True Martial World Chapter 466

Chapter 466: Yi Yun’s Evaluation
Chapter 466: Yi Yun’s Evaluation

Yi Yun’s eyes followed Shen Tu Nantian as he walked back to his position. From the beginning, Yi Yun was focusing on the black energy within Shen Tu Nantian’s body.

Yi Yun suspected that as time went by, this energy would become stronger, and might even slowly evolve until it obtained sentience, thus becoming a real life.

And when it was strong enough, it could in turn swallow Shen Tu Nantian!

This sounded incredulous, but it was not impossible.

After it swallowed Shen Tu Nantian, what would it become? Would it keep entering other people’s bodies to devour their vital force?

If it kept growing, to what extent would it grow? Could it one day threaten a Great Emperor?

An evil energy contained within an ancient relic eventually growing to the point of becoming a threat to a Great Emperor sounded unbelievable.

However, if the material used to create the ancient relic came from the Great Empress mystic realm, then it would not be surprising.

Something weak would slowly grow. For example, Yi Yun had grown from an ordinary mortal, and could possibly grow to what could exceed a Great Emperor in the future.

Upon thinking of this, Yi Yun interfaced his mind with the Purple Crystal, and delved deep into Shen Tu Nantian’s body with his spiritual energy.

Yi Yun’s target was of course the evil energy.


Suddenly being surrounded by the Purple Crystal’s power, the evil energy seemed to receive an electric shock. It suddenly started slamming all around in Shen Tu Nantian’s Dantian, before it entered Shen Tu Nantian’s flesh and organs, without any obstruction.

The evil energy was very sensitive to the Purple Crystal’s powers. It was on full alert, but it was far from being able to withstand the Purple Crystal’s powers.

After a little struggle, the evil energy slowly gave in. It was unable to escape the Purple Crystal after all.

The evil energy’s abnormal motions in his body made Shen Tu Nantian frowned. However, he had only felt his stomach have a slight moment of discomfort, and did not take it to heart. However, it was how Yi Yun was constantly staring at him that made Shen Tu Nantian annoyed.

He felt that Yi Yun was mocking him.

“Little bastard! The things you did to me, I will return them to you a hundredfold some day. Not only will I cripple your cultivation, I will also castrate you and smash and throw your balls to feed the dogs.”

Shen Tu Nantian’s illusion was that he was castrated by Yi Yun in the mental demon test. Although it was only an illusion, and his own imagination, the setback from losing his male potency nearly made Shen Tu Nantian go crazy.

It involved his dignity as a man, so naturally Shen Tu Nantian blamed this on Yi Yun, hoping to repeat this event on Yi Yun.

Against Shen Tu Nantian’s threat, Yi Yun chuckled. He was no longer bothered by Shen Tu Nantian as he walked towards the crystal pillar.

Everyone had to write their name at this crystal pillar, so Yi Yun did not mind if he did so sooner or later.

The moment Yi Yun went up, it immediately attracted the attention of many, “It is that kid!”

“Shen Tu Nantian just received an evaluation of Knight, and now no one dares to go forward. He sure has the guts.”

“It is not considered daring. The mystic realm’s evaluation is so demanding. Even a failing to meet the mark evaluation is nothing to embarrassed about. I guess that if you or I were to go up, we will also fail to meet the mark…”

In their eyes, Yi Yun’s strength was a bit fuzzy.

Yi Yun was a bit similar to the swarthy youth. They were both unpleasing to the eye.

The swarthy youth was unpleasant due to his foolishness, as for Yi Yun, they were enviable to the point of death at him obtaining so many Empyrean Marks.

If it was Lin Xintong who had obtained so many Empyrean Marks, they would not have said anything as she was strong. She had lasted the longest in the mental demons test amongst them. It was fearsome just thinking about it. As for Yi Yun, he had only come this far by tricks using his energy vision!

Of course, after Yi Yun passed the mental demons test, people had to accept the fact that Yi Yun’s talent was not that weak.


A long sword suddenly appeared in Yi Yun’s hand.

When the sword appeared, the blade automatically unsheathed itself as it slashed across Yi Yun’s palm with a cold flash.

“Such a good sword?” Many of the others noticed the moment of brilliance. This sword was an excellent item.

Amongst them, Shen Tu Nantian’s eyes had immediately turned red!

It was his sword!

In the mental demons test, Yi Yun had used his sword to battle him. Now, Yi Yun took out this sword in front of everybody, so the amount of provocation Shen Tu Nantian felt was understandable.

The others present also had their looks turn odd as they turned their heads towards Shen Tu Nantian. Seeing Shen Tu Nantian’s expression dark, their guesses were confirmed.

“I already said that it looked familiar. It really is Shen Tu Nantian’s companion sword.” Gongsun Hong sneered in his heart.

“Shen Tu Nantian sure is miserable. Not only did he embarrass himself in the Lin family, he even lost his companion sword.”

People transmitted their voices in discussion. At this moment, Yi Yun wrote his name on the crystal pillar.

Before Yi Yun tunneled through dimensions, his writing was neither good or bad. It was just average.

However, after tunneling through dimensions, especially after he entered reclusion in the sword and saber tombs, the words Yi Yun wrote looked more divine in nature. He was unable to prevent the sword and saber Dao from entering his strokes. Every stroke contained the feeling of a saber beam or sword shadow. They had an oppressive aura to them.

As the light gathered, it began to emit dots of light behind Yi Yun’s name.

Yi Yun watched the light dots and was greatly looking forward to it. He wanted to know what kind of level he was at.

The mystic realm’s evaluation was unlikely to include the Purple Crystal’s powers as the Great Empress mystic realm was unable to detect the presence of the Purple Crystal.

Then this test would be aimed at Yi Yun’s present strength and talent. Of course, a large portion of Yi Yun’s current strength came from the Purple Crystal.

At this moment, the light dots were gradually forming a word. Anyone with sharp eyes could tell what the word was.

“That word is… actually “Knight”?

Many of them said in surprise.

They were very surprised as Yi Yun had actually obtained the evaluation of Knight.

“I actually have the same rating as that kid…”

Shen Tu Nantian was feeling very depressed. The mystic realm’s evaluation was too vague. The same level ranged across strong and weak. He himself almost managed to obtain “Grandmaster”.

Those who were graded as failed to meet the mark looked at Yi Yun with complex expressions. This kid was stronger than them, and he was just having martial arts as a secondary focus. He had another profession as a Desolate Heaven Master, and apparently his Desolate Heaven technique talent was peerless!

Under these circumstances, what reason did they have for mocking Yi Yun’s background?

“Is it Knight…”

Yi Yun was not really disappointed. After all, he knew his situation very well. He had begun cultivating too late, and came from the Cloud Wilderness. Even the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom from later was in no way comparable to the Tian Yuan world.

He started late and had insufficient resources, so even with the Purple Crystal making up for it, he was still not comparable to the real monsters of the Tian Yuan world.

However at this moment, Yi Yun suddenly felt a abnormal movement in his Dantian as a blast of uncontaminated and powerful pure Yang energy surged out from his Dantian, entering into every corner of Yi Yun’s body.


Yi Yun was slightly stunned. He even felt that the Aspect Totem that was hidden in his body was triggered, as if it would be summoned out any moment.

“Could it be… the pure Yang energy I absorbed from the Great Empress relic has yet to be fully absorbed?”

Yi Yun checked his body from within and realized that there was a portion of pure Yang energy hidden in his body that had yet to be absorbed.

There was not a lot of this energy, and now it was brought out clearly because of the crystal pillar.

Yi Yun immediately understood that this crystal pillar had the ability to dig into every person’s hidden energy.

Previously when Shen Tu Nantian was standing in front of the crystal pillar, the evil energy within his body had been stimulated by the crystal pillar.

By triggering a cultivator’s potential, the crystal pillar could inspect their talent, and together with every person’s performance in the mental demons test, it could give an overall rating.

When the pure Yang energy inside Yi Yun’s body was stimulated by the crystal pillar, his pure Yang body was also accentuated.

In the Cloud Wilderness, Yi Yun’s talent was considered normal, or even bad. However, after evolving his body into a pure Yang body, Yi Yun’s talent underwent an earth-shattering change.

Especially after he absorbed the Great Empress relic’s pure Yang energy, Yi Yun’s pure Yang body was almost at the brink of the large success stage. It was also quite rare to have such a body in the Tian Yuan world.

As Yi Yun’s pure Yang body was revealed, the word “Knight” that had almost formed suddenly trembled and dissipated!


People were shocked. Before Yi Yun, the majestic youth who was first up, had also nearly formed a word before the word collapsed.

Yi Yun’s situation was similar to his.

“Haha, what a pity. He’s lacking just a bit to be labeled as ‘Knight’, but he fell short of it.” On the Shen Tu family clan side, a follower of Shen Tu Nantian laughed.

If Yi Yun’s rating was similar to Shen Tu Nantian, where could they place their Shen Tu family clan’s face?

Shen Tu Nantian also heaved a sigh of relief. He felt a bit better in his heart.

“There is nothing to be proud of.” Shen Tu Nantian said coldly, “I am just higher than the kid by one rank only. What is there to be proud about. It is a disgrace!”

With Shen Tu Nantian saying that, a few lackeys immediately said, “Big brother Nantian, the Great Empress mystic realm’s appraisal is fuzzy. Although there is a difference of one rank, it itself is a huge gap!”

Just as the lackey finished saying this, he froze. He looked at the crystal pillar behind Shen Tu Nantian like he had seen a ghost. His mouth was agape and his eyes wide.

Seeing the lackey’s expression, Shen Tu Nantian felt like his heart had been punched mercilessly by someone.

He turned around and saw that, on the crystal pillar, a new word had appeared behind Yi Yun’s name. It was…

“‘Grandmaster’? How could that be!?”

Shen Tu Nantian’s mind went black. Yi Yun obtained the evaluation of “Grandmaster”?

However, it was yet over. The word “Grandmaster” quickly blurred again. Shen Tu Nantian was just about to heave another sigh of relief, thinking that it would change back to “Knight” once again.

However, the order of changes in the strokes nearly suffocated Shen Tu Nantian. The number of strokes increased as it became more and more complicated. It was no longer the simple strokes of “Knight (士)”, but in fact looked like… Soul (魂)!