True Martial World Chapter 470

Chapter 470: Yi Yun’s Discovery
Chapter 470: Yi Yun’s Discovery

“The carvings on the steps must be relatively common martial arts in the God Advent Tower.”

Yi Yun judged the level of the heritage on the murals. For a large sect, other than the heritage for the core disciples, there were all sorts of martial arts obtained from all over the world.

Cultivating these martial arts might not lead to an illustrious future, but under normal circumstances, it was an accumulation of a sect’s wealth. It would then be distributed to the outer sect disciples.

Yi Yun gave a cursory glance. He felt that the martial arts on the murals had a certain value to them. If he could completely understand them, it would definitely help him on his martial path, but it was not worth spending large amounts of energy and time to do so.

The trial in the God Advent Tower was testing one’s cultivation speed. Yi Yun was thinking of obtaining a great deal of progress within a limited time so he could receive a higher ranking.

The Great Empress mystic realm was a trial, but it was also a land of opportunities.

These elites who entered the Great Empress mystic realm were here to search for opportunities. And the God Advent Tower they were in was a possible opportunity for all the cultivators present.

Yi Yun’s idea was to maximize this opportunity to its fullest extent.

Yi Yun wasn’t the only one thinking like this, many people also had such thoughts. Those who did not obtain the title of “Knight” were pondering on how to gain insight into the murals on the steps, so they could obtain an opportunity to enter the God Advent Tower.

Those who obtained the title of “Knight” were thinking of their chances to reach a higher level in the tower.

People like Shen Tu Nantian and Gongsun Hong leered at Yi Yun and Lin Xintong. They had already lost to the two of them at the starting line. In order to obtain good results in this trial, they had to rise up to the level of the tower they were at!

“Let’s go to the first level!”

Shen Tu Nantian waved his hand. The few people from the Shen Tu family clan, who had obtained the title of “Knight”, followed Shen Tu Nantian towards the door of light at the end of the staircase on the first floor.

Gongsun Hong and company also followed closely behind. They also knew to discern. They did not wish to waste too much time on these stairs. It was not worth expending a lot of energy researching core heritage left behind for failures.

Everyone had similar thoughts. Their footsteps became faster and faster. Several “failed to meet the mark” cultivators looked at them with envy as they walked towards the door of light.

Those who had been eliminated were also the proud children of heaven from various factions. They did not give up so easily and they seized every second to begin researching the murals.

“Yi Yun, let’s go as well,” Lin Xintong said softly. Ever since she met Yi Yun again, the both of them had paired up.

At the beginning, Shen Tu Nantian was livid about this, because Lin Xintong had almost become his woman. However, after some time, Shen Tu Nantian felt resigned. He could not afford to be angry or he would die from anger.

Yi Yun nodded as he and Lin Xintong strayed behind the group.

Lin Xintong walked very slowly. This path was just a staircase to a destination for others, but to Lin Xintong, this was a staircase to her life.

If she could not walk to the end, her life would wither and die like a flower at the end of its lifespan.

Yi Yun naturally knew the significance of this expedition to the Great Empress mystic realm for Lin Xintong. He only accompanied her quietly and said no more.

However, as Yi Yun and Lin Xintong walked more than ten steps, an inconspicuous light stream suddenly flashed past the corner of Yi Yun’s vision.

This light stream attracted Yi Yun’s attention.


Yi Yun was slightly stunned as he stopped suddenly.

“What’s the matter?” Lin Xintong also stopped as she looked at Yi Yun curiously.

Having had the Purple Crystal for such a long time, Yi Yun’s sensitivity to energy fluctuations had reached an incredible level. Yi Yun knew that the light stream he saw was light coming from energy.

Yi Yun rubbed his chin as he looked around. His eyes were locked onto about ten joined up murals not far away.

At first glance, the murals he was looking at did not seem to be unusual in any way, but… Yi Yun knew that the way that these murals had been carved was different.

These ten or so murals were most likely carved by a different person compared to the other murals. It was likely carved by a peerless expert personally.

During the process of carving, that peerless expert had left behind nomological marks in his strokes. These laws recorded hidden source of energy origins. This energy remained undissipated despite such a long period of time.

“Is there a problem with the drawings?”

Lin Xintong was surprised. She understood Yi Yun’s character. Yi Yun would not make a big fuss of meaningless things. The mural that could make him stop was definitely something unusual.

“Maybe… ” Yi Yun was not sure.

The Great Empress mystic realm was too complicated. Yi Yun felt that there were traps everywhere in the Great Empress mystic realm.

In the first trial, people believed it was a test of a cultivator’s movement techniques and sense of danger. However, Yi Yun discovered the trial was to test the cultivator’s ability to assess an enemy’s weakness.

Next, for the bridge, people like Gongsun Hong, who thought too simply of the ancient desolate beast, ended up suffering.

As for the second trial, with the mental demons test, the test was extremely strange. It was difficult to tell what was real and what was fake. Even a proud daughter of heaven like Lin Xintong had fallen into a dream that she could not wake from, unable to extricate herself.

And when they finally completed the ordeal of the mental demons test, the Great Empress mystic realm told them that the mental demons test was just an evaluation of their strength. The second trial was really a test of everyone’s cultivation speed.

Trials that caught people off guard made Yi Yun deeply feel that the ancient Great Empress had used countless methods when designing the Great Empress mystic realm. Hence, it was not strange for her to put an extremely good heritage amongst martial arts of not much value.

People believed that the murals on the staircase in the tower was prepared for the eliminated, so there would be few who would focus on them.

Even Yi Yun and Lin Xintong did not believe that these martial arts were of much value.

With a pearl amidst a pile of sand, to obtain it, not only would one need fated luck and opportunity, one also needed to constantly and carefully observe their surroundings at every moment as well as having judgment that exceeded others!

When Lin Xintong and Yi Yun stopped in their steps, Shen Tu Nantian who was leading his group also stopped. Although he looked to be in a hurry to enter the tower, his perception was actually constantly locked onto Yi Yun and Lin Xintong. He knew the moment they made any abnormal movements.

“Big brother Nantian, what’s the matter?”

A few lackeys realized Shen Tu Nantian had turned back. They also turned back and saw that Yi Yun and Lin Xintong had stopped in their steps, as if they were researching something.

“Those two idiots actually started looking at the murals on the steps for those failures. Haha. They even covet such petty benefits. It’s like picking the sesame but losing the watermelon!”

A lackey said with a laugh, but Shen Tu Nantian’s expression turned heavy as he coldly said, “Why is an idiot like you following me? If you were that smart, your ranking would have exceeded the two of them!”

After receiving a good scolding from Shen Tu Nantian, the lackey choked and did not dare say another word.

“You, go take a look. See what the little bastard is researching on that step!”

Shen Tu Nantian actually wanted to go himself, but he could not pull his face down to go. Hence, he instructed a lackey to investigate. This way, he could preserve his face, and not lose out either.