True Martial World Chapter 481

Chapter 481: Learning the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem” again
Chapter 481: Learning the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem” again

Back in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, Yi Yun found a remnant ancient copy in the best library in the Tai Ah Divine City. The first page of the ancient remnant was similar to the first part of the jade scroll in front of him.

In the Tai Ah Divine City’s library, the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem” was only a thin twelve page book, but now, the amount of content in the jade scroll had increased by tens of times.

“So many!?”

Yi Yun gasped. He knew how powerful the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem” was. After he cultivated the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem”, he had killed a Golden Crow species, resulting in him being able to conjure a Golden Crow Aspect Totem from then on.

The Golden Crow Aspect Totem was extremely powerful. It helped Yi Yun defeat the number one genius in the Yun Long Divine Kingdom, Bai, while he was still in the Purple Blood realm, allowing him to obtain first place in the alliance tournament.

The Golden Crow Aspect Totem came from the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem”.

The remnant copy of the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem” was already so powerful. With the complete version having a lot more content than the remnant “Ten Thousand Beast Totem”, how powerful would it become?

Yi Yun only pondered over it for a few seconds before keeping the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem”.

For the Great Empress mystic realm to have the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem”, it seemed like a coincidence, but it was also no coincidence at all.

The “Ten Thousand Beast Totem” remnant in the Tai Ah Divine City was an original ancient remnant copy, so it wouldn’t be a surprise for it to come from the same period as the ancient Great Empress.

In the Great Empress mystic realm left behind by the ancient Great Empress, there were all sorts of cultivation technique manuals stored in it. Having one “Ten Thousand Beast Totem” scroll was reasonable.

Besides, when he saw the disk array images from before, which had the azure-clothed swordsman with the wine gourd on his back demonstrating his sword intent that looked so similar to the terrifying sword scar at the Pure Yang Sword Palace, Yi Yun suspected that the Great Empress mystic realm was closely related to Fallen Star Gate.

And the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom had established itself near Fallen Star Gate.

When the country was established, for the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s royal family to find remnant copies of cultivation techniques that the ancient Great Empress had also found in nearby ancient ruins was also nothing surprising.

Regardless, Yi Yun had definitely chosen this “Ten Thousand Beast Totem”.

Following that, with slightly less than an hour left, Yi Yun sped up and finished browsing through all the cultivation techniques on the shelves.

At the final moment, a manual caught Yi Yun’s eye.

It was a movement technique manual.

Typically, the value of movement technique manuals were not comparable to cultivation technique manuals or Totem mystic technique manuals. They were even worse than attacking moves.

However, Yi Yun still chose a set of movement technique manuals, as they had a strong relation with the cultivation techniques Yi Yun learned. Mastering it would be double the results with half the effort.

The collection in the Great Empress mystic realm was complete in all sorts of varieties. Yi Yun never expected to find manuals so suitable for himself.

The movement technique’s opening page was an introduction to the manual. It was also this introduction that caught Yi Yun’s eye.

This manual was not created by a person from a world in which the Tian Yuan world resided. He came from a foreign world.

The person who created this manual was sitting quietly in the mountains one night when he suddenly saw a Golden Crow fly across the sky.

At the moment the Golden Crow appeared, what was dark night became bright day. The radiant moon that was hanging in the sky became like the flaring sun, high up in the sky.

In a blink of an eye, the Golden Crow covered tens of thousands of miles in the sky before breaking through the void and disappearing.

After that, the bright day lasted for two hours before the brightness slowly dissipated. The Sun in the middle of the sky also became a moon once again.

This scene gave the foreign world expert a lot of insight. As a result, he reclused himself for many years before creating this set of movement techniques, calling it “Golden Crow Sun Shift”.

Pure Yang-elemental based movement technique manuals were rarely seen. This movement technique could be said to be tailored made for Yi Yun.

This made Yi Yun sigh from the bottom of his heart. The collection of the ancient Great Empress was too abundant. There were hundreds of manuals and a large number of warriors would be able to find something that was suitable for themselves.

With two manuals in hand, the time was up.

At this moment, a faint beam scattered down from the top of the God Advent Tower. As the bookshelf was covered in the light, and it slowly disappeared.

Yi Yun knew that it was being hidden by an illusion array.

With two manuals in hand, Yi Yun was exceedingly gratified. There was no need to talk about the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem”. The “Golden Crow Sun Shift” could be said to be timely. Yi Yun’s movement techniques were currently not considered to be outstanding. Previously, with the large success stage of Minute Subtlety, no one at the same cultivation realm could surpass him in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. However, Minute Subtlety was just a trick and it was weaker than laws.

Now, with the “Golden Crow Sun Shift” filling the deficit, Yi Yun’s movement would increase once again.

Yi Yun left the third level of the God Advent Tower. He did not challenge the fourth level and instead, he returned to the second level of the God Advent Tower.

The second level of the God Advent Tower was a vast and desolate world.

There were large numbers of desolate beasts inside which could provide him with actual combat, and cultivation.

In the beginning, Yi Yun only used the second level to gain insight into sword Dao, and he did not deeply investigate the world, so he did not fully utilize the second level of the God Advent Tower. However, now was the best time to do so.

When Yi Yun had entered the third level of the God Advent Tower to choose his cultivation technique manuals, many people were still working hard to enter the second level of the God Advent Tower.

The difficulty of going from the first level to the second level was not fixed. The older the cultivator was, the harder the test they faced.

Different people faced different tests. What they saw was completely different.

The God Advent Tower was unique to everyone. If 10,000 people came in, they would see 10,000 different scenes.

At this moment, a person was facing a trial that was different from anyone else.

At the third level of the God Advent Tower, in a different sealed space that looked like the same as the grand hall Yi Yun was in, a white dressed figure was sitting before an ancient painting quietly.

This girl was Lin Xintong.

She was the only person qualified to enter the third level of the God Advent Tower from the beginning amongst all the cultivators.

The painting in front of Lin Xintong was hung on an azure-stoned wall.

Previously, when Yi Yun came into the third level of the God Advent Tower, he too had seen a similar azure-stoned wall. There was also a painting on that wall.

However… the painting Yi Yun saw was the unrestrained azure-clothed swordsman. The azure-clothed swordsman in the painting had just undergone a life and death battle, and he was leaning on a tree as he drank wine.

However, what Lin Xintong saw was completely different. At the same spot, the painting she saw was of a simply clothed woman.

This woman’s long hair was disheveled. Her clothes fluttered in the wind and she could only see the back of the woman. The woman was barefooted and she was walking on thin air with the tip of her toes.

Below her feet was an entire snow plain!

Every step the woman made, an ice lotus would bloom under her foot.

Many ice lotuses bloomed on the snowy plain, and a sword was floating behind the woman. It was accompanying this woman like it had a spirit.

The entire painting was drawn using very meticulous strokes. The woman was drawn very realistic. It was almost impossible to tell that it was fake.

Lin Xintong had her eyes closed. She had been sitting in front of the picture for a very long time…