True Martial World Chapter 475

Chapter 475: God Advent Tower’s Second Level
Chapter 475: God Advent Tower’s Second Level

The many cultivators present acknowledged Lin Xintong’s superiority, but compared to Yi Yun, they felt that they were just slightly weaker than him. And compared to Shen Tu Nantian, everyone else had the evaluation of “Knight”, so no one believed the other was better.

No one could believe that Shen Tu Nantian and Yi Yun had chosen the disk arrays that they did not even dare touch. The two of them were completely mad.

“They will suffer. Let’s not talk about gaining insight from those two disk arrays, just enduring the pressure from the peerless Great Emperors is impossible. They will definitely suffer for trying to bite off more they can chew.”

People discussed it over voice transmissions. Many of them had similar thoughts. They were all waiting to see Shen Tu Nantian and Yi Yun fail.

And at this moment, a blinding flash of light emitted from the altar. Soon, there was a rumbling sound as the entire altar sank downwards.

The cultivators only felt a flash of light and felt a distortion in the space-time fabric. When they opened their eyes again, they realized they were alone in an independent space.

Looking around, there was no one else as they were alone.

They had all been isolated from one another.

It was not surprising on further thought. Those cultivators who had entered the first level were allowed to take two disk arrays, which meant they could try to gain insight from both both of them. If many of them were together, they could exchange the disk arrays amongst themselves. If this happened the so-called choice would lose its meaning.

At this moment, Yi Yun had also been sent to an independent space. However, what faced him was different from the others.

Above the independent space he was in, there was a door to the outside. Yi Yun looked up and he saw a rainbow-like staircase outside the door, leading to a higher spot.

At the end of the staircase, there was a door about the size of a palm. The door shot out white beams of light. It was clearly the entrance to the second level of the God Advent Tower.

The second floor of the God Advent Tower…

Yi Yun narrowed his eyes. The opportunity on the first level of the God Advent Tower was to let cultivators choose two disk arrays to gain insight on. What was in the second level of the God Advent Tower?

Since he had already obtained the evaluation of “Grandmaster”, he could enter the second level. It was not something that Yi Yun would miss out on.

He had to see what resources each level had before making overall arrangements.

Yi Yun kept the two disk arrays. Alone, he went up the stairs. When he reached the end of the staircase, the scene he saw outside the door to the second level shocked him.

The door to the second level was not very big, but beyond the door, there was a vast world full of desolate lands.

The wide expanse of desolate lands was covered in green grass and black rocks. It stretched out to the horizon.

On the desolate lands, there were fluttering white clouds. As the distance was too great, the clouds seemed to hang low. He could faintly see some unknown desolate beasts flying through the clouds.

“This is the God Advent Tower’s second level?”

Yi Yun was shocked. This looked like another world.

Yi Yun thought it was an illusion, but when he switched to his energy vision, he realized that everything around him was real.

Especially those desolate beasts flying in the sky, from the energy fluctuations emitted by their bodies, they were not puppets powered by energy crystals. They were bodies with real flesh and blood.

Living desolate beasts?

Yi Yun found it unbelievable. There was not a single desolate beast that could survive for so long to the point of surviving from the moment the Great Empress mystic realm was created.

Unless… this world was so wide enough for desolate beasts to thrive in it and producing offspring.

Upon realizing this, Yi Yun was inexplicably alarmed. The ancient Great Empress had inserted such a vast world into the God Advent Tower?

Or could it be that the God Advent Tower’s second level door was just a spatial dimensional entrance to another world?

Then where was this world? Was it still the Tian Yuan world?

No matter what means the ancient Great Empress had used, Yi Yun still found it incredible. She really had the ability to reverse heaven and earth.

Yi Yun leaped down from the second level’s entrance. His body moved downwards like a falling star as wind whistled past his ears.

Far into the distance, Yi Yun could see the desolate beasts hiding in the mountains. He suddenly realized that the second level of the God Advent Tower might be a place to train.

Disk arrays were obtained in the first level, and the second level was for him to gain understandings and to cultivate.

And the endless numbers of desolate beasts in the desolate plains were the targets for actual combat.

“What a rich Heaven Earth Yuan Qi!”

When Yi Yun landed, he took a deep breath. He felt every pore on his body open up. It was extremely comfortable.

He surveyed his surroundings. He was currently on a cliff. This cliff was about a thousand feet high. Yi Yun looked down the cliff and he saw clouds gathering below. Halfway up the cliff, there was a rocky cave.

Yi Yun leaped down and in the air, he continuously leveraged his body. Like a soaring eagle, he landed in the rocky cave.

Yi Yun sat cross-legged and he took out the two disk arrays he obtained from the first level and placed them above his two knees.

By injecting energy in them, the scenes in the disk arrays began to slowly appear…

The vast Untraversable Sea and the battle between the azure-clothed swordsman and the black-armored warrior…

Yi Yun stared widely as he looked at the two people above the water surface. The two peerless Great Emperors were equally mysterious and equally powerful.

Yi Yun did not know why they were fighting nor did he know what history was behind it. However, he could tell that the black-armored warrior and the azure-clothed swordsman were not sparring, they were having a life and death battle!

The azure-clothed swordsman seemed to be unconventional and unrestrained, but when he saw the black-armored warrior, the killing intent that he emitted greatly stifled Yi Yun.

A sword attack was enough to cut through the world!

Yi Yun was shocked. Although he had extraordinary understanding of the sword Dao, it was still difficult for him to bear such an impressive sword aura!

Even Lin Xintong would hardly be able to bear it, let alone Yi Yun.

He could not look at the sword beam directly, which made it even impossible for him to figure out the profoundness of the sword attack.

It was a sword attack that far exceeded the realm Yi Yun was in.

Yi Yun’s heartbeat accelerated as his mouth gasped. When the sword beam slashed, he felt as if his chest was being ripped open.

With a thought, Yi Yun took the Pure Yang Sword Palace broken sword out of his interspatial ring.

It was ancient and simple, but it was covered in rust. It was as if it had been buried in the ground for a long time. He even felt like it would fall apart from decay while holding it in his hand.

While holding the broken sword, a trace of coolness spread into Yi Yun’s body from the broken sword.

Yi Yun activated the disk array once again.

This time, Yi Yun was inexplicably more calm.

The azure-clothed swordsman’s earth-shattering attack separated the Untraversable Sea once again. Yi Yun widened his eyes as he constricted his pupils while trying his best to see the profoundness behind the attack.

The sword beam stung his eyes like a needle poke, but even so, Yi Yun continued staring and tried his best to watch it.

He wanted to see the sword profoundness in that sword attack clearly!