True Martial World Chapter 472

Chapter 472: Roc*
Chapter 472: Roc*

“Is it a desolate beast? A desolate beast of the Untraversable Sea!?”

The cultivators looked at each other and they were extremely alarmed. To many people, the Untraversable Sea was extremely mysterious. Even Great Emperors could not travel deep into it, so no one knew what was in the depths of the Untraversable Sea.

Now, what was the rank of the huge roc that had appeared? Was it a primordial true spirit?

The cultivators could not tell. As far as they knew, primordial true spirits were the highest rank of desolate beasts. They did not know if there were any ranks above that.

After the roc appeared, a divine beam flashed in the sky. This divine beam split space itself.

A black-armored warrior armed with an ancient bronze lance rushed out of the tear in space.

The intense murderous Qi formed a large path in the sky. The black-armored warrior was riding a black war horse. The war horse’s eyes were blood red. Lightning and fire flowed around its hooves. It looked like a legendary nightmare beast.

The war horse neighed as it stepped on the murderous Qi path. It galloped midair while the black-armored warrior held his lance, charging straight at the roc.

It was a battle!

When people saw this scene, they were stunned. A black-armored warrior, a lance and a horse were fighting a primordial behemoth of unknown ranking?

The black-armored rider was tall and stout. The lance was a heavy lance, but against a behemoth roc that was 50 kilometers wide, it was as inconspicuous as a needle to a human.

How could one harm the roc with such a weapon?

Just as this idea flashed in the cultivator’s minds, the black armored warrior made his move. As he rode the war horse, his charging speed also increase. Like a meteor, he charged onto the roc’s back.

He suddenly stabbed his war lance. Just one attack caused the void to tear. The powerful strength caused the Untraversable Sea to form huge waves. The sea water sank in, becoming a canyon of the ocean. This strike had split the Untraversable Sea!

This also revealed the rest of the behemoth roc’s body that was lurking in the sea.


The black-armored warrior’s strike had pierced the roc’s body. At that moment, the world went silent as a huge, bloody hole appeared on the roc’s back. A stream of blood spewed out like an erupting volcano, shooting straight into the clouds!

When everyone present saw this scene, they felt their hair stand up. A strong sense of life and death seemed to assault them.

That strike had clearly pierced the roc, but everyone felt that it pierced them.

They could not dodge. Even their bodies were locked in place by the aura. They could not move one bit! Their blood flow and heart beats were affected by the strike.

Everything in front of them disappeared, leaving only the attack trajectory of the long lance that had pierced through the world. It was like a black lightning bolt that had filled the entire sky. It made them feel like they were in a lightning prison that made it impossible for them to breathe.

The surface of the sea was already dyed scarlet from the roc’s blood. It looked shocking.


Panther Lady grunted and retreated a few steps. With this retreat, she immediately felt like she had come out from the immersive feeling.

Her face was pale and her body trembling slightly and uncontrollably.

No one knew what the black-armored warrior’s cultivation level was. Maybe he was not a Great Emperor. Instead, it could be said that he was far from Great Emperors like the Shen Tu Patriarch could compare with.

To be able to witness a battle of such a level was great help to their understanding of martial arts. This was indeed a great opportunity.

However, the laws in the move were too profound. The juniors from the various factions could not decipher any profound mystery from it. Now, they could not even bear the images of the disk array.

Behind Panther Lady, several people also retreated with their heads covered in sweat.

They included Shen Tu Nantian and some of his lackeys. It was easier for Shen Tu Nantian to endure this pressure, but he too did not understand much from it.

The level of the battle far exceeded his realm.

“What a terrifying person. What a terrifying desolate beast. What are their identities or existences?”

The black-armored warrior was clearly not the ancient Great Empress. Why was his image left behind in the Great Empress mystic realm?

According to the records, there were few peerless Great Emperors who appeared in the history of the Tian Yuan world. And in any generation, there would only be at most, one. Most of the time, not a single peerless Great Emperor existed.

Then… What was the cultivation level of the black-armored warrior? Was he not even worthy of the title of a peerless Great Emperor?

“What a terrifying person. What a terrifying strike. We aren’t even a match for that horse of his, let alone him.”

In Shen Tu Nantian’s eyes, a look of shock still remained.

Not only juniors like them, even if Elders from their family clans saw such an attack, they would find it amazing!

If one could gain even a tiny bit of insight from that attack, their strength would increase by leaps and bounds!

However… that seemed too difficult.

Shen Tu Nantian was shocked from seeing the images from before. As for anything else, he did not manage to see through a thing.

“Oh? Lin Xintong… ”

Shen Tu Nantian looked at Lin Xintong, still dressed in that white dress that was whiter than snow. It seemed like up to now, she was still immersed in the disk array’s projection. Her hand was still clenched tightly on her sword as her body was tense.

About 6 seconds later, Lin Xintong had no choice but to close her eyes. When she opened her eyes again, there was a glimmer of intelligence in them. It was a pensive look.

It seemed like she had gained some insight.

“This woman… ” Shen Tu Nantian frowned slightly. Compared to another monster like her, he was constantly pressured. He was unsure if Lin Xintong had really gained any insight. This unknown gave him immense pressure.

“There are other disk arrays!”

There were many disk arrays on the altar. At this moment, Shen Tu Nantian did not stand on ceremony. He wanted to be first at choosing a disk array most suitable for himself.

Seeing Shen Tu Nantian rushing to the altar, others piled on. They wanted to search for a disk array suitable for them. At least, the weapon had to be the same.

“Yi Yun, aren’t you going to choose one?” Lin Xintong asked.

Yi Yun rubbed his chin as he said while deep in thought, “Miss Lin, aren’t you curious as to who the black-armored warrior is? He might have lived in an era around the Great Empress. Then, why aren’t there any records of him in the history books?”

“Is he a friend of the ancient Great Empress? Disciple? Master? Or maybe… enemy?”

Yi Yun felt that the Great Empress mystic realm not only left behind the ancient Great Empress’ heritage, it also contained the secrets of the ancient Great Empress.

That was probably… the secret history of the ancient era.

An immensely huge roc that lived in the Untraversable Sea and a black-armored warrior with an ancient lance in hand while riding a nightmare beast. What sort of roles did these existences place in the ancient era?

Yi Yun was had such thoughts, but at this moment, in an unnoticed corner amongst the group, a strange glimmer flashed in the eyes of the swarthy youth as he looked at the image disk arrays…

* The Roc here refers to a legendary bird that transformed from a gigantic fish to a bird.

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