True Martial World Chapter 47

Chapter 47: Scrounging a free meal
Chapter 47: Scrounging a free meal

Yi Yun knew he was a normal person. Even just two months ago, this body was so weak that it could not even hold a chicken. The fat elder was already very euphemistic by saying “extremely normal”.

Yi Yun was worried, if the fat elder had opened Heaven’s Eye, could he not see what lies within his heart…

“Normal constitution, born poor, yet…” The fat elder pondered. He looked at the plunge basin behind Yi Yun, and a thought flashed in his mind.

He touched all over Yi Yun’s body, giving him goosebumps.

What’s this old man doing, doesn’t he know it was improper to touch between men!

“I understand now. This kid must have eaten some treasured food, and trained your body in the deep pool. The treasured food’s violent energy was neutralized by the cold pool water. As such, you accidentally tempered your whole body, allowing you to reach such a state!”

This old man’s words made Yi Yun speechless. This old man was too good, although his guess was not fully accurate, he was in fact very close to the truth.

“To be able to obtain such an achievement at this age sure isn’t easy. Although it’s because you had some luck in eating some treasure, as for in the future…I doubt there will be more. But, it’s still not easy!”

The fat elder’s words made Yi Yun roll his eyes. Was this a compliment or an insult!

“Hey kid, I guess it must be fate that you met me…” said the fat elder as he reached into his chest, as if he was taking something.

Yi Yun’s eyes lit up, is this the early indications of a pie in the sky? Could it be that the old man had appreciated him, and was planning on giving him some technique manual or desolate bones essence? Even magical pills would do!

The fat elder’s hand was thick and fat. He wore a gaudy jade ring on his thumb. It was unlike the dry look normal elders would have.

Having grabbed something, his fat fist was clenched tight. Like a white steamed bun, he placed it on Yi Yun’s palm and released gently.

Huala, Huala!

A few bronze coins fell into Yi Yun’s hands. The bronze coins were still warm from the fat elder’s heat.

Bronze coins?

Yi Yun’s mind was filled with embarrassment and depression.

“Take this and buy some sweets.” The fat elder smiled as he waved his hands, with an air of generosity. The linen clothed girl beside him smiled mildly. They had treated Yi Yun has a child.

“What the f**k!” Yi Yun looked at the twenty bronze coins in his hand, with a thousand “f**k your mother” running through his head.

In this world, mortals do use gold, silver and bronze as currency. But in the Cloud Wilderness, gold and silver was only an auxiliary form of payment. The real currency was food, armor and weapons.

This old man was obviously an expert, but he was still required to carry around some currency in this world.

Silver bullions were a large denomination in the mortal world. It was a essential to have bronze coins for the typical inn or food stall.

So it was not a surprise the old man had bronze coins.


But to experts, not only bronze coins, but even gold and silver was of little value to them. If you wanted to give, at least give a few golden ingots!

Yi Yun was speechless.

Actually having such thoughts of hooping to get something out of nothing was an embarrassing. As the saying goes, “poverty acquaints men with strange bedfellows”.

With his training resources spent, he was still in the Meridians realm. Although having a Tempered Body was great, but without being in the Purple Blood realm, he did not dare to hunt on the vast wilderness. Without hunting, how was he going to eat? Am I supposed to just eat grain porridge?

And even for grain porridge, Jiang Xiaorou had always left the grains for him, while she just drank the porridge water.

If Yi Yun were to starve, he would also cause Jiang Xiaorou to starve.

Yi Yun felt ridiculed, but he he still collected the bronze coins. He might as well have taken it. After all, if he gave it to Jiang Xiaorou, she could exchange it the tribe or other people for some food.

Indeed, there was no pie in the sky.

Also, the fat elder only considered him a child; hence, giving him some bronze coins for sweets was to amuse himself.

Although he had a Tempered Body, as his constitution was average, he was nothing special since he had reached that state through treasures.

He was small, poor, and lacking in strength. He was also total strangers with the old man, why would the old man give him any benefits?

He just found it fun to play with him, and was teasing him.

“I say elder, where are you going?” Yi Yun tried to make conversation.

There was no harm getting to know the old man after all.

“We are going to the Tao tribal clan.”

The fat elder did not bother keeping it secret.

“Tao tribal clan…” Yi Yun knew the Tao tribal clan was a large clan near to the Lian tribal clan, and was the owner of the Lian tribal clan!

The Lian tribal clan’s manufacturing of weapons and armor were supplied to the Tao tribal clan.

This old and young duo were obviously people of stature. They had the ability to cross the Cloud Wilderness without any hesitations; it was admirable.

Yi Yun suddenly recalled that when talking to the Lian tribal clan, Zhang Yuxian had mentioned that something had happened in the Cloud Wilderness. He had also mentioned that several VIPs would pass by the Lian tribal clan, preventing the Lian tribal clan Patriarch from any neglection.

From the looks of it, this old man and young girl were VIPs!

The fat elder was already planning on leaving. But just before he took a stride, he suddenly felt hungry. He looked at the sun and rubbed his fat double chin saying, “It’s time to eat something. The scenery here is not bad. There’s a mountain and the water is clean. Let’s eat here.”

“Eat?” Upon hearing that word, Yi Yun suddenly felt…hungry, very hungry.

Having eaten porridge for two consecutive months, he had been using herbs and the desolate bones essence as energy sources, but he had digested all the energy he had absorbed last night in the deep waters.

It was as if Yi Yun’s body was empty on the inside.

“Hey, disciple, let’s eat.” the fat elder called to Lin Xintong.

Lin Xintong noded and looked at Yi Yun, saying “Little brother, why don’t you join us?”

“Eh?” Yi Yun was stunned. He was exploding with happiness. He felt that the girl’s voice was extremely touching, “That…You don’t have to do that…”

Although Yi Yun had said that, he was already finding a spot to sit.

This old man and young girl must be of exceptional stature, the food they eat can’t be that bad?

Any dish would be very conducive for cultivation!

The fat elder was planning to light a fire; however, seeing that Yi Yun was planning to drag out his stay, he scorned with disdain. But since his disciple had already invited him, he could only accept it.

He touched the jade ring on his right hand and pulled out three defeathered pheasants like a magician. He pierced them using a pole and placed it by the side of the fire.

The old man’s jade ring was like Doraemon’s pouch. In a short while, he took out a bunch of bottles and jars filled with spices.

Yi Yun was envious. He had initially brushed the old man’s ring off as a magical performance, but the item was a treasure that could hold the largest items.

Looks like this was similar to the legendary “interspatial rings”.

“Hehe, count your lucky stars, kid. Not many people have tasted my culinary skills!” Saying this, the old man rubbed his hands and began grilling a pheasant.

Only then did Yi Yun realize that this was no ordinary pheasant. It looked like a pheasant, but within it was tremendous amounts of energies. This was because Yi Yun could see the light dots floating from the pheasant. This energy was very pure, easily causing envy.

Yi Yun felt his tongue salivating. It was good stuff!

He had not eaten meat in two months, so having seen this plump pheasant which consisted of pure energy, how could he not salivate?

He could not wait to roast the pheasant and slow it down his stomach.

But very quickly, Yi Yun felt depressed when he saw the old man’s method of roasting.

The old man’s “culinary skills” were…too terrible to watch!