True Martial World Chapter 467

Chapter 467: Grandmaster and Soul
Chapter 467: Grandmaster and Soul



Shen Tu Nantian’s eyes went red. That word was like a demon that climbed out from Hell. It was deep blood-red in color as it nearly swallowed him.

Others were also stunned. “Soul” was two ranks higher than “Knight”. Especially with the Great Empress mystic realm giving such fuzzy evaluations, every increase in rank was something amazing.

Seeing the “Soul” become clearer and clearer as it was about to condense into shape, people held held their breaths.

However, just as it was about to form, it collapsed. The remaining light dots condensed back into “Grandmaster”.

This word was already fully formed. The strokes were clear and is was apparent that it had been decided upon.


This was Yi Yun’s final result, however with it nearly changing into “Soul”, it made people understand that Yi Yun’s talent was nearly enough to reach “Soul”. This was no ordinary “Grandmaster”.

Seeing this scene, Lin Xintong revealed a look of surprise. She turned her beautiful eyes and looked deeply at Yi Yun. She had guessed that Yi Yun would obtain good results, but she never expected that it would be to such an extent.

“Not Soul, but Grandmaster…” Gongsun Hong wanted to say words like ‘thankfully it was like that’, but just as the words reached his lips, they got stucked.

Even if it was Grandmaster, it was still the highest evaluation given by the Great Empress mystic realm up to now. Gongsun Hong was in no way confident that he would obtain a better evaluation than Shen Tu Nantian.

Other people also shut their mouths. Shen Tu Nantian’s lackeys all looked like they had swallowed a pound of arsenic. Previously, they said that with Shen Tu Nantian being one rank higher than Yi Yun, the evaluation itself had a huge gap.

Now the situation had been reversed. It was Yi Yun who was one rank above Shen Tu Nantian.

They felt their faces hot and blushing, as if they had been slapped in the face twice.

“Big brother Nantian, that should not be right. You lasted for so long in the test, and you were in it so much longer than Yi Yun. How can your evaluation be lower than his? Could the Great Empress mystic realm have made a mistake…” A lackey said.

However, before he could finished speaking, Shen Tu Nantian interrupted him through gritted teeth, “Shut up!”

Shen Tu Nantian was furious just mentioning the length of time he had spent in the mental demons test.

He had lasted very long, but he was not battling, he was being tortured!

In the later half of the test, he had been tortured to the point of having a worse than death experience. Yi Yun had used all kinds of brutal methods on him. These methods were all imagined by Shen Tu Nantian. He was naturally cruel and was good at tormenting others. He had tasted the methods he had come up with, which nearly broke him with everything he feared coming at him.

Originally, Shen Tu Nantian thought that regardless of the reason, lasting the longest was a fact. If others could not endure longer than him, then their results would clearly be weaker than his. Now however, from the looks of it, the length of time was just bullsh*t!

Shen Tu Nantian was not dumb enough to question the Great Empress mystic realm. He was also unsure of how Yi Yun obtained the ranking of “Grandmaster”.

“Grandmaster rank…” Yi Yun rubbed his chin. He was a bit surprised himself.

It was likely thanks to his pure Yang body. Upon thinking of this, Yi Yun glanced at Shen Tu Nantian with a smile suffusing on his lips.

His pure Yang body was all thanks to Shen Tu Nantian. If Shen Tu Nantian had not spent such a great cost in obtaining the Great Empress relic, Yi Yun’s pure Yang body would not have come so close to perfection.

If Shen Tu Nantian knew what was on Yi Yun’s mind at this moment, he would probably vomit three catties of blood.

At this moment, Lin Xintong had slowly walked over to Yi Yun. She blinked her beautiful pair of eyes and looked deeply at Yi Yun. She whispered, “You always give me surprises. Every time I see you after a long time, it is as if you have changed to another person. It is like you have remoulded yourself.”

After parting in the Cloud Wilderness, Lin Xintong believed she understood the strength of Yi Yun. However, two years later, when she met Yi Yun again in the Tian Yuan world, he had transformed into a Desolate Heaven Master, and his talent in the Desolate Heaven technique was even better than hers.

With Yi Yun going into reclusive training for half a year, he had again obtained such dazzling results in the Great Empress mystic realm’s tests.

If this went on, it would be unimaginable what Yi Yun could achieve given another 8 or 10 years!

“Miss Lin sees me as if I changed, but when I see Miss Lin, I have never been able to see through you. I have no understanding of Miss Lin’s realm.”

Yi Yun said in a self-deprecating tone but Lin Xintong shook her head, “If this goes on, you will probably catch up with me in a few years time.”

As Lin Xintong spoke, she slowly took out a sword, “Since you say cannot see through me, then let me test it.”

With Lin Xintong’s remark, everyone’s hearts skipped a beat. It was Lin Xintong’s turn.

Shen Tu Nantian’s face twitched. His expression was a bit ugly. Gongsun Hong and others were also a bit nervous.

With Lin Xintong’s talent, there was no idea what sort of ranking she would obtain!

Lin Xintong slashed her sword across her white fingers, causing blood to flow out. With a flick of her fingers, that blood drop seemed to have a spiritual essence to it as it landed on the crystal pillar, forming Lin Xintong’s name.

The delicate, gentle and graceful words were just like her.

After she wrote her name, the light immediately began gathering.

This time, the title formed extremely fast.

Everyone knew that Lin Xintong had great talent, so her title was definitely not something simple. They just did not know what it was.

Yi Yun watched by the side. He saw the beautiful Lin Xintong looking indifferent. It was as if she was not bothered about the evaluation that was about to appear. She did not seem to be sad or rejoicing like others.

Just her temperament was something that few could match, not to mention her talent.

The word rapidly evolved. As Lin Xintong did not have any hidden energy within her body, the word for Lin Xintong did not have any midway changes like Shen Tu Nantian or Yi Yun. It went straight to the point.

The light beams of the relic slowly condensed into complex patterns, as it became clearer and more obvious.

That is…

People held their breaths as they tried their best to open their eyes widely.


The word that burned into one’s retinas appeared behind the name, Lin Xintong.

“She’s actually a ‘Soul’! Higher than ‘Grandmaster’ by one rank!” Throats moved up and down. It was amazing! Yi Yun’s result was already crazy enough, but Lin Xintong exceeded Yi Yun!

Why was this happening? This evaluation was too much of an exaggeration!

People could feel a heavy blow on them. Many of them were not even a “Knight”. Why was the gap between them so big, despite them being first class geniuses in the Tian Yuan world?

Besides, people knew that Lin Xintong had naturally terminated meridians. If her evaluation was already this terrifying with her naturally terminated meridians, then how far could she go once her naturally terminated meridians were joined up?

There was nothing stopping her from becoming a terrifying existence like the ancient Great Empress!

They were only exploring the Great Empress mystic realm. As they were not strong enough, they could not explore much. However, Lin Xintong might even be able to create a heritage land just like this Great Empress mystic realm in the future.

This gap was indescribable!

When Yi Yun saw this result, he was alarmed and amazed. He said heartfeltly, “Congratulations Miss Lin. Even with the ancient Great Empress’s standards, your talent is different in her eyes. I was originally thinking of helping you find the cure to your naturally terminated meridians in the Great Empress mystic realm. However, it now seems that you alone is sufficient.”

Lin Xintong shook her head gently, “Yi Yun, you do not know what I experienced in the mental demons test. I might have used a trick to obtain such an evaluation.”

“Actually, my current talent is far from enough. You know, this crystal pillar has six ratings. Now, I’m only third from the back. There is still ‘Sage’, ‘Shura’ and ‘Canonicalized God’ above. Those are existences that exceed my imagination. The ancient Great Empress’s heritage will probably not be given to someone third from the last, someone with that result will probably not be made a successor…”