lin Xintong was able to compete with Shen Tu Nantian in the mystic realm.

If the Lin family disciples were smart, they would give up early. If they were not injured, they would not need to be afraid of being sneaked up upon. In this case, they could leave the Great Empress mystic realm safely, without any deaths.

However, if they were to try their chances by being reckless, there was a possibility they would all be wiped out!

Elder Tianzhu did not speak. He was also unable to determine how far the juniors could go. It all had to depend on them.

There was no meaning to argue further with Shen Tu Jue and the Thousand Hand Granny, because they had to concentrate and receive the other Lin family juniors, especially Yi Yun.

At this moment, a short fat youth was ejected out of the Great Empress mystic realm. This youth’s situation was very miserable. He had lost an arm, and as he had lost a lot of blood, the spatial manipulation around him and the forceful power of the God Burial Abyss was not something he could withstand. He fainted immediately.

However, as he fainted, he still grasped his broken arm firmly.

“Guo’er! Guo’er!”

On the Xu family’s side, a woman suddenly shouted. She seemed to be an immediate family member of the youth, but to use “Guo’er” as a name made everyone’s face look odd. It felt too endearing for a youth who had such a wretched look to be called Guo’er.

“It’s now the turn for the 16+ year old group to be eliminated. Ze Ze Ze! I want to congratulate your Lin family in advance, for receiving an additional corpse!”

The Thousand Hand Granny mocked with her horrible-sounding voice.

The 16+ year old group was the group Yi Yun belonged to. The so-called additional corpse was naturally referring to Yi Yun’s corpse.

The Thousand Hand Granny knew of Shen Tu Nantian’s arrangements. In her opinion, apart from having a black heart and having some talent in the Desolate Heaven technique, Yi Yun was nothing special. As the Great Empress mystic realm depended on true ability, his fanciful tricks were useless.

As long as Yi Yun was eliminated, he would be killed by the people who were arranged by Shen Tu Nantian!

She was looking forward to Lin Fengxian’s expression at that moment.

Matriarch Lin did not respond as her face turned sullen. At this moment, one junior after another was ejected by the Great Empress mystic realm.

These people were mostly 16+ years old, so it was indeed the youth group’s turn.

Matriarch Lin was waiting. The Lin family had a total of four 16+ youths. It should be no problem for Lin Fengyue and Lin Xiaodie to pass. As for Lin Yu and Yi Yun, it would be no surprise for them to be eliminated.

As time went by, the number of people who were eliminated increased. There were two Shen Tu family clan disciples amongst them. These two were 17 years old and they were not classified into Yi Yun’s group.

It was no big deal having two people receive slight injuries. The Thousand Hand Granny glanced at them and gave a extremely nasty smile.

These two people were the two weakest people in the Shen Tu family clan that came on this mystic realm expedition. They were eliminated with light injuries. This result made the Thousand Hand Granny very satisfied. Compared to the Lin family’s corpse, they were in a much better shape.

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