True Martial World Chapter 461

Chapter 461: Dream Within a Dream
Chapter 461: Dream Within a Dream

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Shen Tu Nantian had come out. Although his situation seemed to be the worst amongst all the participants, his results should be not bad with him lasting so long, right…

Many people had such thoughts, but up to now, the Great Empress mystic realm did not provide the results of evaluation.

After another 15 minutes, Shen Tu Nantian’s punishment from the mystic realm slowly disappeared. At this moment, the Shen Tu youth who spat out a huge mouthful of blood due to Shen Tu Nantian’s punch, ran over to Shen Tu Nantian attentively. He helped Shen Tu Nantian heal, but this time, he did not dare hand a pill to him, in case Shen Tu Nantian mistook the pill for a Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill.

Upon seeing this scene, Yi Yun sighed. The henchman sure was doing a good job.

But… Yi Yun turned his head to look at the huge crystalline relic pillar. Why hasn’t Lin Xintong come out yet?

It was already more than an hour. The time she had already spent in the second trial was five times longer than the person who spent the shortest time.

Many people could not help but discuss in whispers. Some people suspected Lin Xintong had an accident inside.

At this moment, in the door of light…

There was a lush green forest. Lin Xintong was lying on the grass in the forest. Her white dress was spread across the grass like a blooming white rose.

Unlike many others, Lin Xintong did not encounter any enemies when she entered the door of light. She seemed to be having a long dream.

In the dream, she returned to her childhood days. She withstood the exclusion and mockery of her cousins and the indifference from her uncles and aunts.

Even so, she persisted with her beliefs. She swore to find a way to join up her meridians.

She cultivated nonstop as she continuously matured. She did not miss out on any hope. She explored the Great Empress mystic realm. In the mystic realm, she underwent numerous trials, and just as she was about to gain the recognition of the Great Empress, she failed at the last hurdle!

The chance for her to join up her terminated meridians was like missing a golden opportunity at an arm’s length.

And after that, she tried again and again, but she failed all of them.

With the passage of time, 500 years passed as she ushered in the last moments of her life.

500 years passed by in a flash. Her peerless elegance and talent was about to wither.

With naturally terminated meridians, Yin Qi entered her body, as her life flickered like a candle in the wind. Just as she was experiencing death, for some unknown reason, she suddenly woke up. Only then did she realize that whatever that had just happened was a dream…

She was still 18+ years old. Whatever she had just experienced may seem absolutely real. It was like a life she would live in the future, however, it was a dream after all.

She opened her eyes and she was surprised to discover a youth standing in front of her with a smile.

That youth was handsome and he had deep eyes. He gave off a temperament that was neither good nor evil. It just gave her a strange feeling when she looked at him.

“… Because of this, I had an idea that might sound like a joke. I want to join up your naturally terminated meridians… ”

The youth said. His voice was bordering on illusion and reality as it entered Lin Xintong’s ears.

“Yi Yun… It’s you… ”

Lin Xintong’s mouth lightly moved. This name seemed to be buried deep in her memories. It was so deep that she nearly could not remember it.

She tried hard to recall before remembering the time in the Cloud Wilderness, deep in the Desolate Human Valley. Under the bright moon, the youth dressed in linen clothes said to her with an extremely serious gaze, using his somewhat childish voice to make a promise…

Even back then, he was just an ordinary youth from the vast wilderness. He was so ordinary that with what he knew, he could not understand the heaven and earth difference between the two of them…

Lin Xintong’s mind was filled with all sorts of thoughts. Many scenes from the past flashed past her eyes. In a blink of an eye, she recalled the celebration party held in the Lin family. Under the lights, the youth had seriously said the words he had previously said to her…

His promise was also her belief.

“Your fate, I will fight for it for you…”

The youth opened his mouth again. This voice pulled Lin Xintong back to reality. She saw that the youth was holding a metallic box in his hands. Dusty runic lines were engraved on the metallic box.

He took an ancient scroll out of the metallic box. It looked so ancient that it did not seem to belong to this space-time dimension.

“This is the ancient recipe to join up your naturally terminated meridians. I found it!”

The youth said, his voice with a hint of excitement and agitation.

“Found it?”

Lin Xintong felt a light sense of relief. Her heart was overjoyed, but… she could faintly feel that something seemed wrong. However, the thirst of joining up her naturally terminated meridians made her miss the incongruous spots.

Together with the youth, she searched for the materials in the ancient recipe. They traveled across mountains and lands, into the lakes and seas. They entered deep into mystic lands that few people tread. It even included the God Burial Abyss and the Untraversable Sea, lands of no return…

Finally, they found all the materials and refined the ancient relic that could join up her terminated meridians.

After she ate it, her pure Yin body could not handle the intensity of the energy as her body ached.

She experienced the torturous pain for seven days and seven nights. She thought that she was going to die, and at the final moment, the youth hugged her.

There was the purest and richest pure Yang Qi inside the youth’s body. It was like the Sun.

Her body was covered in sweat and she was no longer clear headed. In this situation, she and him complemented Yin and Yang. Following that, her body’s chaotic Yin and Yang energy inexplicably reached a wonderful balance. As a result, her meridians were completely opened up.

She had obtained the power she had always dreamed of. From then on, she traveled the world with him, cultivating to great success.

Even later on, they left the continental land of the Tian Yuan world, and reached an even broader world. They became the strongest existences in this world again, becoming gods, having the same age as the universe.

She did not know for how many years she was immersed in this illusion. After she experienced countless joys and sorrows, she suddenly awoke at a certain moment.

She opened her eyes and she was surprised to find herself lying on a black square.

It had been too long, which resulted in her needing to take a long while to recall this square. After she experienced the first trial, and crossed the stormy bridges, she had arrived at this square.

On this black stoned square, she began her second trial.

Yes, I underwent the trials of the Great Empress mystic realm. This is the opportunity for me to use my own strength to obtain the Great Empress’ heritage and join up my terminated meridians…

She looked around and there were many people already gathered on the square. They were all looking at her with astonishment…

Amongst them was the youth that had appeared in her dream…

Recalling everything from the dream from before, a strange feeling arose in her heart.

It was just a dream…

Lin Xintong shook her head. Dreams had to end…

Lin Xintong supported her body as she tried to stand up, but at this moment, a cold voice seemed to suddenly ring in her ears…

“Dreams, may never end… ”


With the sound of glass shattering, the scene in front of Lin Xintong’s eyes, the black stoned square, the astonished crowd and that youth shattered. They turned into countless fragments before disappearing. And Lin Xintong found herself lying in a forest.

She was lying on the grass in the forest. Her white dress was spread out across the grass like a blooming white rose.

But her black hair had turned white just like her dress as a result of the Yin Qi entering her body.

Her white hair spread out, becoming part of the white rose.

She closed her eyes, with her eyelashes slightly trembling. Each distinct eyelash formed a layer of crystalline ice.

Her skin also became somewhat like crystal. Her fingers had completely become transparent like crystal.

Cold, too cold…

She could feel the biting cold. This cold came from her meridians, spreading throughout her body, finally turning into crystalline ice as it continued to spread.

She felt that she was about to die. The natural Yin meridians from her body produced frost Yin Qi which would eventually devour her body.

So, I never woke up…

To travel the world hand in hand with him, having the same ages as the moons and suns, all of them was just an illusion formed at the end of my life, just before I died…

Including the Great Empress mystic realm, it was also a dream…

It could even be possible that approaching the time of my death itself was a dream?

Then will I “wake” up from that dream? After I “wake” up, will it still be a dream?

When is it a dream, and when is it reality?

Will the layers of dreams in a dream continue on all the way… Will I be lost inside them, forever unable to wake up?

The crystalline ice gradually covered Lin Xintong’s body. The beauty from it made it hard for anyone to wish to desecrate it, but at the same time, it had an eerie sense of silence.

This silence was completely out of place from the surrounding lush and vibrant forest…