True Martial World Chapter 457

Chapter 457: The Second Trial
Chapter 457: The Second Trial

This dark skinned youth caused people to be secretly horrified. He completely ignored Shen Tu Nantian and he had a mysterious background. No one could tell where he came from and how he had entered the Great Empress mystic realm.

Yi Yun also paid attention to this dark-skinned youth. He realized that the swarthy youth’s eyes would sometimes land on him intentionally and he would give off a friendly smile. This made Yi Yun feel strange. Did this youth have any relationship with him?

He tried recalling, but he did not remember meeting such a person.

“Odd… ”

Yi Yun frowned slightly but didn’t put too much thought into it.

“I heard from them that you earned 37 Empyrean Marks in the first trial.”

Lin Xintong walked over to Yi Yun with a smile. There was an inexplicable glint in her eyes. Thirty-seven Empyrean Marks were quite exaggerating indeed.

“It was just by chance.” Yi Yun shrugged, “Shen Tu Nantian was right. I did use my energy vision to exploit a loophole. If I used my real abilities, I would not know what sort of results I would have gotten.”

“The energy vision is also your ability. Others cannot compare to it. I only received nine Empyrean Marks.”

While Lin Xintong was speaking, Yi Yun glanced at her white wrist. Beautiful Empyrean Marks were lined neatly there like plum blossoms.


Yi Yun touched his chin. He was very surprised because this was an impressive number.

Gongsun Hong had only obtained one!

Of course, if Yi Yun had not interfered, Gongsun Hong would have obtained one or two Empyrean Marks on the bridge. By the time he reached the God Advent Tower, he would probably have three Empyrean Marks. And that would have been the limit.

But that was only a third of Lin Xintong’s Empyrean Marks!

Lin Xintong did not use any loopholes to obtain so many Empyrean Marks. She had used her actual strength.

At this moment, the last few people who were on the bridges arrived at the square.

Everyone was gathered.

Ka Ka Ka…

At this moment, people heard a sound behind them. They looked back and saw that the countless number of bridges that were connected to the God Advent Tower were fading into the storm, disappearing from view.

In a blink of an eye, the entire God Advent Tower became a lone island in the storm.

Following that would be the second trial.

The people standing here were elites from different factions. They sized each other up with warring intentions in their expressions. They were each other’s rivals. In this trial, it was unknown how many more people would be eliminated.

Yi Yun could feel many hostile stares. He scrunched up his eyebrows. As the saying went, one isn’t afraid of being bitten by lice once there were too many, so he was no longer bothered to care.

Lin Xintong glanced at Yi Yun. Seeing Yi Yun’s reaction, a smile appeared on her face, “You are now someone quite influential.”

“I sure don’t want to be one.” Yi Yun felt helpless. Ever since the Shepherd Boy invaded the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, the number of enemies he had gained increased.

At this moment, the God Advent Tower suddenly emitted a rumbling sound.

The black stone square began vibrating. The expressions of many of the geniuses changed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A towering pillar suddenly sprang up from the black stone square.

This pillar was simply primitive. It contained a rugged air to it. When people focused on it, they were amazed. The entire pillar was studded with relics.

And one could tell from the powerful energy fluctuations emitted by the relics that they were no ordinary items.

Yi Yun was secretly amazed. Although these ancient relics were inferior to the one he had obtained from the first energy desolate beast, they won in terms of quantity. If he could obtain them…

Yi Yun could not help to have such an idea. However, this was just a random thought of his. The huge pillar was filled with runes and arrays, and it was also part of the God Advent Tower, so the energy it emanated resonated with one another. With his strength, even if he activated the Purple Crystal, it would be very difficult for him to extract the energy from the relics.

At this moment, a beam shot out from the huge pillar. It formed a door of light in the black stone square.

The door of light was about a hundred feet tall. The energy fluctuations from it gave people a sense of oppression. No one knew what was behind the door of light.

Many of the geniuses present observed it for a while before they stepped through the door of light.

They had quite a daredevil attitude.

People entered one by one, including Shen Tu Nantian. After he entered, the Shen Tu family clan’s disciples followed him.

“Let’s go in as well.” Lin Xintong said.

Behind Lin Xintong were all the disciples from the Lin family. Lin Yu did not do anything out of the norm. He knew himself. He got here due to luck.

Although Shen Tu Nantian had said that Yi Yun had good luck too and he had perfectly completed the first trial by using his energy vision to find a loophole, Lin Yu still did not think he had the right to mock Yi Yun.

Their combat abilities were similar, so there was no point in mocking the other. And the energy vision was Yi Yun’s ability, which he did not have!

Lin Xintong was the first to step through the door of light. Her figure flashed and she appeared to fly through like an elegant butterfly.

Yi Yun was just about to follow when he heard laughter. He turned his head slightly to see the swarthy youth from before. Yi Yun had no idea when he came beside him. He was still giggling in a silly fashion.

The swarthy youth had very thick lips. When he smiled at Yi Yun, he would reveal two rows of white teeth. If they were not in the Great Empress mystic realm, where only capable elites could reach to this point, Yi Yun would have suspected that the person beside him was mentally challenged.

“Do I know you?” Yi Yun could not help but ask.

“No… but I find you very interesting.” The swarthy youth continued his silly giggle. This answer clearly did not satisfy Yi Yun.

Since the swarthy youth was unwilling to speak, Yi Yun did not bother to give it much thought. He took in a deep breath and walked through the door of light.

At the split moment of him going through the door of light, Yi Yun felt like something swept past his body, as if his body had been scanned.

This feeling made him feel very uncomfortable.

After stepping through the door of light and looking at the surroundings, Yi Yun was there alone. The people that had entered before had all disappeared.

An entirely separate space!

The ground was empty and it was a boundless gray. There was nothing at all. The grayness seemed to have no end, and it gave him a strange sense of oppression.

Suddenly, Yi Yun heard the explosive sound of Yuan Qi. He immediately touched his interspatial ring and turned around abruptly. He had unsheathed the Blood Red Lotus!

While in the Great Empress mystic realm’s trials, there was danger at any turn. Yi Yun was already on full alert.

Yi Yun saw that behind him, there was a dimensional crack in space. A handsome man with a hideous look walked out of the spatial fissure.

And when Yi Yun saw who the man was, his expression changed.

He was… Shen Tu Nantian!