True Martial World Chapter 448

Chapter 448: Come and Get Your Rewards
Chapter 448: Come and Get Your Rewards

After about seven minutes, a third person from the Shen Tu family clan was eliminated. She was a 20+ year old female. The Thousand Hand Granny’s face slightly twitched when she saw this girl eliminated.

This girl’s name was Shen Tu Yinxiang. She had extraordinary martial arts talent since a young age. She was adopted by the Shen Tu family clan, and her surname was changed to Shen Tu.

As a child, she grew up with Shen Tu Nantian, and she was destined to become Shen Tu Nantian’s concubine in the future.

Originally, for this expedition to the mystic realm, Shen Tu Yinxiang traveled together with Shen Tu Nantian. She was responsible for protecting and helping him. So the Thousand Hand Granny had some expectations for Shen Tu Yinxiang, hoping that she could go far together with Shen Tu Nantian.

However, she was unexpectedly eliminated from the outset.

This made the Thousand Hand Granny frown. This girl was usually quite capable, but when she was really needed, she had failed. She was trash in in the Thousand Granny’s eyes.

“How’s Tian’er?”

The Thousand Hand Granny ignored Shen Tu Yinxiang’s injuries and asked about Shen Tu Nantian first.

“Yinxiang was useless, I was unable to help the young master… ” Shen Tu Yinxiang hurriedly swallowed a pill as she said with guilt, “Young master passed the trial perfectly. He surprised everyone. Not only did he take the shortest time, but he was not injured at all. Also, he received the Great Empress mystic realm’s reward, the Empyrean Mark.”

“The Empyrean Mark?” Hearing Shen Tu Yinxiang’s words, the Thousand Hand Granny smiled happily, “It’s understandable for him to receive the Empyrean Mark. It shouldn’t be too difficult for Tian’er. How many did he get?”

“Five. I counted them very carefully.”

“Well done!” The Thousand Hand Granny was feeling more and more pleased. She no longer found fault with the future concubine of Shen Tu Nantian in front of her. “If that’s the case, then let’s forget about your failure. Your abilities are limited, and Tian’er doesn’t need your help. In the last Great Empress mystic realm’s trial, Tian’er had obtained quite a number of Empyrean Marks. He had received three marks in the first trial, but in the end, he only needed a few more to open the Great Empress’ vault.”

“But this time, Tian’er received five marks in the first trial. It looks like the Great Empress’ treasures will belong to Tian’er.”

The Thousand Hand Granny’s voice was very loud as she did not conceal it at all. Many Elders from the various factions heard this clearly. They had all seen the Shen Tu family clan’s jade scroll, so they knew what the Empyrean Mark meant.

They were envious of Shen Tu Nantian receiving five Empyrean Marks.

“That old thing is getting carried away!” On the Lin family’s side, Matriarch Lin said angrily. She was feeling some regret for not crippling the Thousand Hand Granny back then.

Now, the Shen Tu family clan were doing well in the trials, while the outlook for them in the trials seemed grim. This made Matriarch Lin feel anger brew in her heart.

Sensing Matriarch Lin’s gaze, the Thousand Hand Granny sneered. After the relic trial, she hated the Lin family to the bone. She could not wait to raze the Lin family down to the ground, killing every single one of them.

“Lin Fengxian, do you think your Lin family will be able to receive the ancient recipe that can heal that little witch girl? What a joke! If 2-3 of the 10 juniors from your Lin family can return alive, it would be impressive. Today’s expedition into the Great Empress mystic realm will be the beginning of the decline of your Lin family. There will be a day when my Shen Tu family clan will erase your Lin family from the Tian Yuan world!”

The Thousand Hand Granny’s tone was filled with killing intent, while Matriarch Lin’s eyes turned cold. The time for the Lin family and the Shen Tu family clan to come to bloody blows had come.

She didn’t have a futile war of words with the Thousand Hand Granny. She was waiting to receive her Lin family’s juniors, so she had to be fully concentrated, so she could prevent the Shen Tu family clan from sneaking up on them when she saved a person.

However, after another 7-8 minutes, the spatial fluctuations of the Great Empress mystic realm’s entrance’s grew weaker. It had been a while since the juniors who had failed were ejected out of the mystic realm.

This made Matriarch Lin think. Since she had not seen Lin Yu or Yi Yun, could it be that the both of them had passed?

“There’s no one left. Maybe Yi Yun won’t come out. Could it be that only one of our Lin family’s juniors was eliminated in the first trial?”

Only Lin Ping from the Lin family’s ten juniors had been killed. The other nine were not seen.

The Thousand Hand Granny snorted in response to the Lin family’s Elder’s naive thinking. As the elimination of the Great Empress mystic realm had not ended, Yi Yun was bound to be ejected sooner or later.

She knew Shen Tu Nantian’s arrangements very well. She was eager to see the scene of Yi Yun having died a horrible death.

However, as time passed, the spatial fluctuations of the mystic realm’s entrance had gradually calmed down. No one was ejected. The Thousand Hand Granny’s old face also slowly froze.

“They really passed!”

Elder Tianzhu and Matriarch Lin exchanged looks. They were overjoyed deep down. There was nothing much to say about Lin Yu because he was a young elite nurtured by the Lin family, so it was not surprising for him to do well.

However, Yi Yun was a youth who came from the Backwater East and he had spent a lot of time and energy on a secondary focus, the Desolate Heaven technique. Under such circumstances, he could actually pass the first trial?

These results and his talent were simply stunning.

“Stop dreaming.” At this moment, the shrill voice of the Thousand Hand Granny could be heard again. “Do you really think that the remaining 9 people from the Lin family can pass the trial, especially a little bastard like Yi Yun? Let me tell you, there are many ways to die. Some leave corpses, while there are also times when a corpse will not be left behind.”

“For example… After being hacked to bone dust, even if he was ejected by the Great Empress mystic realm, it would just be dust that won’t catch the eye. Which one amongst you can recognize the little bastard in that form?”

The Thousand Hand Granny’s words made Matriarch Lin’s heart sink. For warriors, it was a simple task to destroy a person’s corpse after killing them.

She tilted her head slightly and looked at the young cultivators who had been eliminated.

These people were all 16+ in age. Matriarch Lin’s memory was very good, so she could remember the few people who had entered the mystic realm with Yi Yun. According to the Great Empress mystic realm’s rules, once they entered, they would be grouped together with cultivators of the same age.

These people had to know of Yi Yun’s situation.

That included the fat youth, who had lost his arm and was addressed as “Guo’er” by the woman. At this moment, he had woken up from his comatose state. He happened to hear the fierce exchange of words between Matriarch Lin and the Thousand Hand Granny.

The Thousand Hand Granny had mentioned Yi Yun in her last few sentences. Because of this, the fatty realized that the reason behind the conflict between the two important figures of the Shen Tu family clan and the Lin family was not only because of the two family’s hatred for each other, it also had a lot to do with Yi Yun.

Yi Yun…

Thinking of this monster, the little fatty, who was still lying in the arms of the woman, twitched his fat face. That kid was too weird. It was so weird that it caused fear in others. And what made the little fatty fear the most was that he had actually thought of killing Yi Yun before.

Thankfully, he had not made a move, or he would probably have said goodbye to his fat body in the Great Empress mystic realm!

And when he heard the Thousand Hand Granny say that Yi Yun would definitely be eliminated by the trial, and then be dismembered and hacked into ashes, the fatty blinked his tiny eyes. His expression was extremely odd.

As for the others who were in the same group as Yi Yun but were eliminated, they had similar expressions.

“You reminded me.” The Thousand Hand Granny noticed Matriarch Lin’s gaze and then said to those youths who had been eliminated, “I know that Tian’er had promised a reward. Now, Tian’er is still in the trials and he hasn’t come out. I’ll help him hand out the rewards. Who amongst you helped in the process of killing that little bastard Yi Yun? Poking with a knife or stabbing with a sword, any one of those can get a reward from me. As long as it’s real, all of you will get it.”

The Thousand Hand Granny’s voice was husky but loud. With her injecting Yuan Qi into it, it easily entered everyone’s ears.

She wanted to use an insolent method like that to trample on Lin Fengxian’s face, giving the Lin family a serious setback.

However, what surprised the Thousand Hand Granny was that none of the eliminated youths had come forward to receive their rewards. Instead, they were all looking at her weirdly.

“Oh? What’s the meaning of this?”

The Thousand Hand Granny was finding it weird. She had a slight sense of foreboding. It was as if the situation was not as she thought it was…

“That… We didn’t harm Yi Yun… ” The fatty was the first to speak.

The Thousand Hand Granny was shocked, as the sense of unease in her heart grew more intense.

Matriarch Lin also looked at the little fatty.

Sensing Matriarch Lin’s gaze, the fatty hurriedly said, “Granny, please don’t get me wrong. I never had the intention to deal with Young master Yi Yun, nor did I covet any reward.”

The fatty was fast to make things clear. He was already afraid. He had his arm torn off by the terrifying ancient desolate beast in the short while he was up, and yet Yi Yun had defeated it using one arrow.

Although people like Gongsun Hong thought that Yi Yun had some dogsh*t luck, and he happened to hit the ancient desolate beast’s weakness, this fatty did not have similar thoughts. Yi Yun was too odd. He did not wish to be remembered as the fatty who wanted to kill him to obtain rewards when Yi Yun matured one day.

Hence, he used this occasion to make his stance clear. He had even changed his salutation to Young master Yi Yun, which made it even clearer.

Matriarch Lin naturally noticed the fatty’s fear in his words. She was curious and asked, “What happened to Yi Yun?”

“He… Uh… He perfectly passed… Not only was he not injured, he even killed the ancient desolate beast guardian. And because of this, the Great Empress mystic realm rewarded him with the Empyrean Mark… ” The fatty was feeling a bit helpless. He had done so badly with his arm being torn off, so he naturally felt uncomfortable speaking of Yi Yun’s achievements.

“Empyrean Mark!?” Matriarch Lin’s eyes lit up. It was a great pleasant surprise. She thought that it would be very impressive for Yi Yun to pass. She never expected that he would obtain the Empyrean Mark!

“Yi Yun received the Empyrean Mark?” Elder Tianzhu also spoke. As the Lin family’s Grand Elder, he would not have paid much attention to a genius who had obtained the Empyrean Mark, but for a person who could obtain the Empyrean Mark in martial arts and had exceptional Desolate Heaven technique talent at the same time, it was something that would move him.

“Yes… and he received quite a number.” The fatty’s expression was bitter as he spoke.

“How many?” Matriarch Lin asked hurriedly.

“This… ” The fatty scratched his head and said uncertainly, “It was like… Uh… more than 30… ”

“How… How many!?”

Matriarch Lin was completely shocked. Even Elder Tianzhu was completely petrified from the shock. They could not believe their ears!

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