True Martial World Chapter 479

Chapter 479: Breaking past the Guardian
Chapter 479: Breaking past the Guardian

Seeing Yi Yun unsheath his sword, the azure-clothed youth chuckled, “You managed to handle my two attacks several days ago. You could have entered the third level back then, but you chose not to. Instead, you have coming again and again to challenge me. What is that for?”

“Handle your attacks?” Yi Yun shook his head, “It is at most being able to withstand your attacks, and not handle them. In this Great Empress mystic realm, you are like my shadow. A portion of your sword Dao comes from me, so you are like my mirror. With you, I can also see my own flaws.”

As Yi Yun spoke, his aura expanded. Seeing this scene, the azure-clothed youth looked taken-aback. Having not seen Yi Yun for two days, he could feel that Yi Yun’s aura had a tiny change. It seemed to contain an indescribable sharpness.

“You aren’t satisfied handling two of my sword attacks? Could it be that you want to defeat me?”

Hearing the azure-clothed youth’s words, Yi Yun laughed, “Why shouldn’t I try?”

As he spoke, a clear cry was heard from within Yi Yun’s body. A flaming Golden Crow shot up into the sky and appeared behind Yi Yun. It looked like an ancient fire-elemental tribe’s totem.

“Defeat me?” The azure-clothed youth’s eyes flashed. In the God Advent Tower, being able to barely withstand every level’s test was not easy, yet Yi Yun wanted to defeat him? Such ambition alarmed him,

“Interesting! Then come! Let me see your ability!”

The azure-clothed youth attacked. It was the same two attacks. The tests the other cultivators were experiencing were the same too. They all faced the same respective two attacks.

However, these two attacks had given numerous young geniuses a crushing defeat.

“The first attack!”

Flipping his blade, the azure-clothed youth sent out a golden sword Qi.

This sword Qi was extremely swift and fierce even making an ear-piercing sound as it passed through the staircase of the God Advent Tower covering it in a golden sheen!

Facing this attack, Yi Yun held his breath and focused. In his eyes, that attack seemed to suddenly slow down.

Yi Yun knew very well that this attack’s momentum was terrifying. It came from the powerful energy the azure-clothed youth had.

However, even so, this sword attack lacked a certain profound charm.

Compared to the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s owner or the azure-clothed man who wore a wine gourd on his back, their sword attacks were completely different from the azure-clothed youth. Their sword attacks contained their heart of the sword. It was their life experiences as well as manifestation of their own characters.

As for the azure-clothed youth in front of him, he was like a reflection of Yi Yun. Even though he had intelligence and could chat with Yi Yun, he was only an illusion formed from energy.

His sword attack lacked a certain trace of profundity. This caused his sword to lack a certain charm.

Such a sword attack was strong, but it was not terrifying.

Upon understanding this, Yi Yun retreated as the Golden Crow behind me let out a long cry as it charged towards the azure-clothed youth’s sword beam!

“Oh? You aren’t using your sword!?”

The azure-clothed youth was shocked. Against his first attack, Yi Yun did not slash out despite holding a sword in hand. Yi Yun was only using his Aspect Totem to block the sword attack.


The azure-clothed youth changed his attack trajectory as it slashed through the void and directly hit the Golden Crow’s body!

The Golden Crow spread its wings. Its wings were as sharp as blades as it impacted the azure-clothed youth’s sword beam.


A strong wind blew as golden energy beams were sent out flying in all directions like sharp swords. It caused the stone pillars of the God Advent Tower to rumble.

A startling wound appeared on Yi Yun’s Golden Crow Totem’s chest. Its feathers were in a mess as if it was seriously injured.

However, the Aspect Totem was just a condensation of energy and laws. Under the continuous provision of pure Yang energy from Yi Yun’s body, the Golden Crow Totem’s wounds slowly began to recover.

As long as Yi Yun was not lacking in energy, the Golden Crow Totem was like an undying phoenix. It could be revived continuously.


The Golden Crow gave a long cry as it spread its wings and flew up into the sky. With that Yi Yun sprung up and sword’s blade faced the sky as he slashed!

“Oh? He really blocked it!?”

The azure-clothed youth was alarmed. However, he was just an energy-based lifeform. He did not have any fear. Flipping his sword’s blade again, he slashed out his second attack.

This strike had an even more terrifying momentum. All the energy within his body was injected into that attack. The sword beam shot towards the horizon as if a galaxy was falling down from the skies!

This sword beam rushed towards Yi Yun with an indomitable momentum!

At this moment, Yi Yun’s blood was rushing. His fighting spirit was burning and it spewed up like a volcano. He clenched the sword tightly as he slashed downwards!

His beliefs and intentions were all injected into the sword, causing his sword to have a soul to it!


Two sword beams clashed violently as the sword beams shattered. Like countless arrows shooting out, it caused the void to tremble.

Under this intense strike, Yi Yun’s palm tore as blood splattered. A strong sword Qi stabbed into his protective Yuan Qi causing all his meridians to be injured. His organs also suffered a pain similar to that of being stabbed by needles.

His body was also injured by the shattered sword Qi. His clothes were torn and numerous wounds appeared underneath each tear.

However, at this moment, the sword in Yi Yun’s hands continued moving amongst the sword beams as it moved straight towards the middle of the azure-clothed youth’s eyebrows!

The sword tip pierced through skin and golden energy flowed out like spewed blood.

Yi Yun and his sword had charged straight before the azure-clothed youth after he endured the shattered sword beams!

This attack had defeated the guardian of the God Advent Tower’s third level!

“You have won.” The azure-clothed youth said lightly. “To be able to defeat me, you are not only at the rank of ‘Grandmaster’. For this trial, your results are brilliant.”

After the azure-clothed youth said that, his body exploded with a “Peng”.

He transformed into uncountable light drops of golden rain. In this rain of light, a golden ancient relic appeared like a dropping gem.

Yi Yun caught the ancient relic. This ancient relic was completely crystal clear. Compared to the one he obtained from the ancient desolate beast previously, the quality was even better.

This secretly shocked Yi Yun. The Great Empress mystic realm was a super treasure land. Ignoring the heritage, cultivation techniques, mystic techniques and manuals within the Great Empress mystic realm, the ancient relics that were used to maintain the energy puppets was a huge amount of wealth in itself.

Upon thinking of this, Yi Yun felt anticipation. He clenched his fists as he headed towards the third level of the God Advent Tower.

He had previously obtained the rights to enter the third level of the God Advent Tower, but only now did he really choose to step through it.

The moment Yi Yun raised his foot, a beautiful light beam shot down from the sky onto his body.

This light beam was warm and seemed familiar. With a thought, Yi Yun immediately realized that this…was the Empyrean Mark’s light beam. He had once again obtained Empyrean Marks.

He had obtained the reward of Empyrean Marks after defeating the third level’s guardian. However, Yi Yun did not know how many he would obtain.