True Martial World Chapter 453

Chapter 453: A Familiar Scene
Chapter 453: A Familiar Scene

“Where did Gongsun Hong go!?”

Many of the cultivators were alarmed. In this situation, Gongsun Hong had used an illusion technique to disappear in front of everyone’s eyes.

And the ancient desolate beast had also lost sight of Gongsun Hong.

Although the ancient desolate beast was strong, its perception, reaction, speed and other factors were largely limited.

For example, now, Yi Yun could see Gongsun Hong clearly, but the ancient desolate beast could not find Gongsun Hong. As such it also lost its target.

Yi Yun was not in the least surprise about this. When the ancient Great Empress created this ancient desolate beast, she had limited a lot of its abilities. If she had placed a desolate beast that was flawless in every aspect as a guardian for the first trial, then probably no cultivator would be able to pass it.

When the ancient desolate beast could not find Gongsun Hong, its gaze switched to other cultivators. And that included Yi Yun.

The ancient desolate beast growled as it slowly approached. In the middle of its forehead, its third eye had already opened. There were purple lightning bolts surrounding this eye. The blazing divine light hurt the eyes of the cultivators.


People held their breaths. No one dared to breath out as they were afraid that any extraneous move would cause them to become the next target of the ancient desolate beast. On the bridge in the storm, most would be given a death sentence if they were targeted by the ancient desolate beast.

They did not have life-saving means like Gongsun Hong.

“Gongsun Hong, that bastard!”

Many people began cursing in their hearts. Gongsun Hong had attacked the ancient desolate beast in a bid to earn Empyrean Marks, but after he caused trouble, he hid himself, letting them bear the brunt of it.

This shameless method made many cultivators feel hate and disdain.

However, now was not the time to think of this. The crux of the issue was how to avoid this calamity.

The ancient desolate beast growled as it slowly approached them.

There were three people that were immediately facing the ancient desolate beast, Lin Xiaodie, Panther Lady and the youth that was from the Li Fire Sect just like Gongsun Hong.

“Heh, my luck sure is bad.”

Lin Xiaodie wiped her nose. She never expected for the ancient desolate beast to choose the direction facing her.

Although Lin Xiaodie said she was unlucky, she was not panicking. She touched her interspatial ring and stared at the ancient with eyes lit up. Clearly, she was planning to have a round with the ancient desolate beast.

As one of the top young geniuses of the Lin family, Lin Xiaodie was not to be trifled with.

As for Panther Lady, her expression was much uglier. She glanced at the Gongsun Hong’s junior brother, and noticed his face was pale. He was at a loss what to do.


Panther Lady cursed in her heart. Gongsun Hong sure was cold blooded. With his junior brother before the desolate beast’s jaws, he had no intention of appearing.

At this moment, the ancient desolate beast roared and charged towards the three of them!

Its speed was extremely fast. It opened its jaws, its fangs and claws were used together to attack the three people simultaneously. Its body was humongous, so it could easily launch an attack on three bridges.

Lin Xiaodie was in the middle of the three. Her eyes flashed and leaped backwards. At the same time, she pulled out a sword from her interspatial ring. Sword Qi rang as they protected her body!

Naturally, she did not dare to confront the ancient desolate beast head on. She had many combat techniques that allowed her to circle around the beast, as well as an ingenious movement technique. She could handle the current situation temporarily.


The bridge began to shake violently. The three people dodged at the same time when the ancient desolate beast attacked. Lin Xiaodie leaped up high into the sky and flew above the ancient desolate beast’s head. Panther Lady stepped aside and rolled on the floor. The youth from the Li Fire Sect was most miserable. His body was bruised by the fluctuations of the ancient desolate beast’s attack. He nearly fell off the bridge.

“So tricky!”

In the air, Lin Xiaodie clenched her sword tightly. She did not know what to do next either.

Dragging this any further was not an option. She had considered attacking the desolate beast’s mouth, but she knew that since Gongsun Hong had failed at it, she would probably also end up failing if she tried.

While Lin Xiaodie was still unsure of what to do, all of a sudden, a golden beam appeared in the corner of Lin Xiaodie’s eye!


A golden beam flashed past her at an incredible speed, heading straight for the ancient desolate beast’s mouth!

Lin Xiaodie had first felt the sharp and strong air fluctuations coming from the golden beam. When it grazed past her, her cheeks felt pain. Only then did she hear the ear-piercing shrill.

And at that moment, a tremendously fierce and potent pure Yang Qi exploded from the golden beam. It accelerated and entered straight into the ancient desolate beast’s mouth!


The golden beam immersed deep in. At that split moment, Lin Xiaodie saw it clearly. It was an arrow!

It was a four-foot long arrow that was less than the thickness of a pinky finger. It had shot straight into the mouth of the desolate beast that was two storeys tall. This out of proportion blow was like sticking a needle into a tiger.

However, when the ancient desolate beast was hit, its body suddenly stopped. It stopped from its frenzy attacking state…

It’s ferocious aura became like a deflated ball, then it suddenly disappeared.

Following that, the killing intent and luster in its fierce eyes disappeared. Its body began to tremble violently. The lightning energy stripes began to change in color and shape. This lasted for a few seconds, and right after hearing a “Peng” explosion, the ancient desolate beast exploded into a rain of light before disappearing…

“Died? It died again!”

Seeing the energy rain scattering in the sky, people stared straight at the scene as their throats twitched.

This scene seemed very familiar.

They realized something, and slowly turned their heads with great difficulty. They looked at Yi Yun, who was at the rear of the group. Yi Yun had just shot the arrow. The bowstring on the Tai Cang Bow was still shaking gently, issuing a vague twang.

He flipped his hands and stored the Tai Cang Bow in his interspatial ring. The entire process seemed relaxing.

Seeing Yi Yun’s movements, many of them swallowed mouthfuls of saliva as a very odd look appeared on their faces.

This wasn’t shooting an ancient desolate beast to death, this was like shooting a rabbit to death!

Back when Gongsun Hong met with failure after attacking the so-called ‘weakness’ of the ancient desolate beast, people began to suspect that Yi Yun’s attack had been sheer luck. On the surface, the ancient desolate beast’s weakness indeed seemed to be inside of its mouth, but it was probably extremely well-hidden. Even if one attacked the desolate beast’s mouth, it was not enough to kill it.

And now… Yi Yun had once again killed the ancient desolate beast easily. This proved that killing this ancient desolate beast was indeed as easy as turning his hand. This was a crushing blow to the pride of many of them.

This blow was actually the second one…

They were absolutely no match for the ancient desolate beast, and could hardly survive in front of it, but when Yi Yun killed it, it looked as simple as someone slaughtering chickens and dogs. This was too abnormal!